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Parent thread: Star Trek: No Good Deed
    Messages in To boldly go (again) where no one has gone before...
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RDI Fixture
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Chief Operations

Chief Operations Officer isstill open if I'm not mistaken.

Posted on 2009-10-18 at 23:14:03.

Ion Kired
Tapped Out Bullywog
Karma: 45/4
758 Posts

Chief ops

I've applied for chief operations officer. Still pending Olan's approval.

Posted on 2009-10-18 at 23:40:07.

Karma: 0/0
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Is the ships councilor open

Name Councilor Sheiran
Species human
Gender female
Date of Birth 2330/march/04
Birthplace Maqui (if this birthplace is wrong someone please pm me and tell me where this culture is)
Height 5"3"
Weight 125
Eye Color hazle
Hair Color brunnette

Physical Description if you were to ask most people how Sheiran looks they would say she was a goddess. This has caused problems in the past with advising crews of previous ships

Family and Background: Sheiran grew up in a very poor part of Maquis. After the death of her beloved parents Julain SR. and Bella She joined Starfleet to help pay for her little brother Julain Jr's education. Sheiran has encountered the Romulins and now hates the Romulins because of the tortus mind torture she under took.

Education Sheiran got a Phd. in Pshcology at the Univerisity of California

Service record )After Graduation Sheiran served on the USS Endiver in which she encountered a romulin war bird and was taken hostage and undertook extreme mind torture. After her crew recovered her she found out about the ship USS Discovery launching for it's secound mission. After reviewing it's previous mission and it's crew Shieran asks Starfleet for a transfer in which she now waits

Personal Bio (as detailed as you like)
Sheiran grew up in a very poor part of Maquis. After the death of her beloved parents Julain SR. and Bella She joined Starfleet to help pay for her little brother Julain Jr's education. Sheiran has encountered the Romulins and now hates the Romulins because of the tortus mind torture she under took.

Posted on 2009-10-19 at 00:17:43.
Edited on 2009-10-19 at 00:22:46 by kesheal

Night Monkey
Occasional Visitor
Karma: 3/1
29 Posts

The Maquis

Maquis is not a planet, nor is it a culture. It's a terrorist group. A character could be from one of the ex-Federation colonies on the Cardassian side of the border, where the Maquis operate.

Posted on 2009-10-19 at 00:48:25.

RDI Staff
Karma: 177/13
3127 Posts

Just... wow...

Olan... this has been the best game recuitment thread in like forever. How many newbies have we gotten to express interest? Not to mention all of us old regulars...

Props to you.


Posted on 2009-10-19 at 01:01:57.

Facelick Squeegee
Karma: 37/7
401 Posts

new recruits! new recruits!

I'm with you on that one Meri! Looks like our clever tricks of keeping the newest member's name in the Latest Updated Forum Topics proved entirely fruitless. Now we know that when we want to lure out the new members we just have to fire up a Star Trek recruitment thread! We'll put that in our bag of tricks for when we get hungry!


Posted on 2009-10-19 at 02:12:52.
Edited on 2009-10-19 at 04:50:57 by Dragonblood

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
Karma: 68/55
1764 Posts


Adm and I have both shown interest in the position of CSO. I sort of need to know which direction DM is going to better write up the background of the character-I would take officer right under CSO if Adm gets the first spot.

I am hoping this game will also kick start--or just Kick Mac into shape as a DM for Eol to restart ST-OP in the near future. 3 Romulans are waiting, at least.

Posted on 2009-10-19 at 04:58:06.
Edited on 2009-10-19 at 05:00:51 by Dragon Mistress

I'm doing SCIENCE!
RDI Staff
Karma: 163/50
1835 Posts


Doctor White (Discovery's old CMO and my old character) attended Starfleet Academy Medical School. I don't know if such a place exists, but I made it up and couldn't find any canon to contradict it. FYI

Posted on 2009-10-19 at 09:55:44.

Fun is Mandatory
RDI Staff
Karma: 357/54
6608 Posts


Thanks for all of the responses! I have sent PMs to several people in regards to various character concepts. As I get responses back to my satisfaction, I will post updates here.

I may begin a post or two in the main game thread by way of introduction, but don't worry about posting until I give you the green light.

Before you make your first post, be sure to check out the Q&A thread to be sure that you understand the posting format.

Posted on 2009-10-19 at 14:27:19.

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6312 Posts


So I will be in with Ly Avanti - first Officer and only Domtarian in Star Fleet. I will also do part time posts from Lt. Bob N'doog (Catellan) in Engineering (Head of Computer systems) and Lt. Steward Teir (Human)(security)

Posted on 2009-10-19 at 14:59:58.
Edited on 2009-10-19 at 15:00:38 by Alacrity

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
Karma: 454/28
7880 Posts

TAC Roster

I'll be reviving Lt MacTavish as CTO (and second officer) and likely be NPCing a certain Lt (Junior Grade) Jeffrey Mueller as aCTO (unless someone wants to submit a character of their own for the aCTO slot, that is)... cuz what's a Mac wi'oot a monkey boy, right?

Beyond that, my plans for NPCs are limited to the occassional subspace transmission from Mac's "new wife" Chantelle and whatever bit parts and TAC NPCs that may arise... If I need to do the whole durn TAC roster again, though, I will.

Posted on 2009-10-19 at 15:07:42.

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
Karma: 454/28
7880 Posts

Good source of Trek Reference

FYI Memory Alpha is a great stor of handy Trek info and references.

Posted on 2009-10-19 at 17:47:35.
Edited on 2009-10-19 at 17:50:18 by Eol Fefalas

Dragon Mistress
Not Brianna
Karma: 68/55
1764 Posts

PM's or ?

Do you want us to send the concept in PM's o just post it like the Councilor sis? Also could you let me Dragon Mistress, know if I will be in the first or secon slot of Security. IT also seems like there are two going for CMO so Jeanne (Brianna) may need to know also about the CMO spot.

Posted on 2009-10-19 at 17:55:25.

Facelick Squeegee
Karma: 37/7
401 Posts


Thank you very much for the resource Eol! What a great gift, it will definitely come in handy for me when I get into the more technical aspects of my character. I quickly perused the site and it looks pretty comprehensive - not that I would know of course. I'm really enjoying drawing up my character and I'm looking forward to formally introducing Clint "Rowdy" Royal to all y'all!


Posted on 2009-10-19 at 17:56:28.
Edited on 2009-10-19 at 18:02:17 by Dragonblood

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
Karma: 454/28
7880 Posts


DM - Character concepts should be PM'd to Olan, preferably. That way he can review and discuss "in private" the concept as submitted and/or any recommended changes.

Dragonblood - Rowdy, huh? Am I picking up a Rawhide reference in that character name, by chance?

Posted on 2009-10-19 at 18:02:58.


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