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Parent thread: Star Wars Redemption Take 2
Related thread: Star Wars Redemption Take 2
Related thread: Redemption: Q+A and Intro post
GM for this game: Geraint
Players for this game: Skari-dono, Loki, Ananya, Velinith
This game is on hiatus.
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Redemption of Hell

After the basic training everyone assembles for the final parade, the entire battalion of recruits that survived the basic training are assembled in their finest parade uniforms. The platoon you are in is one of the last called up for their official graduation.

“We are here today to acknowledge Charlie Platoon of Echo training company, You have all survived the basic training, and have learned the skills required to resist and fight the empire, and we welcome you all into the black shields, as your name is called please step forward” the Major in charge of the training facility says, as he starts calling names.

About fifth in line “Recruit Besmic, you have completed your basic training and your advanced qualifications as a medic, and are hereby Promoted to the rank of Private and Are also hereby assigned to the 1st Special Operations unit also known as the Hell Jumpers, congratulations” as he salutes and hands you your new rank pins.

He waits for you to return to your spot in the platoon and calls out “Recruit Teldan, you have completed your basic training and your advanced qualifications as a Technical Specialist and are hereby promoted to the rank of Private and are also hereby assigned to the 1st Special Operations unit, also know as the hell jumpers, congratulations” as he salutes and hands you your new rank pins.

He waits for you to return to your spot in the platoon and calls out “Recruit Foon, you have completed your basic training and your advanced qualifications as a Riflemen and are hereby promoted to the rank of Private and are also hereby assigned to the 1st Special Operations unit, also know as the hell jumpers, congratulations” as he salutes and hands you your new rank pins.

He waits for you to return to your spot in the platoon and calls out “Recruit Osaka, you have completed your basic training and your advanced qualifications as a Demolitions Specialist and are hereby promoted to the rank of Private and are also hereby assigned to the 1st Special Operations unit, also know as the hell jumpers, congratulations” as he salutes and hands you your new rank pins.

He waits for you to return to your spot in the platoon and calls out “Recruit Dara, you have completed your basic training and your advanced qualifications as a Rifelwoman, with high scores and are hereby promoted to the rank of Private First Class and are also hereby assigned to the 1st Special Operations unit, also know as the hell jumpers, congratulations” as he salutes and hands you your new rank pins.

After the rest of the surviving members are called and given their assignments all to front line or garrison units, the parade is dismissed., and a lot of chariot LAV’s show up to pick up people for their new units, though for those assigned to the hell jumpers a orbital hopper is waiting. Once your gear is packed up and loaded, you are flown across the planet to the jungles, where you land in a small base maybe enough to hold a unit of 40 at most, with vine covered landing pads, the hopper settles down and lets you off onto the base that the jungle seems to be trying to reclaim, though you can see one of the buildings is cleared of vines and seems to have power working again. A droid approaches and points you all to a set of barracks with an apology “I am sorry sirs and ma’ms, but this base is new for us, you will have to get your own barracks delt with on your own until our technical crews get here”

Posted on 2009-05-05 at 02:22:45.
Edited on 2009-05-15 at 21:15:33 by Geraint

TRSG 2.0
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She looked out of place in the 15 man lineup, first of all she was a girl, there were few enough in the original 40 man platoon but even fewer had survived the six months. Probably the second thing that people noticed was her stature, she was short, very short, only 1 meter 62 but was otherwise well proportioned and athletic. Her build was mostly due to her passion for grav-ball, a sort of, well, completely unlike other games but it required it's player's to have some degree of physical strength but mostly coordination and agility. Next you'd probably see that she was fury, her hair was in a top knot and waved down to her waist. The rest of her skin was covered in fur and her nails were in fact claws, she also looked uncomfertable in uniform.

She waited and watched as Jon-Jon, Darren, Saysei and [Oscar's first name] slowly came down from the front but was wondering why she hadn't been called up second, she should have been after Jon-Jon with a name like Adol Dara. Then she was called up, she made her way to the front with a heightened awareness of herself, this arquadness was almost worse then the Gunnery Sargent; how she hated that man and his drills and marching and shouting and. She was at the front. Smiling as the Major awarded her with the rank pins. Hang on. She'd been made a Private First Class. She has 'high scores', she didn't know they'd been being marked, she thought it was just 'Well done, go get those stormies.'

She returned to the lineup, she quietly watched and congratulated her other friends as they were awarded a rank and unit before the line up was disbanded, she knew she probably wouldn't see them again, her family was, again, being broken up. She made her way to the rest of 1st Special Operations struggling not to half run or show any of the normal features of her gate, it was hard.

She saw Jon-Jon and spoke up to him, he was a bit taller then her.

"Private First Class - what does that mean?"
Already dread filler her at the though she is probably unit leader or in some way responsible for the group as she made her way, with the rest of them, to he hopper. Her uniform was uncomfortable and she couldn't wait to change into something a bit more... her.

(OOC: I should probably say that Adol does not have an accent as she learnt basic from a very young age due to her upbringing and if there is anything you would want me to expand on then ask in the Q&A thread as it would have probably come up during the 6 months of training.)

Posted on 2009-05-16 at 00:20:35.
Edited on 2009-05-16 at 01:06:51 by Loki

Icelanders! Roll Out
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yay me

As they started reading up the names of the graduates, Jon-Jon felt a certain sense of pride building up inside. The training had been tough, with several accidents and even few deaths as well. Jon-Jon had known many good people who did not make it to graduation, most of which had only dropped out but sadly few who never got to leave the training grounds on their own two (occasionally more) feet. But he had made it to graduation. There were times when he was about to break, but there was always something, or someone, that got him back on his feet. He was proud of what he had accomplished, and he was glad that he would be working with people who had managed the same thing and more.

His name was suddenly called up and woke him from his thoughts. He walked to the Major and shook his hand. He did not even think much about what the Major was saying to him, but when he got back to his seat it all sank in. 1st Special Operations; Hell Jumpers.

More names were called up, and more were assigned to the Hell Jumpers. Former recruits, now privates, Teldan, Foon, Osaka, and Dara. All good people, ones he was glad to have by his side if things would get tough.

When the parade was over, Adol Dara came to Jon-Jon with a question. "Private First Class - what does that mean?" she had asked him. Jon-Jon wasn't really sure how to answer the question. After all, he was a doctor and not really knowledgable about military ranks.

"I guess," he said, "it means you are higher ranked than the rest of us. Congratulations."

After the team got on board the orbital jumper and arrived to what appeared to be their home, Jon-Jon could hardly believe what he saw. The place was mostly covered in trees and growth, and if he had understood the droid correctly, they were supposed to clear it until the technical crew got there.

Posted on 2009-05-16 at 11:19:21.

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always late *sighs* ><

She stood silently with the others, unmoving, her face emotionless as usual as she watched the remainder of those she had trained with make their way up to the front then back again. She snorted mentally to herself as her mind whirled with thoughts. What was she doing here? She had traded one military uniform for another…and for what purpose? She sighed. If only she could just go home…back to a normal life where she didn’t have to hurl her small, slender body through rigorous, and generally muddy, exercise. Ha! What was normal anymore anyway? It was far too late to turn back now, that other life was forever lost. At least she was free. She would far rather be here, now…. her life along even this path had the best survivability ratio she had calculated. She smiled very faintly to herself. At least the work was enjoyable…and she was free.

She blinked, realizing suddenly she ought to be paying attention. She lifted her head just in time to hear him call her name and she moved quickly and smoothly up to him, her delicate fingers closing quickly around her pins and vanishing with the speed of a hungry Nar Shadaan street rat as she saluted him and went back to her place. She was small for a human, but there was …something…in the way she moved that seemed almost catlike, like a creature waiting to spring.

Her jade green eyes drifted almost lazily back to the commander’s face for a moment, seeming to laugh at something only she was aware of as she returned to her spot, saying nothing. She returned quickly to her quarters once they were dismissed, reaching the hopper with all her gear before the others. She sat silently the whole way.

She blinked at the droid as it spoke, the words sinking in as she stared …seriously considering giving the bucket of bolts an accident. Her almond shaped eyes narrowed and she pressed her lips together tightly. She turned sharply on her heel, putting the droid at her back as she looked over their new home. She didn’t turn to look at her unit mates around her, but it was obviously them she spoke to.

“HNO3” she said it comfortably…making it sound like a single word as she smirked humorlessly. “A few canisters of that and we’d be done by nightfall.”

Posted on 2009-05-19 at 18:05:58.
Edited on 2009-05-19 at 18:06:43 by Ananya

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graduation is nice, engin core's are better

Standing at attension, standing completely still with eyes half open. As the speach goes on and on. seeming to never end.
My mind drifts to something more interesting, like crawling around some engincore. The speakers voice now sounds like Bla bla bla in the back of my mind, until my name is called. I walk up and do what i'm expected to in this stituation.

As i take my place back in line and go back to my enginecore until i hear that we are dismissed.

As we aproach the base and see what condition it is in i mutter under my breath "now what did we do to deserve that"
As the droid explains why it is in such a condition i laugh and ask "when is the tech crew expected to get here? or are we it"

Posted on 2009-05-22 at 15:02:22.

RDI Fixture
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Sorry it's late

Saysei stood at attention throughout all the pomp, the perpetual scowl of his species on his face. It wasn’t that he was angry or upset or frustrated. In fact, the Iktotchi felt a great sense of peace – he had seen this day… in his dreams, he had seen himself a hundred times at this place with these people. The major, calling out the names of the others. Recruit Besmic… Recruit Teldan… Saysai nearly said the major’s exact words in his mind.

Finally, the major called Foon and the young warrior stepped forward. He didn’t smile or puff out his chest with pride. Rather, he merely accepted this as one more step towards his future, one more towards his destiny.


Saysei has his gear ready for the orbital hopper long before the ship touches down. In fact, most of his bags were packed prior to the graduation ceremony. Stepping aboard the ship, Foon found his place amongst his team and settled in for the flight. He didn’t speak much… carrying on casual conversation with his fellow squad members. Dara, Besmic, Osaka and Teldan – they were all close to him. Now he was called to serve alongside of them… maybe die alongside of them.

He was willing.


As the orbital hopper approached their new home, Teldan was the first to notice the state of the base. “Now what did we do to deserve that,” the tech specialist muttered under his breath.

Their droid pilot piped up. “I am sorry sirs and ma’ams, but this base is new for us. You will have to get your own barracks dealt with on your own until our technical crews get here.”

“When is the tech crew expected to get here?” asked Teldan. “Or are we it?”

Saysei imagined Teldan already had fifty different plans on how to set up shop.

Foon turned with Osaka to survey the jungle before them. “HNO3,” the demo expert said smoothly. “A few canisters of that, and we’d be done by nightfall.”

Saysei merely raised his eyebrows and grunted. “What do you, Dara? You got a plan for us?”

Posted on 2009-05-22 at 16:32:55.

TRSG 2.0
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Arriving at the new base.

The length trip on the orbital hopper was exaggerated by the quietness, it was only just dawning on her what a responsibility it was for her after Jon-Jon had confirmed her suspicions. They were all going to live together and then might even die together, it was up to her to keep them together. She was the leader, was that a good thing? She didn't know but it wasn't her to argue.

It was very against character for her to be quiet or to just accept things.

Arriving at the new base the droid seamed to address her, or maybe that was just imagination. What ever it wasn't too great, they were in the middle of a jungle standing outside an abandoned facility with no idea what might be residing in the facility. There wasn't that much to absorb, according to the droid they were 'on their own until our technical crews get here' and there demolitions specialist wanted to scorch the place with some acid or something. Personally she agreed with the only other female in the group but somehow she thought they didn't have any HNO3 on them. Teldan had asked when the technical crew were getting there and Saysei was looking to Adol for direction, she was just going to realise that she was leader or something.

"I think we need to know when the technical crew gets here. But we need to clear this place out, who knows what natives are here."
The question was rhetorical and by natives she meant animal life.

"We should probably spread out and search the place."
You didn't need to be a psychological profiler to know that she wasn't too sure of something, most likely being the highest ranked and the shortest and female. In her favor she was confident and up for almost anything.

Posted on 2009-05-22 at 20:09:13.
Edited on 2009-05-26 at 14:16:41 by Loki

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The droid turns to address Teldan “The rest of the tech crew should be in in a week or two sir, until then the Captain has given those barracks” it points to a run down building that needs a lot of care “to this squad, you should have the abilities to get it in working order, you also must get the hanger for this squad” it points to a building directly across from the barracks “into working order.”

The droid trundles off and mutters “watch out for the rats”

Those that enter the barracks can feel that the floor is still sound, permacrete that has survived the ages, but there is no power and you think you can hear movement inside.

Those that examine the hanger can see its an older design, (imagine WW2 German airfield hanger) with the main doors ajar slightly and seemingly off their hinges with as everything vines crawling around up the sides and over the roof, though that might not bad thing, natural camouflage.

(OOC: please note, that the main admin building is already cleared and in working order so at least the command staff is present)

Posted on 2009-05-23 at 23:39:39.
Edited on 2009-05-23 at 23:41:54 by Geraint

TRSG 2.0
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Enter the Barracks

Adol headed over to the barracks deciding that she didn't much like the droid. Why couldn't the base just be ready for them, I'm sure with all the time it's taken the droid to form that personality he could have done a little work. Before turning to the barracks she did make a suggestion to the others.

"I'm going to the barracks. Saysei you should probably go to the hanger with anyone else who want's to check it out."
After entering the building she found the floor was still solid and so stood just within the reach of the light from the open door, her slim atheistic frame silhouetted in the entering light as her eyes adjusted to the half darkness, the sounds of something other then herself moving picked up by her feline ears. She spoke into the small comlink the bracer on her left arm and to the ones who had entered the building with her.

"Watch you back, I think something other then droids and us here. Darren, can you see if you can find a generator somewhere and get it online."
She drew her pistol from it's holster, it had been her fathers and made the sidearm they had been given loot like a toy. The medium sized pistol was larger and heavier then most other heavy pistols and had a scope on it along with a rangefinder, this BlasTech model had it's range and weight compromised so it could punch a heavier blow but it was definitely more accurate in her hands then any other pistol.

She then adjusted the barrel a bit and tweaked some of the finer settings, a trick her farther had passed down along with the weapon, if you made a few miner adjustments to the barrel and a few other settings you could improve it's accuracy a tad more along with it's power output.

(Using the Personalized Modifications talent to gain a +1 to accuracy and +2 to damage, I'm not sure how long this'll late but it's Adol's standard preparation when combat seems a possibility. Even it it's against a few overgrown rats )

Posted on 2009-05-26 at 14:57:42.
Edited on 2009-05-26 at 14:58:50 by Loki

RDI Fixture
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Follow the leader...

As the squad touched down at the base, Dara started speaking her mind, and (sorta) gave instructions to the team. Saysei knew she was new at taking the lead and was confident she’d grow into it given the chance.

“I’m going to the barracks,” Adol stated. “Saysei, you should probably check out the hanger, with anyone else who wants to check it out.”

“Adol,” Saysei replied as he gathered his gear. “With all due respect, mind if we all tag along? Like t’ drop off my stuff, if you’re okay with that.”

[OOC: I’m assuming Adol is cool with my suggestion.]

They made their way over to the barracks, Saysei pulling up the rear. With his massive DLT-20 in his hands, his eyes swept the jungle growth for threats and hostiles.

[OOC: Perception checks as we go… please ]

While Adol entered into the barracks, Saysei stayed at the door continuing his vigil scan of the area. Adol’s soft voice came into his ear, “Watch your back,” she warned. “I think something other then droids and us are here. Darren, can you see if you can find a generator somewhere and get it online?”

Saysei chimed in after Darren’s reply. “Whatdoyou think, Adol? Safe for us to drop down our gear?”

Posted on 2009-05-30 at 05:29:37.

TRSG 2.0
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Adol turned to Saysei with his big gun, something showing how new she was to the command thing.

"Yer sure, but we better get rid of any local wildlife first. I don't want rats chewing holes in our stuff."
She turned back to the job at hand and started down the corridor with her pistol drawn, she wasn't too worried. As the droid had warned only about rats but she was just a one sixty two centimeter cat person. Caution was always best and whist she would rather just use her claws on animals smaller then herself, but as she was in company there would be no using her claws in combat and no eating raw meat.

Without turning back to Saysei she asked.

"So where did you come from? What drew these guys to you?"

Posted on 2009-05-30 at 20:13:29.
Edited on 2009-05-30 at 20:23:47 by Loki

Icelanders! Roll Out
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"I better get the medical equipment to the proper location," Jon-Jon said, more to himself than anyone else, "but I'll start with dropping my stuff off at the barracs."

Jon-Jon followed the group over there. "I hate rats," he said as the conversation turned to that direction. "I think we're going to need some more lights."

Posted on 2009-05-30 at 23:10:11.

RDI Fixture
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I did it all for the XP...

"Yer sure, but we better get rid of any local wildlife first. I don't want rats chewing holes in our stuff."

At Adol's "okay", Saysei dropped his large sack. With efficiency, he drew out a smaller backpack from within -- the essentials, really; stuff one might need to survive the environment and deal with unexpected circumstances.

Jon-Jon chimed in at the mention of rats, "I hate rats… I think we're going to need some more lights."

Saysei patted the medic on the shoulder with a big “mitt” hand. “Good idea, Besmic. You got something to do the job?”

[OOC: I’m assuming Jon-Jon has a light source of some sort (glow-rod or lantern). If not, Saysei will hand him a glow rod from his utility belt.]

Bringing the big DLT-20 back into his hands, the Iktotchi again took care of the back of the line. As they moved, Dara attempted to make small talk, "Where are you force? What drew them to you?"

Saysei smiled inwardly... almost smuggly. "Destiny," he stated seriously.

[OOC: Okay, so I didn’t add much more… just wanted to include Skari into the conversation…]

Posted on 2009-05-31 at 18:48:48.
Edited on 2009-06-01 at 19:26:45 by Ayrn

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sorry delay

As the party all seem to go into the barracks section Teldan moves off stayiing outside looking for a generator, Finding a cable that was severed he reattaches it, as the lights inside flicker trying to power up.

The inside of the barracks are a mess, overturned beds, cabinets everything, a good few inches of dust cover everything as well as vines and stuff.

Saysei at the back of the group that entered can see what look like a rats foot print with the exception of it being about the size of a dogs foot.

Posted on 2009-06-08 at 19:43:10.

TRSG 2.0
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Just on the brink of pulling one of her glow rods from her belt, the only one in her belt, the rest in the survival pack, the lights flickered on. They reveled a room full of upturned bunks, knocked over cabinets, old think vines and an almost impenetrable layer of dust. In fact a few things had penetrated the payer of dust, the floor was covered in paw prints from some large animal, the rats the droid had warned about were not normal rats. They must be huge, big as dogs, and strong by the look of it, pulling over cabinets and upturning beds was not within the strength of a normal sized rat.

Speaking into the short-range comlink on her wrist she thanked.
"Thanks, much better. What had happened to the lights, doesn't seem anything you couldn't sort though. You might want to come in but keep your blaster out, the rats look like they'll be huge."
Adol herself was slightly converted by her blaster, if she hadn't had it out the worst thing that could have happened would be having to go claws out on a rat.

Her speaking to ... showed her comlink for the first time completely to those behind her, it was embedded into a leather or leather looking bracer had had a small holoprojector on it, if Teldan's hadn't been sub dermal then a small 3d real time image of her would have appeared above the his comlink. It wasn't the comlink of a soldier, it was that of a smuggler. And now that came up so did her pistol, the both seamed smuggler ish and well used.

Addressing the rest of the group she casual said
"Maybe HNO3 isn't a bad idea, or even just a tonne of explosives, level this place and start over.
getting more serous
"OK, let's get our things down and see if we can get rid of the rats before we do anything else. If the worse come to the worse there are probably ships in the hanger and we can sleep in the cockpits."
Adol moved towards the nearest bunk or overturned cabinet, her train of though was obvious. 'We can at lease get these things sorted before getting started.' As she up righted it, possible with the help of someone else depending on how auquard or heavy it is.

Posted on 2009-06-08 at 20:21:22.
Edited on 2009-06-11 at 21:44:54 by Loki

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