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Parent thread: Aria of the Thirteen Q&A
Related thread: Auguries of Destruction - The Aria of the Thirteen
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Dreamer of Bladesong
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Regarding Elements

Since it might be unclear as to what the elements are capable of, or where their speciality lies, I'm going to provide a tentative list of the basic powers for each element.

Air is the element of communication. Besides the obvious basic wind manipulation, it is also capable of manipulating and creating sound waves.
  • Alter Winds
    Summary: This is the basic power to create wind where there is none or to manipulate wind to be faster/slower
  • Clairaudience
    Summary: This power allows the user to hear things at a distance, or to hear minute sounds more accurately
  • Create/Purify Air
    Fairly obvious as to what this one can do...
  • Illusion (Auditory)
    Summary: This creates the illusion of sound. Varying degrees of sound will require more Essence.
  • Shield
    More effective (1.5 x Strength) against: Fire and Water
    Normal strength against: Stone
    Not very effective (0.5 x Strength) against: Light and Darkness
  • Wind Slash
    Summary: The primary offensive combat technique; it has no visual component, and at higher levels are as effective as gunshots

Fire is the element of "power". That is to say, it is the element from which many things have been derived, from a source of heat at a camp in the wilderness to the energy of combustion fuelling a jet plane. Yet, ultimately, power gone rampant causes only destruction, as evidenced by forest fires. The power of Fire is limited in its use outside of battle, but in battle, it is among the most aggressive of the elements.
  • Create Fire
    Pretty apparent as to what this does...
  • Fire Spear
    Summary: The basic fire attack... as the name implies, a bolt of fire is launched through the air to impact a target.
  • Flame Wheel
    Summary: A more advanced fire attack. This one creates a ring of fire (possibly around the user) to strike multiple targets.
  • Rain of Fire
    Summary: This power is aimed to strike multiple targets, but they don't necessarily have to be that close to each other. It is most effective when needed to strike multiple small opponents (such as a swarm).
  • Shield
    Most effective against Darkness
    Not very effective against Air
    Normal Strength against others
  • Temperature Control
    Summary: Despite it's simple name, this provides many applications. The addition or removal of heat, especially at a quick rate, can cause solid objects to crack or shatter, can provide protection against temperature extremes, and likely has other applications.

Stone is the hardiest element. It has immense defencive capabilities, as well as considerable application outside of combat. By altering the magnetic properties of objects, the power of Stone even offers limited telekinesis.
  • Alter Stone/Metal
    Summary: This alters the properties of a stone or metal, namely altering things such as transparency, hardness, magnetic nature, and shininess.
  • Earth Spike
    Summary: A basic offensive technique that causes the earth to extend, angled and pointed upward like a stalagmite
  • Earth Tremor
    Summary: This ability can cause earthquakes, but usually it is just used in a fashion to either dislodge objects or the footing of an opponent.
  • Shield
    Most effective against: All other elements
    However, that being said, to be this effective an earthen shield has to be consciously prepared during one's Turn, which means the player forgoes any other actions for that Turn. There are other penalties as well, but I will elaborate on them another time.
    As a shield made in the normal fashion, it is only of normal Strength against all other elements.
  • Stone Watchers
    Summary: This technique allows the placement of a "watching marker", which allows a character to have a limited connection to the place they are watching. It is similar to clairvoyance, but only in the way of tremorsense (D&D reference).
  • Telekinesis
    Summary: As it's named, but only with wooden, stone, or metal objects.

Water is the element of wisdom, reflection, and ultimately, of life itself. Its primary application is healing, but there are other things it is capable of being used for.
  • Create/Purify Water
  • Healing
    Summary: As the name implies, but there are two variations of this ability. The first variation is the standard kind, which heals a person by using up the energy of the person using the power. However, the second variation isn't so altruistic, since while it does heal another person, and it is easier and more effective than the standard version, it is more accurately described as a Life Transfer. As a result, if one heals a terminal illness with Life Transfer, a different individual, usually a willing donor, dies as a result of it.
  • Manipulate Water/Weather
    Summary: This is only basic weather manipulation, in particular, the causing or stopping of clouds, rain, hail, snow, and mist or fog. Alternately, this power can also speed up or slow down a current (even such as that in a water pipe), among other fundamental things, such as causing water to change state (from ice to liquid or gas).
  • Regeneration
    Summary: Essentially self-healing over time, just as the name implies. However, beyond the basics, a high level of regeneration also slows down the rate at which one ages.
  • Shield
    Most effective against: Fire, Light (Solar Flare only), Darkness (Reaping Shadow only)
    Not very effective against: Air
  • Watery Blade
    Summary: The name is a bit of a misnomer, for this is not limited to just water in liquid state; flying javelins of ice are not out of the question as a form that this technique takes. However, regardless of the water's form, the basic technique remains the same. In liquid form, water is used akin to a bladed whip, while in solid form it is more often simply launched at range.

Sometimes mistaken for an 'evil' element, this force on its own is neither good nor evil, which is dependant on how and who it is used by. Regardless, this force encompasses darkness, or the absence of light. As such, it can be used to dim light, but can also be used to calm people, warp between one dark place and another, and even comprehend the hidden thoughts of individuals.
  • Affect the Psyche (Calm)
    Summary: Darkness is usually calming in nature, as it within darkness that sleep is possible, and so this power is more often used to calm rampant emotions. However, all other uses are possible.
  • Eclipse
    Summary: Darkens a specific area. At extremely high levels, it could even block out the sun momentarily.
  • Reaping Darkness
    Summary: A very dangerous technique. At higher levels, this technique draws upon the darkness inside of a person, and threatens to drown them within it, mentally hurting and possibly even killing them. Of course, that is the extreme; lower levels of this technique only fatigue or otherwise slow down an individual.
  • Shield
    Most effective against: Light
    Not very effective against: All other elements
  • Shadowjump
    Summary: Allows the passage from one shadow or dark place to another. The distance between them is limited by the Strength of this power.
  • Whisper
    Summary: Allows the user to hear 'whispers' of thought of the people surrounding them. Concentration on a specific individual allows for more coherent and greater perception of that individual.

Like Darkness, Light on its own is neither good nor evil. However, unlike Darkness, Light has a far larger (or more noticeable) impact on people it affects, especially because sight is the primary sense for most creatures. It can cause mood shifts, create mirages or illusions, and even allow the individual to see things that they would otherwise not be able to, including the possible future.
  • Alter Emotions (Provoke)
    Summary: Similar Alter Emotions (Calm) of the Darkness's abilities, but different in that light primarily spurs action or reaction from people, and as such, is more commonly used in that manner.
  • Clairvoyance
    Summary: As the name implies, this power allows a person to see what is happening at the same time, but at another location.
  • Illusion (Visual)
    Somewhat self-explanatory. Any sort of visual illusion can be made, so long as it only affects what one sees.
  • Shield
    Most effective against: Darkness
    Not very effective against: All other elements
  • Solar Flare
    Summary: Essentially the Light's opposite version of Reaping Shadow, this technique at higher levels can cause seizures in other people resulting from flickering mind-blowing patterns of light emitted in their eyes. At lower levels, this is more used to simply stun or temporarily blind an opponent.
  • Unrestrained Sight
    Summary: Unrestrained Sight allows an individual to see things that had happened, and even some that may happen. Essentially, these are visions that are brought on either through concentration, or, at times, seemingly for no reason at all.

One word about Shields: Unlike the standard Shield Invocation in the Witchcraft Core Book, these shields are made as an instinctive reaction to attack. Although they are generally very effective, Shielding will drain an individual both physically and mentally, especially if used multiple times in succession. In the case of Shielding against another person's Power, the Shield and Power are opposed against each other in strength; the one who has higher strength, and/or is lucky will win that contest. In the case of Shielding against a mundane weapon, be it a knife or a gun, the Shield's Strength is pitted against the attacker's relevant Skill.

Anyway, I hope this provides a better idea of what the nature of the Elements are like in my campaign's setting.

Oh! One more note... it is possible for a character to have more than one element... they simply have a primary element, and either a secondary element (with limited power), or use Rituals (will elaborate on later if necessary) to draw upon an element other than their own.

For instance, Nimu, I'm thinking that your character will have her primary element be Light, while she has a Secondary Element of Water, which provides her with some supernatural longevity via Regeneration.

Posted on 2009-09-02 at 04:29:35.
Edited on 2009-09-02 at 04:40:55 by Reralae

RDI Fixture
Karma: 64/11
1276 Posts


Is a really interesting magic system. I loves me some complexity.
I'm mulling it all over now, but I'm sure very soon I'll have a plethora of questions.

Posted on 2009-09-03 at 13:00:38.

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 135/12
2317 Posts

Regarding History

To make it simple, I've decided that the history of this world will be roughly similar to our own; this allows for players to reference past events more easily, and doesn't truly detract from the game world. As well, it makes sense that the 'official' records of history are essentially identical... that would be censor and government cover-up activity at work.

Furthermore, I've decided to keep the names of other countries and such the same. I don't expect the game to change location from Makironto, so leaving everything else the same is probably the easiest thing to do. It's far better than having to keep returning to a reference page each time someone wants to reference this world's replacement of 'New York' for instance.

The only considerable difference I can think of offhand to geometry is that Makironto basically replaces Ottawa as Canada's capital.

By extension, because the history remains roughly the same, religions in this world, if it matters for your character, are also going to be about the same. They will certainly have the same names at least, which, again, just makes them easier to reference.

That being said, this world's history diverges past about the year 2000. This is the turning point, where, with the increase in worldwide population, now more supernatural abilities have begun to surface.... more than can be concealed by the governments and religious orders.

This also means we don't have to deal with the added complication of possible mundane 'terrorists', and although ones with supernatural capabilities aren't out of the question, they're not very likely, as most people in this age with supernatural capabilities are going to try to lie low. Well, as low as they intend anyway.

I believe that's everything regarding history/religion...

Once again, if there's any questions, just ask

Hmm, I just realized I didn't say what year this takes place in...

Just going by a randomish number, I'm going to say this takes place in the year 2045.

Posted on 2009-09-04 at 16:12:21.
Edited on 2009-09-04 at 16:21:59 by Reralae

Kool Killer Kitty
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So does that mean there'll be futuristic technology etc.?

Posted on 2009-09-04 at 17:39:55.

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 135/12
2317 Posts

MSPD info, NPCs and Requisitioned Gear

With regards to technology available, most of it is just advancements on what we have now. Advancements in medicine and agriculture have provided more stability in that aspect, while technological advancements are being limited. Partly by the lack of inventors in this developed age, since many ideas are now already done, but mainly because the advancements that could be done are under government projects, and freelancing development is looked down upon and restricted by both red tape and development costs.

This is a list of some of the more predominant NPCs that the characters would know:

In the MSPD:

-Susan Raiheart - Part Time Secretary
Susan works at the MSPD HQ 3 days a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She has a carefree nature, and is often in good spirits. She can be notably clumsy at times, and is a bit absent minded; she tends to forget information she doesn't have written down and available for reference. It is likely this latter point that landed her the position in the first place. In terms of Essence, she can be felt as having a decent output, however, she shows no signs of having any powers, and it could just be an indication of an artistic quality. Sometimes she pops up on radio chat during a mission, despite her sister's attempts to block her out.

-Sarah Raiheart - Full-time Technical Support
Sarah works at the MSPD 7 days a week. However, unless there's an actual mission in progress, this isn't so bad as it sounds, as she's primarily just in standby. Unlike her sister, Sarah has a photographic memory, and knows quite a few things, such as how to build a working circuit board from scratch. Besides providing radio and computer backup on missions, she also looks after the equipment available for people to use. She's the type of person who's almost always multi-tasking, whether it is cracking open a classified archive of the CIA while teasing her sister, or even making a cup of tea and talking to herself through a complicated formula. She also frequently listens to music through her mp3 player. However, strangely enough, even if a person were to sit beside her, they wouldn't hear any music drifting through her headphones. The main reason is because she doesn't listen to loud music. Essence-wise, she's a mirror image of her sister, with a decent output, but no signs of powers.

-Harold Wielant - Hunter
Harold is frequently at the office, and if he's not at his computer, he's usually at the firearms hall practising. However, he doesn't practise thoroughly; it's just more of a habit for him, as one can see by his glazed eyes as he lazily shoots the paper targets. He's listed as having powers, but he never uses them except in a Shield, which is quite apparently Dark based. His essence, however, wreathes around him in a near-visible sheath of energy if he doesn't consciously hide it. It is an immense aura (more so than Janelle's, for Merideth and Eol's reference), which is the primary reason why he nearly always has it consciously concealed. He's somewhat distant, but not a loner; despite keeping to himself, he tries to look out for his teammates, and the way he does this is by keeping his distance so he can watch over them easier. He is actually quite gentle in nature, if a bit quiet.

-Mr. Kurosawa - Chief/Sub-director
Mr. Kurosawa, or just simply 'Chief', is the guy in charge of organizing and prioritizing the team and hunts. He is also in charge of hiring and finding possible new teammates. In other words, he's the guy that gives your characters their paychecks. Despite his position, he's a fairly easy-going guy. In terms of Essence, his is average for a mundane human, so his lack of powers is readily apparent.

-"A" - Director/Overseer
"A", as he is known by, is a mysterious figure. Occasionally he helps out during meetings to point out suspicious figures that need looking into, but usually he just stays silent. Besides the fact that he works for the SIA, not much else is known about him. Essence-wise, he does not seem to have any powers.

Related, but not in the MSPD

-Tharia - Seer
Tharia is not directly involved with the MSPD; she is quite simply a fortune teller that charges a fair rate per "viewing". Her estate lies in the Forested Garden, but it is much more a home than a place that boasts the presence of a seer. However, her gift is quite real, and she is occasionally referred to by the MSPD for aid on a specific case. She often holds a professional, detached air around her, likely to keep her personal feelings from interfering with what she sees. However, when visited on a social basis rather than a business one, she is a kindly woman, if sometimes seeming a bit sad at times.
A note to players: Tharia is available for readings not for or associated with the MSPD, but in those instances, since her fee isn't paid for by the MSPD, it will have to come out of the character's own pocket.

Other information of note:
Since the characters are all hunters, they aren't required to be at the office every workday. In truth, their hours are rather flexible, unless there is a mission with a high priority scheduled, in which case the characters are usually required to come into the office. Characters are always required, however, to at least try to attend the weekly meeting (Mondays) where information is exchanged and hunts (if there are any) are scheduled.

As part of the MSPD, all characters are allowed to use some requisitioned equipment during missions. These are usually just the basics. Radio headsets, and guns if requested. However, MSPD members also all have special cell phones, which they are requested to try to keep on their person, and ensure no one else has access to. Besides the typical cell phone functions, these ones also are capable of projecting a holographic display upon the character's irises, which allows for the receiving of various pieces of information, usually sent by Sarah, which may include three-dimensional blueprints of a facility, or lists of people with matching photo-id.

Also of note is, despite the character's involvement in the MSPD, they are not bound to 'living in the office'; the characters can explore/investigate on their own initiative, which is actually suggested by MSPD protocol, which is for the hunters to follow their own intuitions, since planning and organization only work so well on paper or computer.

Posted on 2009-09-04 at 17:45:36.
Edited on 2009-09-05 at 03:55:48 by Reralae

Dreamer of Bladesong
Karma: 135/12
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Game thread and Q&A

Are up, but I don't expect the game itself to start just yet... they're simply up because I had an inspiration for the opening post of the game.

Posted on 2009-09-04 at 21:08:07.

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