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Bleh... Stupid World

Stardate: 2368.04.10
USS Discovery - Deck 39, Storage Bay C

Kate blinked at the chaos, opting to simply follow orders and get back as soon as possible. After being placed in the lift, she stayed quiet, a rarity for her.

"You're pretty new, right? How are you taking everything in so far?"

Kate looked over at the man, Allen, and smiled. "I'm fine, even though Rena is a bit... Well, she seems like a fine leader." Kate left it there, deciding she would just get this task over with and go on with her life. Thank god she could start really working soon.
USS Discovery - Ensign Kate McIrish's quarters - 0950

Kate stood in front of her mirror and frowned at herself, sighing and braiding her hair and pinning it up. She was going to report to her current head officer, hopefully: Caleb Talda. She sighed a bit and frowned at her reflection: she looked like an eager high school girl about to take her final exams.

"Stupid hair." She yanked it back down and growled, then checked over her uniform again and headed out. Kate headed for the lift, stepping into it and frowning. Bad moods always meant trouble for her.

And she was defintley in a bad mood.

Kate sighed and stepped off the lfit, grumbling to herself about simply quitting Starfleet and taking up a position studying dolphins back on Earth. And just quitting Xenobiology. But she knew she didn't have the guts for it, so she just sighed and shut up, hoping no one had heard her.

As she walked, she touched the scar above her right eye and sighed. Proof that she wasn't suited for Dublin: one of the only times she'd ever smarted off to somoene bigger than her and she'd gotten the stew beaten out of her. Plus, two pretty scars to remember her attackers by.

Kate forced a smile and continued walking. 'God help me.'

Posted on 2009-11-11 at 01:41:55.
Edited on 2009-11-11 at 14:22:07 by t_catt11

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Nite Nite...

Stardate: 2368.04.10
Cmdr. Kennedy – Deck 12 – 1820
"Oh! Commander!"
A female voice caught Callie’s attention and she spun her head to find herself looking at the slender delicate frame of Ruea.

The girl looked her over with surprise at first and then regained control of herself before speaking again, "Um, I didn't know you swim..."

Callie herself blinked for a moment. The woman was familiar looking but at the moment she could not come up with her name or even department at the moment. To be polite though, she shook her head with a sigh.

“I wasn’t swimming. Not that I can’t swim… I just…” She sighs again. “One of Lt. Constantine’s relaxation holoprograms…” She finally offers as an explanation and shrugs.

“Looks as if you are headed for one yourself…” She notes the staff that Ruea carries. “I won’t keep you…”

((OOC: Will edit as needed for conversation))

Giving Ruea a small nod she headed off to the turbolift and finally to her quarters.

Wrapped in the dim lights and seclusion of her own space she pulled out one of her guitars. Not the beautiful cherry red antique that was prominently displayed under a light and shield in the main room, but instead a transparent purple instrument. Checking to make sure the heavy strings were tuned she then began to play. Tonight the usual heavy chords that were often heard drifting from her quarters were replaced with something much softer though. Next to her a bourbon on ice melted and between verses she took sips of the strong liquid and let it warm her as she played.

Just over the music she made with her fingers she sang an old tune that seemed to be calling to her tonight.

Somewhere, someday
We'll be close together, wait and see
Oh by the way,
This time the dream's on me

You take my hand
and you look at me adoringly
But as things stand
This time the dream's on me

It would be fun
To be certain that I'm the one
To know that I, at least, supply the shoulder you cry upon

To see you through
Till you're everything you want to be
It can't be true, but…

This time the dream's on me

Eventually the purple guitar discontinues its melody and soon after the words of the song trail off as well. The lights go down and Callie curls up on the chair hugging the guitar close to her chest as she drifts off to sleep. The bourbon gone.

Posted on 2009-11-11 at 16:21:09.

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Damn Ion Storm!

Stardate: 2368.04.10
Lt. Bateman – USS Hermes – 1342

“Blasted Ion Storm!” growled Joseph Bateman as he paced in his quarters. Being late for your first shift back since leave isn’t good, even if it was due to ‘turbulence’.

Finally seeing the Starbase in the transports window, Joe picked up his bag and nearly ran for the transporter room. Seeing the transporter operator just doing his startup routines, Joe said “As soon as we’re in range, I want you to beam me directly to the Discovery; I’m already 2 days late reporting in.”

Walking over to the wall, Joe opened a channel to the Discovery “This is Lieutenant Joseph Bateman, The new COO, my transport was delayed by an Ion storm and I will be beaming directly to the ship.”

When the duty officer acknowledged, Joe moved up to the Transporter pad and waited. A minute later he could feel himself being beamed to the Discovery.

Stepping down from the transporter platform, Joe hit his Commbadge and said “Lt. Joseph Bateman to Captain Blair, Permission to come aboard”

Posted on 2009-11-11 at 19:48:39.
Edited on 2009-11-11 at 20:04:39 by Baron

Dragon Mistress
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Ten Forward--Here I Come

Stardate: 2368.04.10 – 1242--2037
USS Discovery, Decks 1--Whatever Deck

Starting at the top, hair neatly caught back in a tight bun, Ensign La Rue headed out to explore the ship. Starting at the top, Deck 1, she did her best to look like she belonged there without intruding or interfering. The Observation Room was open and empty she pause for a few moments to take in the grand view before moving on. The Ready Room, she noted its position bet felt it better not to enter, what if there were a meeting in progress. The Bridge, she moved in to the side and looked it over. She could not keep the thrill of stepping onto the bridge from flashing through her, it was like stepping onto the stage before a performance, exhilarating and frightening at the same moment. There were no command officers that she could see, but there was a bustling of engineering and ops types. She had prepared to answer a Commanding Officer’s question as to why she was on the bridge. Lt. Briggs had told her to acquaint herself with the ship. But no one asked so she did not have to reply.

On down she went deck by deck, corridor by corridor. She wanted a feel of the ship, actually walking each deck as it was one of her best learning modalities, her kinesthetic, and then came her auditory and finally her visional modes. Toni could have stayed in her room with a mug of tea, a crisp apple and some sharp cheddar cheese and gone through a visual reality tour, but walking the decks gave her the opportunity to use all of her learning modalities.

The idea of food, and a rumble in her stomach told her it was dinnertime and passed, especially since she had had no lunch. Now the question was, back to her room and a lonely dinner or?

She was on her way to Ten Forward

USS Discovery, Deck 10 Ten Forward – 2051

Toni could not ignore her stomach so she went straight to the replicator and ordered.

“Cajun style fried catfish about 1 and a half pounds, a dozen hushpuppies, collard greens with bacon bits, corn on the cob with lots of butter, no salt, but light pepper, and a tall glass of southern style sweet mint tea.” Later she would add a big slice of pecan pie ala mode.

Taking her tray she looked about for a table, it was passed dinner time, but there were crewmen socializing. Rather than join a table of socializers she sought a quiet table for herself, the only thing she wanted to do was eat, and she had a healthy appetite. Her friends at dance school, she paused and let the fleeting pain of that thought subside, and at the academy would tease her about it, they might have been jealous of her high metabolism. It was their consensus that she burned calories just eating.

Posted on 2009-11-11 at 21:37:08.

Fun is Mandatory
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basically a double post

Stardate: 2368.04.10
USS Discovery, captain’s ready room – 1335

Noah opened an electronic message notification and frowned. Counselor Constantine had sent him a reminder that he was due a visit with her – which really meant that the Captain was overdue, and she was too polite to state such a thing directly. He sighed in resignation and pulled up his schedule when the comm interrupted him for the umpteenth time that day.

=/\\=Bridge to Captain Blair.=/\\= Once again, it was Lieutenant Ames. Blair briefly considered reinstituting the ancient policy of shooting the messenger in the hopes of cutting down on interruptions.

Grinning wryly, he answered. “Go ahead, Ames.”

=/\\=Another message from admiralty, sir. Admiral Drummond is standing by.=/\\=

Drummond, is it? Lovely. Definitely should have shot the messenger. Nathaniel Drummond had a reputation as a difficult man to begin with, and the incident with his nephew two years ago had not served to warm him to Blair one bit. “I’ll take it in here, Lieutenant,” the Captain answered.

Drummond’s long face appeared on Noah’s console. “Greetings, Captain Blair,” the admiral spoke in his sonorous tone.

Noah unconsciously straightened a bit. “And to you, Admiral. What can I do for you today?”

Drummond launched immediately into the purpose of the call, bypassing any semblance of the social niceties that Blair had come to expect from most of the brass he had dealt with in the past. “I have your orders, Captain. Before you move on to anything more noteworthy, you are to take the Discovery on a brief shakedown cruise to ensure that all repairs and upgrades have been completed to satisfaction. You will proceed from Starbase 128 to the Cedulon system, where you will take a full series of readings regarding the status of the system’s sun. At that time, you will receive new orders.”

Blair frowned. The Cedulon star had been studied at length – there was little potential scientific merit to be gained. This, however, was not the cause of the frown; the Cedulon system would be as good a place as any for a full battery of sensor tests. “Begging your pardon, Admiral,” he spoke, “but that route will place us perilously close to the Neutral Zone.”

If Drummond felt any emotion, he did not show it. “I am well aware of that, Captain. We have received quite a few reports of increased Romulan activity near this section of the Neutral Zone. The presence of a Galaxy class vessel should serve as a subtle, but effective, reminder as to the strength of the Federation.”

At least the real reason comes out. The Discovery was to be used in a galactic spitting contest, and there was nothing Blair could do about it. “Understood, Admiral. Orders received and acknowledged,” he replied formally.

“Very well, then,” Drummond answered. “Good day, Captain.”

With that, communication was cut.


Stardate: 2368.04.10
USS Discovery, captain’s ready room – 1350

Noah had almost had time to let his disgust die down when the comm sounded yet again.

=/\\= Lieutenant Joseph Bateman to Captain Blair, Permission to come aboard.=/\\=

Ah, his new chief of operations. Two days late, and boasting a pretty service record. Noah pinched the bridge of his nose for a moment before responding.

“Permission granted, lieutenant. I would appreciate it if you would drop by at your earliest convenience. I am in my ready room.”

=/\\=Aye, captain=/\\= came the reply.

Bateman was clearly true to his word – it was mere minutes before Blair’s door chimed, admitting the Discovery’s lean, muscular new chief of operations.

“Thank you for coming, lieutenant,” Blair spoke as he returned the customary salute. “Please, sit down.”

OOC: assuming Bateman does so…

“I appreciate you arriving on such short notice. I understand that your flight was delayed?” Blair asked casually.

OOC: assuming an affirmative, nothing special

Noah nodded. “Lieutenant, I have had a chance to review your service record at length.” He paused. “I see an officer with an extremely bright future, who has made one serious mistake. And so, here you are.”

“Mister Bateman,” the Captain continued, “I can empathize with your position. If not for the meddling of Fate – as well as that of a good friend – I would likely still be a lieutenant commander, with my highest potential posting as the head of a science department on a vessel such as this. If not for an unfortunate circumstance – and one decision – you would still be aboard the Ares, working your way to an executive officer posting and eventually, your own command.”

There was no need for Blair to vocalize the obvious – a senior officer broken down in rank seldom overcame such a career setback; Bateman’s chances of his own command had been seriously damaged, and both men knew it.

“Lieutenant, I believe in second chances. But for that one slip, you have been an excellent officer. The fact that you returned from your leave, that you did not resign your commission, tells me something of your commitment. And yet…” Blair trailed off. Almost imperceptibly, the Captain’s demeanor changed. Gone was the warmth, the casual easiness. In its place was a cold, hard void.

“The Discovery employs just over one thousand officers and crew. Add in another two hundred and fifty or so family members, researchers, and other civilians, and I am directly responsible for nearly thirteen hundred souls. Do you understand what I am saying, Mister Bateman?” Blair paused, his tone making it clear that he did not expect a response.

“I respect the expertise of my officers. I not only value, but solicit your input. I do not micromanage. I expect my department heads and senior officers to be capable of their tasks, and I back them at every juncture. That being said, as Captain of this vessel, I am effectively the United Federation of Planets government in transit. If I give an order, I expect that it will be followed to the best of your ability. Anything less endangers the lives of far too many people.”

His speech made, Blair looked Bateman in the eye. “Before I will allow you to begin your duties, I would have your word that I can, in fact, count on you. Otherwise, Lieutenant, you will need to apply for another posting. We have a day and a half left in port; I can pull some strings, if need be.”

One final pause. “So tell me, Lieutenant. What will your answer be?”

Posted on 2009-11-11 at 22:20:40.
Edited on 2009-11-11 at 22:37:11 by t_catt11

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Cold hearts

Stardate: 2368.04.10
USS Discovery, Holodeck 2- 1000

Yolan was cold. The building was made of ancient stone, and the weather outside had taken a nasty turn. The few candles lighting the room were not enough to ameliorate the absence of real warmth, and the thick robes Yolan had donned before the ceremony seemed insubstantial. Nevertheless, he persevered.

"The love of the Lord our Father does extend throughout the galaxy. It embraces all species alike, and any who reach out and ask for the light of his forgiveness shall be saved, and shall never truly die."

Yolan spread his arms wide and smiled. The two faces before him looked back. Ensign Edmonson was returning the smile, but Lieutenant Valen's face was, as ever inscruitable in expression.

"And now we shall celebrate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ by the eating of this bread, which does represent his body, and the drinking of this wine, which does represent his blood."

The pair of officers stepped forward and partook of the communion, their expressions paralysed on their faces. Edmonson's hands shook a little as she accepted the goblet, betraying how keenly she was feeling the elements, but Valen showed no such signs.

As the service came to and end, Yolan shut his copy of the Bible, a prized antique, before turning to find Valen standing before him, flanked by Edmonson.

"What can I do for you ladies?" he asked courteously. Edmonson looked at the flagstones suddenly, as though embarassed, or guilty. Valen showed no hesitation.

"We're not doing this any more... sorry," she added.

"You've... given up the Christian faith?" Yolan asked, his academic curiosity piqued. Edmonson piped up.

"No minister, we just..."

"Don't call him that!" Valen hissed to her companion, who fell silent. "I'm sorry, Yolan, but it is our feeling that, even if you are ship's chaplain, we cannot accept a service from someone who does not share our beliefs." Yolan looked at her for a few seconds, considering how best to respond.

"I'm sorry that you feel that way, but I can understand. If there is anything I can do for you, either of you, then you know exactly how to find me."

"Yes," Edmonson smiled, more warmly than before.

"Good day Yolan," Valen bowed her head, called for the exit, and strode out.

"Well," Yolan sighed. "I think it may be time for a change of scene. Computer, activate... program Yolan beta 5."

The old chapel evaporated about them, and was replaced with a bright green park, filled with picnicking families and playing children. The warmth of the two holographic suns above the two real figures was well received.

"I... I am sorry min... Yolan. I was quite happy with this arrangement, but then I got talking to the lieutenant and, well."

"The lieutenant seems more keen on the idea than are you, if that's not too bold of me to say." Edmonson lowered her eyes to the ground and began walking towards the nearby lake, Yolan walked in step with her.

"I do agree with her principle, don't get me wrong. You do a great job, but I know your heart isn't in your words."

"I simply say the words, it is for you to put your hearts into them. I am a medium through which your spiritual needs can be addressed." Edmonson gave an even broader smile.

"You always say things so nicely, but I don't see you as just a medium, I mean... I can't. You need to give my faith a human face, well, an el-aurian face."

"Then maybe you should see me as a friend, to anyone who asks me to be."

"Will you still be my friend?" Yolan stopped in his tracks and turned to face the woman beside him, a solemnity in his look that she had never before seen.

"Until the end of my long years Serena," he answered. They sat down together and he listened to her speak, about anything and everything, for five hours before she realised she was almost late for her shift in sickbay.

Yolan continued to sit as the sky darkened and the families went home, wondering how he would fill his shifts now that all he had left were a group of Buddhists and a Bolian ocean cult under his ministry.

Posted on 2009-11-12 at 02:09:18.

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The Dressing down

Stardate: 2368.04.10
USS Discovery, Transporter room – 1345

=/\\=Permission granted, lieutenant. I would appreciate it if you would drop by at your earliest convenience. I am in my ready room.=/\\=

“Aye Sir, on my way”

Moving with a swift stride, Bateman came to a turbolift and pushed the call button. Entering the lift, Bateman called for the bridge and arrived 20 seconds later.

Walking from the lift to the Ready room, Bateman pushed the call button and entered when permitted.

Stardate: 2368.04.10
USS Discovery, Captains Ready room – 1350

Sitting when offered the seat, Bateman sat through the lecture that he had expected (more or less). Offering affirmatives where needed and stating the Ion storm was the cause of the delay.

Once a direct question was asked at the end of the speech, Bateman responded

“I will be honest, I don’t regret my decision, but, I do regret the method of expressing it, it should have been handled more discreetly. My concern, as I’m sure was the Captains, was the safety of the ship and all those aboard her. I had hoped to avoid the deaths of the 3 people that died because of the order.

Should I have any such issues with a commands you give, I will follow through with it, much as I did with the previous order that cost me my rank. I do not believe that the punishment fit the misdeed, but that is not my decision. I will give you my word as a Starfleet officer that I will do my duty to the best of my ability, and should I have any concerns, they will be discussed with you in private.”

Posted on 2009-11-12 at 02:14:02.

Fun is Mandatory
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finishing up with ops

Stardate: 2368.04.10
USS Discovery, Captains Ready room – 1358

Blair did not have to wait long to receive his response from the new ops chief.

“I will be honest, I don’t regret my decision, but, I do regret the method of expressing it, it should have been handled more discreetly. My concern, as I’m sure was the Captains, was the safety of the ship and all those aboard her. I had hoped to avoid the deaths of the 3 people that died because of the order.

Should I have any such issues with a commands you give, I will follow through with it, much as I did with the previous order that cost me my rank. I do not believe that the punishment fit the misdeed, but that is not my decision. I will give you my word as a Starfleet officer that I will do my duty to the best of my ability, and should I have any concerns, they will be discussed with you in private.”

Noah nodded almost imperceptibly. "I understand your concerns, Lieutenant, and believe that you meant well. It is a hard thing to carry the deaths of others on your conscience..." his voice trailed off a bit, and grew noticeably heavier. "However, such decisions come with the territory. You may not have agreed with the order, but may I point out that had the weapons not been fired, the death toll could well have been in the hundreds."

The captain paused for a moment. "Understand something, Mister Bateman. When all is said and done, I am responsible for the safety of every person on this vessel, and I do not take that responsibility lightly. I will never do anything to jeopardize lives unnecessarily. Sometimes, though, there is no perfect answer – a Captain must give difficult orders, and live with the consequences of them. When those times come, the best course of action you can take – the one that benefits the ship and all her crew the best – is to carry out those difficult orders. That is your sworn duty, and I expect no less.”

After allowing his words to sink in, Blair spoke once more, this time allowing his normal warmth to flow back in. “All that being said, welcome aboard the Discovery, Lieutenant. I know that you have not had a chance yet to get settled – please feel free to do so now. I appreciate you stopping here first.”

The Captain stood and shook Bateman’s hand. “Oh, and one other thing – I will be designating you as third officer, Lieutenant. Like I said, I believe in second chances. Dismissed.”

Posted on 2009-11-12 at 16:02:09.
Edited on 2009-11-12 at 16:03:45 by t_catt11

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5 days to freedom

Stardate: 2368.04.10
USS Discovery, Brig - Cell 5

Valkriss sat, arms crossed, eyes fixed straight ahead at the force field that had been containing her in the small, but not necessarily uncomfortable, cell to which she had become far too well accustomed. She knew she only had five more days left before she was released, but that still did not make her feel any less angry at the fact she was in there. She stood up and began pacing backwards and forwards in an attempt to release some of the pent up anger.

“I should be doing important research not spending my time locked up like some honourless criminal,” she growled quietly to herself. She wondered to herself what the botanical labs were like and shuddered at the thought of there being another potential Lieutenant Commander Mulgrove in her lab… the thought of him made her shake for a few brief seconds with rage.

The first thing I am doing when I get out of here is going straight to the holodeck and chopping that paTak in half with a bat’leth, she decided, the very thought brought a subtle, yet contented, smile to her face as she sat back down and returned her gaze to the force field.

“Heck, at least I didn’t get demoted. I suppose that’s something.”

Posted on 2009-11-13 at 15:21:47.
Edited on 2009-11-13 at 15:46:48 by Nixie Face

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Experience and youth

Stardate: 2368.04.10
USS Discovery, Sickbay - 1035

"… fighting to protect their homeland, they're not doing anything wrong. The Federation shouldn't let them suffer like that!"

Nursing Chief Howard retorted angrily at the man who had spoken, not noticing the sickbay doors opening as he spoke, "We're not at war with Cardassia any more Mr. Vandean, and these bajorans are either terrorists and killers or vagrants. We owe them nothing!"

"How can you say tha... oh, um, Sol, I mean, sir!" the man speaking to Nurse Howard span round and saluted Doctor Solkar, whom he had just noticed standing in the doorway. Nurse Howard swiftly followed suit. Solkar was silent for a few seconds before speaking.

"When I served on the USS Phoenix, there was a regular debating session held every week by a Lieutenant in Operations, intended to allow crew members to discuss their views on current affairs. I attended several of the sessions and found them to be quite enlightening. May I recommend that, should you desire to discuss the possibility of Federation involvement in the circumstances obtaining between Cardassia and Bajor, or any other political issue, that you arrange a similar forum in which to do so, thus allowing you to better concentrate on your duties whilst you are here."

"Yes sir, of course sir," replied Nurse Howard.

"As you were gentlemen," finished Solkar, before making his way towards his office. Nurse Howard returned to drawing a map on his PADD of the new sickbay layout, looking nervously towards the CMO's office every so often, whilst the man to whom he had been speaking bounded after Solkar.

"Sir," he said eagerly. "Sir, Crewman John Ender Vandean reporting for duty." Solkar looked up at the tall, youthful-looking man standing at the entrance to his office. He was another of Solkar's nurses, an NCO, and his comm badge was upside-down.

"You appear to be in contravention of uniform regulations crewman." Nurse Vandean looked down at his uniform, his face like that of a startled labrador, and quickly resolved the issue.

"Sir, Doctor Solkar, do you have any orders for me?" he asked, moving in a little closer to where Solkar had seated himself.

"I would like you to familiarise yourself with the new layout of medical equipment in the room, and then assist Nurse Howard in recalibrating all of the medical tricorders to the new operational specifications."

"Ahh, sir, well, we did that yesterday. Doctor White left us standing orders. They all work just fine."

"I see, and the sickbay layout?"

"Dave... I mean, Lieutenant Howard is still having problems there sir, but I've got it all figured out," he held himself proudly as he said this. Solkar turned and appraised him.

"How many hyposprays are positioned on the table approximately 5 feet from the door?"

"There are 7 there sir."

"And what are their contents?"

"They all contain 20mg of lectrazine sir, and the 2 in the drawer underneath contain hyronalin, so we can easily combine the two treatments in the case of radiation poisoning."

"I have been absent from sickbay for approximately 20 minutes, how long has it taken you to commit all of this information to memory crewman?"

"It only took me about 10. I've got, well, it's like an eidetic memory, but only for things I know the reasons for. You ask me to remember a bunch of random numbers and I won't be able to recall even 1 of them, but tell me what a treatment does and why we use it, it'll stay up here forever sir," Nurse Vandean pointed at his head and smiled. "The way you've got this sorted out, it makes so much sense sir... you must have really been in some action, to come up with something like this."

"What do you mean crewman?"

"I mean, well, I heard you helped out on Valo II, with the bajoran refugees, what was that like?"

"If you wish to engage me in a discussion about bajoran politics, you will find yourself..."

"No sir, I mean, well, of course not sir. I won't."

"You are, however, to be commended on your quick learning abilities. Your new orders are to familiarise yourself with the new literature on Goerlan's syndrome, and create a report to be delivered to me by 1800 hours tomorrow."

"I, well, yes sir. I should say I've never done anything like this before sir. Maybe Doctor Edmonson would be a better choice, she's an expert on pathogen research."

"I have given you an order crewman," Solkar's tone sharpened, although his face displayed no greater harshness. "Please execute it."

"Of course sir, on the double." Nurse Vandean seemed to leap from the office, and towards a console on the other side of the room.

Solkar turned back to his computer screen and his eyes glazed over, not seeing the LCARS readout before them. He remembered thoroughly updating himself on the latest papers on Goerlan's syndrome as he was in transit between DS6 and the Discovery. Some of the material had been challenging, even for a medical mind as acute and experienced as Solkar's.

Perhaps I am reaching a point whereby my mind has become too fixed in one shape to bend with new ideas easily. I have always sought to learn, constantly. What should I do once I can no longer adapt my thinking to the latest discoveries? Perhaps, instead of learning, I should begin to teach.
Solkar shook himself out of his digressions, and opened up the crew database to update himself on the medical records of the latest arrivals in the crew, as well as to check on the psychological history of Lieutenant MacTavish.

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more to come later after research

Stardate 2368.04.10
USS Discovery deck 36 1100

Ensign John Warwick walked out of the commander's office and headed to his own section of the ship. The warp core. Perhaps the most valuable technology aboard the starship next to life support and the actual computer. I hear they call the computer Sheila on this ship John thought to himself as he looked upon the center of engineering. wierd. Well first things first the dilithium crystals. John walked to the panel that would be his. Normally he would have just run a diagnostic to see if everything was working but this was a new engine, with new modifications. And John liked to see his entire engine. He took the warpcore offline knowing that hey weren't leaving in a day or so it wouldn't be a problem. Besides I shouldn't be changing anything. and if I am then I can always get a crew to help me. He opened the dilithium chamber and pulled the crystals out. It seems that they just replaced the crystals. Good, they should have being in drydock with plenty of time. John thought as he looked upon the perfectly shaped crystals. He put the crystal array back in place and closed the chamber. He then turned the warp core back online and began to run a diagnostic on the matter anti-matter system. He would have opened it up as well except once the ship launches it's dangerous to open the antimatter chamber without a full purge of the system and John sincerely doubted there was need or time to perform such a procedure. So instead he watched the diagnostic closely. Well maybe not as closely as he should have been since he seemed to notice a cute petty officer going about her duties. I'd like to ask her out for a drink sometime. He thought as he watched her crouching to fix some systems. If only I wasn't terrified of talking to a pretty face outside of work. John sighed as he turned his attention back to the diagnostics. It was a good thing he did too because it seemed that the matter chamber was running just a bi faster than the antimatter chamber. It wouldn't have been a problem until the ship needed to go warp 9.3 but one never knew when the ship needed to go warp 9.3. The fix was probably just a matter of readjustment but it was better to run a full diagnostic and report the problem to the commander. John began the full diagnostic of the warp core and tapped his badge.
"Ensign Warwick to mmm..." John wondered briefly if he should tell the commander or the assistant chief. "Commander Kennedy."

(assuming a response)

"Commander it seems there's a problem with the matter antimatter system. I'm in the process of fixing the issue now I just though you would want to know." John said

(more to come later after research)

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Eternal Cloudbank of a Dirty Mind

Stardate: 2368.04.10
Time: 14:00
USS Discovery, Main Engineering Security Post
A quick nod and a quiet 'as you were' to the Ltjg on duty were all Nick indulged in before heading to the terminal. Additional messages to go out: Informing the other department heads who their security officers for the next voyage would be, and asking if any of them had problems with the deployment. Average stuff. A check for a reply from their illustrious captain... which hadn't come.

Almost as though he doesn't approve of me running background checks... Almost as though it's some sort of illicit hobby I need to break myself out of. Heh... 'Suspicious Bastards Anonymous' would be a great idea for a holodeck program.
The usual scanning of his current business. Lieutenant (jg) Valkriss remained the only drain on his brig spaces.

Mmmm, Klingons. Keep on making me look like I've got good self control, Lieutenant!
She had a good five days until her release. Maybe he'd get the counsellor to look her over, in the hopes of getting her let out a couple of days early? Nothing personal about Valkriss (whom he'd met once when she was first incarcerated on the Discovery), but he knew from personal experience it was always disappointing to miss the start of a voyage because you were in the brig.

Which just left... Drills. Jack gets to schedule attack drills. Vulcan Guy - I'll learn his name eventually! - gets to schedule medical drills. Callie gets to use actual drills. I get to do boarding drills - and I do have a new ensign to break in... A grin slowly spread across Nick's face. Everyone loves getting to pretend to board the ship. Likewise, everyone hates us running mock phaser battles through their department. So... which other department head has been naughty... and which has been nice? me?

He could pass out the chance to run around with stun phasors raisin' hell based on favouritism. But he'd already gotten Jack and the Tactical officers to do his first such drill, when he'd taken over as Security Chief. Which left... Med, Sci, Eng, or Ops. Med's and Ops' chiefs were both new transfers, and he tended to avoid the Eng and Sci chiefs if he could help it. So he was a little stumped.

What else is a counsellor for, if not to help with such problems?
It was easy enough sending a notification to the counsellor that he was on his way up to her now.

And if she has other plans for this evening? So much the better. It means she won't waste time asking me about my feelings. I have a holographic counsellor for that. Noone minds if I smash a holographic counsellor's head in with a meditation lamp.
Time: 14:30
USS Discovery, Counsellor Constantine's Office
Okay, Nick. You can do this. Go in, complete your self-assigned task, and get out with as few lectures as possible. All you have to do is act normal.

Hell, that's never going to work. You act about as well as a paraplegic ballet dances.

A resigned sigh, and Nick quickly hit the door chime to the counsellor's office. If he had to meet up with her, he might as well get it over with. In his hands he held a PADD - it contained the instructions one of the other department heads would need to form up an Opposing Force for him. Getting the counsellor to pick which one got it would add a whole new level of complexity to the exercise - as not only would he not know the exact day and time of it all, but he wouldn't know who he'd be fighting, either.

Still, no matter. If he couldn't beat a penpusher, a doctor, an engineer or a scientist in a combat drill, he didn't deserve to lead a security department anyway.

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Damn Database error (originally tried to post friday)

Stardate: 2368.04.10
USS Discovery, Captains Ready room – 1358

Standing with the captain, Bateman shook his hand. As he was about to release the captain added one thing

“Oh, and one other thing – I will be designating you as third officer, Lieutenant. Like I said, I believe in second chances. Dismissed.”

To which Bateman replied “Thank you captain, for this posting and for the responsibility of third officer. I promise I won’t let you down Captain.” Turning on his heels Bateman lifted his bag and left the ready room.

Moving to the turbolift, Bateman called for deck 2, arriving mere seconds later.

Moving to his assigned quarters, Bateman looked around and was pleased that there was a work station and desk that, with a little rearranging, would look out at the stars. Dropping his bag on the bed, Bateman walked over to the replicator and ordered a large tea.

Sitting at the workstation, Bateman said “Computer, restrict this terminal to myself, the Captain, first and second officers and Security level 4”

‘Authorization code’

“Authorization code Charlie, Helo, India, Papa 921”

‘Authorization code accepted, terminal restricted.’

“Alright, Send a message to The Chief engineering officer asking for a meeting at thier earliest convience, even off-duty. Next send a message to the Ops department section chiefs informing them of a department meeting tomorrow at ... “ stopping to check the times the conference room was available “13:30 tomorrow in the conference room, this includes communications, sensors, and sciences”((OOC: doesn’t include medical))

Moving back into the bedroom, Bateman started to unpack and wondered if the captain would allow him to replicate some ‘smart’ furniture, which he had used on his last posting based on modified designs of 21st century tech.

Finishing his unpacking, all 10 minutes of it, Bateman walked back to his terminal and put in his request to the captain regarding the furniture, asking for a ‘smart’ table and wall screen.

((OOC: open to the boarding drill... after the meeting tommorow :p)

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Patience is a virtue...Doris?

USS Discovery- Botanical Lab 1

“There you are Doris, just a few days and all of that nasty Jaquarean fungus will be gone and those leaves of yours will be a nice shade of red like they are supposed to be,” cooed Angmarhed softly as if speaking to a child, whilst carefully applying the fungicide to the leaves of a Gulamoot shrub.

“Hey Angmarhed,” Ensign Rowland said as he walked through the door.

“Oh… thought you weren’t in ‘til later,” Angmarhed replied.

“Eh, thought I’d catch up on some stuff… so, have you heard?”

“Heard what?”

“The memo,” Angmarhed looked up at him with a blank expression “I’ll take that as a no then.”

“So…what is it?” Angmarhed asked.

“We have a Lieutenant Valkriss who is going to be joining us in five days.”

“Great, we could do with another pair of hands… when is she getting aboard? Do you think she’d appreciate a two man welcoming party?” David looked back at the PADD containing the memo.

“Ummm… apparently she’s already aboard.”

“Well, we should at least go say hello… Computer, locate Lieutenant Valkriss.”

=/\\\\= Lieutenant Valkriss is located in the brig, cell 5 =/\\\\=

Angmarhed and David stared at each other not quite believing what the computer had just said. David raised an eyebrow and gestured towards the door.

“Oh come on,” he laughed. “You just know this is going be good…think of it as an unscheduled coffee break.” Angmarhed smiled back.

“Hmm, yes, I was just in the mood for a cappuccino,” Angmarhed replied sarcastically. “Oh alright, as long as I will be back soon to give Doris her second treatment.”

“Doris?” David enquired. Angmarhed pointed to the ill-looking shrub on the bench behind him. “I won’t ask,” said David, shaking his head. “Come on, the anticipation’s killing me.” David jogged out of the lab in the direction of the brig.

“Hey David, wait up… you know patience is a virtue!” yelled the pursuing Angmarhed down the corridor.

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What now?

Stardate: 2368.04.10
Cmdr. Kennedy – Forward Torpedo Bay – 1102

Petty Officer Gregum hailed Kennedy over to inspect the torpedo he had just put into a containment cell. Resting her fingers along the smooth surface of the torpedo and tapping out a beat she nodded.

“Good job Gregum. On to the next…”

Down the line she was being hailed again, but her combadge beeped before she had a chance to answer it.

"Ensign Warwick to mmm..." John wondered briefly if he should tell the commander or the assistant chief. "Commander Kennedy."

Ah… the dancing wonder boy… what could he need now?
“Kennedy here…”

"Commander it seems there's a problem with the matter antimatter system. I'm in the process of fixing the issue now I just though you would want to know." John said

“An issue with the antimatter. Don’t sound so blasé about it Warwick. What exactly is the nature of this problem.” Her voice taking on a slight edge.

((OOC: Assuming he goes into a description of what he has found))

A heavy sigh escapes from her. Just what I need today…
“Okay keep working on it.” She paused a moment before going on. “When you get it resolved please let me know. If you have any difficulties I’ll get Lt. Garrish to assist you. Clear?”

((OOC: Assuming positive response))

With a tap of her combadge she wandered down the line to inspect the next torpedo.

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