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Epic Level Bard
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Running to look

The lightening played in the sky above. The moon hidden behind a thick blanket of dark clouds, the rain had not yet started to fall but the air was heavy with the smell of what was soon to come. The front door lantern cut through the darkness, a beacon of warmth in a land of darkness. As he approached he could hear the laughter from in side.

A young boy came from the security of a barn, “Put your horse up for the night good sir?” The stranger dismounted and handed the rains to the boy. As the boy took them, “Name is Newt, just ask for me and I will do what I can to serve you good sir.” The boy turned and led the horse to the barn.

The stranger stops and looks at the sigh swing in the wind, ‘The Badger and Tankard.’ A flash of lightening lit the sky and the stranger steps toward the door and enters. The place falls silent as all eyes fall upon the stranger and then slowly all go back to what it was they were doing before the stranger entered.

He moves to a table and takes a seat. The tavern keep walks up, “Welcome, and what will be having?”

The stranger sniffs the air, “What ever it is you have on the fire and a tankard of what fills the barrels here.” The Keep nods and moves off. The candle on the table dances in the still smoke filled air of the tavern and for a moment the stranger drifts off to another place.

But is brought back to the sound of a plate of mutton and potatoes along with a tankard of ale, “if you will be needing anything else just ask and I will do what I can.” The Keep said and he rushes off again. The stranger starts to eat and was surprised at the good taste of the mutton and ale.

“No need to be asken, for yes I will be taken a seat,” the old man pulled out a chair and stat down across from the stranger. He stopped eating and looked up at the old man. “No need to be stopen on my account, go on and continue to enjoy.” The old man placed a plate of bread on the table, “you’ll be needen that to sup up the gravy that is left behind.” The stranger pulled off a piece of bread and continued to eat.

When the stranger finished his meal he looked up at the old men.

“Now you’ll be asken yourself ‘what does this old fool want?’ but it is not what I’ll be wanten but it is what you be runned from that should be what your asken.” The stranger moved his hand to the hilt of his sword hidden under his cloak. The old man lifted his hands, “Now why would you be wanten to go there? Ifen what I see is true, one such as your self would be haven not to fear from one such as me self.”

The stranger smiled and moved his hand back to his tankard, “If I was to be running how about you tell me, old man what I am running from.”

The old man called for another two tankards of ale to be brought to the table and when they arrived he looked at the stranger, “I be thinken it is not what but who. You see a man such as yourself, who has been runnen for long. Need not be runnen any longer. You see there comes a time when one such as yourself should start looken again.”

“But what if what one is running from catches up, then what would one do?” the stranger asked as he seemed to be interested is what the old man had to say.

“Well I be thinken and this is just me thanken now. That one such as yourself could be handel what ever it is that be chasen you, and that the problem would not be yours but theirs that be fallowen ifen those that who be looken were to find what they are looken for.” The old man stood and turned and started walking toward the door, “But you keep one thing in mind. That those such as yourself who has been runnen for so long, need to be mindful of what you start looken for. You might not want to find it to fast. Just put yourself in the boots of those looken for you ifen they find you.”

It was then a drop of rain hit the face of the stranger and he found himself upon his horse slowly walking down a path the cut its way through a darken and lonely wood. He stopped his horse and thought for a moment. The stranger then turned his horse around, “It is time we stopped running and started looking. The horse seemed to have a new spring in his step as the two made their way back from where they ran from.

Posted on 2009-02-22 at 22:50:54.

Epic Level Bard
Karma: 31/3
557 Posts

The guilty are named.

After an hour the rain all but stopped, “Well it looks like we will have a cold morning. The storm is moving on and when the clouds brake it will get cold quickly. What do you say we stop and I start a fire to keep us warm.” The horse stopped as if he understood.

A fire was started a bed roll placed and the horse was wiped down. The stranger sat watching the fire. “So you be thinken of turnen around and stop yur runnen?”

The stranger knew the voice, “Look old man I know you’re not real. You’re a voice inside my head. One that has made me think and that is all you are. Now you must go from my awaking thoughts and leave me be.” The stranger turned to spy a small imp sitting on a stone next to the horse.

“I’ll be goin but only after I have told you this. That Inn that was dry and warm is only around the next bend in the trail. I thinks it would be nice to get out of the cold and wet weather.” Then the imp that sounded like the old man from before turned and slipped quietly back into the darkness of the woods. The stranger stood up gathered his things and loaded up the horse that stood quietly while he was loaded up for another trek.

The old man was right, it seemed only but about half an hour the stranger and his horse came to a bind in the road. Sure as the sun rises there stood the inn. It’s lantern still a warm beacon to all who traveled the woodland path. The stranger dismounted his horse and called out, “Newt!.”

Newt came running from the barn, “Sorry sir, did not hear you ride up. The stay will be free seeings how your last stay you left before the sun was awake.” Newt lead the horse toward the barn and as he did he pulled a red apple from his coat pocket, “You’ll be wanting this I’ll bet.” He held the red apple and the horse gave approving snort and began to mouth at the red fruit. The stranger watched as the two entered the barn, his eyes then went sky ward. Sure enough the clouds had broken away, the stars dotted the now calm sky. A cool breeze now blow down from the north and a chill began to take hold of the evening.

The stranger entered the inn, the fire place was warm, the music played, and all inside seemed happy and content in the moment. The inn keeper came by the stranger in a bit of a rush, “Welcome back, your same table is open. You will be haven the same as last time?”

“Yes.” The stranger made his way to the same dark corner as last time and took a seat. A tankard of ale, a bowl of mutton, and a basket of bread were placed on the table. After the stranger ate a second tankard of ale was brought to the table and a bowl of fresh pipe weed was brought to the stranger by the serving wench. The stranger removed a small pouch from a breast pocket and filled his pipe with his own smoke. The stranger drifted off to another place as he enjoyed his ale and pipe and watch the flame dance on the candle’s edge.

“He is my son! And that is the word of a King and in be such will not be questioned!” The king slammed his golden goblet of mead down on the table. The great hall fell silent. Many in the hall that day knew the King well and knew his tone was not up for debate.

It was then the doors flung open and two men in their 24th year. The both stood a few inches taller than the average man of the realm. Both had dark hair and green eyes. That is were the similarities stopped. One was slim and carried a small wooden shield and a Shorten Bastard sword an elegant long bow was on his back with a quiver of arrows. His cloak was green in color but the crest of the king was emblazoned on his leather breast plate. The other was must thicker in build. His shield was a large wooden monstrosity that was slung over his back and in his hands he carried a battle axe that still was stained with the blood of his vanquished foes. On his side was sheathed a full sized Bastard sword that matched the other’s. The tunic he wore over his battle armor was that of the king. The two spoke as if only one was speaking, “Father we have returned from your valleys in the northern lands. Once more peace has returned and all love you there.”

The King stood and looked at his queen, “Look my wife our sons have returned from battle.” He then addressed the entire Great Hall, “Look my good people my TWO sons have returned from the uprising in the north.” He then looked at his two boys, “Come my sons tell us of the war.”

The two stepped toward the great table when the both stopped and with a smile on their face played a game of ‘Rock Paper Scissors’. The slimmer of the two won, “Ha! I get to sit by the most beautiful woman in the castle,” and he took the chair directly to the queen’s left.

The other took the chair to the King’s right, “Next time brother it will be I who sits there and you will have to sit next to the old man.” The two laughed and together told the story of the year long battle in the northern lands.

“So you see father, it was not your own people that rose up against you but people others from other lands.” The two then leaned back.

The King had a very heavy look upon his face, “I had fear of this. An enemy we can see, we can face. I have had fear of a enemy from with in for many moons now.” As the King spoke the queen made the ever so slightest hand movement and the guards moved to the two doors and they were closed and bared. “I did not know of my son’s return from battle would come this day but it seems the Gods know best and have chosen the day to bring them back to my side. There are those of you here that have questioned one of my son’s loyalties to the crown.”

The two brothers turned and looked at one another and a fire could be seen in each of their eyes. As one they spoke, “Who speaks such words against my brother? Step forward and answer for your treachery!”

The King stood, “Silence! This is still my Great Hall and I will make choices for my people. Not the two of you!” The two brothers bowed to their father and took their seats once more. “There are three among you that I know have questioned the loyalty of one of my children. One of you I can forgive because your words were spoken out of true concern for the land and the people of this land. The other two will die this very day and those of their house will find the same fate if they do not step forward.”

As if on command three men stepped forward from the court that gathered in the Great Hall that day. Two wives cried, one was puzzled, two of three houses would not see the days sun rise the same way again.

Posted on 2009-11-05 at 01:52:07.
Edited on 2009-12-11 at 06:06:25 by Kyle

Epic Level Bard
Karma: 31/3
557 Posts

This morning will bring

“Good sir, it is late. Will you be having a room?” the serving wench asked from across the table.

“Yes, I will have a room for the evening.” He removed a coin pouch from a cloak pocket and removed a golden coin from the pouch and placed it on the table.

“Top of the stairs first door on the left is open. I will be up in a few minutes with a fresh pitcher of water. You can take the candle off the table there are fresh ones in the room.”

The stranger smiled, stood and with candle in hand made his way toward the stairs.

She then continued clearing the table when she picked up the gold coin and looked more closely at it she noticed something that chilled her bones. “Sir!” she called.

The stranger stopped at the base of the stairs and turned to see her making her way toward him. When she got to him she placed the gold coin in the palm of his hand and with a whisper in her voice and a concern in her eyes, “If you who I think you are and what they say is true, I will beg you to be gone from here before the sun is full in the morning sky. Men have been here and they have asked about the forgotten prince.”

The stranger smiled and exchanged the gold coin for two silver ones, “Thank you but I feel it is time I stop running so I will beg you to be late in the morning.” He turned and made his way up the stairs.

As he reached the top of the stairs he heard a soft voice, “I am Rose good sir and the people have not forgotten please don’t you.” She then turned and headed to the front door, latched it and then made her way to the back and to her room.

The stranger slept well that evening and awoke early as a roster awoke the world to a new day.

Posted on 2009-12-10 at 12:23:12.

Epic Level Bard
Karma: 31/3
557 Posts

004 Running to Look

As the rooster awoke the stranger voices could be heard from down stairs arguing, ‘If it is who you say it is then we should have much fear and take to the hills and woods.’

‘It is who I say it is and we have not to fear if there are only five as you say.’ The second voice was that of Rose.

The two continued to argue and soon the stranger put a name to the first voice. It was that of Newt, the young stable boy. As Rose and Newt argued the stranger got out of bed, made ready to take on the day ahead, and moved to the top of the stairs.

‘Wake your father; we will see what he has to say about this?’ Newt finally said as all attempts to sway Rose’s thoughts on the matter of the stranger had failed.

‘No need, I am already awake.’ The tavern keep stepped from the back room and was clad in full leather armor. Not his white apron they were all accustom to seeing him in. A quiver of arrows was on his back and the hilt of a short sword could be seen on his waist.

Newt stood his mouth hung open.

Rose quietly spoke, ‘Father?’

The keep moved to Rose, ‘your faith in the stranger has awakened something in this old heart. If he is whom you say then all will be well. If not then I will die fighting for your honor and faith in something that has long gone from these lands. I will also do as a good father should and defend his home and his family.’

The stranger stepped from the top of the stairs and walked down them clapping loudly, ‘The armor of the Woodland Guard’. A smile came to the strangers face as he pushed back his own cloak to revealed the same armor; only the stranger’s armor had the royal crest upon the left breast.

‘That is the royal crest. Then you are him.’ The old man took a knee.

‘Stand to your feet and yes I am he or I am him again. For a long time I had forgotten who I was and in that I have shamed my father.’ The stranger then stepped from the base of the stairs and into the room. He faces the three of them, ‘But it is the dishonor to you people that weighs heaviest on my heart.’

Rose places a hand on the Royal Crest and whispers, ‘Not all have lost faith.’

The stranger looks at Rose and a smile comes to him, ‘Very well then. Newt, you and Rose will go out the back and cross the field. If all goes bad set fire to the field and take to the forest. Keep moving away from here to the east. There are others like your father and I that will come when they see the smoke. One will find you and keep you safe.’

‘So there are others?’

‘Yes, but not many of us are left I am afraid. Most have put away their arms and have moved back into life as you have done.’ The stranger looked at the old inn keeper, ‘but as you have done perhaps they too will pick up arms when I have returned to my brother and the two of use stand together behind our father once more.’

‘There are five men out there that wish to stop that. Let us not get to ahead of ourselves sir.’ The inn keep said.


It was then horses could be heard in the town square ‘In the tavern! Send out the stranger!’

The stranger pointed to the keep and then back up the stairs, ‘If you wish to do this still, second floor my room at the window.’ The keep moved to the base of the stairs when the stranger stopped him again, ‘hey, the back door is still open. I would not see it as running if you wish to protect your daughter.’

‘The name is Jacob my lord.’

‘Very well, Jacob. It is my honor to fight on the same battle field as you.’ The stranger said with a smile.

‘Death with honor.’ Jacob then moved quickly up the stairs.

‘Come now! If my men and myself have to go in there we will be forced to burn this place to the ground, all four buildings. We will kill all the men, take all the livestock and burn the fields. As for the women…’

Posted on 2011-02-13 at 05:24:05.

Epic Level Bard
Karma: 31/3
557 Posts

005 Running to Look

Running to Look 005

The stranger stepped out into the morning. Five men at arms on horseback greeted him. The leader of the men spoke, ‘I am relieved.’ The other four sat easy in their saddles and began to chuckle and dismount.

One pushed his horse to the side, ‘Another play acting peasant?’ the others began to laugh again.

‘No.’ answered the leader, still on his mount. ‘Men I would like to introduce you to the cunning Malechi.’ The men now had a look of worry, and stood at the ready.

The stranger through off his cloak that until now hid his armor and true identity, Malechi simply smiled and looked at the one on horseback, ‘William.’

William replied with simply, ‘Malechi.’

The one closest to Malechi reached for the hilt of his sword. Before his hand could grip it an arrow had pieced him just about his right breast plate and into his heart. He was dead before he hit the ground.

The one further most away quickly whispered something and with a flash of movement there came a groan from the second floor window and a thud as dead weight fell to the floor.

Malechi quickly caught the man with his eyes and glared at him. The man stood frozen as if fear held him in place. Malechi sniffed the air, ‘Arcane Master! I will kill you slowly.’ The dark apprentice mage turned and ran. In a flash of movement, as if he was commanding his axe; an axe not for cutting wood but one crafted in the art of killing men was commanded by thought and not hand. Malechi’s axe found itself embedded between the shoulder blades of the mage ling.

‘Now Malechi, how are we going to have a fair fight if you keep killing my men?’ William asked as he finally dismounted.

‘There are still three of you; come William do you not still like the odds?’ Malechi smiled. Malechi motioned over the one laying face down in the street with an axe in his back, ‘That one should not even count, he was only a mage ling and one of her pets I would wager.’

‘I would like them better if you were already dead!’ that was the signal. William and the other two remaining men drew weapons and moved in.

Malechi moving swiftly was able to avoid their swords for the most part and they with heavy shields manage to turn away his sword.

The four danced around the town square a few slices were made, but Malechi was always a step ahead. William was the most deadly of the three but Malechi seemed to be using the other two to counter William’s attacks. Every time William thought he had a step in, one of his men would stumble or step in the way and cut off William’s attack.

Out of frustration, William lunged in knocking one of his own men off balance. Malechi used this and found the chink in the man’s armor and plunged his sword into the open slit of his visor. The man stood straight and all seemed to stop. Malechi removed his sword from the man’s skull and he crumbled to the ground.

William smiled and began circling to his left. The other man removed his helm and moved to his right. Malechi stood his ground and allowed himself to be flanked. All seemed to be gasping for air, sweat dripped from every pour, but this is what these men did. They danced with the devil. They played with death.

A few drops of blood slipped from under Malechi’s armor and dripped to the ground at his feet. The tip of his sword dipped slightly and the other two lunged like vultures on a die corps.

Malechi spun and deflected William’s blow away with his own sword. Malechi reached out and grabbed the other man’s sword and guided it toward William’s mid section. The heavy steel of the sword was too much for Williams armor. The blade penetrated William’s armor and wedged itself deep between two ribs. Malechi’s movement continued and the pommel of his own sword found the now unarmored head of the other man and cracked it open like a ripe melon.

The three men fell to the ground in a heap of armor, blood, and death.

Posted on 2011-02-13 at 22:49:05.

Epic Level Bard
Karma: 31/3
557 Posts

006 Running to Look

In the square of Tritum Hamlet

Ten minutes passed until others came from hiding. It was the blacksmith who spoke first, ‘Someone go in and find the Inn Keeper and his daughter, Rose.’ Three young boys took off toward the Badger and Tankard inn. The blacksmith then bent down and rolled William off the top of the pile. William let out a groan, but remained lifeless. The blacksmith then rolled Malechi over. He was breathing and blood slowly oozed from a small slit in his armor.

The Blacksmith noted the royal seal on the armor and with a quick movement of his hand coved the seal with a bit of Malechi’s cloak. The blacksmith pointed to a man in a white apron, ‘Burt, see to that one,’ he pointed to the third body.

Burt bent down, then stood and took a quick step back. All the color ran from his face, ‘I can see… his head, its…’ his hand made a motion around the back of his own head and he struggled for words, ‘Smithy, I don’t think he is alive anymore.’

‘Fine, help me with this one’s armor.’ Smithy said to Burt

Before the two could do anything William spoke softly, ‘Do not remove his armor or you will kill him.’

‘Twaddle!’ Said Smithy as he and Burt continued toward the armor.

‘His armor is the only thing keeping him together. If you remove his armor, you will relieve the pressure and he will die.’ William said as his eyes remained closed and struggled to control his breathing.

The two men stopped and looked at William, ‘What do you care? Just moments ago you where trying to kill him yourself.’

‘Yes, but I could not. Now he needs to live. Fetch your healer unless you wish to kill him and bring upon you and your family the wrath of his brother.’ William’s eyes were now open and he looked up at a blue sky and softly whispered, ‘Father forgive me.’

The three boys returned, ‘Master Jacob is the only one in there but he sleeping.’ One of the boys said as they all struggled to catch their breath.

Another continued, ‘And he looks like that one,’ when everyone looked at the boys they were all pointing at Malechi.

‘Check the barn, I saw Newt go in there just before they arrived.’ Burt pointed to one of the dead men in black armor. ‘Perhaps he and Rose slipped out the back and into the barn.’ The three boys took off toward the barn. ‘Smithy what should we do?’

‘We need to get them to the Cross Roads Church. Go to the barn and get the wagon ready.’ Smithy then looked toward the barn, ‘Where is Newt?’ he whispered to himself.

William then spoke again, ‘You can’t move him until you dress that wound. You need to pack it.’ William coughed up some blood.

‘What about you?’ Smithy asked.

‘Leave me. I am with the dead already.’ William continued to cough up more blood.

Burt stood, ‘I will fetch a horse and send my own boy to bring a healer from the church,’ and headed toward the barn. Others of the small hamlet began to crowd around to get a better look. As Burt rounded the side of the Inn movement in the field caught his eye.

Posted on 2011-02-19 at 04:55:34.

Epic Level Bard
Karma: 31/3
557 Posts

007 Running to Look

In the field
‘I am sure all is well, but should we wait for one to come get us?' Rose whispered.

‘I think we should wait.' Newt answered.

Rose looked at Newt, ‘You can if you want to but I am going to look.' And she started to move from hiding.

Newt grabbed her arm, she looked back at him. He took a deep breath, ‘Fine lets go see but as soon as things look bad we turn and run, just as we were told to do.' Rose shook her head in agreement and the two crept from the tree line back into the field. They looked toward the hamlet and could see the roof of the Badger and Tankard Inn.

As they drew closer they saw three boys run into the barn, ‘Now what are they doing?' Newt strained his neck to see. It was but a second later a figure came around the corner of the Inn and Newt fell to the ground as Rose also ducked her head down.

The figure paused and scanned the field. Neither Newt nor Rose dare look up. After a few seconds the figure fallowed the three young boys into the barn. ‘We can go now,' Rose said.

‘No, we should have stayed where we were, but we did not.' Rose rolled her eyes as newt continued, ‘We will stay here till things quite down in a bit more.'

‘Ok.' Rose whispered. The two stayed still and watched the barn from their spot in the field. When out cam Burt leading the old mare with his own boy atop the giant draft horse. Rose and Newt stood, ‘HEY!'

Burt led the old mare out of the barn and was giving instructions, ‘Now you ride to the Cross Roads Church and ask for a healer. Tell them to come quickly. Don't say a word about the stranger or the others. Just tell them someone fell and cannot be moved.'

‘But father,'

‘HEY!' was heard from the field and the lad stopped. Burt knew he saw something and spun around and looked back into the field. Burt held the horse steady as Newt and Rose ran to toward them.
‘Newt, we need you to ride to the Church. You ride better then my own boy.' Burt helped his own boy from the horse. ‘We need a healer.' Burt helped Newt onto the old horse, ‘Remember she is old so don't push her, but do not let her take too much time.'

‘I know her well; we will be back in no time.' Newt turned the old mare and off the two went as fast as the old girl could go.

Burt continued, ‘Say nothing of the stranger or what has happen, say one has fallen and we do not wish to move them!' Newt gave an understanding node and rode off.

Burt and Rose then went to meet the others with the three boys in tow.

‘Burt what should we do, we can not leave them in the street?' Smithy asked as the five approached from the barn, ‘I see you have found Rose, what of Newt?'

‘I sent him to fetch the healer.' Burt looked at William, ‘Hey you dark one, can the two of you be moved into the Tavern so as to get the two of you off the street?'

‘I can make that move but he will have to be moved on a litter if you have one. If not I would not move him. I sliced him in a way that will rip if he is lifted.' William smiled a bit as if proud of himself.

Rose then looked up from the bodies on the ground, ‘Father? Where is my father?'

Burt took her in his arms, ‘Shhhh child, your father is in the room on the second floor. He was hit by something that has made him sleep.' Then holds her and looks at her, ‘Look at me. I need you to go to him and stay by him. Do not wake him.'

‘Do not fear child, your father only sleeps and it will pass in a few hours,' William gasped for air. Rose pushed by Burt and put a boot to the side of William. Burt quickly pulled Rose back. With a groan, ‘You kick like a mule for one so small.' William laughed.

‘I will kill you!' Rose fought to brake free of Burt's grasp.

‘You are to late little one. I am already dead I am just waiting for death to take me.' William once again closed his eyes, ‘Now fetch a litter and let me rest.'

Rose headed off to the tavern and Burt sent the boys to the barn to fetch a tabletop.

Posted on 2016-02-21 at 14:48:07.

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