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Ody Fan
Karma: 54/39
1117 Posts

Why I Can't Look In The Mirror Anymore (Eanna's Story)

Okay, i feel really left out. Everyone has a story except me and MMV ad I wanted one so I labored over this. I bet it won't be as good as the others but I can try. I'm starting it when Eanna became a vampire so her past is kinda in Christina's story and the past that isn't will NEVER be revealed.
The one who walks among the shadows and smiled of the sun
The one who sees everything and nothing at all
The one who drinks of what makes us live
But this one shall be our savior
- The prophecy told to Eanna's parents when she was born.
Cold. I'm cold. And in pain. I didn't want to move an inch of my body, not even to try and crawl to somewhere warmer. I didn't want to see if he was still here. That vile creature, the one who cornered me, the one who bit me and left me to die...
I shook my head, sending spasms of pain through my body. But I couldn't stay still. I slowly sat up and felt like I was about to heave my entire stomach. My body was covered in red, just like the floor and my clothes. I reached up and touched my neck. Two tiny holes pressed against my palm, but they were bleeding badly.
I slowly stood up and stumbled back, into a wall. At least I was alone. That man had left me. I straightened up and stood for myself. The pain was wearing off as I moved, but I was still so cold. I smiled alittle, in spite of the terrible things that had happened. I was alive. At least, I hoped so. There was enough blood around me it was possible I could have bled to death and was now a ghost. But I didn't want to think that. I moved alittle to the mirror in the small room.
My reflection was cloudy, like I was dissapearing. I feared I was a ghost. My skin was as pale as snow. I stared and it dissapeared. I was so scared I screamed and ran. I didn't care what was happening until I realized I didn't know where I was.
I stopped running and looked around. There were woods all around. I tried to find something familiar but couldn't. I had only ran for a few seconds, and unless I was suddenly as fast as a cheetah, it was a dream. I pinched my arm to wake myself.
"OW!" I yelped in pain and rubbed the now tender spot. I wasn't dreaming. I thought for a moment and started running again. In no time at all I was back in town. I looked around at the abandoned streets.
"Happy?" The voice was cold and I turned around to see my attacker. He grinned, showing the fangs that had sent fear through my heart, and took a step towards me. "What have you done?" I asked. "Made you like me, vampiress." He whispered and put a cold hand under my chin. He lifted it up and looked at the holes on my neck.
"V-vampiress?" I asked. "Yes, as in your a vampire. Evil, bloodthirsty, superhuman vampire." He said. "I'm Evrin, your savior." He added. I looked at Evrin. He was taller than my by about a head and had shaggy red hair with glowing lime eyes.
"You're not my savior!" I screamed and shoved him. I was stronger, I could tell, because he fell onto the ground and I sped off. I didn't even get to the trees before his foot met my back and sent me sprawling onto the ground. I used my hands to catch myself.
"Don't you ever touch me!" He hissed in my ear. I nodded and he pulled me onto my feet. Evrin grabbed my face and made me meet his gaze. "You are mine, child." He said and I closed my eyes. "Understand?" I nodded.

Posted on 2008-12-30 at 00:08:11.

Ody Fan
Karma: 54/39
1117 Posts

My Own Worst Enemy

Even though there are some things the world will never explain to you, you can find an answer for everything.
-Eanna's father
I was laying awake in the small bed Evrin had provided for me. He had taken me to his home in the forest, so he could keep an eye on me. I wanted so badly to go home, to forget everything that had happened. But I knew I couldn't erase what I'd become.
I finally managed to fall asleep, only to be awoken as soon as I did. "Come. You need to hunt." I had already come to know his voice, cold and emotionless unless he was angry. I followed him until Evrin stopped in a dark part of the forest. "Run vampiress. Run and find your prey." I stayed still until Evrin hissed. Then I sped off, not sure of my intention.
Suddenly, the sweetest smell of my life hit me. It smelled... I couldn't describe it but I followed my nose. A fawn was laying in front of my feet when I stopped. Before I knew it, I was drinking the animal's blood. The taste was sweet... exhilearting. "So you have completed the transition." I whirled around to face Evrin's smiling face.
He leaned down and wiped the blood off my chin. "You're one of us. Don't forget." He said. It sounded more like a threat then a fact. I just nodded meekly before turning back to the fawn.

Posted on 2009-01-05 at 18:21:35.

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