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Parent thread: Peradyse Lost
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staying put

Logan stays low, still and quite until the trap has been sprung. Having only melee weapons, he knows he must bide his time till they are ensnared. He plans to attack any not caught in the trap they have prepared for them.

Posted on 2007-08-23 at 13:24:13.

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Beside a Friend

With the knowledge of more orc’s on the way Highnar felt ready once again to fight. Having taken no real wounds in their previous fight all it had really done was warm him and his axes up.

Making it his goal to keep the young Logan safe, at least for this fight, he lay in hiding next to him. No words spoken just a readiness on both to deal with the threat ahead blades to hand, warrior next to warrior a friend next to a friend, woe to any Orc who would try to harm the other.

(OOC: OK everyone this will be my last post until roughly the first or second week in September as I will be on Vacation in Maryland till then. Have fun, kill lots of orc's and make sure Highnar don't die )

Posted on 2007-08-24 at 04:51:17.

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Vatta watched carefully for their opponents, and spared a glance now and then to the ground below so she could spot the locations of the various comrades. By being aware of their locations she could be sure that she wouldn’t fire any arrows too near them.

When the orcs and goblins emerge and give chase after Lorae, she tries to spot any obvious leaders in the group, those pointing and shouting as if giving commands. If she spots any she will draw a bead on them and take careful aim and when the first reach the entangles she will fire her bow as fast as she can. Choosing any leaders first, of if not apparent then the largest of the foes, knowing the largest were the most dangerous and probably leaders. The strongest usually were the leaders in their stinted chain of command, as it were.

She would continue to fire, looking out for any trying to get to the base of her tree, and near Cerric. She had her duty to protect him and she meant to uphold that oath.

Posted on 2007-08-26 at 19:30:22.

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Not Brianna
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Into It

The goblins and the leading Orcs race across the glade in hot pursuit of Lorae, seeing their target in sight they charge forward only to run into the entangles set up by Lorae. They are stopped a good 30 yards out, with others piling in behind they. The goblins continue on, but some of the orcs end up stopping before they are entangled.

Situation: 3 dozen gobins mostly all entangled, and about 9 of the 20 orcs are entangled. Fire away.

Posted on 2007-08-28 at 15:16:43.
Edited on 2007-08-28 at 15:18:49 by Dragon Mistress

Forever ♥
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Cry Havoc!!!!

When the goblins and orcs hit the ntangles, Vatta fired off her first volley of arrows. Her magical bow of speed and her amazing skill with said bow, allowed her to notched the second arrow and was aiming before the first struck it’s target.

She felt an exhilarating feeling run through her, finally some action. While her profession demanded patience at times, she still loved a good fight now and then. She would avoid fights that she knew she couldn’t win, but she would never shy away from a battle when it was necessary. This fight fell in the latter category.

Her intended targets were any orcs or goblins that appeared to be leaders, if she couldn’t spot any easily, then she would target those closest to her position. If they were close enough, she knew they would be easy targets.

Posted on 2007-08-29 at 23:29:13.

Not Dragon Mistress
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"Goddess for you!" Brianna cries out. "Ho, Highnar it is time to lay into the foe and slay them all. Lets us take the ones who are free of the entangle."

Brianna moves with Highnar towards the Orcs that stopped short of the entangle and are free to move. Bowmen can handle those caught up for now. Her twin blades whirl and slash the lead Orc in the group.

"Here I am you lumbering oafs, come and get me."

Posted on 2007-08-30 at 02:37:16.
Edited on 2007-08-30 at 04:05:14 by Brianna

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The Flight of the Soul Bearer

As the horde of goblins and orcs broke through the walls of the forest, Cerric felt a shiver run across his spine, as though it were about to sprout wings and fly away. His mind however, remained focused on the important things at hand. He fought for the lives of the people around him, as well as those that would suffer when these monsters ransacked the town in which only he and his fellow defenders lie between. The priest had momentarily taken his eyes off of the battlefield, and swept them upon the sleek bird that rest upon his shoulder. "Char, you must take flight," he began to say, speaking in the draconic language that he had taught the familiar after many tedious hours of rehearsal, "be the extension of my soul, so that we may punish these abominations!" Though in his original plans, Cerric had only meant to provide curative support. He realized that the most effective way to keep his allies alive would be to dwindle the ranks of their foe to as little as possible. To do this he would expend as much energy in the realm of the arcane as necessary, reserving his divine power for the much needed blessing of Oghma, and the knowledge of mending flesh and bone.

With a twitch of it's little head, the bird seem to nod in agreement. He stretched out his wings, testing the night air. It had begun to chill, which made stiff the cold-blooded creature, who had been relaxing on his master, as if he were a flesh made perch. With a caw into the night sky, he flapped his wings surreptitiously before responding to the mystic theurge's command with a simple, "I go."

Off into the night the raven flew, scanning the war stamped clearing for the perfect target. Tiny eyes flickered from one orc to the next, until he set his sights upon the perfect candidate. The ironclad buffoon would be a prime choice for the spell that Cerric had most certainly been considering. Char would hover close enough to his target, so that when the electrical energy filled his hollow body, he would be able to swoop down into the fray and stop the heart of the feral warrior cold.

Meanwhile, Cerric had been sifting through the priceless knowledge of the arcane, much of which he had learned in the abbey's library so long ago... One particular spell he had learned in the dragon's tongue came to mind. It was simple, yet effective. Clapping his hands together as if he were about to pray, the priest began mumbling the precursive gibberish of the incantation, opening his soul up to the realms of magic and igniting the flame of power within himself. As the flow of energy began to pulse into his body, the mystic theurge closed his eyes, finding the power that surged into him almost unbearable to maintain. The magical force of powers too old to date flowed through him like he was little more than a channel etched into the earth by a glacier from millions of year previous. It sought escape, something that Cerric would be glad to provide. Tilting his hands away from the heavens to be parallel with the horizon, he opened his eyes and focused his mind on three of the goblins that had been trapped by the entanglements. Maintaining his concentration on those three goblinoid creatures, he clasped together all but his index fingers, to form a point... a place for the energies to be released from. As he did this, three pulses of light and sound shot forth, unerringly towards the three small human-like monsters, as if they stood upon a summit, with lightning rods in hand as they braved a mighty thunderstorm. It was as though they had provoked the wrath of the gods, except that in this case, it was the priest of Oghma that sought to deliver punishment. The lighting rods they carried were the choices they made. War for no virtuous reason, enough to raise the ire of this usually passive man.

His focus wandered between the goblins he had struck out upon, and his fellow guardians as they began their various encounters with the enemy. On this spectacular mount of his, it would be possible to reach his fallen comrades before they were sent to their final destinations. He hoped such fatal conditions would be avoidable, but knew hope was no replacement for preparedness.

(Cerric uses magic missile on three different goblins, dealing them each 1d4+1 damage. Char makes a double move towards an orc with metal armour. I am keeping him within a moves range of his target, so that I may attack with him after Cerric cast's a touch attack spell upon him.)

Posted on 2007-08-30 at 14:00:56.
Edited on 2007-08-30 at 14:54:15 by Philosopher

Not Dragon Mistress
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In the midst of battle

Brianna moves forwrd towards the enemy with a smile on her face. and a glim in her eyes. As she dis it seemed time time expanded for her. Her awareness of the battle around her was heightened. So focused was she, yet little escaped her sense. Brianna was able to watch much of what ws going on around and make decision to trust, slash, parry dodge or move as if her foes were moving through molasses.

Brianna ballte skills had been honed from girlhood and in hte many battles the Amazons had to fight against humaniod and moster foes.. That is the way Amazon were brougth up. By their mid teens each girl was battlehardened and ready to be warriors for her tribe. As the daughter of an Chieftaness of a large clan who was also the champion for the Amazon ueen, Brianna was trained by the very best teachers and instructors in her tribe.

Brianna was also trained in magic because her father had been a magician of great ability that her mother had shosed to sire her child in hopes of getting a mage-using daughter. That had not happened, but the spark never manifested itself at puberty. The lack of magic ability was the only hope that Brianna did not fulfill her for mother. Tall, strong of limb and wind. She was a quick learner and a quick study, Brianna was not the very fastest of her people but she was quick with great endurance. A strong mself motivation to be the best, perhaps to satisfiy her mother even if she did not have magic talent.

Brianna excelled in ther trials of womanhood. It made her mother proud of her. SHe was a savvy fighter quick and sure , with sword, bow, and javelin. Her mother's praise that day was Brianna's finest moment. Even her weapons instructor was please Brianns could tell from Justinine's weather face. Something that she rearely showed a smile had lit it that day when she congratulated Brianna on on her Warrior day--and that rarely ever happened. Justine had prphesied that she would be a great assest to her tribe and family. Only that never came true.

One night while she was patroling the horse herd to protect there horses from thief or ravages by animals of monsters. Brianna's tribe and been attacked. Thery were not agter the horse though, only she didn't find that out until later after the night patrol and secreted the herds in a safe place and Brianna returned to her Mother's encampment. It was in ruins. As she rode in she was captured and placed in a band with others thers of her tribe. She had to watch in horror as her sisters and mother were executed--In the Queen's name and for treason. . None of her tribe gave away Briann's whereabouts. Justine her latest weapons instructor had been there and stopped Brianna from revealing herself by trying to rescue her family. "You will dead too. Stay still, watch, listen, and learn. There is something wrong here They called your Mother Traitor, girl And that she never was, by the Goddess I swear. . Something is amise. If we survive, you can have you retribution when you are cool and calm and in a postition of power. This is not the time or the place."

She did keep quiet and was exiled with most of the remnants of her tribe to the Forbidden Isles. There was no returning from thare as the tales were told. Only she had vowwed to the GOddess that she would and she had kept her promise. She had kept her promise and returned with army in tow and that was a whole other story. There Brianna had learn to control her self but it had been a hard fought process. But one that was to her advantage in battle. Like now.

Rhiannon was cool, calm and in a position of power. SHe faced the Orcs and goblin taking her retribution out on them, for now.

Posted on 2007-08-30 at 16:36:45.
Edited on 2007-08-31 at 01:20:42 by Brianna

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Not Brianna
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Round 1 and 2

Since the enemy was surprised and caught flatfooted the heroes get off two rounds before they can do anything to retaliate.

Starting a new combat (June 19, 7:36 PM)

Round 1

Logan waits for the enemy to close on his position

Vatta (Shortbow, mighty (+2 Str) composite MW (Speed), #1) hits (5+11) AC 16 for 7 HP of damage
Goblin 24 has received 7 hp of damage.
Goblin 24 is unconscious.
Vatta (Shortbow, mighty (+2 Str) composite MW (Speed), #2) hits (11+6) AC 17 for 6 HP of damage
Goblin 25 has received 6 hp of damage.
Goblin 25 is unconscious.

Lorae cuts through the forest and heads for Logan's position

Brianna and Highnar close in on the Orcs that are trying to get around the entangles that Lorae set.

Xuor (Longbow, composite +3, #1) hits (19+1 AC 37 for 7 HP of damage
Goblin 3 has received 7 hp of P, magic, damage. Second shot misses

Cerric Khalidran casts Magic Missile (mem) as Wiz 3 (DC 16). Goblin 11 takes 2 Magic Missles 4 and 4
Goblin 11 receives 8 hp of damage.

Round 2

Vatta (Shortbow, mighty (+2 Str) composite MW (Speed), #1) hits (4+11) AC 15 for 7 HP of damage
Goblin 12 has received 7 hp of damage.
Vatta (Shortbow, mighty (+2 Str) composite MW (Speed), #2) hits (7+6) AC 13 for 8 HP of damage
Goblin 12 has received 8 hp of damage.

Highnar Goldblade and Brianna move about 1/2 way to the fron of the entangle both make a spot rool to see where the entangle begins.

Xuor (Longbow, composite +3, #1) hits (4+1 AC 22 for 7 HP of damage
Goblin 3 has received 7 hp of P, magic, damage.
Xuor (Longbow, composite +3, #2) hits (5+13) AC 18 for 4 HP of damage
Goblin 3 has received 4 hp of P, magic, damage.

Cerric Khalidran casts Magic Missile (mem) as Wiz 3 (DC 16). hits Goblin 11 for 3+4=7 HP of damage.

Sorry for the briefness and lack of literature, as I am preparing to DM for 8 hours at a big gaming convention this weekend.

Posted on 2007-08-31 at 05:51:14.
Edited on 2007-08-31 at 05:53:48 by Dragon Mistress

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A Re-evalueation!

In his tree perch Xour watches as the Orcs and Goblins rush into their trap, and when they see Lorae they rush blindly forward this causes a majority of them to become entangled in the entangles that she set out. So with many foes trapped Xour picks out his targets and fires away.

When one of his arrows actually flies wide of it's target he reevaluates and deceides he is being to nonchlant in his targeting and tells himself he will buckle down and be more carefull when targeting.
Clearing his mind of all outside thoughts, and focusing on the Orcs and Goblins that are not trapped considering them to be the most dangerous to his comrades. He scans the battlefield and seeing that it looks like all the goblins are entangled he looks for three Orcs that are free and pose a threat to one of the fighters on the ground. Once he picks out his three targets ( he is using his rapid shot feat and full round action to fire three arrows)

Starting with the Orc that is farthest away from his location in the tree he reaches for an arrow notchs it and sights down the arrow to his target adjusting his aim for the distance to the target and any drop that the ground might induce into the arrows flight. Clearing his mind of all but what he is doing right now, he uses the tecnique of visulizing what he wants to happen he sees the arrow leaving the bow and it's flight to the target and striking the target, and when he visulizes the target being hit is when he releases the arrow he has notched. Finding his next target he goes through the same routine hoping that this will help in keeping him focused and improve his kill rate. Not that he has any real problem, but he is of the belife that there is always room for improvement.

The bow is and has always been Xour's weapon of choice. He has sought out and trained with some of the best bowsmen known in his world. He has lived, and breathed archery since he was a young elf, and the longbow he carries now the one he has named “Beauty” was made by some of the best fletchers he could locate, and its grip and form was designed for his hands and his height. He has probally fired a million arrows from this bow just in practice and always is seeking new advice and tecnique.

After his second arrow is released he targets the third Orc which shouls be the one closet to his pearch, and once again he goes through the visulization technique and watchs as the arrow leaves his bow and flies to it's target. Once he has finished his firing he again scans the battlefield to deceide what he is going to do next.

Posted on 2007-09-04 at 12:34:14.

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Brianna nockes another arrow and lets fly as she moves up with highnar. One more then she is switching to ther swords. and charging those not entangles by Lorae's spell.

Those trapped were struggling against the wild growth of the heavy forest vegetation not snarling about them. Briann was always amazed by the results of the spell. HOwever she knew that it would not keep them stopped forever so that is why she moved up. THe smarls and growls of the bestial Orcs and there cries rung through the forst. Not a good thing the fighting mught attrack ithers iof their ilk. WIth a carefull aim Brianna fires two shot and slings her bow and draws her swords

Posted on 2007-09-11 at 16:13:43.
Edited on 2007-09-11 at 22:00:19 by Brianna

Dragon Mistress
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Round 2 and Set Up for Round 3

The grunts and cries of Orcs and Goblins filled the air. Some cursed while struggling in the areas of the entangles. The handful of goblins not caught in the twisting and writhing grass. Along with the majority of the Orcs,

Logan holds his position as Lorae rides to join him.

Vatta from her lofty perch fires down on the hapless goblins. Her bow twangs three times in rapid succession. Her first two shots finish off the one goblin she had fired on before and she then targets the one next to him and misses and the goblin twists away from his falling brethren.

Lorae casts Flare on an readying to throw his Javelin at Brianna. He is blinded for 1 minute.

Brianna Stormrider has moved up bow in hand, as there is still to much open ground between her and the Orcs and Goblins trying to skirt the entangles. Her three shots are aimed toward a big Orc trying to skirt the Entangled areas. All three hit and the last one nails the Orc in the center of his forehead

The Goblins and Orcs with ranged weapon shoot or throw them at Brianna, Highnar and Lorae, who are out in the open, but they miss miserably

Charging in out the edge of the forest, Shadowbane knocks down and tramples on the head of a goblin running around the edge of the entangles. The huge black stallion then bee-lines for an Orc who does not have the time or the dexterity to dodge the massive warhorse, Shadowbane knocks him down and dances a tattoo in his chest. There is an audible snapping of bones. (Two Crits!)

Another Orc throws his javelin, but it falls well short of Highnar.

Highnar Goldblade, using his crossbow fires on another big Orc and hits him solidly 3 times, but the Orc is still standing.

Xuor high in his perch spots two big Orcs sweeping around the right flank if the entangles. He looses his first arrow and hits the Orc in the thigh slowing him. The Orc with him runs forward making it impossible to shoot the wounded Orc again so Xuor fires the second big Orc. That Orc stumbles and the arrow slams into his chest. (Crit)

Goblins, still flatfooted, are unable to act at all.

Cerric Khalidran again fires his Magic Missles the first hits and drop a goblin, the second hits and drops another goblin and the third Magic Missle seriously wounds a third Goblin.

Lorae reaches Logan and jumps lightly from the saddle and indicates they they should head to the other side of the entangles from where Brianna and Highnar are headed.

Round 3 Set up.

A half dozen Orcs swept to the right side of the entangles, followed by others not entangled, on the side that Highnar and Brianna have taken. The two groups are about 60 feet apart, but they are closing together fast. These include the two big Orcs that Xuor has just wounded. This will allow movement and one attack.

On the left is a scattering of 4 Orcs and 5 Goblins, where Shadowbane had just charged through. This is where Logan and and Lorae are headed. The left side group is about 70 feet from Lorea and Logan and running fast.

Posted on 2007-09-11 at 21:21:33.
Edited on 2007-09-11 at 23:40:25 by Dragon Mistress

Not Dragon Mistress
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Brianna Charges

"Let's Charge, Highnar," into the fray AEYEEEEEE!" Brianna gives an Amazon battle cry and starts her charge every mindful of keeping pace with Highnar and their preconceived tactics that should stand them well with the greater number of Orcs and Goblins. By flanking each others they could not be flanked by the enemy.

Brianna whirls her swords ready to face to face melee. She has a score to settle with them a score that will most like continue unless there are no more Orcs to kill anywhere. Fiercely she moves with a quick run toward the Orcs that are circling around the entangle effects.

Brianna will also back up when Highnar does and move forward when he does too.

She was ready for one-on-one--or whatever came within her reach. The long swords and her long reach gave her an advantage over the goblins but her first targets are the Orcs. The bigger they were the better she liked it. Her golden eyes were savagely feral if one looked her in the eyes just now. However dangerous they might appear there look was not as important as the cool calculating mind and a highly trained fighting skills that made Brianna a fearsome foe.

Posted on 2007-09-11 at 22:24:59.

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Continued aerial bombardment

Vatta watches as her deadly fire takes down a total of 3 goblins caught in the entangles. She shifts her aim towards the orcs now determined to take out as many of them as she can. She knows that the orcs are the leaders, goblins being smaller and weaker than orcs are always servants of someone stronger, usually orcs.

She quickly glances around once again looking for any orc that might be a leader, looking for some type of headdress, the biggest orc, the one with the most bones slung around his neck, usually denoting his many kills. If she spots any that appear unusual, she will take aim at that one and fire off another volley of arrows.

If she doesn’t spot any leaders or such, she will target the orcs that are closest to her or Cerric’s position. She keeps a close eye on any threat to the Priest, and will change targets if need be to protect him. Though from the blast of magical darts that streak out from beneath her and strike down nearby goblins, she can see that he seems to be able to handle himself quite well.

The rush of battle excites her, danger has always held fascination for her. A stand up fighter, like Brianna or Highnar, she will never be but she can hold her own and then some in positions where she can use surprise or distance attacks.

Watching the goblins and orcs falling, she can tell that this battle will probably not last much longer. She has chosen a battle hardened group with which to travel. She is pleased with her decision to join them.

Posted on 2007-09-11 at 23:36:29.

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Back to the Game :)

Highnar heard the call of the Lady Brianna and could not say no to her invitation

His crossbow to the ground and his twin axes to hand he followed the beautiful fighter forward into melee.
Ahhh how good it was to be back beside friends and comrades joined in glorious battle. It almost seemed in some way that he had been gone somewhere into himself these past few minutes, but with the Lady Brianna’s call once again he returned to the here and now.

With a cry to let her know he was beside her and to give praise to his god the Dwarf fighter followed.

“Aye me lady let us do so, For MORADIN!!”

Posted on 2007-09-17 at 05:20:26.
Edited on 2007-09-17 at 05:21:14 by TannTalas


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