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Parent thread: Peradyse Lost
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Not Dragon Mistress
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"I knew you would say that," Brianna laughed as her blades slahes in ferosious arcs before her.

"For the Goddess," responded Brianna with feeling, not to be outdone by Hignar call to his seity.

Brianna kept both blades whirling in a intricate dance around her. They made a killing zone that anyone attacking had wiith melee weapons had to come through/. Pole arms and range weapons theough had a better chance which is why she keep moving aabout. That made it harder for those with range weapons to get a set shot. She had a small buckler ready to feign off attacks though she usually relied on her spseed and agility for that. She was not heavily armored. A mithril chain s*** that fell to her mid thigh, greaves over her riding boots and vanbraces that covered her lower arms. She had on the helmet for now it was good protection.

Posted on 2007-09-20 at 16:21:01.
Edited on 2007-10-05 at 20:29:02 by Brianna

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289 Posts

The Unfolding Battle.

As everything seems to so far be proceeding nicely Xour sees no reason to yet leave his pearch, that is as long as his prey is still in range.Keeping track of the two large Orcs that he has been firing upon Xour will continue to target these same two.They seem to be larger and more powerfull than the rest and he thinks these two may be in charge, just a educated guess on his part.

Xour will stay with the same targets and same tactics (taking the full round for attacking and using his rapid shot feat. please see ooc; below) as long as they are in range, if they are not he picks out two Orcs who are not entangled and may be a menance to any who are in meele on the field.

Staying with the same tactic's he has been using the ranger clears his head and as he prepares to fire, he visulizes what he wants the outcome to be which is always a good hit upon his target, targeting the Orc he hit in the thigh first he notchs "beauty" with the arrow aims down the shaft visualizes and then releases, as he watches the first arrow fly towards it's target he automatically prepares for his next shot, reaching back he pulls the arrow from his quiver notch's it and then targets his next victim.Sighting down the arrows shaft he brings the second Orc the one with his arrow sticking out of it's chest into view and once again goes through his ritual.Sight target, visualize, then fire.

OOC:Sorry for the quick ooc here but if you could read my post in the recruitment thread about feats and let me know if I am doing this wrong.Thanxs Dragonmist.

BIC:Being totally in his element now, fully focused on his enemies and feeling at one with his bow "Beauty" Xour wants nothing more than to push his advantage.His senses seem as heightened as they have ever been durning battle, and Even though there is caos all around with Orc's and Goblins yelling and screaming his own comrades yelling their battle cries to their gods the clash of metal on metal as swords cross in battle the battle hardened elven ranger can look around the field and pick and choose where he wants to focus and can some how instintivly hear and know what is happening there at that exact moment almost as if that was the only battle going on upon the field.

So it is with his senses fully tuned to the battle raging around him Xour scans the field and picks his next target for this attack.If he sees any one of his comrades in a tough situation this will be the target for his next shot, if not he will finish with either of the two Orcs he started with, and if they are down or out of range and no one seems in dire need he will just pick the biggest, ugliest, meanest looking Orc he can see to try and sink this next arrow into.He pulls the arrow free of his quiver, notch's it sights down the shaft, visualizes the hit, then releases the arrow following it's flight to it's end.

The elven ranger will now once again take stock of the battle field and in rapid fashion make his choice for his next move.

Posted on 2007-09-22 at 12:10:45.

Karma: 37/4
502 Posts

A Jolt to the System

The raven lurks in the air above the metal clad orc, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Char awaits the empathic signal from his master Cerric, before finally descending upon his target from behind. He feels the jolt of electricity pass into his form, as if at once he knew what it was like to be a streak of lightning, coursing it's way towards the earth, a battle of thunder raging in the distance as the world trembles before it's sheer impact. Though the little brain was not so inclined to metaphors, the bird wondered nonetheless, if this would make the orc the earth to be split in two.

(Short post... ah well, can't win them all. Been a busy few weeks for me, anyhow. Cerric has just cast Shocking grasp on his raven, and the raven is doing a touch attack against the orc that he had been targeting. I would like to mention for your convenience that shocking grasp gains a +3 circumstance bonus to attack if the target is wearing metal. Also, I would like to mention, because of something I saw in a previous post, that I am considered a level 5 mage for all intents and purposes. I know this is made obvious because I am indeed a mystic theurge, but I saw myself posted as a level 3 mage when I cast in the first surprise round in combat. It's important in this instance because it is the difference between 3d6 damage, and 5d6 damage.)

Posted on 2007-09-23 at 13:32:32.
Edited on 2007-09-23 at 13:32:55 by Philosopher

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
Karma: 68/55
1764 Posts

Battle Royale

Logan prepares for an onslaught of Orcs and Goblins coming toward Lorae and himself, they will meet on the next round.

Vatta’s bow sings out as she releases each carefully aimed shot. The Goblin she last shot at has received a second arrow in his chest which drops him. . Her next arrow drives deep into the next nearest Goblin and he receives a critical wound.

Goblins fire their crossbows, but hit no one as their bolts go shattering off target.

Brianna and Highnar are right in the thick of battle as the Orcs barrel into them. Brianna Stormrider makes her first swing and finishes off the Orc who first charged up to her and his dies at her feet. Her next attack, cleaves into the dead Orc’s companion. Brianna feels the strength and perfection of her swing and watches as the blade slices neatly through the neck of the Orc, instantly killing him and he too falls at her feet. Unfortunately he falls against her lower legs upsetting her 3rd attack and she swings wide with her off hand weapon.

A big Orc comes running up on Highnar. His huge Falchion finds a chink in Highnar’s armor and the tough Dwarf fighter take s light damage in the left arm.

Shadowbane, Brianna's black stallion, swings his rear to the oncoming enemy and delivers a first stunning kick right in an Orc’s solar plexus, and his second kick kills the Orc.

Another Orc charges Brianna and he too gets a lucky blow dealing a light wound to Brianna’s left leg.

A spiked chain is swung by a Goblin trying to entangle Highnar’s legs, but the swing misses.

A number of unarmed goblins take the opportunity of looting their fallen comrades and taking their weapons.

Highnar Goldblade retaliates and his mighty great ax is driven into the chest of the Orc who had wounded him. His second strike finishes off the ugly brute

Xuor's fine long bow adds its deeper song to Vatta’s bow and with 2 carefully place shots, he downs 2 Goblins.

Moon Dancer races forward to join Shadowbane and his two kicks are just as deadly as each hoof kills a goblin.

Cerric Khalidran casts Shocking Grasp to be delivers by his familiar Char. Char swoops fro his perch in an oak and come up behind an Orc who was running foward toward Highnar and Brianna, who were already engaged by a number of Orcs and Goblins. Char lights briefly on the head of the Orc wearing a chain coif. As the Spell goes off the Orc cries out and starts to jerk about. He staggers, trips and falls to his hands and knees as he is seriously injuried.

The Orc Adept casts Magic Missile at Highnar and the Dwarf takes two more light wounds.

A Goblin runs up on Brianna and gets a lucky hit as she is jostled by the falling Orc, she take minor damage from the point of the goblins halfspear.

At the end of round 3 there are 12 of the enemy down, 1/3 of their original number still caught in the entangles, and more than 8 wounded.

Please wait before posting as I need to set up the scenario before Round 4 starts. Highnar and Brianna will be in their second round of melee, and Logan and Brianna will begin their first round of melee.

(OOC---Something new I have added so you have an idea about dmg but more in story telling mood that hit points for posting damage. Minor wounds are 1-3, Light wounds are from 4-8, Moderate wounds are from 9-16, Serious wounds are from 17-24 and Critical wounds are from 25-32.)

Posted on 2007-09-28 at 17:35:41.
Edited on 2007-10-02 at 04:10:24 by Dragon Mistress

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
Karma: 68/55
1764 Posts

Pre Round 4

From what anyone can judge there are over 60 of the enemy. Close to a dozen are down, either dead or dying

About 2 dozen of the enemy are still caught in the entangles a number of the goblins are so enwrapped that they are no longer visible through the mass of grass twisting about them.

Around Brianna and Highnar are 3 Goblins 1, 15, 23, and 2 Orcs 22, 30. Coming up in round 5 are 4 more Goblins. 10, 22, 24, 26 and 4 more Orcs 4-7

Lorae and Logan will be in Melee in round 4 against 5 Goblins 26-31 and 5 Orcs 8-12

From up in the trees Vatta and Xuor can see the whole field. Vatta finally spots what seems to be the biggest Orc on the field and he seems to be bellowing commands that bring together some of the Orcs into some sort of formation. He is wearing a suit of chain mail and carries a Great Orc Double Ax.

Posted on 2007-10-02 at 23:55:54.

Not Dragon Mistress
Karma: 105/32
2282 Posts

Brianna in Battle Mode

Brianna setps back with a foot then side steps the fallen orcs and goblins. she however does not move away from Hignar rather just tepping diagonally so that they kept their united front to the horde of goblins and orcs. Her twin blades flash in a eye twisting flurry--Thunder and Lightning were well named.

The thrill of battle energized her. She push everything in into each swing. Using her speed and strength to maximize her stikes. Lightning first then Thunder then Lightning again as fast as she could. aim at bodies or heads the most vital areas. However for all her efforts she stayed aware of the battle around her. One to see how her friens were doing and to prevent herself bfeom bak attacks, or being flanked.

Highnar was equally busy with his ax it was incredible how much force her hit with, being much shorter than she was. but if he hit they usually fell after one blow. Unfortunately, she could not see the how Loraw and Logam were doing, they were beyond her line of sight. THe archers seemes to be doing well also. Brinna had glimspe goblins going down pincushioned with arrows. Bow were deadly weapon allowing one to stand at and sidtance and rain down death from above.

Brianno was glad she had left Flame to protect the Cleric-mage Cerric. IT would have been to easy for him to get cought up in the battle and get hurt with so many foes about.

Posted on 2007-10-03 at 00:48:07.
Edited on 2007-10-03 at 02:16:45 by Brianna

Forever ♥
Karma: 86/11
1538 Posts

Thar the leader blows....

Spotting the large Orc well armored and armed as she notches another arrow, Vatta smiles and going to one knee on the limb to steady her aim, she draws a careful bead on the leader. Seeing the chain mail she aimes high, towards the throat, which this type of armor usually doesn’t cover, or the head if he isn’t wearing a helm.

As she takes aim, thoughts run through her head. The battle seems to be going well thus far with many of the enemy down and all of their group still on their feet. Right now, her thoughts turn to hitting the leader and possibly taking him out as soon as possible. Orcs and especially goblins, she knows are cowards at heart and mostly fight only because they are bullied by their leaders and driven into battle. Perhaps if the leader falls some of the enemy may retreat and lessen their foes and increase their odds of victory.

She lets loose the arrow and quickly notches another and lets it fly as well, giving a short prayer to whatever gods might be listening at the moment.

((OOC: Reminder: She should get three attacks/round because of the bow of speed, but I figure she could lose one shot this round because of taking extra time for a called shot. ))

Posted on 2007-10-03 at 23:59:52.

Karma: 12/1
289 Posts

Change of Tactic's.

Watching as the battle unfolds beneath him Xour sees two goblins fall as his arrows strike true and deadly.He doesn't like the way the Orcs are starting to gather around both Brianna and Highnar they seem to have drawn the largest crowd with about 7 goblins and 7 Orcs surrounding the pair.
OOC: See Q&A Please.
BIC:As he tries to deceide if he can call Daug in to help Highnar and Brianna on the field he sees that one of the Orcs; is acctually casting spells as he launchs magic missle to strike Highnar.Xour hates Orcs but Orc Adepts are even more hated he will target this one with his next attacks.He scans over the battlefield and can see several Orcs and Goblins are down but the field is just swarming with the damnable creatures and they seem to be splitting up and targeting his individual friends, there are just so many of them.As he watches the number of foes that Highnar and Brianna are fighting continue to increase from around 5 to more than a dozen he makes up his mind that at this time there is a different approach he can take to maybe help them out a little bit so he changes his mind from targeting the Orc Adept to something totally different.
Insteade of reaching back into his quiver for an arrow to notch this time Xour reaches back into his mind and brings forward a jumble of strange words and gestures that he has memorized.He had deceided he is going to cast one of the few spells he has learned to cast as a Ranger.He is granted the use of these limited spells by his deity Ehlonna both god to elves and rangers.He is going to cast his spell Summon Nature's Allies 2 and he wants a wolverine to be the animal that is called.Scanning the field and deceiding he wants to place the animal to appear at the backs of the group that is attacking Brianna and Highnar.
Clearing his mind of all else but for the strange words that make up the verbal portion of the spell he carfully forms each word and then speaks it outloud.
" seof ym kcatta ot enirevlow eno elttab fo dleif siht ot dnes dna siht em tnarg. uoy nopu sallc rouX tnavres llufhtiaf ruoy annolhE dog ym."
When finished formulatting the words of magic and speaking them he points to where he wants the animal he is calling forth to appear.He will then watch that area to see what if any damage the summoned animal can wreck upon his foes.

Posted on 2007-10-05 at 09:42:07.
Edited on 2007-10-05 at 09:46:09 by Dragonmist

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As the Goblins and Orcs advance, Logan carefully picks his first two targets. Staying as low as possible, he readies both weapons for his first attack. His targets willbe the middle 2 no matter what they are as they come by him. His off hand will be an arcing swing, his main hand will be a thrusting motion.

Posted on 2007-10-08 at 21:01:05.

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
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Lorae cast a spell she had readied and every one in the party is suddenly feeling that this battle is going well, and there is a hope of beating down the enemy. Good Hope (Bard 3) gives +2 on all attacks, saves, skill checks, and damage.

"Remind me to teach you to use a bow one day soon," Lorae replies after her spell goes off.

With Brianna and Highnar in the thick of it, others prepare to whittle down the numbers. Vatta's bow sings out 3 times At he intended target in the center of the 1st arrow penetrates in the left thigh. the 2nd in the right side, and the 3rd in the chest. Despite the 3 arrows the Orc just bellows in rage and moves steadily forward.

Brianna's blades do a dance of death as two Orcs and a Gollin fall.

Highnar takes out the Orc facing him and deals moderate damage to the two closest Goblins.

Xuor casts Summons Nature's Ally. It will appear next round.

Shadowbane and Moon Dancer charge into the group of Orcs in the center of the field. Shadowbane kicks one down and Moon Dancer kicks two and takes them down prehaps not out completely but down for a while. They are now headed for the third grouping of Goblins and Orcs on the right side of the field.

Flame, having left Cerric's side, added his own type of damage to the left side of the field. Hidden from view ,a handful of Goblins and Orcs go flying through the air, of which only two rise.

Faced with his first real life battle Cerric is a bit shaken.(no post of action)

Brianna take two points of damage in the left thigh from a critical hit by a buffed out Goblin to her front left

(OOC I will be sending the map of the updated battle soon, via E-mail)

Posted on 2007-10-12 at 01:08:31.
Edited on 2007-10-13 at 02:00:38 by Dragon Mistress

Forever ♥
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Stubborn orcs...

Vatta's bow sings out 3 times at the intended target in the center of the 1st arrow penetrates in the left thigh, the 2nd in the right side, and the 3rd in the chest. Despite the 3 arrows the Orc just bellows in rage and moves steadily forward.
Vatta curses at the stubborn strong orc leader, ‘he just couldn’t go down easy, huh?’ she thinks as she again draws down to fire at the leader once more.

As she draws and notches the first arrow she glances down checking on Cerric, making sure he is still safe in his position. If she sees any immediate threat, such as some orcs or goblins have broken through the barrier, she will turn her attention and volley of arrows to the threat, if not she will continue to fire upon the Large Orc leader, determined to bring him down.

Posted on 2007-10-16 at 17:56:45.

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Calling in friends.

Finished casting his spell summon natures ally Xour simply waits for the wolverine he has called into battle to appear.
OOC:using the map you sent us I would like the wolverine to appear in space O,17 right behind the Goblin15(G15) which is in P,17 thanxs.

Posted on 2007-10-17 at 09:53:28.
Edited on 2007-10-17 at 09:54:31 by Dragonmist

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Coming to Terms.

Even though he knew there was very little room for doubt... his body wouldn't respond to the signals that his brain was commanding. He had intended to cast more arcana towards the encumbered enemies... preferably before they were able to escape... but the site of the hordes closing in on his allies, along with the stressful knowledge that he did grim work, levied his actions useless. He hadn't had a lot of experience in the outside world... and even after leaving the abbey, mostly he had gone in search of other libraries and benevolent mages who were willing to share their knowledge with him.

He had killed before, in order to survive against the odd foe that crossed his path, such a the tiefling assassin sent to him by some cult whose purpose in life was apparently book burning. It just so happened at the time, that Cerric Khalidran had in his possession many books. This made him a scholar in the eyes of the cult... which was not so far from the truth. However, the tiefling had obviously not counted on the fact that he was a wizard of some fair rank...

Shaking out of his internal conflicts, and preposterously vivid recriminations of the past, another three spikes of light began to shine through the cracks of his fingers, and as they split, they shot forth unerringly towards three more unlucky goblins. They seemed to possess considerably less endurance, and as such, were prime targets of such simple spells. He would help reduce the number of enemies as quickly as possible, and worry about the quality of his victims after the fodder had been done away with.


Having effectively made contact with his target, Char did not linger around the Orc for any amount of time. He soared off high into the air, to watch the battle from a greater perspective, mapping out all points of interest for his master's perusal. Beady eyes squinted in the twilight trying to capture all the detail it could muster from the luminescence of the sky.

Posted on 2007-10-17 at 16:22:44.

Not Dragon Mistress
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2282 Posts


Brianna in battle mode is a sight to see-not that anyone of the group has the time to sit and watch. Her twin sblades slash and twist in an intricate dance of blades. Her moves are sure and precise. She is aware of those before her alert to her enemies. There are many foes before them even with all that had been trapped and she new that trap would not last forever. If they all attacked at once things would have gone badly. There ace in the hole were their archers safe up in the trees, and that they had spread themselves out to separate those free to attack.

That left her to kill as many as quickly as she could. While the goblins went down quickly if she hit them some stood off and shot arrows and other had spears. The Orcs were tougher they took more to put them down. She would just keep doing her best and put her faith in her Goddess.

"For Amaterrana" she yells out as she maximizes her attacks (Cleave, Power attack -5 to hit +5 to dammage). Brianna turns slight in place from Highnar to give him clear range to fight two foes and her clear range to fight two also. She is still working on keeping foes from their backs and if necessary will give ground to keep foes from flanking them or getting in behind them.

Posted on 2007-10-18 at 02:58:07.
Edited on 2007-10-18 at 05:23:46 by Brianna

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Highnar still here sorta

"For Anaterrana" Brianna called as she turned to give Highnar more room to fight.

Without any hesitation he replied as he had so many times before.

“For Moradin” And moved to take the 2 enemies in front of him yet at the same time covering Brianna’s undefended backside. His axes swinging woe to any that would stand in his way.

Posted on 2007-10-18 at 04:58:00.


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