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5 Headed Dracohydra
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Devon Worcslayer of Genesica

First I'd like to start with some back story on the land from which Devon Worcslayer comes from....Genesica.

Genesica, the origin of which has two legends. For the most part, everything in both legends are the same. The only difference is, where did Genesica begin? There are scholars that are native or descendants of natives to Krynn who believe that Genesica was an island that existed in time unrecorded about 500-1000 miles southeast of the Celestial Delta and the Towers of Eli. Scholars and lore masters native or descendants of natives to Faerun believe something similar. They believe that Genesica was an island 500-1000 miles southeast of Estagund.

This is the Faerunian version of the legend.....

On a beautiful island in Faerun called Genesica, a red dragon named Colossus ruled with an iron claw. She just
laid her clutch of eggs then went to sleep. During her slumber, the dragon goddess Tiamat blessed one of her eggs,
for she believed that through this offspring great deeds of evil would be wrought.
When the eggs finally hatched, five red wyrmlings were crawling around in the lair and one egg still remained. The next day the last egg began to crack open. First a tiny red head poked out, then a black head, a green, then a blue. A final head poked out, white as snow or ice, and as this head became visible the shell cracked completely open and Colossus was amazed but at the same time dismayed to see that the wyrmling was deformed for all five heads were
connected to the same body.
She was further dismayed that the wobbling reptile could not coordinate and decide which way to crawl, but the last
straw was when it finally zeroed each head in on one of his siblings and burned, zapped, poisoned, chilled, and partially digested with acid five of the red babies. Each one went down lifeless and he began to feast upon each carcass.
The new mother was infuriated with the tiny death bringer and picked him up, carried him out into the morning sunlight, and tossed him away as so much refuse. Colossus had no idea of the implications that these events held and did not care, nor did she know of the consequences that were soon to follow.
Tiamat soon made her self known to Colossus and called her from her lair. When Colossus made her exit, she was
shocked to see her son held ever so gently in the hands of Tiamat. The tiny deformity, diminished by the Dragon God’s
size, began hissing and spitting vile things in draconic at his mother and almost vomiting fire, poison, and sparks of
lightning at her. Tiamat put down the baby dragon and went to war with Colossus and slew her by freezing her with an icy blast from her white head. Colossus fell, and great was the fall of her.
A millennium had come and gone. When all creatures thought they were free of the tyrannical rule of dragons, the
dreaded son of Colossus, reared and trained by Tiamat herself, *Sver’ir* (in the common tongue means Dark One)
rose on the horizon of a new terrible era of rule over Genesica. He ruled as his mother once did and was venerated as a demigod unofficially. He made a volcano his lair for he had grown accustomed to the fires of Ba’ator, the home of Tiamat. He named his new home Sverthicasver (Mountain of Darkness, or as it has come to be known, Mt. Darkest).
As the Dark One’s rule continued over Genesica, an evil plan for domination formed in his sinister mind and began
making preparations at once. He took a half wyvern, half dragon named *Lorea’renk* as his mate and her clutch of
eggs numbered in the area of one score and ten.
His plan was simple enough. Through his ability to charm masses of creatures, he brought together mammoth armies
and commanded archways to be built so he may construct portals and gates to all the planes and realms as an
eternal fixture in his land to be used as the instrument of his dominance of all creation in any plane, and to stand
forever more as monuments thereafter to his superiority.
The time had come for him to strike. His children were old enough to find prey on their own though a few had fallen
prey to other creatures already. Almost all the portals had been created.
One of the gates was opened to the astral plane by mistake in the Dark One’s rush for supremacy (Tiamat tried
to teach patience, but that lesson fell on deaf ears) resulting in a tragic end for the beautiful island Genesica.
The other end of the astral portal opened into the pathway of an asteroid belt. Great rocks from this plane hurtled
and smashed their way through the gate. Without an atmosphere to slow or stop the onslaught of rocks, three
quarters of the land was laid to waste. One third of all life was destroyed including the Dark One’s mate and all
but five of his children.
The gate to the astral plane was ruined in the fray and the other gates and portals became unstable for use. They
functioned only to anchor this island to a fractal zone it has teleported to in the outsider plane. The link with other planes and realms were fortunate for repopulation purposes but unsteady at best.
With the Dark One’s legacy still intact, he vows to try again.....

That's the kind of world Devon Grew up in. He was born in 1974 P.E.L.E. (Post Extinction Level Event) in the city of Cabaya in the Mount Draconis Valley. His childhood was as normal as it could be. He grew up listening to stories of Blythe Shursite and his heroic routing of Wolvertain the Blue son of *Sver'ir* and saving the town of Cabaya from destruction. Blythe's three arrows of dragon slaying are still sought after by adventurers but those who have gone on the search have never returned.
Devon was hyperactive and was almost impossible to teach. His first taste of his magical abilities came at the approximate age of 10. His father wanted to send him to the Mage's University in Sebria. Although he could read very well, books were not Devon's thing and he would not have it. Credit given where it is due, he taught himself to control his powers and hone his casting skills until he could give even one of those rich, bratty, University graduates a run for their money in a mage's duel.
When Devon turned 18, his father gave him a map of Faerun.
His father had called in a few favors with a loremaster friend of his, Edgar Magernot. The cartographers and loremasters poured over tomes of history and legend and picked each others brains for information on Faerun to make the map. As accurate as they could make it, the map still has its flaws. Devon's father marked specific locations to visit in Faerun and tasks to perform in each location. He figured his son was old enough to make it on his own when he finally decided to leave and so gave him the map and told him "to try and escape this wretched place and make your way back to your ancestral homeland. When there, follow these instructions."
Five years later, Devon's mother and father among many others died in a surprise attack from *Sver'ir* and his second son Darmatair as a payback hit for Wolvertain. In true "Shursite" form he feared not for his life and joined the fight against the dragons. Sure that he would lose his life in the fight, he raged in battle as if there was not going to be a tomorrow for him. Getting as close to Darmatair as he dared to, he threw five daggers at the notoriously weak spot in a dragon's underbelly and throat. Two missed and three drove home into the target causing poisonous gas to spew forth from the wounds, unfortunately gassing Devon near to death but was later saved by a cleric of Pelor from Kamosa, a small town to the north of Cabaya.
As life continued for Devon, he lived with survivor's guilt wishing his own life would end. He took up smoking a pipe at 30 years of age and made a living taking reckless, and death-defying dares for money, secretly hoping his next dare would end him. Thats how he came to be in Faerun.
Some Mage University students pooled their money together totaling 156,000 gp daring Devon to enter a portal rumored to be unstable and unreliable for use. He used his ability to charm people and said,"If I am to risk this much, the least you could risk is half of the wager. For 78,000 gp I will walk through the portal and if I don't come back, consider me dead. At least I will have treated you to a vision few have ever seen."
They of course felt it was a fair request. and he stepped through. It took him all of a week to learn he had arrived in Faerun, and made a believer in fate of him from then on.

Posted on 2009-02-06 at 03:20:22.
Edited on 2014-09-05 at 08:57:20 by Tiamat5774

5 Headed Dracohydra
Karma: 80/23
1117 Posts

Diabolic Genesis: Origins of Evil the Video game

For those of you following the development of my game making process (and playing the demos), There is much of the story, lore, and legend here that you won't be getting until after I start work on the city of Sebria with its university and library and Halfling Lore master Edgar Magernot. Also thinking about adding an intro to the game that deals with some of this. Not sure though. It makes sense to me to keep the players in the dark just as the character are in the dark in this strange new world, in which they must learn the rules by watching the people or learn the hard way by dealing with the consequences of their actions and screw-ups.

Posted on 2014-09-05 at 09:05:09.

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