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Oaf For Hire

Why is it no one ever considers the henchmen? I’ve been a henchman with the great Wizard Golnar for nearly twenty years. I hear a ‘Eureka’ from his dungeon one day and within a week he’s created his own zombie army. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not racist or zombiest or anything but these guys will work for half a brain a day. I can’t compete with prices like that. They aren’t great conversationalists either, ‘Brains’ is about all they can muster, though I did hear one say ‘drains’ the other day. I think he was complaining about the stink.

I’ve even been into town to consult with the elders but they say I don’t have a leg to stand on. I don’t know if they were being cruel as I lost a leg ten years since when I was wrestling a bear. Well less wrestling and more running, screaming like a banshee.

Still here I find myself in the line at the ‘Oafs for Hire’ shop hoping to catch the eye or some young, up and coming megalomaniac.

Posted on 2008-07-02 at 21:48:45.

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And behind you ...

"Funny you should mention working for a mage. I used henchmen and hirelings often, and always treated them with dignity and respect. Name's Kreegan, once known as Kreegan Kingmaker, mage of no small ability. Well, such it was until a botched curse slipped through my defenses. And even though botched, it was effective, for it ended my career as a mage."

He indicates his left shoulder, where not one, but two arms protrude. One at the shoulder (as normal), and one just below that, with enough of a distance between the two to allow the lower arm some freedom of movement upward.

"Oh, both arms there are fully articulated and useful, but not, it seems, for a mage. The art of spellcasting does not allow for the configuration of an odd number of arms, although I did try, for a time, to make it work. But I was young enough to start another career, and with three arms to bear weapons, I chose to become a warrior. Of course, not being able to cast spells meant I was unemployable as a mage, but I had a savings, of sorts that I could rely on for a time. My training was lengthy and arduous, as can be imagined for most tactics are designed for the use and oordination of two arms and I had to learn to adapt them to encompass the use of three arms. "

"But, there came a time for putting my new abilities to the test. That's when I found out how much of a detriment a third arm could be. Any armorer who would create armor to accomodate the extra appendage would look at me with disdain, sometimes disgust, and then charge me 15 prices to create it. I paid, thinking that it was a necessary evil I was going to have to endure. But even with my skills, my extra extremity made finding employment difficult. Jobs were fewer and farther between, and proceeds earned often didn't last long enough to carry me until the next period of employment. "

"And so I am also here in the O.F.H. line, seeking that which I cannot seem to find myself ..."

Posted on 2008-07-06 at 00:43:42.

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