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Parent thread: The Supreme Series Q&A
GM for this game: Skari-dono
Players for this game: Grugg, Neilis, Reralae, Nimu, Dragonblood
This game has fizzled.
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The sight of Hans plonking an antique helmet and gasmask on his head - on top of the state of the art leather jumpsuits no less - was almost enough to make Kerri laugh out loud, her giggle choking off into a coughing fit as she tried to catch herself.

Composing herself as quickly as possible she slipped quietly into the elevator, standing between Hans and Sapa while biting her lip to make sure that no giggles could possibly escape.

"Dibs on driving!" She decided as she waited rather impatiently for the rest of the team to get ready. Moments later she could contain herself no longer, and with a sideways look at a bit of a giggle she asked Hans "Nice hat.. Where'd you get that? I don't think they make that style anymore?"

Posted on 2009-01-08 at 06:49:37.

Icelanders! Roll Out
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An Update... finally...

The elevator took you down underneath the garage and as it opened it revealed your ride into town. A security truck with reinforced structure. A highly metallic vehicle, surely not suited to go against someone who could manipulate metal. The driver, an old man who looked rather fragile, directed you to sit in the back.

In the back of the truck, there was just enough room for all of you (assuming you wouldn't suddenly multiply yourself). As you all made yourself comfortable, the truck began moving.
"The plan is to let you out close to the bank, but far enough away so that Mercury won't notice the truck." The old man spoke through a opened shutter that divided you from the driver. "From there, you'll have to find a way into the bank by yourselves."

((OOC: Next update will be next Saturday. The actual mission will start then.))

Posted on 2009-01-10 at 12:59:26.

Facelick Squeegee
Karma: 37/7
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Good and Evil

Jack strode into the elevator with the others. It was about to become clear, who they were, what they could do, and most importantly, it seemed, how they worked together as a team. Jack smiled when he saw Hans' mask, though no one could see it behind the scream of his own mask. It seemed the German's mask trumped the one that he had built on his own. He was impressed but a little suspicious... how and where did he get that? Jack was excited to understand these people, he'd never really spent time with other supers learned from them and talked to them and these all must have such interesting stories as Jack himself did.

They entered the street and piled into a huge metal car. He hoped to god that traveling in a hulking frame of steel wouldn't get the whole party killed before they could even defend themselves. It seemed stupid, there had to be a simpler way, a more inconspicuous way of getting there, the uniforms wouldn't help either but apparently he wasn't in command (though he was the one with his life on the line). Jack clenched his fists. He'd trained in all of his martial arts rigorously and fought with the trashy criminals that snuck out in the night to bring pain into their lives. He had brought true horror into the lives of these petty bastards who thought that they deserved to mess with happy people's lives... normal people's lives. Jack closed his eyes...


Click click click.

A shadow fell over him in his mind.

Jack heaved a sigh. Gibson Hall would hear that boot on stone today. He would feel that shadow lay itself over his heart and grip his mind. He would see that silhouette and feel the horror and the desperation. Jack would show him what he thought he could get away with and Gibson Hall would scream, scream like a baby. Scream like Jack had screamed. Screw you Gibson Hall, Jack thought. He knew that anger would be his own enemy but it always built itself up inside of him with he came up against evil like this. Well, Jack promised himself, this particular evil would reign its last today. He looked to his party and breathed heavily. Okay, let's try this out.

Posted on 2009-01-12 at 04:38:04.
Edited on 2009-01-12 at 04:38:21 by Dragonblood

RDI Fixture
Karma: 64/11
1276 Posts

Another step

Sapa stepped into the security truck with the others, finding just enough room for them all. Hoping they would not drive up to face a man who could manipulate metal in this behemoth she checked herself for metal one last time and nodded her head in satisfaction. She took another look at the group, each of them brought in anonymously knowing nothing of one another. It unnerved her to no end that the organization had managed to find her. Sapa had lived a long life and held far too many secrets, but she would place her trust in the path that Spirit had laid before her.

The truck began to move and the seemingly frail old man driving addressed them "The plan is to let you out close to the bank, but far enough away so that Mercury won't notice the truck. From there, you'll have to find a way to the bank." Sapa ran a hand through her black hair and nodded, a small solace was better than nothing at all. Only a week together and now they would face their first trail with so little knowledge of one another, so little trust. She knew precious little of these her teammates, little of their capabilities and even less of their pasts. It would have been easy to change that, she could delve into the mind of another with ease. But she would respect their privacy and let them keep their secrets. What lay in the recesses of the mind and spirit were many times a terrible thing to behold. She had long ago learned that it was better to invade the mind of another only when necessary.

Leaning back against the seat she regarding the others once more, they were all going to have to work together today. If the file provided could be believed, Gibson Hall had a healthy appetite for violence. Though much could be skewed, so often those who fought for a just cause were painted as villains. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were the ideals of this nation, yet its history ran red with the blood of her people. The Lakota had been painted as bloodthirsty savages when they defended their sacred lands and their very lives from a people who sought to kill them all. She had faced many who still held that desire. But there was a difference between robbing a bank and defending oneself against genocide. Regardless, she hoped they could get through this with as little violence as possible.

"Perhaps," she addressed the others in a calm voice, "we should come up with a plan of action. Any ideas? When we get near the bank I can assess the situation before we run into the fray." Her silver eyes fell on each of them in turn, awaiting their response.

Posted on 2009-01-13 at 03:12:47.
Edited on 2009-01-13 at 03:13:26 by Nimu

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Flying blind?

Kerri took her seat in the back of the truck.. but not without a minor sulk at the concept of being a passenger rather than the driver. Quelling her disappointment quickly she decided that what with all the crazy wrong-side-of-the-road action perhaps learning in a less mission-critical environment would be a better idea.

Briefly wondering if their elderly driver was there to supervise or render support, Kerri amused herself with mental images of him charging into the fray, complete with walking frame.

"Perhaps we should come up with a plan of action. Any ideas? When we get near the bank I can assess the situation before we run into the fray."
Sapa's question interrupted a minor giggling fit, snapping her mind back to the job at hand. Meeting those piercing silver eyes she asked a question of her own with just a hint of bitterness in her tone.

"Do we know enough to even consider making a plan? We know Hall is a madman, we know Hall has hostages, we know he's in a bank. We know we're Delta six and he's our problem. That's about all we know. Why's he in a bank? How many hostages? Does he have others in the bank with him? Are the police in attendance? Are they even going to let us in to deal with it?"

Glancing around at each of her new teammates a hint of a smile touched her lips.

"Lets face it, we know nothing, this is going to be flying by the seat of our hot little leather pants."

Posted on 2009-01-15 at 12:03:20.
Edited on 2009-01-15 at 12:04:00 by Neilis

Icelanders! Roll Out
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At last, the truck came to a halt and the engine stopped. "This is your stop," the old driver said. "I will be waiting here until you return."

As you stepped out of the armored truck you heared sounds of commotion just by the corner of a building. A large group of people had gathered there to watch the hostage situation from behind safe distance.

A sudden scream erupted from the crowd as a police cruiser flew over their heads, much like if someone had thrown it with brute force. The cruiser passed most of the crowd, but an old lady was too slow to move out of the way in time.

((OOC: You are all able to react to this event. Take your time in doing what must be done to safe the old woman. I won't bother much with a time limit here so few actions are okay, even if it won't be logically possible. 5 actions is stretching it, though. The old lady is, lets say, 10 yards away.))

Posted on 2009-01-26 at 17:43:40.

Karma: 3/0
13 Posts

Eventful arrival?

On the up side, Delta six gained an important piece of information immediately. On the down side, it didn't look like the police really had things under control!

As Kerri jumped nimbly out of the truck her head immediately snapped towards the sound of the screams, and the sudden flush of adrenaline presented the scene to her mind in what felt like stark slow-motion - a police car *flying* straight towards a scrambling group of people!

Instinct kicked in, her left arm raising to point her hand palm first at the sailing vehicle, the familiar surge of power rising.. and for the first time in her life she turned it all loose, unfolding the unusual telekinetic abilities of her mind to wrap around the front of the car, trying to halt its forward motion and send it crashing straight downwards to land in front of the slow-moving old lady.

Posted on 2009-01-31 at 02:52:11.
Edited on 2009-01-31 at 03:33:45 by Grugg

Icelanders! Roll Out
Karma: 102/11
1514 Posts

Nice catch

The police cruiser came to a sudden halt only few feet away from the old lady, then it fell straight down and hit nothing but the empty street.

The crowd started running into nearly every direction. As you looked around the corner, you noticed several other police cars lined up in front of the bank and several more police officers hiding behind them. With arms at ready, they seemed too scared and confused to do anything but keep aiming at the bank.

The SWAT had already been there; their truck could be seen stuck on second floor of the building accross from the bank. The SWAT team itself was scattered over the street, knocked unconcious but in one piece.

Two big windows were on the bank, facing the police. One was shattered while the other had only minor fractures. Glances of people inside could be seen, but without more accurate eyesight you couldn't see which one was Gibson Hall.

Posted on 2009-01-31 at 12:54:14.
Edited on 2009-01-31 at 12:54:39 by Skari-dono

RDI Fixture
Karma: 64/11
1276 Posts


Stepping out from the truck Sapa caught her breath as police cruiser a flew through the air towards an old woman. Before she could react Kerry caught the projectile in her telekinetic grasp, smashing it harmlessly into the pavement. She nodded to Kerry as she stepped past her to assess the scene. Panic stricken civilians ran in every direction and the SWAT team could be seen thrown about and unconscious.

"I am going to take a look into the bank," she said to the others. Focusing her attentions on the bank Sapa began to reach out with her mind. Tendrils of thought pulled her awareness from the street and into the bank. Awareness of the street faded from her senses, replaced instead with the bank interior.

Posted on 2009-02-02 at 02:19:45.

Icelanders! Roll Out
Karma: 102/11
1514 Posts

At a glance

((OOC: Sorry for the late update))

In an instant, Sapa could see, hear and smell withing the bank's walls. For a split second it was blurry, but it quickly became as accute as if she was standing in there herself.

There were ten hostages sitting by the wall furthest away from the door. Gibson Hall walked in the center of the bank, back and forth. His skin was a shiny metallic sheen, scratched in few places where bullets had hit him. Dozens or more coins floated around him and moved as if in orbid. Where he went the coins followed.

The phone inside the bank started ringing. With a gesture of his hand, some coins dashed towards the phone and shattered it. Some of the hostages started screaming, some tried to look resolved and yet others looked like they were panicking.

Posted on 2009-02-09 at 22:38:24.

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 139/12
2437 Posts

Oooh... shiny....

Copycat simply watched the vehicle that had sailed overhead, catching the rays of the sun in an interesting fashion... although she had quick reflexes, she knew better than to try to stop it; that was beyond her. Besides, it was shiny...

Eventually, Copycat's attention was brought back to the present by the statement of one of the others going to see what was going on inside the bank... Copycat's ears perked up, as an idea came to her mind...

"Y'know... I am called Copycat for a reason..." Copycat says, her eyes lazily looking over at Sapa, "I can copy other people's appearances... if you tell me what to look like, I could sneak in and take the place of one of the people in there..."

Copycat shrugs, "It's just an idea anyway..." she adds, before she looks away.

Posted on 2009-02-10 at 20:36:15.

RDI Fixture
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The street faded from her awareness, and quickly her senses were attuned to the bank interior. Sapa soaked in the scene unfolding before her; the ten terrified hostages and the metallic Gibson Hall with the swirling vortex of coins orbiting around in his person. She quelled a bubble of rage that frothed within her. Any doubts she had now faded, and the Lakota released her awareness of the bank, the pandemonium of the street enveloping her once again.

Sapa shook her head, realigning herself with the street. She turned to the others, they could not all go rushing in. Physical power would have to be held at bay. She could hold the man for a time, but not forever.

"Gibson Hall has ten people held in the bank. He has transformed his skin into what seems a bullet proof metal exterior, and he surrounds himself with an orbit of floating coins, which I have seen him wield as a devastating weapon." Sapa recounted the scene to her new teammates in a cool tone. She continued,"This needs to be handled subtly. I can take hold of his mind from a distance. I'm not sure how long I can hold control of his mind, but anything else I fear will alert him to our presence and will likely endanger the lives of the hostages." She focused her attention to Copycat, "When I take hold of his mind he will need to be taken out. If you think you can make it in unnoticed I will tell what form to take."

Posted on 2009-02-18 at 02:36:58.

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