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Parent thread: Diabolic Genesis-Origins of Evil Q&A
GM for this game: Tiamat5774
Players for this game: Deucalion, Celediel, Nimu
This game has fizzled.
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As Tenacity waited for her rap at the door to be answered, the slenderest of Xavier's companions, a half elf, simply walked in. The governor hadn't mentioned a wife, since it wasn't prudent, but she behaved as if she lived here. Was she so familiar with the house because she was a consort?
"Also, I believe the Governor may be expecting these two ladies as well... though in truth I am uncertain in what capacity they have come."

As the servant turned to announce their arrival to the governor, Ardulace stayed him with a light touch on his arm, and turned again to Tenacity and Camille. "Hast thou yet broken thy fast?" she asked.
One of the first things she said made it clear she wasn't privy to her employer's business, but the offer of breakfast confused things. How off-putting.

"Camille ate simple trail rations when we broke camp this morning, but I believe heartier fare would not be unwelcome. I require nothing for myself," she said as she connected with the servant's gaze, received a nod, and stepped into the foyer.

Posted on 2009-06-16 at 20:49:16.

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Satya reached the house with the others and waited in silence as the mass of people that their group had become made their way inside the governor's home. It was possible that these women would end up joining them however she would not assume anything and wait her turn for an introduction. She still kind of felt like an outsider even with the belated invitation extended to her to join in the investigation.

Posted on 2009-06-16 at 21:38:18.

RDI Fixture
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A the manse

"Camille ate simple trail rations when we broke camp this morning, but I believe heartier fare would not be unwelcome. I require nothing for myself," the armored newcomer said as she connected with the servant's gaze, received a nod, and stepped into the foyer.
The moon elf sighed and moved into the foyer in front of the woman. "I fear our pleasantries will have to wait. We have much to discuss with the governor, grave matters which cannot be put off. Perhaps, you can partake in your meal while we have said conversation."

Seluumiel turned from the tall human woman to face the buildings interior, waiting for the governor to make his appearance. In truth she feared she knew the outcome of any discussion, there was little choice in the matter but to face this threat. She sighed again, too much rested in the hands of a hob nob group of companions barely able to trust one another.

Selunine tessa lye
The moon priestess whispered the prayer as she awaited the governor's audience.

Posted on 2009-06-18 at 17:12:12.

5 Headed Dracohydra
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The Governor Makes his appearance.

"Greetings and welcome everyone!", he called from the entrance to the dining area. "I trust you have all eaten. If you will, follow me into the library." As he began walking down the corridor, he stopped and put a finger in the air as though an after thought just entered his head.
Bailash turned to behold the new knight and the newly reunited siblings. "Well done, Tenacity. It's good to finally see you in person, Camille." He then smiles at Xavier, then turns back down the corridor and leads the group into the library.

As the group make their way into the library, the chairs look familiar because they are the chairs from the office.
Bailash waves an arm in a sweeping motion towards the chairs, "Please, sit everyone. The library is larger than my office so I figured we could meet in here."
He Turned to Seluumiel asking,"Was the book I lent you useful? What were you able to gleen from its pages?"

Posted on 2009-06-18 at 21:39:49.
Edited on 2009-06-18 at 21:41:51 by Tiamat5774

RDI Fixture
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The Library

Seluumiel joins the group in the library. Bailash waves an arm in a sweeping motion towards the chairs in the room, "Please, sit everyone. The library is larger than my office so I figured we could meet in here."

The moon elf takes a seat next to Ardulace and relaxes against the chair back watching the others take their seats. She takes a moment to arrange her split gossamer skirts before looking to Bailash to begin.

The governor looked to her, "Was the book I lent you useful? What were you able to glean from its pages?"

Seluumiel looks up to the man and then takes the rest of the group in. She produces the loaned book from her bag and lays it on her lap.

"This book is...interesting. After my study of it and the 'Book of Unwritten Chronicles' I can say that we are likely dealing with Taimat, the Queen of Evil Dragonkind."

"You will remember the verse from the 'Book of Unwritten Chronicles.' 'Five colors, five heads is all I know of your fate.' The goddess Taimat is a five headed dragon worshiped mainly by colored dragons and as we know the black dragon Ardulace faced spoke of its master."

"What is known of the dragon goddess is disturbing. Chromatic dragons are not all that worship her. Kobolds and other reptilian species are commonly among her followers, but most disturbingly humans and even other humanoids are known to worship her at times. There are cults to her here in Unther, and it is not unthinkable that their presence drew this phantom house to your lands."

Posted on 2009-06-20 at 05:49:51.

5 Headed Dracohydra
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Bailash's response

"So what I'm taking from this is that you concur with what I corelated yesterday evening. The book is old and so are the rumors of cults in Unther. The Civil war in Unther may be or maybe not influenced by followers of Tiamat but She has rarely in long past did anything on her own. She usually uses higher followers, as in avatars and minions, as generals or "Masters" to do her bidding. Unther is taken care of believe me. It is why this town's security is so weak It is the house that scares me."

Posted on 2009-06-20 at 06:29:54.

RDI Fixture
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Chiron --backpost--


Tenacity's ears seemed to perk up at a certain word, and she echoed it back, "Disturbances? What sort?"

"There's a house a mile or so outside town that seems to phase in and out of existence." Chiron explained, walking beside the dapple-grey horse. "It's either bringing monstrous things with it, or else drawing them to area, because there have been sightings of undead, and dragons, and ogres in the area. The ogres, so far, are the only ones that have been confirmed. The governor brought us in-- that is, brought myself, Seluumiel, Lacey, and Xavier-- when a boy was kidnapped while playing with friends near the house.

"The four of us went to the house and found Satya trapped inside. She had heard about the missing boy and ventured out to investigate, but after entering the building, the door closed behind her and disappeared. After hearing her account of how that house behaves, it seems more likely that the boy also wandered inside on his own, maybe on a dare from his friends, and found himself similarly stuck."Chiron pauses in his briefing to glance over his shoulder at Lacey. He had thought she was in a hurry to talk to the Governor again, but now she was trailing behind the group. Maybe she's not as rushed as he thought. The paladin shrugs and finishes bringing the knight up to speed.

"Satya and I secured the main room and entry way, ensuring the house couldn't trap us along with the boy we were trying to save. Seluumiel and Lacey saw to delving further into the house. Ardulace, made a... leap of faith... and was able to get the child back to the main room. At this point the house started to phase away and we made it out just before the entire building disappeared. We are now on our way back to the governor and then, I believe, we will go back to the house to perform a more thorough investigation."

As the group walked up to the Governor's mansion Lacey marched back to the front of the group, right up to the front door and inside, not waiting for the manservant to invite them in. "Well, here we are. And there Lacey goes. She's... not entirely used to customs here."Chiron stayed back as everyone else entered the mansion and gave Tenacity a brief Who's Who. "Xavier's meeting with his sister was kind of abrupt. So Xavier you know, Lacey is the... one already inside, Seluumiel is the elf that followed her. That's Satya, there. And my name is Chiron Po. Heh, Welcome to Leaphaven." Chiron adds the last part with a chuckle as he heads up the steps and inside.

Posted on 2009-06-20 at 07:25:54.

RDI Fixture
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Cultic Knowledge

Seluumiel nods to the governor, "Such is to be expected from the gods. The world feels the will of the divine through the hand of their followers most strongly."

She pauses to run a hand along the cover of the book, "Though Unther is taken care of as you say, take heed of The People...we know deeply what can become of cults that kneel to darker gods."

A sorrowful air surrounds the moon elf for a time and she traces a hand along the silver amulet of the Daughter of the Night Skies that hangs from her neck. She exhales softly and looks to Castor.

"You have some knowledge of these cults, yes? What can you tell us of them? It seems to me that the presence of these cults here only points to their involvement in this house."

Posted on 2009-06-20 at 14:03:27.

Occasional Visitor
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smiles at him

Camille smiles. "thank you sir it's my plesure in meetin you too" she walks back to her brother's side and listen closely to what he was saying.. but not saying a word. but looking sidewards at her brother sometimes. "sorry to interupt you sir" she said and turns towards her brother and speaks" brother will you please excuse me for a bit.. i need to rest"

Posted on 2009-06-20 at 15:58:52.

5 Headed Dracohydra
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The cults of Tiamat

At Seluumiel's question, Bailash's features took on an air of stern and purposeful concentration, as if in a self induced trance. He looked not into the eyes of anyone in the room, but to the ceiling, as if looking through it to the sky, as though looking at images playing out on a screen that all should see. He begins to speak in a tone that is almost dream like, as if he was trying to carry everyone present into the past with only the heaviness of his voice.

"In long years past, there were five cults to Tiamat. The Melted Black Fist cult had its greatest influence in the swamp and wetlands of Faerun. The Ice Heart cult influenced affairs in Icewind Dale and other northern territories. The Green Talon and the Blue Tempest cults claim territories in the mountain ranges of Faerun. There is an abandoned temple ruin to Tiamat at least seventy-five miles northwest of Leaphaven that was where the Fire-Branded Red Hand worshipped. The cult weakened and dispersed all of about twenty years ago. It is rumored that the Mage faction of the civil war harbors the reminents of Fire-Branded Red Hand, though as was said, its just a rumor There is no real evidence to support such claims. When these cults had a hold on the land and power to influence and rule, it was a dark time indeed. But now the best evidence we now have of these cults' weakened and dimished state, are the comforts and freedoms we enjoy today. It is my belief that the house randomly moves through the realms and traps creatures unwittingly. I do not feel as if the house is controlled by Tiamat. Even Lacey said that the black dragon she encountered said it did not mean to be there, that it was an accident."

Posted on 2009-06-21 at 04:06:24.
Edited on 2009-06-21 at 04:13:42 by Tiamat5774

RDI Fixture
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Seluumiel crossed her arms beneath her breasts as she listened to the man's oration. Sapphire eyes watched him closely as his gaze grew distant. It was odd that she had found none of this in the tome of 'Dragonology' and odder still that the man should near fall into a trance. Castor knew far more of all this than he let on, that or he was an arrogant fool. Neither option appealed to her. The moon elf studied him a moment and then began.

"Five colors, five heads, five cults..."

"You say that the involvement of this cult in the civil war is only a rumor, but remember, a seed of truth lies in every rumor and from seeds grow weeds."

"That this phantom house was called by a cult or travels through the realms of its own volition remains yet to be seen. Lest you have more knowledge of this matter to share, both avenues remain equally plausible and will remain so until we glean some information that points to one path or the other."

"My companions have suggested that we continue our investigation of this house, and I am of the inclination to agree. The house itself should be able to point us to the right path. I have some talent in the arts of divination, but even so the house twisted all perceptions keeping much of its nature from me. There are greater divinations that may well pierce the veil, but I cannot wield that power unaided. Is there a magic shop in Leaphaven where I might find scrolls or wands?"

Posted on 2009-06-21 at 16:50:20.

Regular Visitor
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Those ears aren't just pointy, they're sharp.

Seluumiel:"My companions have suggested that we continue our investigation of this house, and I am of the inclination to agree. The house itself should be able to point us to the right path. I have some talent in the arts of divination, but even so the house twisted all perceptions keeping much of its nature from me. There are greater divinations that may well pierce the veil, but I cannot wield that power unaided. Is there a magic shop in Leaphaven where I might find scrolls or wands?"
From her seat beside the moon elf, Ardulace speaks up for the first time. "Mayhap the same apothecary that sold Chiron Po his..." she pauses to clear her throat. " his, umm.. truth serums, might be of some help. I'm sure he will be more than happy to show you the way if he is not too busy casting aspersions upon my honesty to complete strangers." She offers an entirely insincere smile to the Paladin, then continues addressing Seluumiel, "However, I recall that His Lordship, the Governor, possesses quite an impressive collection of items that might contain that which you require, if I may be so bold as to suggest that he might permit thee access to it once again."

With that she turns her violet eyes upon the governor, one eyebrow arching inquisitively.

Posted on 2009-06-24 at 02:21:25.

Wee Grugglet
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Ha! Tiamat. Nothing but some mindflayers sick experiment on a dragon.

"Of course Camille, I'm sure you're tired. We'll talk later, sister." Xavier nodded knowingly to his sister. She must be exhausted after her journey, and experience in the camp.

As the governor began talking, Xavier had no choice but to listen. After all, he did keep his promise... there was no need to drink from him. And so, Bailash began telling them of a story of five cults to Tiamat... The Melted Black Fist, The Ice Heart, The Green Talon, The Blue Tempest, and the Fire Branded Red Hand. Well, many people delude themselves into believe something. Let them think what they want.

"Well, the house is the best idea at this point. And the more we know, the better off we'll be. However, we also know that we're good. And the cults devoted to Tiamat are a bunch of people dressed up in some robes who don't know what's good for them. After all, they think Tiamat's a goddess... Which isn't too healthy. But, when people delude themselves, they think they're more powerful. Well, I guess we have to investigate this. Is that the general idea governor? I'm all for it, if that's the case."

Posted on 2009-06-24 at 03:21:18.

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Tenacity throws her helmet into the ring.

After hearing Chiron's description of the events and observing how these people behaved around one another, it became clear to Tenacity that they had been thrust together by fate and not choice. Sorting out relationships would take a lot of time if she didn't simply ask, but there wasn't time for that.

The group made its way into the library that Bailash had indicated and Tenacity took a seat near the door. The story of the cult entanglements fascinated her, and the learned blue elf had studied much of it very recently. It weighed heavily on the proceedings, the importance of what they were dealing with. Even when snippy comments were made, or when Camille was overcome with road-weariness, Tenacity was intent on the governor.

Clearly, Chiron felt ill-at-ease about Ardulace. He chose his words so carefully when speaking about her and she was certainly very odd. Perhaps they were ex-lovers? Whatever their history, Tenacity neither knew nor cared at the moment. Castor believed the cults long-gone, but Seluumiel thought there was a resurgence.

Having waited until the end of the conversation, she said, "I'm not sure what to believe right now about the cults, but it seems that this house is at the center of something much larger. I'd like a chance to see it for myself, if that's an option. I'm not sure under what terms exactly you have employed everyone here, but I want to help."

She hoped that she would be able to correctly gauge their responses.

Posted on 2009-06-25 at 08:04:42.
Edited on 2009-06-28 at 19:26:44 by Celediel

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Leaving her brother to talk to the others

Camille walks out of the room leaving her brother to talk with the others. and walks up to her room. as she is walking she hums a song.. thinking of her mother.. climbling those stairs exausted her. she finds her room.. and goes inside, walking to the window.and pushes it open letting the breeze brush her face she then turns to walk to the bed.. the bed looks nice and welcoming. Camille then lies down but does not sleep as afraid the nightmears would start again. she has only drank and eaten little since been back at her brother's side.. as she did not feel hungry at that time. she whispers to her self "i know Xavier is worried about me. and scared for my safety" a tear slowly runs down her cheek "but i am now safe with Xavier. he is the only one i have left"
Camille is wondering if their mother was still alive.. or their father for that matter with that she climbs back off the bed and goes back to the window. and stares into the darkness.

Posted on 2009-06-25 at 15:12:06.


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