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Related thread: Paranoia - Always Recruiting
Related thread: Paranoia Q&A
GM for this game: Admiral
Players for this game: t_catt11, Grugg, Skari-dono, Reralae, Merideth, Falas, gboy
This game is on hiatus.
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    Messages in Paranoia
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I'm doing SCIENCE!
RDI Staff
Karma: 163/50
1835 Posts

Paranoia (always recruiting!)

This game is a comical game set in an over-the-top tongue-in-cheek dystopian setting. This is slapstick comedy and dark humor combined in one. The game will be rated PG-13, but there are likely to be moments and jokes that aren't suitable or understood by some Innmates. That being understood, we are always looking for new players!
The robotic voice of Friend Computer echos throughout the hall...

Welcome to Alpha Complex Subsector GYKZ. This is where stage one of Troubleshooter orientation will take place. Please take your seats as I take role...

(More to come as players begin filtering in. Please see the thread in Recruitment and shoot me a PM to get a character built before posting.)

Posted on 2008-11-13 at 21:17:18.
Edited on 2008-11-14 at 02:38:44 by Admiral

I'm doing SCIENCE!
RDI Staff
Karma: 163/50
1835 Posts


The following transmission is classified as Red.

Welcome, troubleshooter. You have been selected to be my task force, performing missions and rooting out communists and traitors. You will be envied by other Reds throughout Alpha Complex.

A man in a blue uniform walks through a door.
This is Dom-B-ZZSQ-5, who will serve as your liason. He will assign you your missions, and receive your reports. You have my blessing, friends. I shall turn over this meeting to Dom-B-ZZSQ-5.

Dom takes over talking as you can't help but feel Friend Computer is still watching you...
Hello rookies.

You respond with the typical greeting "Hello Blue Sir, Friend Computer has created a pleasant day today and we are doing our part to maintain the pleasantry." while averting your eyes.
You have authority to execute traitors only if you have direct evidence that you can present to someone of Blue ranking or higher. If not that shall be considered destruction of Friend Computer's property and you will answer for your treason.

You will all find that Red doors will now open for you, in addition to Black ones. Also you will no longer be executed for traveling down Red hallways. Be careful, as sometimes your untrained eyes might mistake Orange for Red. You also now have access to fruit. It is a nice compliment to the algae-based food you have been eating as an infrared. Although indulging on fruit is denying your fellow Reds the privilege. Please be considerate.

Also here is your manual on how to operate the autolaser. I trust you all already have one...

You do. You think it was treason not to, actually...
Once you receive your mission, refusing it is treason. Questioning the mission is treason. Inefficiency during a mission is treason. Asking questions to further the advancement of the mission is... begrudgingly accepted.

Now, I shall hand to each of you your mission briefing. As I said, reasonable questions shall be tolerated.

Posted on 2008-11-13 at 21:38:47.
Edited on 2008-11-13 at 22:06:42 by Admiral

I'm doing SCIENCE!
RDI Staff
Karma: 163/50
1835 Posts

Mission Data

Pleasant Day Troubleshooting Team 2 Apple 5 Button:

Your mission today involves rooting out and destroying a sect of communists. These communists are responsible for ==CLASSIFIED FOR SECURITY REASONS== during the ==CLASSIFIED FOR SECURITY REASONS== two weeks ago. The following information is RED level clearance, and should remain that way. Breaking this clearance is treason.

They can be identified by their unforms, which include this unpleasant type of headware.

These communists are armed and dangerous. Many include pictures of four known traitors and communists named ==CLASSIFIED FOR SECURITY REASONS== who were executed in the distant past.

These communists are not particularly intelligent, and often blare loud music and watch videos of another known communist traitor who goes by ==CLASSIFIED FOR SECURITY REASONS== and was also destroyed for his communist treason. Communists consider his work, such as the one below to be "revolutionary." You as Troubleshooters must enlighten them to the glories of Alpha Complex.

Video of communist ==CLASSIFIED FOR SECURITY REASONS== and his sidekick.

I hope you all feel dirtier after learning of this and seeing such filth. You mission is to destroy all communist equipment, propaganda, sights sounds and smells, and execute the communists. Their headquarters is known to be in ==CLASSIFIED FOR SECURITY REASONS== in subsector 21. I trust you can find them.

You have one week to complete this mission. Pleasant Day, Troubleshooting Team 2 Apple 5 Button.

Posted on 2008-11-13 at 21:39:05.
Edited on 2008-11-20 at 19:32:10 by Admiral

I'm doing SCIENCE!
RDI Staff
Karma: 163/50
1835 Posts

Game Begin

The game has officially begun, although most of the action will be via PM. In case some of you lurkers need motivation to join, here's a bit of behind the scenes going on right now as we speak: Some slight changes have been made to protect key information.

By order of Morrison-I-GHSJ-3 this building to be preserved until further notice. DO NOT ENTER UPON PENALTY OF TREASON!"
"That's one of our top leaders, an indigo. This building was condemned to be destroyed by one of the cleanliness officers, but our guy gummed up the order. It'll take them months to sort it out. Until then it's off limits, a great place for us to set up camp."

As he walks in, you can't help but think of the hypocrite you've become. You are supposed to root out traitors, and here you are becoming one by disobeying an order from an INDIGO! You've never even met one before. Oh well, technically you are already a traitor. Might as well push the envelope.

And another little tidbit:

This was tight stuff. He didn't want to show them his full skill without knowing anything about them.

"You are good, we could use you."

"We think that we will take you up... what time do you wish us to find you?"

Also, within the message was a personal creation. A small tracking virus which was had developed over the years. It was a miniature virus, just for tracking. It would keep a tab on the guy. Nothing complex. Wouldn't trace back either. Would only detect as a virus.


And it was done.

Another fun moment:

She takes it and tears the top off and pours a little white powder out onto her finger. She dabs it on the tip of her tongue before snorting the rest up her nose straight out of the paper roll. What's left she pours out into her eye with what can only be described as a quiet roar.

"This stuff is called Ultraviolet dust. They say it's the ultimate reward for that final promotion. Luckily we have a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who does a thing. You know... the... color.... I can see.... tomorrow... we..."

She doesn't even finish as she collapses into a heap on her bed.

A little info about a girl that one of the Player's knows:

ABCXYZ is a registered mutant, who has a strange ability to talk to computers. This fascinates you to no end, having spent your life surrounded by them in Alpha Complex. She calls herself a Technomancer. Ironically she works as a cleanliness officer - one of the few jobs in Alpha Complex that has nothing to do with technology.
Some more fun stuff!

You are assigned as a sleeper cell and told to continue your duties until needed further.

One day after work, you return home to find a small thing you have never seen before. Some research online leads you to nothing but classified documents, any of which would get you executed if you read. This puzzles you. Your online searches turn up the following:


Ok folks that's it for now. I'm going to reserve this space to keep it updated with fun things going on behind the scenes. Stay tuned and enjoy. Remember, Fun is Mandatory!

Posted on 2008-11-14 at 01:29:27.
Edited on 2008-11-20 at 19:51:22 by Admiral

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 139/12
2435 Posts

Jen-R-KTCR-1 ready for duty

"A pleasant day indeed, for we have been given an important mission by Friend Computer, which shall be fulfilled by the deadline." Jen replies, her head bowed in both a notion of respect as well as to ensure that no eye contact is made. By the words alone, one might suspect sarcasm, but there is no trace of it in Jen's warm voice, and her lips form the smile of a waitress serving a customer, as she has done many times before.

Turning toward her teammates, she cheerfully adds, "I hold no questions pertaining to this mission, so let me know when you are ready to leave."

With that, Jen steps by the door, standing and waiting patiently. Her jumpsuit is well ironed, with almost no trace of wrinkles, save for the ones made during this day. Like her clothing, Jen's appearance is also well-kept, yet plain, with her dark brown hair cut short so as not to be a source of inefficiency. Her blue-green eyes are difficult to read, but she seems to emulate a vague sense of self-satisfaction that comes with one enjoying their job.

According to her file, Jen has been a waitress since her infrared status, and that job is also her cover job. Apart from that, there is nothing to note regarding her file.

Posted on 2008-11-20 at 22:56:23.

Wee Grugglet
Karma: 57/27
1669 Posts

Mission received.

"Pleasant day. To you and all who live within this wonderful complex." Markus' PDA went off, and keeping his eyes down, he reaches into his pocket and prevents the alert from continuing to long. That could disrupt what Alpha Computer, or one of his representatives. That could be treason.

"I am ready to serve in whichever way I am able to. Communists shall not walk in Alpha Complex."

Markus' frame was slim, almost fragile looking. His hair rather unkept, brown strands going every which way. His eyes a dull green colour, he looks at Jen, and the other people standing in the room. Turning around to look at the others, the eye on the back of his neck opens up, making sure that nothing could sneak up on him. His uniform clearly bore the M, signifying the acknowledgement of his mutation. Speaking up, he says, "Well, I guess we're a team in this mission, aren't we? Glad to be working with you."

Posted on 2008-11-21 at 01:45:54.
Edited on 2008-11-21 at 02:14:44 by gboy

RDI Staff
Karma: 177/13
3127 Posts

Julianne-R-DMAC-1 Taking Down Names

"Yes, pleasant day, made especially pleasant by Friend Computers honor at being chosen for such an important mission." Like the others she kept her eyes down and her smile on while offering pleasantries back to the man in the blue uniform.

She then turned to the others, blinking in surprise when she caught sight of the one man's extra eye, but all the while kept her smile on plastered on her face. "Yes a team. We should really get to work on this right away, the thought of those horrible communists running free out there is frightening."

Her blue eyes sparkled, her blonde hair, pulled back from her face in a perfect ponytail, shone, even her uniform seemed almost shiny. The only thing that was not completly perfect about her was the rainbow of paint colors that she could never fully get out of her cuticles. Such were the dangers of her occupation.

Posted on 2008-11-21 at 04:21:14.
Edited on 2008-11-21 at 04:27:05 by Merideth

Icelanders! Roll Out
Karma: 102/11
1514 Posts

Oscar-R-NOVA-1 reporting

"Indeed, this is a most pleasant of day, and I shall add that I am deeply honored that Friend Computer should include me in this mission." Oscar's eyes were turned down much like it always was, and a perfect smile seemed glued to his face. "The imperfection of the communists will be anhialated, and we will enjoy it."

He briefly looked at his teammates. So this was how Friend Computer intended to keep an eye on him? By putting him on a team of highly deadly Reds? The smile didn't leave his face, and he didn't even sweat, but on the inside he was restless. Someone knew, there just had to be someone who knew. But what exactly did they know? Did they even know that they knew? Or did they know who knew that they knew what he knew about them knowing? Sssh! They know what he is thinking!

"Yes," he said, "partners. Friends as well, I hope."

Posted on 2008-11-21 at 16:01:39.
Edited on 2008-11-21 at 16:03:15 by Skari-dono

Fun is Mandatory
RDI Staff
Karma: 363/54
6833 Posts

oh so pleasant!

Like the rest of the reds, Stewert kept his blue eyes downcast, careful to avoid even the appearance of treason. His smile was warm, however, and his disposition pleasant.

"Thank you for this mission, he spoke gracefully. "I am excited at the opportunity to remove this blight from our glorious society."

Once the briefing was done, he addressed Julianne. "I fully agree that we should begin immediately - but do not be afraid. We will certainly overcome their influence, and cleanse Alpha Complex of their stain."

The blonde, athletic young man smiled again and stepped back. "Perhaps we should begin by accessing the computer records of subsector 21, so that we might know where to start looking?"

Posted on 2008-11-21 at 16:21:01.
Edited on 2008-11-21 at 16:21:32 by t_catt11

Wee Grugglet
Karma: 57/27
1669 Posts

What a great idea!

Markus smiles at all of the others. "Yes, friends. What a great event this has become! Us lowly reds are given the oppourtunity to eliminate the communists. What do you say we coordinate our plans? Is anyone willing to personally visit sub-sector 21? Perhaps they still are repulsive enough to taint this wonderful complex with their horrid presence." A pleasant smile is shown on Markus' face. His teeth are perfectly aligned, glistening white in the light. His eyes shine with joy.

Posted on 2008-11-22 at 01:13:49.
Edited on 2008-11-22 at 01:20:07 by gboy

RDI Staff
Karma: 177/13
3127 Posts

To Glory Friend Computer

"Oh! Why yes I do think a trip to sector 21 would be in order. I would accompany you there, if that would be pleasant. It seems that your extra eye could be very useful in spotting communists. I think that using their own devious sabatouge against them is delightful! I am Julianne-1-DMAC-R, by the way, such a pleasure to meet you.
So you and I can head to 21 and that gentleman there suggested looking at the computers, which is also a lovely idea, perhaps the rest of you can work on that, unless someone else would like to come with us, or has some other great idea in mind?"

She nearly bubbled over with excitment as she started the plans of what would end in a termination. Just hopefully not hers.

Posted on 2008-11-24 at 18:34:01.

RDI Staff
Karma: 357/190
6191 Posts

I like this place!

Simon was careful to avoid looking at the Blue while he spoke. Not like it was much of an effort, his drab colourless outfit wasn't exactly fetching, his own toes were more exciting. He dared not voice his opinon however, he was lucky to still be alive, he had seen a former fellow kitchen worker replaced by successive clones enough to know he wanted to avoid that.

He waited for the Blue to finish before giving his thanks. "I'm most happy to be helping you lot," he said cheerily (making a concerted effort to move his lips as he spoke, sometimes it took actual effort to remember),"I'm going to like this's exciting!"

He turned to face the group, immediately catching sight of one of the other's "spare" eye. A pity to have such an obvious mutation, one which hardly benefits in this drab colourless place. He could see far more orange with it though, which might almost be worth it, but that wasn't the point.

He waited for the others to finish before he entered the conversation.

"I'd be very much interested in coming along, after all, the elimination of the communists would help us all wouldn't it now?"

Posted on 2008-11-24 at 22:18:53.

I'm doing SCIENCE!
RDI Staff
Karma: 163/50
1835 Posts


Introductions were made, and plans began to be formed if only preliminary. The crew decided to visit the area after a quick scan of the computer records.

"I told you to root out and destroy the communists, fools! Get to work!" He bellows as a shot rings out from his pistol. It shakes the foundation of the room. This might be a good time to note that none of you have heard what a 45 caliber revolver sounds like when fired in an enclosed space. A large bullet hole can be seen in the roof. Warning shot...

The group quickly exits.

Stewert pulls out his PDA and begins typing. 50 Trillion results... that won't do. Perhaps a more narrow search parameter?

In the meantime, it dawns on you that none of you have ever been to subsector 21. Sadly it's going to be quite the trip. You could try to get ahold of a lift, but the lines are horrible. None of you have walked that far before. It's almost an hour of solid walking to get through!

Decisions, decisions...

Posted on 2008-11-24 at 22:45:09.
Edited on 2008-11-26 at 00:57:47 by Admiral

Icelanders! Roll Out
Karma: 102/11
1514 Posts


Oscar-R-NOVA-1 looked at the que with the same stupid smile on his face. The line was horrifying to look upon, it could take a full hour to wait for a lift.

"Listen up!" he called loud enough to catch everyone's attention in the line, "We are Reds on an official mission for Friend Computer. Every single Infrared is ordered to remove themselves from the line this very instant or be standing in the way of justice! Standing in the way of justice and the will of Friend Computer is treason! Now get out of the line and enjoy it!"

Oscar felt somewhat relieved. He never thought that using his commanding voice would be so thrilling. He hardly talked at all, but talking loud apparently made him feel all manly. The smile that was stuck to his face was actually genuine this time.

Posted on 2008-11-25 at 11:00:04.

Wee Grugglet
Karma: 57/27
1669 Posts


"Eh... perhaps it is possible to cover more ground and reach our goal sooner if we split up? I myself have never been one for cramped spaces... I have too many pleasant people taking notice of my eye..." Markus' smile is genuine, but the twinkle in his eyes fades slightly. "I could try and find out if there have been any unusually excessive - and by that I mean any at all - communist activity in other sectors. Perhaps this is a conspiracy going around. If it pleases you... I will take my leave." Markus smiles politely, bowing slightly to the group. "May Friend Computer make your days pleasant!" Markus' leaves the group, heading off to his own chambers, his eye watching the group as he walked through the Alpha Complex.

Posted on 2008-11-26 at 03:50:40.

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