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Karma: 80/28
3600 Posts


You create the "outernet". It competes with the internet and is cheaper but that's because it only works in outerspace. great idea

I wish I had a fire extinguisher

Posted on 2008-04-10 at 19:48:36.

Icelanders! Roll Out
Karma: 102/11
1514 Posts


(Long story, but ghet is an English linguistic joke. It can be read as fish. Gh as in tough, e like in here, and t as in manifistation )

You get the fire-extinguisher but there will never be a fire for you to use it.

I wish for inspiration.

Posted on 2008-04-11 at 01:15:52.

RDI Staff
Karma: 357/190
6191 Posts

Havent been here i na bit

You get the Grugg.

I wish I had some shiny red shoes.

Posted on 2008-04-11 at 01:17:24.

Glory of Gallifrey
RDI Fixture
Karma: 34/7
596 Posts


You get your new shoes but they don't fit.

I wish my muse hadn't quit.

Posted on 2008-04-11 at 01:41:55.

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 139/12
2437 Posts


The muse didn't quit; they fired you as their writer.

wish... that I could think up a character for Glory's campaign...

Posted on 2008-04-11 at 01:54:51.
Edited on 2008-04-11 at 01:55:31 by Reralae

Karma: 80/28
3600 Posts


you think one up but it refuses to leave the recesses of your noggin for the wide open space of the blank page.

I wish for a soothing backrub given by Sean Connery and/or Gerard Butler.

Posted on 2008-04-14 at 11:54:28.

Glory of Gallifrey
RDI Fixture
Karma: 34/7
596 Posts


You get your wish, but Connery is old old old and tends to drool old man spittle all over you before dying of a heart attack and falling on you, pinning you benaeth his moldering...

okay, that was a bit far. I'm sorry.


i wish i was far less disturbed for one single day.

Posted on 2008-04-15 at 04:03:24.

ruler of the shadows
Karma: 11/20
491 Posts


Granted... but all of your clothes turn pink for one day as well... and not just any pink... little girl was just born pink...

I wish pink was no longer a color of the spectrum

Posted on 2008-04-15 at 04:45:54.
Edited on 2008-04-15 at 04:46:04 by ruler of the shadows

Karma: 80/28
3600 Posts

wish granted

Pink is no longer available.

Because of your selfish wish there will never be another baby girl born. Congratulations, you just doomed the human race.

I wish to be debt free.

Posted on 2008-04-15 at 12:06:27.

ruler of the shadows
Karma: 11/20
491 Posts


Did I doom the human race or did you? You see... I wished pink didn't exist... I didn't wish baby girls didn't exist... Also... I don't see how getting rid of the color pink would have caused it... I mean... you could have corrupted it as simply as this... The color pink no longer exists... it is now called... Light Red... That would have covered it... but noooooo you had to doom the human race...

so... yes you are now dept free... but because you are dept free the rest of the world slips into a depression... nukes go off and kill every one... So how's it feel to have you wish corrupted into somethin that dooms the world...

I wish I didn't take things overboard so much...

Posted on 2008-04-17 at 15:41:38.

Karma: 80/28
3600 Posts

pretty darn powerful actually are the wisher not the granter of your wish so you must accept the consequences no matter what they happen to be. You can't just go around making wishes willy nilly and then expect the corrupter to let you off the hook with a simple "pink is now light red"

you no longer take things ignore everything which causes all your friends and loved ones to hate you becasue of your lack of attention.

I wish I could have lived in the Midieval era.

Posted on 2008-04-17 at 17:46:46.

ruler of the shadows
Karma: 11/20
491 Posts


You now are in the mid evil times... Your village is attacked by a raiding horde and they kill you and the rest of your family... No this is not a punisher thing where they leave a little alive, they kill you... in fact they are a cannibal horde. SO they eat all the people in the village...

I don't think your corruption worked... that went too far...

I wish money grew on trees...

Posted on 2008-04-17 at 18:53:30.

TRSG 2.0
Karma: 113/94
1606 Posts


Money dose grow on tree's but due to an endless supply of it the global economy goes into super hyperinflation due to everyone being so wealthy.

I wish that the previous wish was undone.

Posted on 2008-04-17 at 19:02:36.
Edited on 2008-04-17 at 19:07:21 by Loki

ruler of the shadows
Karma: 11/20
491 Posts

hsiw Granted...

oh... and on top of that... you lose 10000 IQ points becoming the least intelligent whatchamahoozit in the galaxy. I hsiw hsiw was agian spelled Wish.

Posted on 2008-04-19 at 02:44:58.

Karma: 31/10
529 Posts


hsiw is again spelled wish, but now due to the time of arrangement, it has lost its meaning, and so now a Wish is an orange, deadly, biting cockroach, and there is no such thing as the former 'wish' meaning. No wish's! Only cockroaches.

I wish Madonna would embrace her age and stop making bad-sounding, scary-looking, corny wannabe-cool-and-young-and-hott videos (and songs). Ok..too many hyphens. Too many Madonnas!

Posted on 2008-04-20 at 07:52:38.


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