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Parent thread: When The Silence Breaks... Q/A
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Jumpin' Jack Smash
Karma: 44/13
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Back for more...

Things changed among the northern nations that fateful day that the star fell from the heavens. When it struck the face of the Auk’rel Mountain Range far in Dascau, it smashed the face of the peak of Dal Aurem to bits, sending shards raining down upon the frozen land, and creating a clap that travelers claimed they could hear from across the world. Dust clotted the sky for twelve days, pulling a drapery of perpetual shadow for that time. When it cleared, the once-proud mountain was replaced by a gigantic crater, and miles upon miles around the peaks were covered in silt and gravel.

Ever since that day, things were not as per normal. Game animals near the mountain range began to act increasingly hostile and savage, and some reports even speak of herbivores attempting to devour other animals in a bestial fury. The sun sets earlier now, and the nights are far colder in the frozen northern reaches of the continent. Farther south, the superstitious Selthani, the albino elves that populate the Icereach of Veythor, have begun moving farther away from Dascau, claiming that the star has indicated the arrival of Oren-Dalamis, the Destroyer. And though many of the peoples of the northern nations believe this is merely folklore meeting coincidence, many of the odd happenings have drawn attention of some of the more attentive watchers of the north.

As of late, concerns are starting to grow higher as the journal of famous explorer Jauques le Vert has been found near the base of Dal Aurem, and though it still bears his insignia and notes on many of his earlier forays, the pages that should house the information regarding the peaks have been destroyed. No trace of le Vert has since been found.

…okay, its weak. Give me a break, its been over a year. And besides, its not this, but what happens later that’s the important thing, right?

We need four to six players to get this going. The setting is, of course, my own world of Baelenoa, starting out in the northern country of Veythor. I’ll be throwing up a calendar and stuff later on to help get a better idea of the seasons, but its going to be cold. Haha.

So, here we go…

-We’ll be using third edition. Standard rulebooks for the moment. No 3.5 junk. I hate that crap…
-Starting level is two.
-Everybody starts with a set of cold weather clothing, a bedroll, a knapsack, and three days of rations, as well as one weapon and one suit of up to medium armour. Missile weapons come with twenty rounds of appropriate ammunition. I will add in class-specific items afterwards. Starting funds are one hundred Rommels (1 Rommel = 1 Gold while while in Veythor.)
-Classes may be chosen as follows: Fighter, Ranger, Paladin, Cleric, Druid, Thief, Bard, Wizard, Barbarian.
---Rekumaru (The Orient) is still isolationist, and as such, nobody knows anything of it. No asian weapons may be used, either.
---Dragons have only recently appeared in the history of the world, and not long enough for sorcerers to appear in any number. They are exceedingly rare. Likewise, nothing is known of dragons except by the most dedicated scholars.
-Races may be chosen from the following list…
----Duskarn (Hill Dwarves)
----Krosan (Rock Dwarves)
----Dur’Amani (Forest Elves)
----Selthani (Snow Elves)
----Mith’Ganni (Twilight Elves)
----Buunta (Hill Halflings)
----Raslan (Flatlands Halflings)
-Please please PLEASE flesh out your character, right down to the way his clothes look if you want to. Backgrounds are a must. Anybody who has played with me before knows that I like to draw on things from the past. Two-dimensional characters are killed.
-There are a few additional fields that I require, solely for character development. Please include them.

That should be about all… Maybe toss out ideas first before getting gung-ho on character ideas, since there’s information I’ll be throwing out as interests appear. Things such as deities, certain areas, racial write-ups, and so forth. Anyway, let’s see if we can’t round up a few players here…

((NOTE: Its embarrassing, but I removed the Krodass from the race list because I lost my information on them, and truly cannot remember what it is that made them different from others. My apologies))

Posted on 2008-08-20 at 02:29:14.
Edited on 2008-09-08 at 13:43:20 by Tek

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
Karma: 68/55
1764 Posts

What is a Twilight Elf.

Am very interested and have 3.0 stuff. Love Bards and multiclass

My sister also (Brianna screen name)

Posted on 2008-08-20 at 02:45:35.

Jumpin' Jack Smash
Karma: 44/13
675 Posts

Glad you asked, because I happen to have this lying around...

The Mith’ganni (Twilight Elves)
The Mith’ganni are something of a mystery, even among the Dur’amani of the woodlands. Rather than embrace the skyshrouds and forest floors, they make their homes beneath the open stars of the great flatlands of Elrithia. However, they are much more nomadic than their cousins are, constantly moving about the prairies, seemingly upon a whim.

It is very rare to find a Mith’ganni settlement that is more than a month old, and even moreso to find a large pack of them. They organize themselves by clans, and generally stay among their own when wandering. Very occasionally, two or more small clans will rank up with each other, and form a larger traveling band, but this often happens only if a number of deaths have taken their toll on both that make the joining.

It is not only due to their reclusive and wandering nature that they are so uncommon and unknown among other peoples. They are a dying race, and their numbers are few. The Mith’ganni do not bear children as frequently as humans, or even the other races of Elves do. A female only becomes able to bear children at the time that the world is within the constellation of Ostra, an event that takes place once every three hundred and sixty years. Some people find this a rather romantic reality, but the Mith’ganni see it as nothing more than a curse upon their being. It is believed it is the magic of the Moon that allows them to breed, and thus is why they are called Twilight Elves, though this is also believed to be related to their small number; they are at their twilight of existence.

Appearance An average Mith’Ganni male usually stands between five and a half, and six feet tall, weighing anywhere from one hundred and forty to one hundred and ninety pounds, though there are always exceptions. A female is somewhat smaller, usually a few inches shorter, though weight is often more deceiving regarding their builds. Their skin is a pale white, and their hair ranges from grey to light brown. Their eyes are among their most unique features, being slightly less almond-shaped than their kin, though bearing a bit more of a gentle slant to them, and they often bear the unique colour of an off-yellow, reflective of the moon.

Tribal clothing is generally more durable than elegant, though their dancing and festival clothes are quite detailed, favouring intricate embroidery over using expensive materials in their crafting.

Features +2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution: The Mith’ganni are graceful like their forest-dwelling cousins, and are also much hardier due to their constant traveling.
-2 Intelligence, -4 Charisma: The Mith’ganni lack any form of solid education beyond simple storytelling and what they encounter in their travels, and due to their wilder nature, they are often regarded with much suspicion and distrust.
+2 Ride, +2 Handle Animal: Mith’ganni grow up around horses, and thus learn the basics of controlling and riding at a young age.
+2 Craft; Clothing (Durable): As they are always roaming, the Mith’ganni know how to make and repair clothes that last.
-2 Sense Motive, -2 Appraise: Spending much of their time away from civilized society, Mith’ganni are not especially good at telling when somebody means them harm, nor do they effectively know the currency value of many goods.
-Stellar Wanderer: Being a people who spend all their time out and roaming, they are not used to confined areas. Indoors do not bother the Mith’ganni, but when they rest, they are especially familiar with looking to the constellations for relaxation. When it comes time to rest, and the stars are not visible, only a half-night of rest is achieved for all relevant purposes (Recovery, fatigue, etc.). Furthermore, spells are not memorized, and should this persist for a week or more, they lost the benefit of all Elven racial abilities and suffer a -8 to all rolls.
Language: Elven (Mith’ganni Dialect), Common
-Immune to magical sleep and +2 saving throw bonus against Enchantment. The Mith’ganni retain some of their resistances from their forest kindred.

Posted on 2008-08-20 at 03:09:04.

RDI Staff
Karma: 357/190
6190 Posts


You're making a game!

In like Flynn!
Im gone for 3 days, but when I'm back I'll whip a dwarf up.

So in it hurts.

Posted on 2008-08-20 at 03:32:52.

Utan the Orange
Karma: 23/18
458 Posts

Finally !!

Gotta get in on this.

Aleady have a Cleric 2 ready to submit, if I am not too late to join ...

Posted on 2008-08-20 at 03:53:43.

RDI Fixture +1
Karma: 65/14
1539 Posts


I'd like to try to play, but i never played 3rd, only 3.5, so i'm kind of iffy on joining or not.

Posted on 2008-08-20 at 03:57:31.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
Karma: 68/55
1764 Posts

3.0 vs 3.5

3.0 is not that different than 3.5

Posted on 2008-08-20 at 04:04:01.

Jumpin' Jack Smash
Karma: 44/13
675 Posts

Impressive... Here's the Pantheon

The Baelenoan Pantheon
The New Pantheon
Yeil The Storm Lord.
(Chaotic-Good: Weather, Lightning, Thunder)
One of the first to the New Pantheon, Yeil is in charge of the weather of Baelenoa. Snow, rain, drought. All belong to the portfolio of the Storm Lord. Yeil spends nearly all of his time watching over the world, expressing himself through the elements around those who populate Baelenoa. As his emotions change, so do the weather patterns of the various nations that he is currently watching over. Though in command of the various patterns, Yeil bestowed the charge of Wind upon his younger sister, Zivistis. Bearing javelins as his preferred weapon to battle, Yeil hurls them with the ferocity of the most wicked of lightning bolts. Yeil’s followers wear the colors of lightning and fire - yellow, red, and orange.
Symbol: A stormcloud with crossed lightning bolts.

(Chaotic-Neutral: Trickery, Joking, Playfulness, Theft)
A latecomer to the New Pantheon is Vil, who earned his way by managing to successfully fool Prien himself. For this, Jan-Kirith elected him to accompany them in the heavens, but has ever since left him a target of Prien’s axe. However, the Trickster has always managed to elude the Executioner, and has managed to escape the headsman’s block on more than one occasion. Vil’s chosen weapon is best fitting to his name: the war fans found in Rekumaru. The colors he wears, and that his followers do, are selected to amaze and confuse: Bright red, bright blue, and black.
Symbol: A grinning mask.

Mirros The Angel of Peace.
(Neutral-Good: Peace, Tranquility, Friendship)
The twin sister of Liris, the two were born into the New Pantheon by Sepher, the Healing Mother. With her brother, the pair seek to end all wars and suffering in the world, but have so far been unsuccessful due to the presence of Dareen in the heavens. However, there is no animosity between them,as Mirros and Liris cannot feel hatred. As such, they are fairly well-liked by most members of the pantheon. Seeking peace for the world, Mirros will bear no arms, and forbids her followers from doing such. However, they are permitted to use nonviolent means of unarmed force to try to bring peace to others. Mirros wears a white gown laced with pale blue.
Symbol: Two open hands, crossing each other.

Liris The Angel of Mercy.
(Neutral-Good: Mercy, Forgiveness)
Twin brother of Mirros, Liris is the counterpart of his sister, born of one of the purest of the gods ever seen within the pantheon. While his sister strives for peace, Liris accompanies her in his goals to bring mercy to all. He believes that there are none who should be declined mercy, and aims to teach that to the peoples of Baelenoa. It is his belief that if he can show mercy to any, then perhaps there will be less suffering in the world. Granting mercy to the suffering with either a slender long sword or an open hand, Liris’ white and yellow robes are the final thing that the wounded and dying see before they reach the gates of Faxareth.
Symbol: A sword hilt with a white feather replacing the blade.

Candri The Guardian of the Wild.
(Chaotic-Good: Nature, Animals, Growth)
One of the first to appear in the New Pantheon, Candri has always been a crusader for the preservation of the wilds of Baelenoa. The wife of the Autumn King Hamar, she shields their realm with courage and ferocity. It is the duty of her followers to protect the forest lands, the plains, the mountains, and so forth. One hundred and thirty-seven years into her governing within the pantheon, Candri elected a new member: the Wolf Lord Darm. Ever since, the giant wolf has been the faithful companion of Candri in her prowlings of the primal lands of Baelenoa. Candri’s guardianship weapon, a long bow and arrows, are wielded with pride by her followers, and the mixed colors of dark and light green are trademark to her cause.
Symbol: An Elm Tree in full growth

Dareen The Grand Warlord.
(Chaotic-Neutral: War, Conquest, Domination)
Dareen came to join the New Pantheon about forty years after its creation. Elected for his battle prowess and enormous courage, he was charged with governing the fields of war. Though he knows very well that Mirros and Liris strive to bring peace to the world, he holds no dislike for either of the twins, for they are very incapable of the emotion of hatred. Dareen does not associate with either of them on a regular basis, but tolerates their presence within the heavens. To represent the absolute ferocity of battle, Dareen prefers the brutal two handed battle mallet. His colors that he so proudly wears in the fires of war are bright red and orange.
Symbol: A Hammer crossed with an Axe.

Prien The Executioner
(Lawful-Evil: Death, passing, demise)
Prien was among the first to join the New Pantheon, being the brother of Yeil, who came at the same time as he. While his brother governs the weather patterns of the world, Prien is in charge of making sure that the souls of the dying are removed from their bodies and sent to Faxareth. For centuries, he has roamed the world, cutting away the threads that still tie the deceased to their bodies. Recently, however, Prien has found himself at ends with Bachdani, who believes that even the deceased should receive protection in their passing to the otherworld. On several occasions, the Great Guardian has tried to interfere with Prien’s axe. This has built great tension between the two. The clerics of Prien wear black and grey, and often carry the favored weapon of their lord: the two-handed war axe.
Symbol: A pair of axes crossed behind a grinning skull

Hamar The Autumn King
(Neutral-Good: Earth, agriculture, harvest)
Husband of Candri, Hamar appeared in the Pantheon just under one hundred years after she did. His domain is the world upon which his wife so valiantly protects from harm, and within this area of ruler ship, he ensures that the peoples are able to grow the food they need to survive, as well as the plants that rise from his body. In times of absolute anger, his rage can be felt all over with world with violent quakes that emanate from within. Such is his power that there are few who dare defy him. The devout of Hamar wear dull brown and light green clothing, and carry the sacred sickle with which ritual harvests are always performed.
Symbol: A world emblem

Urrik The Freedom Fighter
(Chaotic-Neutral: Freedom, choice, rebellion)
Urrik was elected to the Pantheon by Vil, who admired the ways that he was able to constantly evade the so-terribly corrupted authorities where he preached his beliefs. Though it wasn’t overly a council decision, they others approved of Urrik’s ability to govern fairly with the portfolio that was given to him by the Trickster. As such, he was able to remain in the New Pantheon as a god. Urrik despises rulers who govern through tyranny and corruption, and has many orders established across the continent whose primary goals are to overthrow such organizations, and set up a people’s rule where freedom may be truly granted. While still a mortal, Urrik always favored the dagger as his weapon, for it was easy to conceal for use in his speeches. His followers wear yellow and indigo for their colors.
Symbol: A broken chain

Ash The Judge
(Lawful-Neutral: Retribution, justice)
When the members of the New Pantheon struggled over the determination of many worldly events, a mediator was selected to deal with them. A man named Ash rose above others in the elections, and was appointed god hood in the position of the arbitrator of justice and injustice. Even disputes and conflicts among the gods end up in Ash’s court, for it is in his hands that matters of law and order are determined. Ash deals out justice with a broad-headed warhammer, made use of as his gaval, and his colors are white and black, the robes he once wore as a judge on the mortal plane.
Symbol: A merchant’s scale

Darm The Howling Master
(Chaotic-Neutral: Wolves)
Darm is the hunting companion of Candri, brought to the Pantheon by his master. The largest of any of the wolves native to Dascau, Darm protected the frozen wastelands with an incredible zeal. This impressed Candri enough to ask the giant wolf to accompany him on his prowlings through the wilds. Darm accepted, and ever since has been faithful to a fault. Minor god, Darm is not overly liked by many members of the Pantheon who believe that one day he shall lose control and ravage the heavens. Though he has only a scant few followers, the faithful of Darm bear daggers to replicate hid gnashing fangs, and they wear robes of dark grey.
Symbol: A wolf howling against a full moon

Aster The Queen of Snow
(Neutral-Evil: Ice, snow)
Aster is the older sister of Hephtu, and has long since declared war on her younger sibling. With their granted portfolios, they violently conflict with one another, though neither has yet triumphed. The rest of the New Pantheon refuses to get involved in their sqaubbles, though Ash has spent many years trying to determine a way to settle things between the two. Although their war has been going on ever since the birth of Hephtu into the heavens, both are fairly new to the council of the gods. Like a mighty icicle, Aster bears a long spear to battle against her brother. Followers of the Queen of Snow wear many shades of blue, particularly pale, against white.
Symbol: An eight-point snowflake

Hephtu The Conflagration
(Chaotic-Neutral: Fire, passion, desire, love, rage)
Ever since his birth into the New Pantheon, Hephtu has been at war with his older sister, Aster. Their battles are over little more than simple animosity, though it was not he that began it. Rather, his sister was intolerant of one to oppose her portfolio, and instantly began the conflict bettwen them. Hephtu governs the flames of the world, both physically and metaphorically. Lovers praise him, while the Keepers of the Sacred Flame worship him eternally, devoted to keeping alight the pyres that burn within temples dedicated to him. To battle his sibling, Hephtu weilds an immense two-handed flail, and his faithful wear orange and red garb to replicate a raging fire.
Symbol: A ball of fire with a curving tail

St. Manquo The Eternal Librarian
(True-Neutral: Knowledge, lore, history)
St. Manquo was one of the very first to begin construction of the New Pantheon. With knowledge accumulated from the centuries onwards from 18 A.L., he created the libraries in which his faithful pray to him. Taking the role of churches. these grand libraries contain knowledge gained by both St. Manquo and the survivors of the epic battles in which the Ancients fought. St. Manquo is often called upon by Ash to attend the judicial court, asked to bring his immense knowledge to help determine the outcomes of many of the more complex trials he must deal with. If you could consider it a weapon, St. Manquo bears an enormous tome wherever he may wander, and wears the colors grey and dull brown.
Symbol: An open book

Ostra The Lunar Empress
(Lawful-Neutral: Moon)
Ostra is the bride of Deilver, the lord of the sun. Together, along with their daughter, Lun, they command the events that take place in the sky above the face of the world. Though there is not one moon, but two, they are known as the Eye’s of Ostra, each having their own title. Alhura is the name of Ostra’s left eye, the white moon; and Dalmae is the right eye, the yellow moon. Ostra and Deilver were among the first to fill a position in the New Pantheon, elected to govern the moons and sun of the heavens. Ostra bears no weapon, for it is Deilver’s job to defend her, but the colors her followers wear are white, yellow, and silver.
Symbol: Two crescent moons, their points touching one another

Deilver The Solar Emperor
(Lawful-Good: Sun)
The husband of Ostra, Deilver guides the sun across the heavens every day, pulling it with his golden chariot. A lone phoenix draws the chariot, whether or not Deilver is actually in the driver’s position. In his time as a mortal, Deilver was a great king of a long-forgotten nation, lost beneath the sands of time. Before the fall of the magnificant civiliazation of Tiremet, Deilver and his wife, Ostra, were elected to join the gods in the heavens. Because of the number of solariums that were present in Tiremet, designed by Deilver himself, he was chosen to govern the great sun of Baelenoa. To defend his beloved Ostra, Deilver goes to battle bearing a morning star, and his colors are fiery orange and gold.
Symbol: A blazing sun

Lun The Midnight Captain
(Chaotic-Good: Stars)
Lun is the only child of Deilver and Ostra. As her parents govern the sun and moons, Lun was given permission to sail the stars of the universe. Her curiosity allows her to interact very well with Vester, who often joins her on her journeys through the heavens. Lun is assigned the duty of constantly making certain that new constellations that form in the night sky are not replicating those of the members of the council, and is granted free-reign of sailing to the furthest reaches of the star-sea. Although her mother does not bear arms, Lun carries a number of four-point daggers designed for throwing (Known as shuriken in Rekumaru). Followers of the Midnight Captain wear colors of midnight blue and gold.
Symbol: A five-point star

Atlam The Juggernaught
(Neutral: Strength, Might)
Elected from the great Krath of a distant land, Atlam was the mightiest chieftan of their people. Not only was he bigger and fiercer than any of the others, but he was also blessed with great leadership that allowed his tribe to emerge victorious from nearly any conflict. The gods looked upon him with such favor that, when he was finally felled in combat, he awoke within the Pantheon, rather than in the otherworld. Ever since, he has been governing the spheres of strength and power. Atlam’s favorite fighting style was to wrestle, but his preferred weapon is a viscious waraxe, and his followers wear, as his tribe once did, brown and forest green.
Symbol: A triangle, with all angles projecting a line inwards to create three triangles within

Zivistis The Zephyr Knight
(Chaotic-Good: Winds)
Of the Elrithian horsemen, none in legend have ever compared to the talents and courage of Ephemor Dalanastis and his warhorse, Melanon. Stories told that he could ride faster than the wind could, and strike as fast as a sudden gust of air. Feared by all enemies of Elrithia, Ephemor led every charge in the conflict he took part in, always at the forefront of each battle. He commanded such respect that all who heard his name bowed their heads in praise, and those who fought against him could not help but be overwhelmed by awe. As such, he earned the name “The Zephyr Knight”. Ephemor, however, was not a selfish man, and always did good for the sake of others. The gods in the heavens admired the man’s deeds so greatly that Yeil, Ash, Hamar, Candri, and Ostra all assumed mortal forms to speak with the knight. Forming a small council, they asked a number of questions, one being “What lengths would you go to to continue bringing good to the world?” His reponse was felt to be without self, for the sake of others, and impressed the council enough to bestow godhood upon the man, returning to the heavens with he and his mount by their side. Placing him in charge of the wind, which he best represented, he assumed the title Zivistis, and joined the deities in the upper planes. His chosen colors are those he wore in his mortal life, being white and silver, and his preferred weapon is the horsemans’s lance.
Symbol: Five horizontal, parallel lines, each curving slightly downwards on the left, and slightly upwards on the right.

Posted on 2008-08-20 at 04:11:14.
Edited on 2008-08-20 at 04:16:04 by Tek

Jumpin' Jack Smash
Karma: 44/13
675 Posts

Honestly, I'm surprised to see so much interest so suddenly after this went up on here. That's good! Means I've still got it

Utan, pick a deity from the list, then you may submit your character to me via PM, provided all the guidelines I listed were met. I've never gamed with...well, anybody here (Except Jozan and Grugg) so this shall be interesting, I believe.

Posted on 2008-08-20 at 04:14:04.
Edited on 2008-08-20 at 04:20:05 by Tek

Jumpin' Jack Smash
Karma: 44/13
675 Posts

Rolling Attributes

Right. One thing I'd noticed I neglected to mention...

Attributes are tossed on 4D6, drop the low die. Pretty standard, right? Well, I've noticed that there is always one ultra-charged character who trumps everybody else right from the get-go. So, I've built an anti-munchkin system. Regardless of how many you actually toss, a starting character may only have one unmodified attribute above sixteen. Any other totals equaling more than sixteen are appropriately reduced. This helps to keep the character balance a little bit more in check. Apply racial modifiers after this setup is established.

I never did care for characters that have multiple +4 attributes at the beginning. Let's be realistic, huh?

Posted on 2008-08-20 at 04:30:23.

RDI Fixture +1
Karma: 65/14
1539 Posts


So should I pick up this game, never playing 3.0? I'm thinking it wont be much different.

Posted on 2008-08-20 at 04:32:58.

RDI Staff
Karma: 357/190
6190 Posts


3e isn`t much different from 3.5, no problem, I`ll help you out if you need it.

Posted on 2008-08-20 at 04:39:17.

Veteran Visitor
Karma: 5/19
135 Posts


Yes, i am in.

Posted on 2008-08-20 at 04:49:11.

RDI Fixture +1
Karma: 65/14
1539 Posts


cool, i'll make a character and then if anything needs to change I'll get grugg to help me.

Posted on 2008-08-20 at 04:58:14.

RDI Staff
Karma: 357/190
6190 Posts

*grumble grumble*

Keep in mind I'm out for 3 days. I'll help when I'm back though.

Posted on 2008-08-20 at 05:01:28.

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