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GM for this game: Alacrity
Players for this game: Jozan1, Vanadia, YeOlde, Utan the Orange, Wyrmsting, Duncan74
This game has fizzled.
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Gammius leaned sat down next to the water and drank as the lay of the land was explained. It seemed pretty obvious that they should go in the pyramids direction as it was the only way to sustain life, so he nodded along with the decision and set up camp. Late into the night his watch came up and he dragged his feet getting up, but got to it anyways. It went uneventful and went to bed as the next perosns watch came up.

The next morning they started to pack up and Gammius chewed on a bit of bread while he folded up some part of his tent. A subtle rumbling started through the camp, knocking some of the bread onto the ground.

I didn't think I was that hungry...wait a minute ,
The rumbling got louder until rocks and debre flew everywhere as a large purplish worm exploded from the ground. Gammius's heart was in his throat from the shock it gave him, but instinctively he had his sword and shield in hand, ready to battle the creature. He approached it slowly as to block any stinger attack as was warned, and hopefully land a few blows before anything serious happened.

Posted on 2008-12-15 at 03:06:21.

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Artemis's Action(s)

Artemis listened to his companions' discussion and was satisfied that they were reaching logical conclusions and that they might actually survive this ordeal, provided they continued working well together and coming up with good ideas.

As he bedded down to wait for the night, Artemis pondered the events that led them to this point, and mentally pored over Webb's report of the pyramid and the scatterings of civilization that lie between here and there. It did indeed seem that their options are limited at this point, and Artemis had a feeling that the pyramid was going to play a pivotal role in what was to come.

As they struck the camp and prepared to move out that night, Artemis was pleased to hear Davian basically echo his own sentiments.

“I think it is clear that we have little choice in direction,” Davian said, “it seems these ruins that Webb has spotted will offer shelter and the pyramid in the distance is closer than anything else. Maybe we can find people there that might tell us where we are, though unlikely.”

"Well said, Davian," said Artemis. "I can't help but feel that there is a purpose in our going to that pyramid; even from here I can feel that it has significance for us."

No sooner had the words left his mouth than the ground started to shake, and suddenly a hideous creature reared up before them. Its gaping maw reeked of death and ancient malice, and the wicked stinger that caught the gleam of moonlight promised great unpleasantness should it connect with flesh.

Noticing that the hideous mouth seemed to be hungry and looking for a nice fat meal, Artemis grinned roguishly and decided to give it one.

Calling upon the arcane powers at his disposal, Artemis conjured a Fireball spell and sent it hurtling toward the inviting target of the creature's open mouth, setting the fireball to detonate once it is inside the beast's mouth.

((OOC: Al, should the Fireball spell or its results go awry, I will touch Gammius and cast Strength upon him before he gets out of touch range, at which point I will fall back and ready up for next round.))

Posted on 2008-12-15 at 21:19:01.
Edited on 2008-12-17 at 19:59:37 by Duncan74

The Tired
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a quickie apparantly

Amelialta quickly brought up her bow and fired at the great beast. With its size, it was easy enough to target but the hide proved to be tougher than expected. The first arrow bounced off, while the second on scored a meaty hit to one of its mid-sections. Greenish goo came from the wound, but no telling if it actually hurt the creature.

The stinger struck out at Gammius in a flash. The hard barb strunk against shield and warrior, sending him backwards across the sand. Luckily, the shield took most of the attack, thus the poison that entered his system was not enough to affect him.

Webster also attacks with arrows, keeping a distance from the mouth and tail. A worm was no creature to backstab but a well-placed arrow could do the trick. His first arrow seemingly shot high in error but the creature moved to dodge at the same time. The wound was a deep one and the creature actually growled in pain.

“HEIRONEOUS TAKE YOU!” Davian cried as he threw his spear at the head of the worm. Blinded by the pain of the arrow, it doesn’t move fast enough and takes the spear just below its maw. The tail and body thrashes about violently, knocking Davian down before he can unsheathe his battleaxe.

Gammius rolls with the blow of his attack and comes up swinging. His long sword is deflected at first but he manages a smooth backhand attack that cuts the worm and produces more green goo. It reels back in pain, rising to its full height.

Artemis knows the range of a fireball, but this 80-foot creature is well tall enough to attack and be out of the range for harm to himself or his companion. When it reels up to its full height, he releases the spell, sending the fireball high in the air. The evocation explodes high in the air, but close to the Purple monster’s head. The explosion blows parts of its body away in the night sky and you are shower with barbequed purple worm pieces. It is seriously wounded and decided that this meal is not the easy prey it expected. It quickly dives under the cover of the earth, trying to get as much distance from the fire and pain.

OOC: You can get in one round of attacks while it flees. It could enrage it to fight or you might slay it. Up to you.

Gammius – Light wounds
Davian – Minor wounds

Posted on 2009-01-06 at 19:37:34.

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Next Move

Artemis grinned with satisfaction as the group's attacks struck home on the monstrous creature. He flicked a few moist chunks of the beast from his face and robe as he quickly calculated his next move. Seeing that some of his companions were moving to press the attack, he opted for reducing the already-wounded beast's attacking capability; he felt that sending another Fireball at it could backfire, since the creature was back on the ground and heading for cover.

Calling once again upon his arcane powers, Artemis conjured a Ray of Enfeeblement spell and sent it at the beast.

((OOC: Al, I know this creature is larger than man-size, but I believe the spell has contingencies for larger creatures, -2 to attack roll I believe. If I'm mistaken, please let me know in Q & A and I will do something else. Thanks.))

Posted on 2009-01-06 at 20:47:42.
Edited on 2009-01-06 at 20:49:41 by Duncan74

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