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Parent thread: Peradyse Lost
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The Greatest of Evils

It seemed to Highnar that he was in the grip of an evil god, a creature meant to take his soul and grind it into paste, a monster more evil then any he had ever faced before and its name was horse.

Then finally just as the monster was to finish him off a meadow was found, and he was helped off the monsters back to fall gratefully back to earth. The dwarf then and there made a vow no matter what he would not return to the back of the monster before him, which seemed to Highnar to be laughing at him even now.

“Away with ye, ya evil beast I’ll not have ye laughing at me. Better I take me axe to ya's and turn you into my dinner now”

With his words spoken he moved to find himself a soft place to sit as to not put too much weight on his very painful posterior.
Brianna called for a cook and Highnar knew that he would not be the one for his cooking skills were just below his ability to ride. For now the dwarf would relax and try to forget the pain in his ass.....

Posted on 2007-03-19 at 05:48:29.

Regular Visitor
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Easing the Pain

Lorae quickly untacked DEancer and let the Moonsteed go without tying him. Dancer trotted over to the river and laid downin a sand bank and began to roll about in it. Afterward he moved into the river.

Lorae found a fallen log and set her riding pad, upside down of it to air out and dry. Then she moved to Highnar.

"Master Highnar, I see you survived....somewhat, your first day of riding."

She looks to the Dwarf with a smile, "I am able to help you recover from your......ordeal. If you would allow me to do so?"

She was trying to be diplomatic, but with a strange Dwarf, it was hard for her to judge just how to approach the...delicateness of the subject.

"I am sure you have strained muscles that are not used to the action of riding."

Posted on 2007-03-20 at 17:14:11.

Not Dragon Mistress
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2282 Posts

Another offer to help

Brianna looks back from what she is doing and calls out another suggestion after LOrae's ah delicate offer "What he needs to do is get up and work his muscles. "Highnar, how about we get in some sword practice or maybe even ax work. That ought to loosen you up a bit. All we did is walk most of the day. I need to practice against one of your kind. They were rare from where I came from."

Thus speaks Brianna, a woman of the Amazon horse clans who was nearly born on the back of a horse, and surely lived most of her life on horseback.

Posted on 2007-03-21 at 01:00:24.
Edited on 2007-03-21 at 01:03:40 by Brianna

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Xour prepares the food that he has obtained for the pot. He is not used to feeding others, but he is sure that they will assist if they know better. As the food cooks, he scouts the area for sign of recent movement and identifies spots from which a final defense can be mounted. After a quick meal, he sits down and starts working on more arrows.

“How shall we set our watches?” he asks.

He will sleep lightly as usual with his wolf as his guard.

Posted on 2007-03-25 at 07:13:23.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
Karma: 176/117
6404 Posts

A Surprised Dwarf

Highnar was grateful if not a little surprised when both Lorae and Brianna did offer to relive his pain brought about from the monster standing only yards away.

“Aye Lass’s that I would much be thankful for it seems that as you say I have for the moment survived yon monsters wrath.”

With their aid the dwarf once again started to feel as his old self and as Xour did speak of watch's did offer to take the first one.

“I’ll be taki’n the first watch so that ye who fought most in the battle may gain the rest I be sure you be needing.”

With those words spoken Highnar did set himself to stand watch....

Posted on 2007-03-25 at 11:23:46.

Not Dragon Mistress
Karma: 105/32
2282 Posts

End of One Day & Begining a New

Brianna does take care of Roscoes mare to see to her conmfort. She was actually glad to get some sparring in with Highnar. She choose to use a long dagger almost as long as a short sword but not quite. it was not her weapon of shoice but the one she need most work on. Also it made her reach closer to what Highnar's was. She found the dqard a tough opponent his speed neespecially with his short arms and quick strokes, and his power were a daunting combination. When the bout was done she bathed in the river not necessarily in sight of everyone but not out od sght either. She had not false sense of modesty. THe Great Mother made her body as she had all others. Of course she had no knowledge of the customs or mores, of these new lands. But to her nadedness was not a thing to hide.

Her whistle to her horses that gathered about her and she washed them too. Brianna did not realize the picture she made naked in the water with her height, red hair, tanned skin and firmly sculptured body that was feminine but also totally fit and well muscled, THe very vibrancy of her being adding even more to the overall impression she exhuded. There was only a faint scar across her left cheek that marred her unconventional beauty. She seemed totallly unconscious about anyone looking at her, as if it did not matter to at all, which it didn't.

Finially she wrapped herself in a cloak, leaped to the back of the red mare and rode back into camp. There she slipped down and dress under the cloak slipping it off as she pulled a clean tunic over her head. then refastening the cloak she came to the fire. I can take any watch, BUt I would like early morning id no one else wants to.

Whatever watch she take tshe then turns in by simple curling up in her cloak on her sleeping roll. her sword close to hand next to her and her bow and srrow propped by her head also close at hand.

Briann was up early for her watch with a plan in mind to help HIghnar out. Tee saddle was built for a man's proportions not a dwarf's. She had an idea modify the seat of Roscoe's saddle. SHe scrifiece her riding pad that had come from her lands and scupted it fit into the sdalle given Hignar the padding ans shape that would fit him better. SHe also shortened the stirrups so his feet really were supported in them and he could rest his bottome by standing up in the stirrups for a while. SHe had it fitted and ready to go by the time camp was stirring up. THe pot was on the fire, and porridge boiling and soon ready. Tossing a couple handfuls of cut-up dried fruit into the parridge with a dollop of honey for sweetness she finished the breadkfast porridge.

While the rest got up Briann checked out all the horses from poll, to hoves, to tail..

Posted on 2007-03-25 at 20:09:51.

Regular Visitor
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Healing and Cooking

Lorae does a Lay on Hands to help Highnar recover. Next she build a well banked fire in the fire pit, set up a tripod and hung her cooking pot, and she stewed the rabbits with herbs and root vegetables. "I will take a watch in the middle of the night," she announces awaiting the choices of Xuor and Logan.

Once the stew is on she goes to Dancer and gives him a good brushing.

Posted on 2007-03-25 at 21:00:56.

Karma: 8/9
379 Posts

Last watch

A light sleeper anyway, Xour decides to take the last watch. "I take last watch," he says.

Posted on 2007-03-29 at 04:59:23.

Regular Visitor
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Watch and evening rest

Upon arricing at the clearing, Logan tied up his horse, removed the saddle and other equipment from the horse and proceeded to brush him down and allow him to drink from the river near by. He then makes his own rounds of checks some 50 paces outside of the encampment making spot checks to see if they had been followed or if they had unknowingly wondered into enemy territory.

When he returns to camp, he find everyone doing something to help out. Xour is making the stew, Lorea and Brianna are with the Highnar. Logan goes to where Highnar and Brianna are and waits for them to finish. When they do, "Highnar my friend, please ride my mount tomorrow and I shall ride "Roscoes'" mount. Having you on him will allow for a bit more equipment to be placed on my horse to help even the load as well as allowing me to help break that horse in so we can better use him. I assure you that my horse well manored and trained, you will find him a much easier mount to ride than this one."

When the subject of night watch comes up, "I'll take the second to last watch then." Logan offers up.

After super is completed, Logan starts off by saying, "Welp I think we should go thru what we collected from our encounter to what can be used and what can't as well as possibly exchanging equipment with ours based on who gets what out of our salvage." It would appear as thou the Dwarf is in need of some armour type equipment as it would appear he only has the armour on his back, a shield and his well forged axe." Logan looks to the others to see if they agree with what he says.

PS: Sorry for the delay, wife had surgey last week so I haven't done alot of online stuffs.

Posted on 2007-03-29 at 05:24:15.
Edited on 2007-03-29 at 05:26:10 by Logan

Regular Visitor
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Loot Selection

Lorae lays out the loot in groups.



Assassin's Dagger Y 1 1 18302
Crossbow, repeating light Y 1 6 250
Crossbow, repeating heavy Y 1 12 400
Crossbow, hand +2 (Seeking, Speed) Y 1 2 72400
Dagger +2 (Returning, Shock, Throwing) Y 1 1 50302
Dagger Y 3 3 2
Dagger Y 3 3 2
Dagger Y 3 3 2
Dagger Y 3 3 2
Longsword +3 (Flaming burst, Keen) Y 1 4 72315
Longsword +3 (Mighty cleaving, Speed) Y 1 4 98315
Longsword +1 Y 1 4 2315
Longsword +1 Y 1 4 2315
Longsword +1 Y 1 4 2315
Scimitar (Flaming burst, Keen, Mithral) Y 1 2 19015 Scimitar +4 (Dancing, Shock, Speed) Y 1 4 200315
Shortbow, mighty (+2 Str) composite Y 1 2 225


Adamantine Breastplate +3 (Adamantine, Moderate fortification, Landing, Silent moves) Y 1 30 59100
Bracers of Armor +8 Y 1 1 64000
Chain shirt +1 Y 1 25 1250
Chain shirt +1 Y 1 25 1250
Chain shirt +1 Y 1 25 1250
Studded leather +5 Y 1 20 25175


Amulet of Health +4 Y 1 0 16000
Bag of Holding 3 Y 1 35 7400
Bag of Tricks (Gray) Y 1 0 900
Belt of Giant Strength +4 Y 1 1 16000
Boots of Striding and Springing Y 1 1 5500
Cloak of Arachnida Y 1 1 14000
Decanter of Endless Water Y 1 2 9000
Efficient Quiver Y 1 2 1800

Gloves of the Deft Y 1 0 36000
Gloves of Dexterity +6 Y 1 0 36000
Glove of Storing Y 1 0 10000
Ioun Stone (Scarlet and Blue) Y 1 0 8000
Ioun Stone (Lavender and Green) Y 1 0 40000
Ioun Stone (Deep Red) Y 1 0 8000
Necklace of Fireballs II Y 1 2 2700
Sunrod Y 6 6 2
Tanglefoot bag Y 4 16 50


Climber's kit Y 1 5 80
Thieves' tools, masterwork Y 1 2 100


Aquamarine Y 1 0.01 400
Brass Mug With Jade Inlays Y 1 0.1 300
Embroidered Silk And Velvet Mantle With Numerous Moonstones Y 1 5 1600
Gold Dragon Comb With Red Garnet Eye Y 2 0.2 500
Jeweled Electrum Ring Y 2 0.2 4000
Sapphire Pendant On Gold Chain Y 1 0.1 1400
Silver Chalice With Lapis Lazuli Gems Y 6 0.6 80
Star Ruby Y 2 0.02 900

"I would suggest that each of you ask for the one thing you want most. And if that item is an upgrade of something you already have than please offer the item you are replacing for someone else who might want something like it."

"I for one would like the Amulet of Health, as someone called it," said Lorae making her choice.

Posted on 2007-03-29 at 16:40:15.

Regular Visitor
Karma: 3/3
99 Posts

Wish list

Logan, going over the pile of items and slightly remembering what had caught his eye when they bagged them says, "I would like the Longsword+3(Flaming Burst, Keen) and offer up one of my Bastard Swords +2. Also, I relent my request for the Gloves of Dex to Highnar as he appears he could use them more than I."

With that, Logan waits for the others to take their turn at the pile and awaits the next go round.

Posted on 2007-03-29 at 17:21:13.
Edited on 2007-03-30 at 16:15:05 by Logan

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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6404 Posts

A Camp Fire Delight

Highnar watched as Lorae placed that which the party had gained into separate piles.

“I would suggest that each of you ask for the one thing you want most. And if that item is an upgrade of something you already have than please offer the item you are replacing for someone else who might want something like it."

"I for one would like the Amulet of Health, as someone called it,"
said Lorae making her choice.

“Ahh lass I have nothing to offer up as I only have me armor and axes, but as you say pick that which we be want’n most that would be’in 3 things only.
1st them Boots of Striding and Sprigg’in, as to no offense to any of de, but I will not be gett’n on yon monsters backs again.”

Taking a quick breath for even the thought of returning to a horses back for another day of riding had sent a chill up the dwarf’s spine.

“The 2nd thing would be’in them Gloves of Dexterity as Logan has offered them up, and I be thank’n you my friend for doing so, and last if’n it still be available at the end of everyone’s choices that Heavy Repeating Crossbow as I be hav’n no weapon of range.
As for the rest let us bee seeing what’s left then we can choose from them, but I bee think’in that them coins be spread evenly amongst all.”

With his choices made and his advice given Highnar once again sat silently and watched as the others did choose....

Posted on 2007-03-29 at 22:38:09.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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1764 Posts

Morning Choices

"Ask for you first choice only and then we will change the order so everyone has an equal chance." Lorae clarifies. her earlier words.

Posted on 2007-03-30 at 01:01:33.
Edited on 2007-03-30 at 13:40:14 by Dragon Mistress

Not Dragon Mistress
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2282 Posts


Brianna's choice of watch seems to be ignored but she makes no comment. "I will take ther middle watch. Loraw I guess that leaves you second watch.."

In the morning after breakfast adter the loot is seperated and identified Brianna asks for her first choice. "For my first choice I would like the +4 scimitar. It is a horsenam's weapon, I lost mine when my ship sank.

When Highanar sys he will not ride again Brianna frowns. Even with these boots he would not be able to keep up with running horses. Highnar, to never get on a horses back will seriously hinder you staying up with us even with those boots. You would need speed but it will still tax your energy equal to actually running that distance.

My red mare, the gift of my Goddess is an ambler, She moves like a cloud floating and I have spent many hours this morning modifying the seat of Roscoe's saddle to better fit one of your proportions. I would like you to try this combination out before you give up on the idea. I would not want to leave you behind if we had to hurry someplace

Posted on 2007-03-30 at 13:41:45.
Edited on 2007-03-31 at 20:55:23 by Brianna

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Xour speaks up and says “Let Highnar have the Boots of Striding and Springing and the Gloves of Dexterity. While it would not be a good idea for him to attempt to wal while we ride. It would give him an advantage while he was on foot fighting, The gloves might even allow him to do a bit better on a horse.”

Posted on 2007-03-31 at 20:18:35.


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