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Parent thread: Star Wars: The Outer Rim
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TRSG 2.0
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SW: TOR Information For Players

Information for my players about their characters, it's only brief stuff and I'll send more in depth info to the players.

Information for the:

Space Transporter Pilot:- The Space Transport Pilot must have been a resident of the city of Piringiisi, a city on the planet Sullust, for at least one year.
He or she must also have been a test pilot for KTIndustries but were fired two months ago shortly after discovering slave circuits in all of the KT ships youve test pilots.

Sensors and Shield Operator (Not the one escorting the Jedi):- The Sensors and shield operator must have been a resident of the city of Piringiisi, a city on the planet Sullust, for at least one year.
He or she must also have been either a droid programmer or a computer designer for KTIndustries but was fired two months ago after discovering hidden files on the KT computer system.

Engineer:- The Engineer must have been a resident of the city of Piringiisi, a city on the planet Sullust, for at least one year.
He or she must also have worked for an independent workshop repairing droids or starships untill the workshop was put out of work by KTIndustries two months ago shortly after finding hidden protocols about some order that might be received from KTIndustries central office, soon after discovering it the droid lock down and began a self destruct count down after sending an emergency message to an untraceable location.

Gunner:- The Gunner must have been a resident of the city of Piringiisi, a city on the planet Sullust, for at least one year.
He or she must also have worked at KTIndustries as a security guard but was fired two months ago after finding some rather odd protocols.

There are no restrictions placed on the Jedi's history or his Sensors and Shield Operator (if there are 5-6 players)

I will post up your shared history for the last two months later.

Posted on 2008-07-08 at 16:20:27.
Edited on 2008-07-08 at 16:21:29 by Loki

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts

Shared History

The following information only applies to R2K8, Quiuia Mistika, Merideth's character and Twisty's character.

A month ago you were all fired or put out of work by KTI. You received minimal compensation, barely enough to live off for two weeks, and KTI kindly revoked your work licence, you have no idea how they did this but it wasn't legal and probably means they have control over the corporate government to some extent. To forget your troubles you made for a nightclub near your home for a drink and some socalising. Upon arriving you were surprised to find each other and each other in strangely similar circumstances, over a few drinks you got talking about various things and were approached by a near-human who introduced himself as Rife. He was a sort of smugglar and had overheard you talking and offered you a job, he needed a crew for his ship so that he could smuggle items with less risk to himself. The pay was poor and the risk high but you accepted, whatever your opinion on smuggling this was a life line and you needed it.

Over the next month you flex between star systems with many successful transactions until Rife's operation was discovered, you managed to escape persecution but were back to square one. Just yesterday you got wind of a KTI space transport being sent for the scrap pile, it had a perfect run and was fully operational, the design was just scrapped before production. Deciding this was a too good opportunity to stick it to KTI and that you could continue your smuggling job, it had worked before and there was no chance to get legal work now, you set off to steal it. For that reason you now find yourself adjacent to a KTI hanger.

Posted on 2008-07-11 at 09:43:37.

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 142/12
2502 Posts


A it of a summary... if you want to picture Kate, she really looks about the same as R2D2, except the blue components are replaced with purple ones. She is an independant droid, considering the work she is assigned as more of a job than anything else, and more interested in her own work.

Just what is her own work? Well, to be honest, Kate hides it very well, sometimes even sealing the room she is in and deactivating any cameras in order to secure her privacy.

For being only a droid, Kate is also quite social, even if no one can really understand what she is saying without a Binary to Basic translator. She seems to be quite caring at heart, but she has a very sarcastic nature that sometimes makes it appear otherwise.

Her quirks get her into trouble at times, but they definitely show just how unique she is.

On a side note, in being called 'Kate', the droid has developped a feminine personality, so rather than 'it', the droid is a 'she'.

Posted on 2008-07-11 at 17:00:38.

RDI Staff
Karma: 177/13
3127 Posts

Lelain Chaba

Your Pilot Ladies and Gentlemen...

Lelain is a quiet person. She keeps mainly to herself and does not share her thoughts on almost anything. When it comes to her job she gets it done, gets it done well, and never boasts about it. The extent of most of her conversations revolve around nods, sighs or ‘um hums’. The recent course of her life has been distressing to her though, and she has been heard making small comments under her breath about how she is glad her mother isn’t here to see what she is doing whenever they embark on some illegal activity. Being as quiet as she is it is likely that even her companions know little about her. She likely would made comments that indicate she is from Dac, had seen the Mon Calamari Battle, and comes from a big family.

Lelain is a Mon Calamari and thus has the general features of her species. She stands 5’6” tall. Her eyes are a brilliant green in color and her skin is more of a dark red than the typical salmon color. Having spent much of her life swimming in the great seas of Dac she finds too much clothing oppressive. A typical outfit for Lelain is a tank top under a poncho like shirt and then a pair of pants or a long skirt, if at all possible she doesn’t wear shoes. Her clothing selection is usually light in color, tans, whites, or pastels. Around her neck she wears a silver chain with a pendant on it. The pendant is a perfect circle made out of a blue stone that seems to change in hue depending on what angle one is looking at it from

Posted on 2008-07-13 at 00:41:25.

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