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Wee Grugglet
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Onward. A new challenger has also arrived.

An Unknown Forest | Year 593 NDE
Selunine wanders over the the wreckage of the boat in an attempt to find something of value. While she is looking, the dog accompanies her, bouncing in the joyous way that a puppy does, occasionally barking. While picking through the rubble, Selunine only manages to spread the rubble out to a new location in the forest for the most part. However, as she is about to stop, the dog gives a small bark, digging in the dirt near some wood the was folded over. As it is digging, enough earth falls away that an orb, about the size of a human fist, rolls down into the hole which the dog dug.

More inspection however, reveals that this is all that was good left of the ship - splintered wood, bad memories, and the smell of salt water still remained though.

The dog barked however, looking upwards into the sky. A winged figure was flying overhead, coming down so it seemed. Her slender form came to meet you, standing much taller over you. Golden eyes looked into yours, with a face framed by silky silver hair. He wings add a look of otherworldliness to her.

(OOC: Important Roll- Search: 22 / Cure Light Wounds: 6 / Current HP: 57/75

Outside The Badon Cave | Year 593 NDE
Morasennarion walks over to the girl, and picks her up. Opening her eyes slightly, though they still flicker close, the girl responds. "Yes... I... I am hungry. And... drink, yes. That would be nice. I... don't think I'm hurt..." As you lay her down on the rock, she curls up, her knees to her chest.

The young female - maybe 5'4" in height, you guess - looks completely defenseless. After you wrap her in your cloak, she whispers. "Thank you for your kindness miss. Many people don't help poor young girls like me. That cave was where I was taking shelter. But it was abandoned, no one else was in there." Her eyes opening, she looks at you with innocence.

"Miss, do you mind if I stayed with you for a while? I won't be a burden, I swear, and I will be able to take care of myself... I'm just all alone in this world... and you're the first person to show me kindness. Do you mind?"

Suddenly, a loud crash echoes through the forest, as though a large object fell from the sky. Looking in the direction of the sound, you see something just clearing the tree line... it looked like... a tail? A few seconds after, you can see a man, above the tree line, flying away. What a strange spectacle...

The Holy City of Alimar| Year 593 NDE
Trillion gave her money to Lekain, and took flight immediately. As she was leaving, she could hear much interested talk, both about the giant wave which had just crashed, and the fact the she had just flew off to see what had happened. The wind blew her hair out behind her as she made all speed towards what had just happened.

As you fly over the forest, you are able to so some crashed trees and splintered wood scattered about, becoming more present the further you fly. Soon, you come to a large pile of wood, and you can see a humanoid figure by the pile, rummaging through the wood.

As you approach her, she becomes aware of your presence. As you draw near, you can see more detail in her features: She is a very beautiful woman with very pale skin. Like your own, her hair is silver, though it is curled. Her features are very sharp. In the center of her pale face are a pair of violet eyes, which seem to glow faintly. She has a few scrapes and bruises, but she looks like she'll survive.

The Forest Near Badon | Year 593 NDE

A massive crash sounded throughout the forest as Achilles pulled out the ball in his magical bag and threw it into the air, the ball transforming into an Orca Whale on its upward path, then thundering down to the ground. As he did that, Achilles moved over to the side, to guard the furthest left, pulling out a snake as he moved.

As it hit the ground, the whale landed on six of the seven copies of Linus. All six continued through the exit, then vanished. Those were obviously illusions. Achilles readied himself as the seventh came towards him. He braced himself, ready to grab it.

However, the image ran straight through him, then vanished. Achilles now stood with his whale, his serpent, and a mountain face. Linus was nowhere in sight.

As Achilles stood, somewhat awestruck by the event, he heard a formless voice in front of him, rising up to the sky as it spoke. "Achilles my boy, I know more than simple illusion magic. I will see you again sometime. I know it. And next time... you won't be guiding me. You'll be begging for me to kill you." And with that, Linus appeared roughly 50 feet above the ground, rising by a magical force. A grin was on his face, an evil grin. And with that, he flew away, back the way you came. As he flies away, you can hear laughter coming from him, fading as he does.

Mount Caer | Year 593 NDE
Kandar rode his steelwing, looking over the ground below him. Someone had killed his mentor... and he would find that someone. Flying through the wind was easy for him, he had trained constantly to do so. The mountain had gusts which could knock normal people out of the air. But he had lived there, so he was used to the wind, and he had been able to share that with his mount.

Flying over the world, Kandar saw many things. The plains... the cities... the ocean... forests... many wonders awaited him. His past held many tragedies, but also many accomplishments. However, he had to find the man who had killed his master. Revenge would be his.

Suddenly, Kandar's steelwing let out a loud screech, alerting Kandar of danger. Looking up, Kandar was able to turn his mount out of the way just in time to avoid a large, serpentine looking creature. However, this violent movement was shaky and sudden, and Kandar slipped. However, his Steelwing was faster than he was falling, and caught him before the ground. The wise bird decided to land, and give its master a chance to properly mount. Swooping down, it landed in the great plains. Over in the distance, Kandar could see what looking like a house... or maybe a village. It appeared to be the only thing for quite some distance.

Posted on 2009-02-01 at 20:55:07.

Not Dragon Mistress
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Trillion flys toward where she saw the wave crashed into the forest but without any firm land marks final resting place is may be in slightly different location carried by the wave further than she first saw it. The wings carried her swiftly over the tree tops she kept looking for signs of damaged tree or debris.

Climbing hgh to get a better look fTrillion located signs of some shattered tree tops and finally wreckage in the forest and began to spiral down hoping to find and aid any survivors. The size of the ship certainly could mean that there was possibly 20-30 crew and passengers on it. However she only see one searching in the wreckage, perhaps trying to find other survivors.

As Trillion approached she could see a woman, certainly by her dress, Trillion drips her invisibility and the descends. The woman turn up to regard her so Trillion landed close but not to close t her. Trillion folded her wings behind her and activated her disguise ring again almost as second nature. She noted that the young woman was quite beautiful but showing the signs wear and tear due to her recent unfortunate occurrence.

"I am Trillion Starheart. Can I help you?" Trillion looks around the area but all she sees right off is the young woman and a dog and not other sign of life. "Are the other survivors in need of assistance?"

Posted on 2009-02-03 at 01:53:26.

RDI Fixture
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An introduction

Selunine made her way through the rubble, her searching doing nothing much more than displacing broken wood from one pile to another. The puppy followed her every move, excited by each new piece of wood found, perhaps thinking they were playing some sort of fantastic game. Her patience with the search began to wear thin, and she began to entertain thoughts of unleashing something loud and destructive into the endless piles of broken wood. It would be a foolish thing to do, but certainly an accurate expression of her current state of mind. Selunine began to slow her search, and as she was about to move on to other affairs the small dog at her heels barked excitedly. Running of to a nearby pile of wood it began to dig, throwing sodden earth into the air behind it. An orb the size of a human fist falls away from the earth and Selunine moves to kneel beside the dog. Patting its head she picks up the orb, her violet eyes running along its smooth surface before she tucked it away in one of her hidden belt pouches. There would be plenty of time to study it later, it might well be a key to her returning to the towers of the misty isle.

"Well done my little friend," she said as she scratched the dog behind the ears. Returning to search the area yielded nothing, and she soon began to desire nothing more than to be rid of the smell of salt sodden wood. Standing she began to brush the particles of dirt from her unstained white robes, fey craftsmanship was a thing to be admired. It would be many years before she could even begin to find a way back. Urgency had pulled Selunine from her fey homeland, and she intended to see her will done. Until that day none could know the truth of her heritage or where she had come from, and she was thankful of the close resemblance of her people to the elves. To this mortal world she would be nothing more than a strange and all to beautiful elf woman. The secrets of the Aos Si would be kept.

The barking dog pulled her from her reverie, and her attentions were drawn to the rapidly approaching winged figure descending from the skies. Soon her keen eyes identified the figure as a woman, running a slender hand through her silver curls she awaited the flier's approach. A few rather nasty spells jumped into her mind, ready to be unleashed with a word and a gesture, wings on a humanoid figure told could herald a benign helper or a thing of true terror. Selunine lets the spell slip back into the recesses of her mind as the winged woman touches the ground. The other woman towered above her, with silver hair and kind golden eyes. Her wings remained in view for but a moment before flashing away, Looking up her own violet eyes met the woman's golden gaze, it would seem there would be others who held their heritage in secret.

"I am Trillion Starheart. Can I help you?" the other woman addressed her before looking about the wreckage in search of something. "Are the other survivors in need of assistance?"
"There are no other survivors," Selunine responded cooly, watching Trillion, that she had been the only passenger on the ship was not information she needed to share just yet. "I thank you for your offer, Trillion Starheart. I am Selunine Lhianna'anei. Is there a city nearby? I need the talents of a healer, and food and shelter would be a welcome addition." She stared up at Trillion again, studying her face as she awaited a response.

Posted on 2009-02-04 at 02:14:22.

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As Kandar landed, his thoughts were racing as he had not a clue what to do, and what just happened had shocked him. Rarely was he thrown off in such a manner, was it a lapse of concentration or some form of magic, he hoped the first.

When he landed he had three options head towards the village in the distance seeking refuge and clearing his head using meditation, travel on foot to some source of information that might turn up or head on his way to nowhere on his mount. After nearly twenty minutes if sitting cross-legged on the plains he had decided, he dismissed his steelwing and went on his way to the village in the distance hoping he would be treated normally, being an Aasimar it wasn’t always easy that’s why he loved that mountain so much it was just him he loved to be alone, everything about it excited him, he could learn to fend for himself with no-one to rely on, this he believed made him the strong man he was both physically and mentally fit beyond the requirements of a normal being.

He pressed on to the village and reached it noticing the buildings all around him he hated it, he saw a larger building he believed to be a house of accommodation. He reached the doorway and knocked politely.

Posted on 2009-02-04 at 18:15:01.
Edited on 2009-02-05 at 22:42:43 by stryke

Not Dragon Mistress
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"There are no other survivors," Selunine responded cooly, watching Trillion, that she had been the only passenger on the ship was not information she needed to share just yet. "I thank you for your offer, Trillion Starheart. I am Selunine Lhianna'anei. Is there a city nearby? I need the talents of a healer, and food and shelter would be a welcome addition." She stared up at Trillion again, studying her face as she awaited a response.
Well met, Selunine Lhianna'anei. As you need for healing, I have a wand of healing that I can use, if you will permit me to .” Trillion offers the young woman. Trillion could not observe her more closely Her coloring form and features as well as her violet eyes ware oall traits of elven kind her silken raiment added to Trillions estimation that she was elven as well. Selunine was exotically beautiful in the way most viewed elven kind . As for the city nearby yes there is the Holy City of Alimar. It is not too far off and I can get us back there quickly enough.

Trillion takes out her wand of cure light and just holds it for a bit. “I also have a few cantrips that can mend you dress and clean you up. If it is you wish I will use those as well.” Trillion knew some people were wary about magics being used on them. Though she sought to present a quiet friendly demeanor what held her in better stead was the aura of good that radiated naturally from her.

With Selunine’s permission, Trillion will use her wand of Cure Light wounds twice and then cast her cantrips that clean and mend.

“Have you found any of your belonging in the wreckage yet?” asks Trillion. “I can help you search for them.”

Posted on 2009-02-04 at 19:56:25.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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Moraeanna sits the girl on the rock and reaches into her haversack to pull out some food she had take from home for a lunch.

"It's not much, but here." Mora hands the girl some bread, and then begins to cut slices off a chunk of cheeese and a short log of sausage.

She waits politely as the girls eats and pulls her waterskin off and lays it between them. She cut a couple of slices of cheese and sausage for herself and nibbles.

In the back of her mind she begins to piece a couple of things together. The man's story had the ring of truth, just befor the girl emerged from the came there had been a different shadow. As wild as it seemed she had a feeling that this young girl was really a dragon in disguise. It was said that Dragons could pass as humanoids and small furry animals.

Rather than being shocked by her summation she was intrigued, and sympathetic. Dragon or not, she was young and in need and Mora, who had no young siblings, felt a stirring within her, a motherly-sisterly type of feeling.

"I'll help you in any way I can, but I believe that we shall have to come up with some story about you."

Posted on 2009-02-04 at 21:44:51.
Edited on 2009-02-06 at 02:15:59 by Dragon Mistress

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As Linus flees Achilles taunts him, for only a coward flees from a forest whale. these taunts and chants go on for two minutes until Achilles finally gives up. (But there is one sentence i do wish to share) Flee now coward, for this is your downfall. Fear the whale! Your make-believe dragons are inferior to the power i bring old man.

What can Achilles do now but mutter profanity but put his whale back into the bag and tells the snake to grab himself a treat before he goes. So he packs his pets up and heads to Badon, where he searches for the fastest messenger he can find (No clue if i can afford it you'll have to inform me Gboy)and ask him to send a simple message to Taroi(He informs them of where he is taking residence) and the message consist of this. Linus has escaped, meet me as fast as you can, i am heading your way.

Now again Achilles searches in the town for someone who is very knowledgeable and well informed on dragons. There he ask the man how exactly one would handle an encounter with a dragon. After that he decides he should head back to where he and Taori take residence to inform him of the situation further.

Posted on 2009-02-06 at 01:55:08.
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"Well met, Selunine Lhianna'anei. As you need for healing, I have a wand of healing that I can use, if you will permit me to. As for the city nearby yes there is the Holy City of Alimar. It is not too far off and I can get us back there quickly enough. I also have a few cantrips that can mend your dress and clean you up. If it is your wish I will use those as well. Have you found any of your belongings in the wreckage yet? I can help you search for them.” Trillion addressed her, and with every word Selunine watched the other woman more intently. Trillion offered so much so readily, and she was wary of that. The Aos Si were suspicious by nature, the fey watchers pulled the puppets strings with ease and they all soon learned to see intrigue hidden in even the kindest words. But Trillion was not of her people, and her golden eyes stared back at her with a genuine aura. It would be sometime before she would reveal her reasons for being her, but perhaps she had found her first ally in keeping the power of Melios and the dragons at bay.

"My thanks are offered to you," Selunine returned, "I accept your offer of healing. Though if there is a healer in the Holy City of Alimar, I would ask that you not waste your wand on me. If the city is nearby I can make it at the very least that far." She bent over to pick up the small dog wagging its tail behind her skirts. The animal had been her first ally in this new land, she would not leave it behind.

Returning her violet gaze to Trillion the faery spoke again, "There is nothing left here, save the ocean soaked wood, and the few blankets lost can be replaced. Let us leave this place soon, I have smelled the salt of the sea quite long enough."

Posted on 2009-02-06 at 03:41:48.
Edited on 2009-02-06 at 03:43:11 by Nimu

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"There is nothing left here, save the ocean soaked wood, and the few blankets lost can be replaced. Let us leave this place soon, I have smelled the salt of the sea quite long enough."
Trillion could understand th woman’s need to leave this area of such tragedy. She decided she would return later to take care of the dead, and see if there was anything she might find that might Selunine or that she could use since all others had been lost.

“Yes of course, I understand.” Trillion does not sense Selunine's reserve she places her response as an outcome of the tragedy she has recently suffered. She casts Tensor’s Floating Disk which of course was unseen but she takes out a winter blanket from her haversack, it was right there at her hand. Folding it Trillion lays it over the disk.

“If you will just sit here it will carry you easily enough you are you little friend. I will stop short of the city and then we can walk in. I think I will have to find a mount spell for times like these,” she says, usually, my horse is with me. Unfortunately, I left him behind when I hurried here. She keeps her disguise ring on but unseen wings carry her close to the ground and the disk follows her no more than three feet off the ground.

Trillion is genuinely open with Selunine, about who and what she was not that she broadcasts, nor limits her use when her ability to fly in needed as it had been today. However, she also realized This woman had seen her flying in. Something she will have to remember and stay invisible until she was on the ground.

Posted on 2009-02-06 at 05:36:56.

Wee Grugglet
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Game Post.

An Unknown Forest | Year 593 NDE
Selunine and Trillion make their way toward the city, with Selunine sitting on the floating disk. Trillion's magic had helped Selunine recover, and lessen the pain of her crash. Moving towards the city, idle conversation was made, with simple introductions, and brief histories of each person.

50 feet from the city gates, Selunine gets off of the disk, and Trillion dismisses the spell. Walking towards the city, they are held up at the gates. Looking at the two, The guard says, "No outsiders are permitted to enter during the time of worship. You must come back later. Sorry for inconvenience."

Behind them, you here a voice saying "There you are Trillion! I'm just heading to the temple. Here, I have your extra money." The face of Father Lekain is visible, as he tosses a coin purse at you, making a small clinking sound as it hits the ground. "I'm glad that you were able to find what you left for, but I'm sorry that you can't enter. The law, however, is the law. I've arranged for transport for you, and it will take you anywhere you want. Just because you can't be here, doesn't mean you can't benefit from the powers of this city. If you're looking for something to do, I might recommend heading to Badon. It is quite the hub of activity these days. But if there is anywhere else you'd like to go, then you may go there as well. It is a one way trip however, so be sure where you want to go." Giving a weak smile, he turns and walks away, merging with a large mass of people moving in one unified direction.

(OOC: Important rolls: Cure light wounds x2 - 12, 8 = 20. Selunine's HP: 75/75

Okay, you may discuss whether or not to go to Badon. When you reach a decision, I will post again.)

Outside the Badon Cave | Year 593 NDE
Morasennarion and the girl ate the food which Morassenarion had brought. She began to slowly regain her strength, now sitting up instead of simply lying down. "Thank you my lady. You have shown such kindness to me... I... I don't know how I can repay you. But I'm sure that if I come with you, I will find a way."

"And why must we invent a story about me? Why not simply use my story?" She takes a deep breath, almost a calming breath, and begins to speak.

"I wasn't born into my tribe, I was discovered. Some say I fell from the sky. I was called a prophet child, because I had been able to see things. Whether there would be good food, if there would be danger... I received special warnings. My tribe loved me, though it was not an affectionate love of one of their own, but a love which they gave to a hero. I didn't know love until much later.

One member of my tribe, however, was very open with me, as was I with him. It was the closest thing to friendship and love that I had experienced. I began to think of him as a brother, and he shared the affection, and I found myself taking on the role of elder sister. However, that was not enough. I told my brother that I was planning on leaving that night, and he would not let me leave without him. The two of us followed through with our plan, and left that night.

A few days later, I met a young man named Eliwood. He was in a group, and he noticed me and my brother wandering around, lost. He had a few friends with him, and he told us he was looking for our father. He agreed to let us travel with him. That man was a very kind, and just... and I thought that maybe, for the first time, I was finding love.

However, it was not to be. He fell for another, and I was afraid to tell him my true feelings. Embarrassed, I fled. Soon after, I was kidnapped because of my looks, my brother killed for attempting to protect me. I was truly alone for the very first time.

For many years, I was raped, beaten, and secluded, not being cared for. It was a very hard time... But then, just when I was about to give up hope, Eliwood showed up with his group, and freed me. I was never so grateful in my life."

She fights back a tear, but the tears win and fall down he face. "After that, I was grateful, but he had wed the woman he loved. I left again, to travel the world."

Closing her eyes and drawing in a ragged breath, she calms herself down. "So, that is my story. I don't think I've given you my name either... I am called Ninian. Please, this location is rather empty... Perhaps there is a better place to go?"

As Ninian finishes her story, Morasennarion's keen ears detect someone walking towards them. He did not seem heavily laden down, footsteps being light, and quick. The steps get louder as they seem to be coming down the trail towards you two.

(OOC: Important Rolls: Listen - 28 )

Near Badon | Year 593 NDE
Achilles curses as Linus leaves him. Turning around, he travels along the path back to the city. However, upon reaching a fork in the road, he stops. He had been so caught up in following Linus, he had no idea how to make it back to Badon. He mused, opting for the path on his left. Traveling along the path, he comes up to another fork, this time with three possible paths. At this rate, he would never make it to Badon. This time, he opted for the path to his right. The trees were so dense that he could not see through them or see the city.

However, as he reached the third fork, he hears a faint noise in the distance... perhaps the hustle and bustle of the city, though he is not sure. Walking down the trail, his footsteps hit a few twigs, making a faint crunch as he walks. The trees weren't becoming sparser, so he had no idea where he was.

(OOC: Important rolls: Listen - 20 / Move Silently - 14)

Unknown City | Year 593 NDE
Kandar has the door in front of him open a crack, a pair of thin eyes looking through. With a scrutinizing gaze he looks you over. "You mus' be the one Linus sent. Ge' in here, quick."

Opening the door enough for you to enter, he hustles you in, the closes the door. Bringing you over to a table with two other people sitting there, but three chairs open, he motions for you to sit, and takes one of the other open seats. "Okay, good. Everyone's 'ere now. So, we all know our job, righ'? Jaffar, you're job's to hunt down Taori and kill 'im. You go' tha'?"

A voice without a body answers "I know quite well what my mission is Brendan. You have no need to remind me."

Brendan spoke again. "Tha's good. Okay, and Sonia, you're off finding tha' dragon, righ'? Linus needs tha' for his plan, and if he doesn' ge' tha', he's gonna be angry."

The woman to your left pipes up. "Aye, I'll get it, don't worry. I hear it's powerless now, and that it can't breath fire at me. With some simple magic, it should be easy."

Brendan nods. "Good. But don' underestima' i'. After all... i' IS a dragon. They aren' exactly weaklings. Okay, Nino, you're making sure tha' the dragon island ge's raised, righ'?"

The woman to your left pulls down her hood, revealing a little girl, about 14 years or so. "Yes sir. I'm going to contact the cleric of Melios that Linus told us about, and he will help me raise it, in exchange for a small price. I have the payment with me here, and it won't leave me."

"Good. And you. Your name's... Volke? Okay Volke, remember your job, to ge' into the Holy City of Alimar, and take ou' the Apostle. Tha'll ensure the city's in chaos, and tha' i' won' interfere in our plans, being to distracted. You go' tha'?"

Before you can respond, a knock comes from the door. Brendan motions for everyone to be silent, and you hear the sound of a pair of daggers sliding out of their sheathes. Brendan walks over to the door, and opens it a crack. He exchanges a few words, then beckons you over. "Hey, Volke, ge' over 'ere."

As you move, he opens the door, a man standing in the doorway, a thin elf, wearing pure black clothes. He steps in, making no sound. Brendan looks at you, and says "Volke, I'd like you to meet... the real Volke. So now, I gotta ask... who are you?" Just past him, the door is open, and you see your Steelwing just outside, where you left it. Maybe if you can get outside... And maybe your Steelwing can help you get away with your new knowledge.

Posted on 2009-02-08 at 04:12:21.
Edited on 2009-02-08 at 20:33:17 by gboy

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Trillion catches the pouch neatly one-handed and holds up her other hand to stop the good father before he takes off. She had questions.

"Wait a moment Father, just how long would I have to wait before worship is over? Also I need someone to bring me my warhorse and his tack, I left him at the stable of the Golden Chalice Inn. I will not leave without him."

To the gate guard Trillion asks. "Is there a place outside the walls where travelers to this city can wait for the end of the worship period." Trillion requests the information. "Surely you must have such accommodation."

Looking over to Selunine. "I am sorry, I knew nothing about this when I left to find you."

Posted on 2009-02-08 at 05:51:23.
Edited on 2009-02-08 at 20:37:14 by Brianna

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He must act quickly, knowing it is life or death, swiftly Kandar gave a quick jab to the face of volke as he was blocking the doorway. He bolted through the doorway and whistled calling his steelwing to him, his mount sensed the tenseness in him and was already in the air as she scooped him up onto her back and she flew recklessly, it did not help that Kandar wasn't saddled properly, but he had escaped at least.

The view was blurred as he flew over all forms of scenery that whooshed past him in a spray of different colours. He knew that they must land soon so he didn't risk another fall, Kandar leaned forward and whispered an ancient tongue into the steelwings grey and pointed ear, as he did this the steelwing began to halt and started to drop through the air and landed its claws raking the ground as it made contact.

Kandar had to think now what was that city called and what were the names of the assasins, he sat and meditated for a while although it was in a slightly disturbed form, this did however clear his mind giving the clear facts now, Alimar was the city and volke was the elf to assassinate the apostle, their was also a plan involving dragons he remebered now about brendan, linus, sonia and Nino.

Now he must fly to Alimar obviously a huge holy city but which way was it he needed some form of information, but where can he find it out he decided to fly aimlessly again in search of another village town or city.

Off he flew and as he readied himself for a new flight a thought struck him, was it Volke or brendan or even linus who murdered his elderly mentor, after all it could've been he was always mumbling about how he has rode dragons a fairy tale surely?

Posted on 2009-02-08 at 10:33:12.

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Mora listens to the girl's story, she keeps the horror of what she hears to herself, but try as she can she can not kept the sympathy that is stirred within her for showing as she gather the girls slender form in her arms and holds her close. The girl then gives her name.

"Never again," she whispers to the the girl and herself. Every protective instinct within her is now enwrapped around this homeless, but no longer friendless waif

"Ninian, you now have a friend and a protector and whereever I am you have a place beside me."

Morasennarion's keen ears detect someone walking towards them. He did not seem heavily laden down, footsteps being light, and quick. The steps get louder as they seem to be coming down the trail towards you two.

"It seems we are going to have company."

Posted on 2009-02-08 at 20:34:25.
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Father Lekain

"Worship will continue for the rest of the day, and possibly into the morning. You there are at least eight hours for you to wait, if you wish."

One of the guards looks to the other and says. "I will get the horse. The Golden Chalice is nearby."

The other guard nods, and says, "Everywhere outside the walls you can wait. There is no establishment or building outside. Not many people plan to show up around the time of worship."

The guard returns, your familiar horse behind him. Leading him out, and hands the resins that control him to you. He then takes up his post again, a stone expression on his face.

Posted on 2009-02-08 at 20:39:04.

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Passage or no

Selunine's violet eyes shift from the fatherly cleric to the guardsmen and back again. Looking up the city appeared before her full of majesty. She had watched it from afar for centuries, but all that this world held was ever more vibrant in person. So much of what she had seen was but an echo of its living reality. The Holy City of Alimar, a place so utterly dedicated to goodness, if there were any willing to stand against the rising tide of Melios surely they were within the city walls. Yet, perhaps it was best their entrance was barred. The devout were often blinded by their faith, and many saw the fey peoples as denizens of evil. It was impossible that they would see her as anything more than an elf, but still she breathed with some relief.

Badon was a hub of many peoples, and as good a place as any to begin. Travel to the port city had already been provide for, and she needed to find a new horse and gear before making her way on her own. Selunine turned to face Trillion. She would let the other woman decide their destination for now. Though she had watched Shrie for centuries Trillion had actually been here, and she would have to place her trust in the woman for now.

"It would seem that we will not be walking the streets of the Holy City of Alimar today," Selunine speaks smoothly and reaches out a hand to touch Trillion's shoulder. "Perhaps it would be best if we take the generous offer of passage. What do you think?"

Posted on 2009-02-11 at 04:41:48.


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