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Drelythinn, my world with no creatures...

So I made a world called Drelythinn for 4th edition. I would share it with the world, but for many reasons I cannot. Foremost among these is that I have ideas for creatures but I have no artistic talents so I cannot bring the creatures to paper other than by describing them. So really I ask the community for their artistic works and maybe later on I will run some ideas through my VERY FIRST THREAD and hopefully get some good feedback from you guys and even maybe suggestions for creatures you always wanted to see but never could find the right world to place it in. So yea please stop in and say hi and add a suggestion for a creature or inform me you would be willing to work on some neat art for my new world and then eventually I could share my world, or at least the basics!

Posted on 2008-09-21 at 19:05:41.

Den Mother
RDI Staff
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It's give and take around here

First of all, welcome to the Red Dragon Inn. Have a look around, read the Terms of Service, and get to know folks...we're a friendly bunch.

We're also a helpful bunch, but you really haven't given us much to go on. Perhaps if you would describe your world, the races that populate it, the sort of terrain, etc., people may feel that they have enough information from you that they can post some ideas.

Posted on 2008-09-21 at 19:23:15.

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The world

it is based off of 4th edition, and i just kept all the basic races, ill paste the word document wich describes basically everything on the map:


Dragonborn land: Ráshhan
Dwarven land: Bortheyn
Eladrin Land: Fiyan-Merltayn “Flying Woods”
Elf land: Elamere
Halfling lands: Tobofor
Human lands: Lorholme
Tiefling lands: Akamen-Geradas “The Burning Shire”

Dragonborn cities: Ashaman, Tralamok, Shalterg
Dwarven cities: Granhall, Trallhon, Birmill
Eladrin cities: Mayfeerin, Lewyn, Treyen
Elven cities: Etheron, Zantor, Iliteer
Halfling cities: Walan, Lodotan, Trillit
Human cities: Corshire, Hithore, Nolohim
Tiefling cities: Delamok, Tyrshorg, Firklen

Mountains: Ithrag Crevices, Otihand Hills, Bileshek Mountain, Dolmance Canyon, Lilintyr Range
Deserts: Bileshek Wastes, Voryth Sands
Rivers/Lakes/Ocean: Trylintill River, Golombane River, Falen Lake, Eastern Seas, Violet Stream, Soltomer River, Okotom Lake, Efiman River
Forests: Trampled Woods, Fiyan-Merltayn, Thref Forest, Asamir Forests, Salkaman Jungle
Plains: Rolling Anguish, Thrice Hills, Hushed Plains, Filindil Fields, Frozen Leagues

i plan to change out the beginning creatures like the kobold, goblin, bugbear, and hobgoblin with my own renditions. They will all keep their original stats except i will change their special abilities and obviously the way they look. I also have the idea that Drelythinn will be non-biased, such as if u hate a goblin u have to suck it up and deal with it cause they r in everyday life. Much like star wars, i want a plethora of creatures to inhabit the cities, such as a large handed creature may work at a tavern because it can hold three times as many drinks as a human could. I also need names for dungeons obviously, such as the underdark and other things along those lines. But really if you can think of a neat creature that would either be extremely adept to one thing or extremely adverse to something it likes doing (such as a fairy that enjoys weight-lifting) then thats what i want.

Excuse my chat typing, i typed all of this rather quickly.

Posted on 2008-09-21 at 20:02:02.

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3 Posts


anyone have any suggestions? you can private message me

Posted on 2008-09-22 at 14:57:25.

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