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Den Mother
RDI Staff
Karma: 111/12
1188 Posts

Thank you

For confirming what we had hoped: you've found the perfect school for you!

Posted on 2010-10-23 at 13:34:43.

Next Gen
Karma: 31/14
379 Posts

This one called Steps

A baby steps are wobbly
yet they are still the first
A child steps are small
yet they still go forward
A teen steps are unsure
Yet they still have strength
A adults steps are big
yet they look sad while alone

Every steps is a mark
Even if it's a child
Or an Adult
Which is why
There no such thing
as a unknown or
unwanted life.

Posted on 2010-11-24 at 22:09:50.

Next Gen
Karma: 31/14
379 Posts

This one is called Noble

A man and woman face each other
a crowd surrounds them
The woman's face covered by a veil
The man hidden by a mask
A bow and arrow are her choice
A sword is held in his hand

The crowd leers and taunts
Their faces twist in glee
They tell the woman that she can't win
She, a woman, can never beat a man
They call the man weak
his victory insured by facing a women

Finally the two move to fight
The woman draws an arrow
The man tightens his grip
The woman fires and the man ducks
The man swings and the woman dodges
The crowd cheers, the fight begins!

The woman weaves in & out of his reach
Her gracefulness like a dancer of Artemis
The man avoids her arrows with ease
They pass by him like the wind
He fight like the son of Ares
Both matched in skill and talent

As she fights, the woman thinks of her reason
Her husband within death grip
His one chance to survive denied
For they have too little money
Now she must fight
To save her love's life

The man strikes at her face
she moves away but the blade hits her shoulder
It bites deep into her skin
She grips her wounded shoulder
Not a cry escape her lips
The crowd cheers, blood has been spilled!

Her stance weakens
Then man slashes her legs
causing her to fall
he brings the sword down to finish her
The woman stop it with her bow
However the wood is too weak and it breaks

The crowd gasps, thinking she is finished
The woman refuses defeat
She flings her quiver at him
then draws the hidden sword from her hip
The man slice the quiver as it flies
only to find nails and arrow tips thrown at him

The duel restarts and man contemplates
His friends are his reason to fight today
His childhood friend is sick
and his wife unable to work
Then man wishes to win
to help his friend

The two strike again
The man slices her veil
The woman cuts the strings of his mask
Both go pale at each other face
The woman sees her childhood friend!
The man see his partner in battle!

It is true, the two were friends
Sharing childish words and private secrets
Both wanted fame and glory
Then she met his best friend and fell in love
Then man was happy at his friends' marriage
he decide to travel and lost connection to the couple

He had return when he heard of his friends
Both had saw the duel and desired the money
The man to support his two friends
The woman to buy medicine for her love
Now the two faced each other
Unable to stop the fight or face defeat

With tears in her eyes
The woman struck again
With a nod of understanding
The man ducked and struck back
Their fight like a dance of death
Both knew what had to be done

The two continued to fight
Neither wanted to kill the other
The crowd cheered in joy
Two children watch the fight
The woman's son
The man's daughter

As they watch the fight
They began to cry
And began to wonder
Who was the more noble warrior
The woman who fights for love?
Or The man who fights for friendship?

Posted on 2011-03-10 at 22:20:42.

Next Gen
Karma: 31/14
379 Posts

Wow, I made a really long one

I didn't realised how big it was until it was out. I was listening to music and the words of the song got me thinking. This pop into my head and I been working on this since school started. Hope you like!

Posted on 2011-03-10 at 22:23:33.

Den Mother
RDI Staff
Karma: 111/12
1188 Posts

Nicely done!

If I would comment on your last question - both fight for love

Posted on 2011-03-12 at 14:53:25.

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6335 Posts


I thought it was a good poem. I like that you didn't end the fight but had it continue onwards. I found myself thinking of a song called "Losing It" by Rush as your lyrics reminded of the rhythm of the song.

Posted on 2011-03-14 at 01:18:46.

Karma: 138/3
1049 Posts

The song was sung with spirit

I love it. I didn't think it was too long at all! It reminded me of a song rhythm as well, only what was brought to my mind was "Ambush" by Harry Nilsson. Keep them coming!

Posted on 2011-03-14 at 02:26:06.

Occasional Visitor
Karma: 9/0
36 Posts

well done

Good poem. Hope to see more.

Posted on 2011-04-06 at 21:33:09.

Next Gen
Karma: 31/14
379 Posts

Till we meet again

The ground was hard and cold
The sky was dark and heavy
The rain fell like tear drops
It was as if Nature was crying
She remember what had happened
And cried in the memory

Yet despite the coldness
of both the ground and the rain
She refused to leave.
The girl stayed in the clearing
Ignoring Nature's grieving cries
And the doubt in her heart.

She knew she had to wait
He would come soon
He had made that promise
and he never broke his promises.
If seeing him meant suffering the cold
Then she would pay that price.

Then as the rain stopped
She could hear it
The soft cries of memory forgotten
Even as the air became still
The sobs could still be heard
and the moon gave them shape

In the moonlight, she could see
A small child dressed in white
his hair was dark like the night
His eye as blue as the rain
The boy was beautiful
but his sorrow wasn't hidden

The girl stood up
a gentle smile on her face
She walked to him
Holding her arms out
The boy ran to her
And she embraced him

For a long time, the two were still
Neither wanted to let go
Both had tears running down their faces
The girl whispered softly
"I'm glad you're back"
The boy could only nod in joy

The two finally release each other
Smiles on tear stained faces
The two held hands as they spoke
They shared stories and dreams
The girl no longer afraid
The boy no longer alone

The two spent the night together
Playing, Talking, Singing and Dancing
Time seem to go slow
Letting both forget their troubles
But time could not be stopped
And soon he would have to leave.

As the sun rose, the two sang
Holding each other's hand
The boy sadness was now joy
Even as he began to fade
The smile stayed on his face
and his voice the last to leave

The girl held onto the last note
Wishing she didn't have to go back.
Back to a mother who never smiled
Back to a father with high demands
Back to the rules that restrained her
Back to the blank looks from those around her

The girl looked at the now brightening sky
She remember the boys smile as he vanished
That memory replacing the last one
The girl sighed to herself
She turned to head to her home

Yet before she took that first step
She whispered to herself
"I'm glad you kept your promise.
I missed you while you were gone.
As you always said, dear friend
I will wait till we meet again"

(Oops, yet another long one. I promise the next ones will be short! I hope you enjoy. I was listening to a song and this poem popped into my head.)

Posted on 2011-07-02 at 02:54:05.

Next Gen
Karma: 31/14
379 Posts

Wow, it been one year

What will you do?
Hey, little boy
What's up with you?
Are you wondering,
why the words are so cruel?
Why can't they understand?
They look at you
with some fear.
You are tall and strong
and they are small and weak
They say what they want
They think it okay
Because you can't be hurt.

Hey, little boy
What will you do?
When the rumors turn to someone else?
Will you be sad for her?
Or glad for you?
When she falls,
Will you walk away?
Or will you extend your hand?

Hey, little girl
What's up with you?
Are you wondering,
why the words are so cruel?
Why can't they understand?
They look at you
with some pity
You can't hear
but they can speak
What right do they have?
Words don't have to be heard
to be understood

Hey, little girl
What will you do?
When you fall
because you are tired of it all
Will you cry of your pain?
or of their ignorance?
When he offers his hand
Will you slap away, to stay cold?
Or will you grasp it for strength?

Hey, bullies
What's up with you?
Are you wondering
why I called you that?
Why can't you understand?
Bullying isn't just a fight
Words can hurt
just like a slap
I hope you know
even if you are just one
or even if you are many
It just takes two to take you down.

What will you do?
When your victims grow strong
and you don't matter
Will you look for another?
Or will you finally realize?
No matter how many you hurt
They will grow strong
and they will leave you behind.

(Hope people like. This one I am posting for a friend. She going through a hard time so I hope this cheers her up.)

Posted on 2012-05-05 at 19:56:31.

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