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The Life Of Loneliness (Caria's Story)

Me: I decided to give people a peak into Caria's past before she went and got the group together. Emy has already agreed I could do this and told me what lines to write by for Eanna. But I can write her in. NIPAH!


Caria walked down the path to the river. She was dressed in a flowing emerald dress, the last thing she hadn't worn of her mother's belongings. Caria's head hung as she tried to remember her mother. Had it only been a month she had been gone? It seemed like forever since...

Caria woke up to the sound of a struggle nearby. Her tent walls flickered with shadows and she sat up. "Mother? Father?" She whispered. Both of their pallets were empty and she crept outside. Nothing registered at first until her mother's scream broke through.
Vampires surrounded her parents. Caria froze. Every inch of her wanted to pounce and join the fight. But she couldn't. Her mother, Everast, was surrounded completley and through the throng of bodies Caria saw her bleeding heavily. Her father lay at the edge of the throng, not moving but to breathe. Caria assumed he was unconcious. At that moment, Everast caught her daughter's eye. Caria stared back as she signalled to run. The group moved, still fighting, and Caria dove foreward to her father's side.
She used all her strength to lift him and ran. She ran on and on and on until she felt she would burst. Caria dropped to the ground and passed out.
She had awoken to voices. Her family and their doctor. Her eyes focused and she saw them. Her two little sisters, Moon and Mist, her father, Sryln, and the family doctor. They were talking in hushed voices while the girls hid behind their father. "Caria is awake." Moon whispered and everyone turned to stare at her.
"Your mother's gone." Sryln said curtly and walked from the room with the doctor. Caria's head spun. Mother... She broke down into tears while her little sisters tried to comfort her.

Caria had made it to the river's edge and looked into the water. Her eyes, her eyes... They were her mother's. Caria suddenly felt dizzy and stumbled foreward, falling into the surging waters.

Posted on 2008-12-26 at 06:58:29.

RDI Fixture
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"Wake up! Don't you die on me!" An angel's voice broke the silence. Caria turned her head, eyes closed. It wasn't mother. No this angel was young, girlish... Her eyes opened and focused on a tiny girl sitting in front of her. The angel was the girl. Her hair was long, drooping on the ground around ehr, and two crystal blue eyes stared out. "Are you gonna make it?" Her voice was like silver bells, sweet and seductive. It drew her in, made Caria want to listen to whatever the tiny girl had to say. Do anything for her.
"Yes. Who are you?" She asked. The girl shook some hair out of her face. "I'm Eanna. Eanna Rin. You fell in the river." She said. Caria bolted up. "Who saved me?" She asked, looking around. "I did. My father taught me how to swim." Eanna said. Caria looked at her. "How old are you?" She asked suspicously. "I'm 14." Eanna replied and Caria stared.
This tiny thing was 14? She herself was 14! "No, how old are you really?" "I told you. I'm 14." Eanna said, getting frustrated. Caria looked her over. Eanna's chest was that of a 14 year old, but that was it. Her body was a child's. Caria stood.
"I'm Caria. Thank you for saving me." She said. Eanna smiled. "Your welcome." She said and started walking away. Caria watched her leave before heading in the direction of her home. Somehow, she knew Eanna would come up in her future.

Posted on 2008-12-26 at 07:10:00.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 15/11
1172 Posts

Months Later

Caria waited for Eanna by the river they had met at. As it turned out, Eanna and her had much in common. So Caria and she had become close friends.
But Eanna was late at thir meting spot today. She usually found a way to tell her when she was going to be late or wasn't going to show. Nothing had come yet and Caria was getting a little worried.
When the sky started turning dark, Caria gave up and started home. "Great. Just don't show up Eanna." Caria muttered to herself.
Suddenly, someone hand was on her shoulder and over her mouht. "I don't think your friend will over show." A voice whispered in her ear. Caria struggled alittle but her captor was stronger.
"Come child." The voice whispered and Caria felt her feet leave the floor. The world seemed to fly by, as if they were in fast foreward. The hand pulled off her mouth and under her, so Caria looked into her captor's face. He had shaggy red hair and lime eyes. Caria stared into his face until they stopped and he looked at her. She wasn't sure what to do.
"Evrin." Caria knew that voice. Eanna stepped out of the house they'd stopped in front of. Caria stared at her. Eanna looked so different from the last time she'd seen her.
Eanna's eyes filled with horror. "NO! I-I can't! Evrin, that's Caria. My friend." She said and her eyes flickered to the man's face.
"So you are weak, Eanna." he replied smoothly. Eanna didn't respond. Caria looked between them until Evrin leaned over. "Then I will." The last thing that registered in Caria's mind was Eanna's scream. Then her world went black.

Posted on 2009-01-06 at 19:54:22.

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