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Parent thread: Haunted Highlands Q&A
GM for this game: Hammer
Players for this game: Dragon Mistress, Brianna, Nomad D2, Hammer, Nimu
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Amiri runsw to the other side of the gates and takes up and partically cover position to fire on the Orcs, she too targets the Shaman.

Posted on 2009-09-19 at 21:58:03.

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Arrows and Shooting Stars T1 R1

Dirty's Roadhouse
Early Spring
Year One

The two Barbarian sentries had quickly drawn two more arrows in the space of time that it took Skulgnar the Savage to cast a Sanctuary spell about himself.

The first sentry was still on his feet in spite of the amount of damage that had been inflicted upon his body by the light cross bow bolts that had ripped his flesh and spilt his blood.

He took a surprisingly steady aim and his first arrow imbedded into the neck of the orc facing Nordrog the Gnome. The orc lurched forward and fell unconscious at the feet of the cleric.

His second arrow found its target by grazing the left arm of the orc facing Amiri, a slight spurt of blood marking the arrow's passing.

The second sentry followed suit by felling the orc that stood behind its stricken comrade (10 feet in front of Oliander), bleeding profusely from a wound to its left shoulder.

His second arrow found its target in the right leg of the orc 10 feet in front of Amiri, causing the orc to lapse into unconsiousness upon impact.

The 5 Fighters came to the aid of the adventurers by each selecting an as yet unharmed orc with his single arrow.

The orc that had stood facing Loren fell unconscious with a shaft sticking in his chest, before it could attack Ma'ia the Druid, but the orc directly behind him was only grazed across the right arm for a minor loss of blood.

Minor arrow wounds were also suffered by the two orcs in front of Ma'ia as their left and right legs were grazed respectively.

The orc standing 10 feet in front of Nordrog the Gnome was brought to the brink of unconsciousness as the last arrow from the Fighters imbedded in its chest.

Adaf Adshead seemingly blew with an air of indifference upon the magic ring that he had placed upon his right hand.

Polishing it against his left arm as he strode to a position behind Nordrog the Gnome, he then took careful aim and dispatched a Shooting Star from the platinum magical weapon Ring of Shooting Stars that impacted the orc that stood with its cross bow 10 feet in front of the Red Splotched Shaman, Skulgnar the Savage.

The orc was instantly killed, while the resulting star fire spreading from the initial impact incinerated seven more orcs that would never again wield a cross bow against anyone or anything ever again in this life.

Adaf Adshead was quickly tiring of this unexpected nuisance that had dared to plunder his wagons. His action had quickly eliminated one third of the orcs.

Now he would see what the adventurers would do to help eliminate this remaining threat, so they could all retire to the roadhouse for a much anticipated good night's sleep after journeying by wagon these past twelve weeks!

Posted on 2009-09-20 at 21:33:38.
Edited on 2009-09-20 at 21:38:21 by Hammer

Extreme Exclaimator!
Karma: 90/24
4114 Posts

Bows, Blows and Spell T1 R1

Dirty's Roadhouse
Early Spring
Year One

Amiri hastily retreated towards the gate for a better position to fire an arrow from her composite longbow.

She intended to take aim at Skulgnar the Savage, but the sanctuary spell from the shaman prohibited her [Charisma attribute] from following through on her predetermined course of action; instead she instinctively fired a single arrow at the orc that had charged her.

Upon impact the targeted orc immediately fell unconscious due to loss of blood from a gaping wound in its left shoulder, unable to attack either Amiri or Oliander.

Oliander reacted with all the grace of a battle-trained ballet artist as the blade of his longsword severed the head of the orc that lay at his feet, while his shortsword sliced a minor gash in the neck of the unconscious orc that Amiri had struck with her single arrow.

He then spun himself into a better battle-ballet position to eliminate the threat of any orc foolish enough to be in range of his thirsty blades!

Nordrog the Gnome was almost startled by the action of Adaf Adshead unexpectedly taking a position directly behind the Cleric as he unleashed the power of the Shooting Star from his platinum ring.

Seemingly the spectacle of the Shooting Star blazing in the distance upon the unfortunate orcs accentuated the reaction of Nordrog as he drove his light mace downward upon the skull of the unconscious orc at his feet, but Nordrog only succeeded in opening a minor gash in the thick skull of the enemy that lay bleeding before him.

Nordrog steadied himself and prepared to unleash another blow against the vile creature that had dared to attack him.

Ma'ia quickly assessed the grave situation that threatened her and her companions in arms.

With elven grace and agility Ma'ia bent aside avoiding the first orcs blow. Still she could feel the rush of air as the axe hissed past her. With eyes narrowed the druid lifted a hand to point in the direction of the onrushing orcs.

Time seemed to slow itself as she opened herself to the power of the land letting its primal rhythms flow through her. She began to chant softly in the ancient language of plant and tree. Her chanting called to the plants before her, both dormant and alive, beckoning them to dance and ensnare the rushing orcs in their embrace. As the last words of her spell left her lips Ma'ia could already see the underbrush beginning to writhe.

Although the area surrounding Dirty's Roadhouse served as a pasture for any extra horses being stabled inside the roadhouse, there were enough seedlings scattered throughout the field and meadow for the Entanglement spell to do its work as the Druid commanded.

In mere moments, strands of clinging vines began to snake themselves around the ankles of the standing orcs, as well as the bodies of the fallen orcs, beginning with the second row of orcs that had charged the gate, including the orcs that had fired their cross bows.

Skulgnar the Savage although shielded from most ordinary attacks, was unable to prevent the seedlings from growing and attempting to ensnare the splotchy shaman as well, for the Sanctuary spell was unable to protect the shaman orc from the effects of the Druid spell.

Loren was indeed blessed with an uncanny ability as an archer by her elven deity Fraxinus the Star Archer.

Hers was no ordinary attack as two arrows shot straight and true, slicing each arm of Skulgnar the Savage, who cursed by his gods at the ineffective protection that his Sanctuary spell afforded him, as he watched his minions fail to gain the upper hand against their foes!

CASTLE KEEPER NOTE: I will be posting the T1R2 post later today or tonight as I have some configuring to do, plus I have to post for my character in a game run by Almerin.

All the actions of the sentries, fighters, Adaf Adshead and the 5 adventurers will be included in the post, plus the reactions of the orcs since the Initiative will be in favor of all the defenders of the roadhouse before the orcs are able to respond to the above actions!

Posted on 2009-09-21 at 20:19:39.
Edited on 2009-09-21 at 20:25:23 by Hammer

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