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RDI Staff
Karma: 36/1
171 Posts

Art of Yanamari

Goodness...been too long and everything is gone. Well! Guess that needs to change!

Map Links - Antaron Yes I will finish these or else. *wags finger at herself*

Full Antaron Map
Kachiri Map
Tiborn Map
Pirate Ilses Map
Cal'ele'miur Map
Capasha Map
Capasha Map

Posted on 2006-11-13 at 14:57:03.
Edited on 2006-11-13 at 14:57:47 by Yanamari

RDI Staff
Karma: 36/1
171 Posts

Neat Items





Posted on 2006-11-13 at 14:58:52.
Edited on 2006-11-13 at 15:02:12 by Yanamari

Fun is Mandatory
RDI Staff
Karma: 357/54
6602 Posts

talk about being missed...

It's Yananananananana!!!!

She talks of finishing maps, precious... she teases us!

Good to see you, girl.

Posted on 2006-11-13 at 15:02:10.

RDI Staff
Karma: 36/1
171 Posts

Much <3

Of course I will! The world is not complete without maps, doodles, poetry....and just for Al... red velvet horns and roller skates. *winks*

Posted on 2006-11-13 at 15:03:16.

Fun is Mandatory
RDI Staff
Karma: 357/54
6602 Posts

art... *sigh*

Thanks for sharing new and old stuffs with us... we've missed it!

Posted on 2006-11-13 at 15:09:00.

RDI Staff
Karma: 36/1
171 Posts

Doodle 2

Magi A lady mage upon the towers. Enjoy!

Janlith the Magi Elven...mage..and lovely robes!

Samurai Lord of the Crane Clan.

Angel speaks with Birds I've always liked this one. But having to link it:
Click Me!
No Idea Um...ya



The Scholar's Rest Been playing in some roleplay with a friend. Here are a couple of them. Also too big. Linky!
Click Me! Cilck Me!
Upon the Rope How does she do that? Too!
Click Me!
Stunty! Dwarf I'm a workin on.
Click Me!

Posted on 2006-11-13 at 15:12:50.
Edited on 2006-11-13 at 15:16:18 by Yanamari

RDI Staff
Karma: 36/1
171 Posts


And...the most amazing thing I've drawn in a long while. I'm working on my first tarot card deck based around World of Warcraft and the Darkmoon Faire.

Here is the lord of the decks... Sayge the Gnoll seer.

Click me really!
As a treat, I did scan this one as I drew. Some folks have always wondered how I did like...stuff.
Step 1 Step 2 <-- was playin in photoshop
Step 3 Where I am now

Posted on 2006-11-13 at 15:18:00.
Edited on 2006-11-13 at 15:20:10 by Yanamari

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
Karma: 454/28
7878 Posts

Incredible as always...

...I looove that you included that "as I go" series for the gnoll seer, too.

As I said before, it's great to have you back. Looking forward to more, as always.

Posted on 2006-11-13 at 16:45:46.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
Karma: 175/117
6387 Posts

Well well well Welcome home Yana!!

Its good to see your back Madam we have missed you and wondered how you have been. Its always a good thing to have a lost Staff member return home... And I have to say Love the new art its been missed also.

Posted on 2006-11-13 at 16:49:41.

Jumpin' Jack Smash
Karma: 44/13
675 Posts


Unbelievable! I love the new pictures, and I recall the one of the Crane Samurai from long ago. I missed seeing your work around! I was actually just thinking of you today, as well. I was looking over the main page, and realized we have no more artwork archives. You and Brom came to mind right away.

I'd love to see more of your work!

Posted on 2006-11-13 at 16:58:12.

Karma: 80/28
3600 Posts


We have never met Yanamari...
I am Lyskhala and your work is some of the most amazing I've ever seen.

MORE!!! (please)

Posted on 2006-11-14 at 07:46:10.

Rystefn K'ryll
Original Palassassin
Karma: 66/191
544 Posts


*dances* Excellent work, as always. Ever thought of being a clothing designer, by the way? My roommate walked by as I was looking at these, and the first thing she nticed was how pretty the dresses tend to be.

Posted on 2006-11-14 at 08:55:56.

Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
Karma: 177/19
3012 Posts

yeah, those are awesome!

Yanamari, your drawings are amazing.
I would like to encourage you though, to perhaps enhance your contrast between light and dark. In the Gnoll Seer piece, the details kinda fall away and become one big blurr of drawing. I think a bigger contrast would bring the details up better. They need to be seen!

Your maps are very neat. Would you consider redoing the map of Khordal (old Kharolis) in pencil like that? I think it would be awesome. I recently wrote a module for that part of Khordaldrum society, and would love to see an updated map.

*please?* hehe

Posted on 2006-11-14 at 10:50:18.

RDI Staff
Karma: 36/1
171 Posts

many thanks!

It is wonderful to be back! And thank you all for the comments.

Yes, I have thought about clothing design...but don't know the first thing about it. I do know a seamstress at a coffeeshop that is working with me on some things. Who knows!

Ah as with the gnoll, the original is better than the scan. *hates scanners* I'll work on the settings and see what I can do on that one. Adding a border to it soon.

*grins* I could be lured into a map of dwarven lands. I've been thinking long and hard on how to draw maps for forests and mountains. Hmm...

Posted on 2006-11-14 at 12:29:20.

RDI Staff
Karma: 36/1
171 Posts

Siol, The Seeking (Warcraft story)

(Trying to come back more. This is a story based in World of Warcraft.)

Winter had returned, a shimmering of white that laid serene upon trees clinging for a life that could never be. With every clip of hoof, the powder of it puffed and floated, becoming as clouds and mists. No winds came. Not a shiver of air beyond breath and a slow meandering pace of a rider.

Why had she returned. More stated than question, for the answer laid in her eyes. Despite the purity of snow, the lingering emerald of leaves crystalized in ice, the world hummed with a thunder. A dark heart beating, so believed by the Circle. Once lost, the Kaldorei never travelled back, only in memory. For seeing and feeling what remained could lead to the slow sleep. An end of sorts, a death, that sapped and drained the life of the everliving.

All of this had changed. The rider was too stubborn or old to accept it.

Flicking fingers, ice cracking and falling from leathers bound in mail, Siol sought a pouch at her side. She felt numb, truly from the cold though flights of fancy threatened to make her believe it from this journey to lands so close to Hyjal. But he had promised to come, to meet here at the teeth of their world.

"I should know better." The words mumbled into a scarf tightly pulled as fingers worked to loose a small wrapping of herbs in leaf. Touching the roll to a shoulder, the gleam of fel fire potent enough to withstand the chill, she lit a little something to combat the cold. With a long drag, her eyes glazed briefly. "Where the fel are you, Moon."

The stag below her shifted and pawed at the drifts of snow, wishing in its own way for a bit more warmth and the stability of a road. She knew this. As if reading its thoughts. A pressing of knees ended such rebellion. "If I can't, you can't."

"Cannot what, Leaf?"

Sliding her eyes, Siol's met those of another Kaldorei. Leathers pale and marked in snow to hide the charcoal beneath, she could have been waiting in quiet for an age. Or five minutes.


"Siol. Shall we?"

They had returned. Sauno upon her cat of white. Siol upon her stag of shadow. And a third, a cat of mist colors, alone without rider. It was time to say goodbye. With another deeper pull on the firebrand, Siol turned expecting to see him. Riding straight backed, eyes uncertain, lips curved in a quiet smile. Only open air and pale lands greeted her.

"Is this how a phantom wound feels..."

Posted on 2008-02-14 at 18:11:47.

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