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True Love (The story that made Russett and Parsman)

OOC: Hey everyone this is one of my stories and I'd like some input on it if you all would please. Please note the story is still in the works!!!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like? To be so in tune with someone that you can finish their sentence long before it ever escapes the other person’s mouth, the Joy of just

having someone around someone to think about when all seems to be going wrong, someone who will listen to you even when no one else will, someone to cherish for all your life and more. This is what many call love, and for those of you that have found this truly magical place These stories of our lives are for you

-Russett, Starlight, and Parsman-

To fight what does it mean? Why do so many people do it? If you look at the world the way I do you would see that the answer to these questions is, quite simple and yet so complicated. To fight means to stand for what you believe whether for the greatest good or the most powerful of all evils.

I was taught this when I met two of the most unlikely characters that changed my life forever. For these two people fought for the very breath they wished they had. They fought with such courage that it was astounding.

But they also fought with such pride and bravery that you could tell they weren’t as human as they pretended to be. As human as they wished they were, for in their eyes they weren’t different from you or me they just had one weakness that as long as they were with me was the biggest struggle to control, for they thirsted for, the very thing that flows throughout our body, our blood. A weakness that seemed to leave a sour taste in their mouths every time they quenched that weakness, almost as if they hated what they were. I have tried to talk to them as I have grown close to both of them over the years but they just smile and leave it with that. I wish that I could help them to get over their curse, for it truly saddens me to watch such fearsome warriors live with such a burden for all these ages.

For these warriors have seen it all the rises and the failures of every great civilization. Maybe that’s why they are such great warriors.

-Starlight Ann Roseman-

Immortality when you here the word what do you think?

Do you think of all the joys you have seen? Or are you the pessimist that looks though the world for all the destruction that man kind has caused? For a man that has seen it all you learn to see the world though both set of eyes. For I have seen the day of salvation for all man when a little child was born. And I have also seen the damnation of those very men when they crucified that innocent man. Do I believe that he was the savior of all man kind you better believe I do and my only hope is that he has seen me weeping when those men left him for dead. I hope that he has forgiven me for all that I have done. For I did not wish to be turned.

Starlight sees that inside me. She sees what I once was what I still pray to hold onto though this terrible curse that causes me to kill for no other reason then to fulfill my hunger. At least when I’m with Starlight due to a pact that I made with Russett I have to drink the blood of an animal. Which isn’t the same as killing the humans. I have grown to love Russett over the years. I mean yes we have our arguments but I don’t know anyone that hasn’t had an argument at one point and time. And if you were to tell me you were an exception to the rule I’d tell you, you were lying. For no one is exception it is a human trait. And actually I would say it’s a godly trait for I am sure that even my creator has his weaknesses for if he didn’t then why did our eldest brother Lucifer rebel. A question that we should all learn in our immortality.

-Parsman Morgan-
“Run to the graveyard.” Russett yells to Starlight as three dark figures swoop down next to her and Parsman. “Parsman you know what to do.”

Parsman pulled out his sword and then grabbed Starlight’s wrist and started running never looking back for he knew that the vampires were just behind him and if he took just one second to look back they would get Starlight. Then Starlight tripped and Parsman quickly scooped her up and through her into a dark alley and swung his sword as hard as he could at an approaching vampire. He heard Starlight scream as a severed arm came flying at her still very much alive. Parsman reached out and caught the arm and though it the opposite direction of Starlight always keeping an eye on it as he fought of the vampire.

“Oh come on Parsman, you know just as well as I do that that the girl is lower on the food chain then us.” The vampire taunts.

“Not tonight she isn’t.” Russett yells coming up behind and slicing of it’s head. Which rolled to the ground. “ Don’t you remember Parsman the only way to kill us is to take the head.”
“I was getting there one piece at a time.” Parsman replies and grabs Starlight and starts running toward the graveyard. He throws Starlight over the gate and stops.

“Come on.” Starlight yells as she watches five more vampires fall out of the sky.

“I can’t.” Parsman yells back. “It’s sacred ground and there’s a barrier that causes vampires to not be able to go on sacred ground. Run across it and get to your apartment.”

When he see’s the scared look on Starlight’s face, he says with a wink, “Don’t worry Russett and I will be right behind you.”

He then turns his back and starts fighting three of the five vampires.

Well I guess I better run for it , it would be a waste if they died and I’m still not safe. Starlight thought as she started to run across the graveyard to her apartment. She reached the door and opened it and was about to close it when Parsman blocked it from shutting with his ivory boot. He and Russett quickly stepped inside and Russett quickly locked the door.
“Why don’t you fight for her?’ Parsman yells at Russett fangs bared as he pulls out his sword and comes charging at him.

Russett easily blocks the enraged Parsman. Parsman gets even more enraged and yells. “She is just waiting for you to swoop down her up like you used to and take her away.’ He circles around Russett three times cutting and slashing all being blocked.

“You know just as well as I do that if you fought just as hard as you are fighting me right now you would have her.” Parsman says as he kicks Russett away.

“What are you talking about all I’ve done here is defend myself from you.” Russett retorts.

This was like a kick in Parsman’s face he couldn’t believe what he was hearing from the man that had fought beside him for all these years. The man that would have died for everyone he loved was just simply giving up. “How… can… you… do… this..?” He sobbed

“How can you just give up on everything you ever cared for…? Just pretend as if it all never happened?” Parsman says dropping his sword.

“Look at me Parsman.” Russett says as he picks up Parsman’s sword and hands it back to him. “I am a creature that no one could love…”

“But you’re wrong, man. That’s what I keep trying to tell you.”

“I’m done.” Russett says as he disappears into the shadows.

“Russett…” Parsman yells into the night hoping that his friend was just around the corner. But no voice ever replied back.

Posted on 2008-11-19 at 19:16:34.

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What Love is

“The past is what makes us today.” Starlight tells Russett as they sit watching the bright full moon. “You told us that. Does that mean that you think that was a lie too?”

Russett turns his face so Starlight can’t see him, “I don’t know what to think anymore.”

“What has happened to you, when I used to know you, you wanted to be the hero. Now you seem so distant, so cold.” Starlight asks Russett.

“Things change.” Was all Russett could reply.

“Well if you need anything you know where to find us.” Starlight says as she gets up and vanishes into the darkness of the night.

Those last few words hit Russett hard; his kind was distant and cold hearted to the people they considered their food supply. But during the last couple of years that he had been with Starlight, she had taught him something that he hadn’t felt since he was turned. A feeling that felt so peaceful but at the same time he feared, never truly knowing if one could ever love a creature that was supposed to no longer have any feelings at all.

But it seemed so different with Starlight, She seemed to care more for him then she cared even for her own kind. And because Russett couldn’t come to terms with that he was becoming more and more what he hated. A cold hearted monster with no purpose to live.

Starlight meant everything to him; she was the light that he had been missing for so long. Could it be possible that he was not like his kind, Could it be possible that he was in love with Starlight and in fact Starlight could see the real him?

If this was all possible then he was going to need a lot more friends like Parsman. For he was about to go against all that he thought made him, him. He was about to go against his own kind and prove that humans weren’t just food but an essential part of everyone’s life.

For the first time in fifteen years Russett cried.

Starlight and Parsman watched in the shadows as their old friend sat there struggling to come to terms with himself. Satisfied Starlight turns to Parsman and signals for them to leave Russett to his thoughts.

Russett thought long and hard about what all had happened within the last few years. How when he first saw Starlight he knew there was something different about her almost as if she wasn’t human herself. For Russett thought of her as the very thing that made him whole. The very thing that separated him from the rest of his kind and apparently it wasn’t just him that was changed by that sweet and innocent look in her eyes to the music of her voice. Oh how Russett loved her voice it was as if the very angel that he wished he was had come down and was about to grant him his wish. For to him and Parsman both she was like a goddess. Only she was the one that you didn’t worship because her very name was so holy and sacred. Russett thought about that thought for a second longer

“ What if Starlight is a goddess?” Russett says thinking aloud. “I mean we haven’t exactly ruled out that she’s human. And what if she has powers that even she is not aware of or maybe has thought they were mere coincidence. “He had never bothered to ask her and now that he thought about it there were situations in which something appeared that wasn’t there before. Like the batch of apples that Russett could have sworn were still in the grocery bag that he had just set down only to find that they were sitting in a bowl on the counter. Or his keys to his car that he checked at least three times only to find them on the key rack on his fourth search. It would also explain why they had so much trouble with the vampires for those older then Russett and Parsman would feel more of a lust then a love for a goddess. If this was all true then Russett needed to go where no vampire ever dared go. He needed to go to the layer of the vampire hunters and join them. Or he would die trying for he knew that vampires were as good as dead if they entered the layer and tried to attack a vampire hunter every vampire that was at least a thousand years old would remember the wars that they had with vampire hunters. Back when the vampire hunters ranged in the millions and before they were burned at the stake for exposing what the humans thought was witchcraft.

Love, many people say it’s the greatest thing in the world. That you don’t even feel as if there’s a thing in the world that can take over the world as great as love. We agree, for when we met Starlight we went to this magical place. But the one thing that seems to put out that magical fire is responsibility. I Russett and I Parsman have now had to make great sacrifices to protect not only Starlight but the very lives that we have come to know. It’s not easy to look at a world so filled with every emotion in that you can think of and to be able to comprehend what makes that emotion.

When Russett went to the vampire hunters they thought of him as the monster he once was and tried to kill him when he showed them no resistance and gladly would have died to prove his point that he was not a monster but a calm, maybe as some people call tamed creature. That even though his heart had stopped nearly three millennia before he was living like a human. Like the very thing that made the vampire hunter. All I Russett or I Parsman have ever wanted to do is protect the one last survivor of the goddesses. The one thing that if we had not become vampires we would have surely been like. That is why she makes us whole.

Our kind realizes this and maybe that is why long before we were turned this battle has started. There used to be as much Gods and Goddesses as there were vampire hunters but over the years they depleted the numbers. But always there was a renegade vampire that also helped deplete the number of vampires only to be killed in the end.

Let us pray that we don’t make the same mistakes that our brethren have made is our prayer.

-Russett and Parsman-
“Starlight will you do something for me? “ Parsman asks with a bit of a nervous edge to his voice.

Somewhat astonished that her fearless friend would ask something so nervously she replies. “ What is it Parsman, is something wrong.

Parsman shifted his feet a little bit making Starlight nervous.

“Well yes and no.” Parsman stumbles.

“ Parsman just spit it out.” Starlight says as she flutters her eyebrows. “ You know you can tell me anything.”

Parsman swallows hard. “ Well, I was wondering if you had the same feelings for me as you have for Russett?”

Starlight nearly fell over with shock and Parsman could tell he was walking on thin ice. “ Parsman you know I love you just as much as I love Russett if not more. Were are you getting at?”

Parsman leaned over and kissed Starlight on the lips. “Because I love you just as Russett does.” he replies.

Starlight just sat there for a minute astounded. Parsman was a great kisser but she needed to screw her head on straight. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing or the heat of the kiss still on her lips.

“But what about Russett?” She asks after a long pause.

“Russett has changed, he doesn’t know who to follow anymore and it makes him bitter.” Parsman replies.

“All the more reason that I need to stay by his side and help him sort things out.” Starlight replies getting a little bit more confidence in her voice.

“He maybe beyond your help.” Parsman replies “For I know he’s beyond anything I can do.”

“I’ve still got to try.” Was all Starlight could reply though she knew that if Parsman couldn’t help his long lasting friend then chances were she couldn’t ether but she still had the hope as slim as it might be.

“If that’s your decision then I’m all for it. But please be careful I know our friend better then you do and I know that he would rather know that you are safe with me then live with the torment of knowing that in his ill state he hurt you.

“Parsman tell me something.” Russett says looking straight in the pale white face of Parsman. “Tell me what happens when you cling to the past.”

Parsman looks at Russett a little perplexed. “ Russett you know as well as I do that you learn from the past when you cling to it.”

“When you look back on the past maybe, but if you cling to the past you never find true happiness.” Russett replies. “Safe me from that please.”

“You can find happiness in what you cling to also, for a young man taught years ago that what we bind here on earth we bind after we are long gone.” Parsman replies saddened.

“Parsman look at us we’re the best at what we do and at what we are, when do you ever think we’re going to die or did you forget that we’re immortal as long as we don’t loose our heads.” Parsman looked at Russett and felt pity for him even after all these years the great fighter wanted to end all his grief.

“Russett what about Starlight?” Parsman asks hoping that Starlight would give him at least a little hope.

“She’s something of the past nothing more.” Russett replies.

“ She still loves you.” Parsman says.

“Parsman, she may still love me but I can’t accept her.” Russett says as if the very thought of not being with her left a bitter taste in his mouth.

“I was going to ask her to marry me. But she’s still holding on to you.”

“Then she’s holding on to a dead dream. Parsman I wish I could take her but I’m not the same man that she fell in love with.” Russett replies.

“What do you mean your not going to be the same?” Parsman asks.

“With people like what we used to be Starlight is never going to be safe. So I have found a group of vampire hunters and nearly got killed doing it but after I showed that I meant to join them they let me live. So you see Parsman I can’t let the emotions that I shared with you and Starlight to exist for if I do then they will know my weakness. If they find my weakness then….” Russett left it hanging but Parsman knew that if they continued to be friends then his and Starlight’s life’s were in danger.

“Good luck my friend. And please keep your new friends of my back.” Parsman replies as he gives Russett a hug then starts to head on his way.

Russett returned the hug and whispered, “I’ll do my best.

Posted on 2008-11-19 at 19:17:16.

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The Hunter

To be a hunter is to be a stocker. To be someone or something no one would expect for they blend in with the rest of the world. They know there prey because they have studied it or in the case of a human hunter that hunts bigger game it’s because he is what he hunts and hates himself for it. After the betrayal that Parsman did this is what I became. For I loved Starlight but she could never love me and if she ever did it would be far to dangerous.

That is why I gave up my past and became a creature that was so cold hearted that even the cries from those I used to love didn’t stop me. I will never again let anyone get as close as I let Parsman and Starlight get. For when I became this monster as I am now called I had to retrain every move I knew. I had to rethink my mind frame. I had to close out everything for what I do now I know I would have never thought of doing before I became concerned for Starlight’s safety.

I would have thought it was inhuman to kill my own kind. But now I tell myself that I was never human after I changed into a vampire. The taste for blood is so strong. And yet that is still the one thing I can’t get over. Probably the only thing I refuse to change. I can’t stand to drink another drop of human blood.

For this reason with the help of the rest of my group of vampire hunters I have learned to make a sedative that quenches the thirst just as much as human blood.

-Russett Lee Freeman-

Posted on 2008-11-19 at 19:18:01.
Edited on 2008-11-19 at 19:18:24 by Driztts

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