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Parent thread: Season of the Witch Q/A
GM for this game: Tek
Players for this game: Vilyamar, Kaelyn, Loki, Merideth, Dragonblood, Ion Kired, Shield Wolf
This game has fizzled.
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Rendevous at the Crossroads of Fate

Anora's trip home had been filled with hurried steps and a heavy heart. She had so wished that her mother had been home, but she knew her wishes would not be granted, for the scent of jasmine, her mother's favourite perfume did not hang in the air upon her entry.

A detailed account of all that had been transpired was left, a cup of tea from the leaves Erkand had left her only respite as she checked and rechecked her belongings, shoving a couple extra sets of clothing within her pack, and wrapping up a few days worth of cured meats, fresh pastries, candied figs, and a twelve year old bottle of scotch from her father's liquor cabinet from when they entertained prospective clients. She wouldn't dare drink the horrid stuff, and her father would have a heart attack over her deffered use of the expensive drink, but it would prove a strong anticeptic in case of injury, and she forsaw more than simple scrapes and bruises upon this journey.

With one last look at her lifelong home, She walked solemnly into the night, towards the rendevous spot. Praying to Liris all the while for mercy and guidance.

When she got there, she was pleased to see two already waiting for her, The Mith'gani, and Thea, the young priestess of Mirros. the odd couple she thought, as they conversed amongst themselves as she approached slowly.

"I'm glad to see at least some have agreed to join in this endeavour, however inoccuous it may seem. May the God's guide us to the answers we seek, and Lord Liris, have mercy on those left behind to face what daybreak brings."

Anora cast a saddened look back towards the capital. "Please.." She said barely above a whisper.. "Please let more come.."

Posted on 2010-01-28 at 09:27:55.
Edited on 2010-01-28 at 20:22:27 by Kaelyn

RDI Staff
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Ever Polite...

She had blushed slightly when the elf bowed over her hand. She had watched his strange moon colored eyes and kept quiet while he had spoken, introducing himself, reaffirming his position that she should not be with them, and then explaining his people some to her.

When he had finished and silence hung on the air for a moment she bowed her head back to him and attempted to repeat the greeting he had offered her. “O’l gati kami, Eofara.” She blushes a bit deeper when she realizes she probably did not get it quiet right but then goes on.

“My stomach will appreciate your efforts. Although…” she leans in an inch and lowers her voice to a whisper as if revealing a secret to him, “I prefer baked goods…”

In the last shreds of starlight her eyes brighten up and she smiles warmly with a slight laugh at her admission. Then her head cocks to the left and she looks at him almost, inquisitively.

“If your people avoid our civilizations, why are you here?”

But before he can answer her attention is pulled toward another approaching figure. The other red headed woman, a follower of Liris unless Thea had been mistaken. She smiled to her and bowed her head in greeting as Anora greeted them, offered a prayer to her god and plead for more to join them.

Gently Thea’s pale fingers came to Anora’s shoulder comfortingly. “I am sure they will, the gods will not allow us to go on this journey without all we need. You are Anora correct? I am Thealora Justinia, although Thea really is fine.” She glances at Eofara when she says that as if to confirm that it is fine for him to call her that as well. “And he is Eofara… he says he can hunt so we won’t fear going hungry.” She smiles as her eyes move back to Anora.

Inside the fear still eats at her stomach, but with the other two with her and the distraction of making introductions it does not consume her.

Posted on 2010-01-28 at 14:36:43.

Ion Kired
Tapped Out Bullywog
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I was here the whole time I promise

From the shadows Igni watched as the group began to form. Iguess this is really going to happen. I just hope we don’t regret our decision. Igni thought with a sigh. The hour was almost upon the party where they would need to be off. However it was never easy trusting anyone, and even less so when one had spent their lives losing everyone they came into contact with, as Igni had. Perhaps their gods are real as mine is not. I hope the misfortune of having me in their party does not result in their demise. He stood watching the interaction of the elf and the girl willing himself to move and yet going nowhere. I always knew I would have to leave but I never figured anyone might go with me. A mission huh? Igni fingered the stone key in his hands. There is guaranteed to be dangers within Gurit-Marnairan. That territory was once a virtual warzone between my people and the gnolls. I’m sure the gnolls have not abandoned it. I just hope that this time my power is strong enough to protect these fools. I can’t stand filing again! Igni’s hand clenched around the stone tablet and he began to move even as the fighter woman joined the forming party. Ah our would be leader. The closer Igni came to the gathering the more his performing mask slipped over his fears and doubts.

“Greetings, all.” Igni exclaimed as he came within twenty feet of the party. “Glad you could make it. We still seem to be missing two of our party, should we wait? Ah yes I am Igni Stonelighter Dwarven Bard Extrodinaire!” With a flourish of a bow Igni looks at the three gathered, “Who may I ask are you?”

Posted on 2010-01-28 at 23:05:33.

Dragon Fodder
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Gently Thea’s pale fingers came to Anora’s shoulder comfortingly. “I am sure they will, the gods will not allow us to go on this journey without all we need. You are Anora correct? I am Thealora Justinia, although Thea really is fine.” She glances at Eofara when she says that as if to confirm that it is fine for him to call her that as well. “And he is Eofara… he says he can hunt so we won’t fear going hungry.” She smiles as her eyes move back to Anora.
The meek child like wisp of a girls fingers touched Anora's shoulder, and Anora smiled gently, her warm nature obscuring the worry beneath.

She was about to answer when a fourth joined their three, and her smile genuinely widened.

“Greetings, all.” Igni exclaimed as he came within twenty feet of the party. “Glad you could make it. We still seem to be missing two of our party, should we wait? Ah yes I am Igni Stonelighter Dwarven Bard Extrodinaire!” With a flourish of a bow Igni looks at the three gathered, “Who may I ask are you?”
Anora turned towards Igni and she too took a flourished bow, though her armor prevented the full sweep and motion she would normally associate with the movement. "Good bard welcome," she said as she took a step back to face the three companions directly, none to her back as best she could. With a second bow, this one more curt and professional in nature.

"I am Anora Arlessa, of House Arlessa, Lady in noble standing, a birthright by decree, but amongst those here, and given our current situation.. Such titles and pretentiousness will only hinder our movement and keeping of a low profile. Thus, I ask you call me simply Rose."

Posted on 2010-01-29 at 19:08:12.

Jumpin' Jack Smash
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In Search of Pardoning

Volla 28th, 1021
Vyrrmas, Alcana
Western Gate

Through the hours breaking dawn, matters were attended and goodbyes were said to those held dear to the newly-appointed conscripts, sensing that it may be some time before they return. None wanted to admit that they may potentially not come home at all, instead choosing to think of it as a temporary bid farewell. Supplies were stocked as best as judgment declared, and one by one, the team assembled outside the western gate of Vyrrmas.

Keeping a safe distance from the aperture to the city itself, in the event that guards were already made aware of their recent addition to the citywide blacklist, introductions were performed in the gradually growing light of the approaching day. The grass was damp from dew collected overnight, releasing a lush fragrance into the morning air. Invigorating, a wonderful way to begin an otherwise oppressive day.

The strange-speaking Kammie was the last to arrive, and offered no introduction of her own in the way the others had. Agrin, expectedly, merely scorned the others as they commenced their own procedures of familiarity. But even the reputedly aloof Mith’ganni made efforts to make himself known, particularly to the young priestess Thea.

As the brilliant sun crested the eastern horizon, Deilver’s magnificent rays gleaming upon the morning mists, the party shouldered gear and checked equipment once more, setting out for the west along the damp dirt road. A gentle breeze picked up from the east, almost as if speeding them along in their mission and away from the chaos wrought within the heavy stone walls of the capital.

Judging by Igni’s recollection and the combined geographical familiarity of Éofara and Anora – Rose, as she introduced herself on the daybreak, it was agreed upon that the distance was probably about a six hour march, including a stop for something to eat. Erkand had told them that the ruins were located inside a forest, and as of yet, the most trees as far as any of them could see were merely small patches here and there. Every now and again, an outlying farm with some orchards could be spotted. Hardly anything that might constitute the cover required to hide a ruined fort.

From time to time, one or two travelers would pass by, headed in the direction of Vyrrmas. Garbed in simple farmer’s clothes or the wrappings of somebody covering a large distance, a smile and a nod was offered at the traveling party, though an odd glance was often tosses at Éofara and Agrin, as both were exceedingly rare to see among these lands. Nevertheless, the presence of others lent to help take away from the feeling of isolation.

In retrospect, it was almost amusing to think of the reactions those folks would have when they arrived in Vyrrmas and saw that there were posters tacked up declaring the group of six that they passed earlier in the day were hunted heretics!

Four hours of steady marching passed relatively quickly before hunger began to set in, and it was decided that a break for lunch would be a good plan. A nearby elm with large sweeping boughs seemed an idea spot, many of its roots groping out of the soft soil like great wickets. Near enough, to the north, a small brook could be heard gurgling along steadily. There was no game to be found, but even if there were to be, it would have been impractical to hunt and butcher an entire animal in the midst of the journey. Perhaps closer to dusk…

Replenishing water and feeling nourished after the short lunch of dried fruit, meat, and stale travel bread, the group broke for the anticipated location again, the trek more than half complete. The sun had begun to move beyond the apex of the sky, and was descending upon the western rim of the land by the time the road forked, one path west and one to the south, bringing into sight, at the base of a distant hill, a swelling eruption of dark greens and browns. The first sight of a large woodland. The ruins of Gurit’Marnairan must surely be within the boundaries of those mighty sentinels.

Approaching the tree line with a stamina borne of blended eagerness and anxiety, the six crested the hilltop, prepared for the descent, but rather met with a curious sight. Seated on its haunches directly in the center of the road, a lone wolf sat, jaws closed and eyes on the road ahead. It did not move from its position, approximately fifty yards ahead of the group above, but at the sight of them, bayed a loud bark that carried across the serene locale like a ripple across a pool. Silence followed, paired with stillness from the hound.

Reflex told the group, experiences and green alike, that it was exceedingly likely more were being summoned, though none could hazard a guess that would explain the solitary wolf, nor its unusual behavior. Almost like it was…waiting.

(OOC: The forest is ahead, approximately sixty yards away, but before them is the wolf. The road ends almost immediately where the wolf is seated, at which point one would enter the trees.

Half a pack of rations has been consumed, and waters have been refilled at the brook.

Time to move on!)

Posted on 2010-01-29 at 23:27:55.

Dragon Fodder
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Puppy!! *Squeee!*

Anora, now Rose, did her best to keep the spirits of those she travelled with high. She hummed and whistled, at times sung different songs in different languages, part to keep morale at a decent level --aside from Agrin's expected bitching about how he'd rather have his ears ground against a millwheel or smashed between hammer and anvil rather than listen to the woman or some sort-- but it was also a distraction from the severity of the situation.

The first hours went by relatively quickly, but even resolve and diligence wouldn't stay hunger for long. Partaking in some jerked meats, and a fig, offering a portion to any who were unfortunate enough not to have brought any rations themselves, her hunger pangs were quelled for the time being.

Moving on Anora's spirits lifted as the sun rose as it always did, despite this sunrise heralding her as a criminal. As they crested the next hill, Rose expected to see the entrance tot he forest they were to delve into, but instead was met with a curious sight. A singular wolf sat in the middle of the road.

"Awwwwwww isn't it just adorable!!!" Anora thought as the wolf barked it's warning call across the still morning air.

"Does anyone else find it strange that this pack creature sits in solitude, almost as a sentry? Perhaps this is a boon, a sign we near our destination; or perhaps a burden, should many more respond to the call."

Stepping forward, ahead of the others, and arming her shield, but no weapon as of yet. She stood and waited, alert for whatever may come.

(Setting Initiative in response to any surprise Rounds)

Posted on 2010-01-29 at 23:59:40.
Edited on 2010-01-30 at 00:01:22 by Kaelyn

Facelick Squeegee
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g'day mates

A day of brilliance and beauty met Baelenoa with the dawn, casting its light in long strokes of gold over a road that ran out of Vyrrmas. It was a new birth for the bright sun, cracking forth from both a dark night and a stormy predecessor for a yesterday, earning the label ‘day’ only for passage of hours. And yet, the damp teeth of rain clung to the souls of six travelers who now met this sunlit road, they had been flung from their lives into a world of mystery and malice. All that was left of them in Vyrrmas now were memories and malevolent images, plastered up around the town.

And so, a ragamuffin collection of newly dubbed adventurers hit the wilderness, some with determination, some with desperation and some with despair. As the sky saw its daily race of light, so the road saw new scars as footsteps passed along it. Time eased itself out steadily and guided them down their path towards the ruins they had been thrown toward by fate... or chance... or the will of a mysterious man.

Groaning bellies were not ignored and met with a lunch that, perhaps, was not the sustenance they were used to, but would have to do, it was a new life they lead now and their bodies would adapt. Again their feet were sent to task of carrying them along the road that lead to their destination. It seemed nearly attainable until they saw the path bore itself into the gaping maw of the forest. It was not the new scenery that begged the halting of the mismatched party, but its guardian. A wolf, with fixed jaws, intent eyes and muscular torso. Frozen at the mouth of their path which rivered its way into the woods, the beast stood focused earnestly upon the passengers.

The silent sky was torn through with the cry of this lone wolf. A beautiful moan both bayed and barked, that whirled itself through the day to the halted crew. The party’s action was ceased for seconds that drew themselves out with anxiety. Finally. the woman who had, with charismatic initiative, taken helm of the party till then, took a step forward, an act of preparation and leadership it seemed. It may have brought comfort to some and nerves to others but to the wolf it seemed to lend nothing but curious noting in the intelligent eyes.

From the folds of shadows that consumed the trees a figure stood forth, to join the animal that watched the road. Though hard to judge at the distance, he stood with a prominent height. it was not, however, the head to toe length that would impress but the stature, a strong straightness. An erect posture that gave the suggestion of agility and dignity.

Loose trousers swung around legs, which bent gently at the knees, and swirled around sturdy but light boots. A shirt, baggy enough to be breathable and tight enough to evade being snagged on thorns and branches hung about his body, opening low around his neck and revealing a chest that had reluctantly gleaned both firm muscle and mild tan. From the short sleeves emerged arms that were long and taut with muscle, lean and subtle, that suggested endurance more than might.

One hand rested lightly but firmly on the shaft of a quarter staff that pressed itself gently into the earth. Across his chest was slung a short bow crafted, not expertly or gorgeously, but functionally, practically. Hanging with it was a quiver of arrows carved pragmatically from wood, again short of adept carpentry. A tiny sack was about his shoulders that indicated an extremely light traveler. A fine leather belt looped itself through his pants and sagged slightly as it bore a simple scabbard, made of a similar brown leather, on one side and a small water skin on the other. There was no craftsmanship in any of it but the sheath safely and tightly held the long blade of a knife whose hilt emerged from its mouth.

Even from the distance, the face was striking. A head, which stood on slight shoulders and a long neck, was shaved low showing only the shadow of black hair. A firm jaw was cut out but hidden behind thick, dark curls that gnarled across his face wildly, wrapping around his large red lips. Darting out above was a thin, sharp nose with a quiet violence that suggested independence and regality. Large, fierce eyes stood squarely about the bridge of his nose, staring sharply out across the road. A haunting, striking blue was pearled about the pupil. The man stood before the party motionless, gazing out at them.


The bright day had worn forth with a gentle resilience, allowing the sun to wheel its way across the sky while Joseph stood in the threshold of the forest, awaiting Tristessa’s signal. He had plied longer hours with diligent patience and today stood no different from the other waning suns and rising moons he had watched.

Joseph let the heat pass across his body silently, as the sand of time drifted past. He allowed himself to slip out of its stream, disappearing into the wilds. He was frozen at the edge of the trees and welcomed the warm and bright sensations as the plants did. He did not blink, his fingers did not touch and the buzz of his mind quieted itself.

Slowly he let his humanity eek itself out and welcomed himself as a petrified piece of the nature. This ecstasy that crept through his bones was a tingling yearning, a deep desire to be one with the world which he was blessed to be on. But alas the mad monologue that passed through every man’s brain could not be entirely escaped, no matter how much meditation one did. There was but one way to enter Baelonea’s blood stream, but how...?

The howl came as a shock but he did not even shiver, only allowed his eyes to refocus and a human’s breath to pass through his lips. He turned out to the edge of the woods and peered through the gateway of foliage. Six travelers were making their way towards his position. Joseph nodded to himself, now was his time. Perhaps this was the path he was asked to take. The man resisted allowing a human’s sigh to pass from his lips and emerged to meet them.

Joseph took long strides to meet Tristessa’s form in the centre of the path and gazed across the heat at the frozen party. Unless the brief encounter with the centaurs was counted, he had not been with others for half a decade. That was how he lived, was there another possibility? Could he truly return to his old way of life. Indeed, was this in fact a return. Joseph silenced his thoughts: human anxieties. He fixed his eyes upon the six forms and stood stolidly. It was not belligerence that restricted him from greeting or approaching even but simply that the way of the wild was his code. He lived mannerless, empty of etiquette, there was naught but the lessons of nature, all else was pretension. So he stood with his companion at his side, awaiting his fate... or perhaps it was chance... and maybe even it was the will of a mysterious man.


Posted on 2010-01-30 at 01:19:28.
Edited on 2010-01-30 at 01:27:12 by Dragonblood

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Who is this?

With the appearance of others Thea’s nerves calmed down some. At least it was easier to forget some of the more troubling aspects of this trip and focus on getting to know everyone. The bard was particularly intriguing to her, his gallant bow when he appeared made her giggle. However, it was with the elf that she continued her conversation while they traveled.

He was so different than anyone she had ever met before. The silver laced language he spoke was enthralling and she continued to ask him to tell her how to say things in his language while they spoke. Mainly it was polite things, as in ‘good morning’ or ‘goodnight’ but the objects they passed along the way sometimes became the subject of her inquiries as well, such as ‘tree’ or ‘bird’. When she was not trying out his language on her own tongue she kept it busy by asking him other questions.

She wanted to know why he had left his home and what it that home was like. Many of her questions showed how ignorant she was when it came to elves. Asking him if they lived in trees and didn’t have to eat. Other questions focused on the plague though, which she seemed to have a great knowledge of and wanted to know how it affected his people and how far it had reached its grasp onto elven lands.

A giggle and a blush often accompanied her questions or his answers while they walked, and for a little while she had put the reason for this journey out of her mind.

That was until the wolf blocked their path. Her feet slowed to a complete stop the moment she saw it, her blue eyes widening into bright saucers. Never before had she been so close to a wild animal in all her life, the experience was mesmerizing and terrifying at the same time. She heard her father’s voice in her head reminding her to never stare a wild animal directly in the eyes, that it might spook them and cause them to attack. Despite his voice she could not do anything but stare into its eyes.

Her breath held as she caught Rose moving forward out of the corner of her eyes. “Don’t…” she whispered too softly for Rose to hear her.

The dark beads of the wolfs eyes kept her so rapt that when the man stepped out of the forest she did not notice him until he stood by the wolf. A gasp pulled from her lungs when she caught sight of him, standing there tall, rugged and silent. The weapons he carried were prominently displayed and made her cringe slightly. Without thinking she took a step backwards, behind Eofara and reached out with her thin fingers, brushing his sleeve as if seeking his protection.

Posted on 2010-02-02 at 02:09:31.

TRSG 2.0
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The wolf man

As the others joined the group waiting to depart he greeted them mostly in a similar fashion, only holding the hands of the females though and greeting the second dwarf to arrive (Agrin, if grugg is still playing) with Oel ngati kamänge instead of the greeting he used with the others. The difference is hardly noticeable however and would require a keen ear or knowledge of the language. The days journey would not be far but it would take long, particularly without a horse to ride, but he was with company which kept his spirit high and joyous despite Thea’s constant questions. Many of them were simple to answer, “Everything needs to eat.”, “My kind are not timeless but we do live many hundreds of lifetimes.”, “I’m over 200 solstices (2 solstices a year).” But other were more complex, like questions about the plague. “My clan hasn’t been affect by the plague, we’re nomads so are usually untroubled by the pestilences of cities but the elders are been concerned. We are a dying race, everything has it’s time but this illness is not of natural craft.” He didn’t answer all her questions though, most of the ones he didn’t answer regarded the plague as he didn’t know much about it, but others were ‘clan secrets’, things that only a Mith’ganni should know. He was resentful to teach her much of his language however, he’d seen the world of man and his race were trusting, a word of friendship is taken as that and even more so in their own tong.

After about four hours of travel they arrived near a large elm where they decided to stay a wile and eat, there was no game in the area (big game isn’t usually the main food source for hunter-gathers anyway) and there wasn’t enough time to hunt anyway so the group eat some of their rations, salted meat, ‘travel bread’ and dried fruit, washed down with liberal amount of water to remove the taste of salt. There was a stream nearby however so everyone refilled their waterskins and Éofara decided that he would hunt in the eve or dawn when the others were sleeping but wouldn’t be able to provide enough for them all.

With the journey more then half over it didn’t take long to arrive at a large woodland, over the top of the hill they were met, for most of them, a strange sight. A lone would was sitting in the middle of the path blocking their way, the tamed beast howled and Rose’s first reaction was to question the wolf’s presence, she was right that wolves were pack animals but having seen similar before Éofara waited patiently to meet whoever the wolf had summoned. Rose stepped forward with her shield raised and he felt half inclined to tell her a wolf pack was no danger here and Thea whispered “don’t” in such a low voice he doubted Rose could hear her. Soon enough a man appeared from the woods, dressed in lose trousers and a lose shirt, with a bow similar to his own slung across his shoulders and a quiver. He held a quarterstaff and had a knife at his belt, his light pack suggested he lived in the forest. The man stood in the path looking at the group waiting for something. Thea took a step back behind him. He invoked the name of the wolf god, god of the hunt.

(In Mith'ganni ) “ Tsmúkan oel ngati kame.”
He addressed Rose, and then the man and the wolf.
(In Alcanese) “Lower your shield Rose. We’ve fled Vyrrmas with a price on our heads, we seek a place to hide.”
Not the full truth but close enough.

Posted on 2010-02-02 at 15:34:37.

Facelick Squeegee
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short reply

The silence wrapped the distance in mystery. Joseph stood before the party of six, still and quiet watching them very careful for every movement. They seemed awkward and clumsy together, not close as experienced traveling parties often are. Each was still so clearly an individual, or at least uncomfortable around each other. So it seemed to one who had grown up a child of the road born into a gypsy community.

How had he managed to find himself flung back into a group of travelers? The great liberation he had experienced, was it all for naught? He loved other people as dearly as he loved nature but he could not help but find actual interaction with them trying. They were constantly delving into emotional issues, they wished to deal with their feelings and it tired Joseph immensely. Hopefully this would be a short engagement. Hopefully.

A beautiful woman stood ahead of the party. She was dressed in fine scale mail. Joseph eyed her acutely. The leader it seemed. He was not used to a party being led by a woman, many people usually made arbitrary and irrational differentiations between genders, perhaps this was a positive sign, they saw past the silly discriminations between races and genders, all were children of the the one great mother.

As Joseph took his position astride Tristessa, he seemed to strike fear into a younger woman. A pretty, young girl with bright red hair that begged attention. Interesting both woman bore the bright colour of hair, even if the first’s was much more subtle. Though the thought of sisters leapt to mind, it left just as fast, they looked as though they didn’t know each other. The woman who stood forward did so for everyone, or, perhaps, for herself. Another clue: the girl did not seek the woman for comfort but the obviously mismatching man with the pale skin, sharp ears and dark hair. Another chance that these people were not as ignorant as most: a blindness to race as well. Or so it seemed for now.

The same elven featured man, who seemed at least somewhat cultured in the language of travel as he was adorned in the garb of a wanderer, spoke quiet words Joseph could not hear before the voice was raised to carry through the sky to Joseph’s ears. Joseph listened to the words quietly.

Odd, he thought. Perhaps this was not the party he sought after all, if what the man said was true at least. Considering the sentence that had been delivered to him, Joseph became more and more skeptical about the truth of the content. Indeed, who flees a bounty on their head and tells the first stranger they meet about it. They were obviously still new to each other so how might they have fled together or, more suspicious, found a price on all their heads. No, the man was a liar, Joseph decided. Dishonesty carried a bitter flavour to Joseph and yet he could not blame them, he had his own tale that would not emerge.

However, it was not Joseph’s way to accept a lie blindly. He had not moved a muscle since he froze at Tristessa’s side. Still, he did not move as his mouth opened to project his short speech to the small party down the road, “I’m not one to discourse through shouts and cries. Come hither, so you may quit your dishonesty, and tell me your tale. You need shelter and something more, methinks.” The speech seemed odd to Joseph. He was not one to invite dialogue, and here he was almost offering himself. Something greater was at work in this... it had to be.


Posted on 2010-02-02 at 20:52:59.
Edited on 2010-02-02 at 20:58:54 by Dragonblood

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Thea had thrown Eofara a terrified look when he told this strange man and his wolf, for now Thea was considering that the elf and the man indeed went together, the truth, or at least a variation of it. Her hand had fallen from his shirt and she pulled back, looking amongst those around her to see if they were as shocked as she was.

The strange man had then accused them of being liars and she trembled slightly at the accusation. Tears started to brim over her eyelids again. She didn’t step forward but from where she was she shook her head and spoke in a shaky voice that probably barely carried over to the newcomer.

With the half truth already spoken, however, and without it eliciting a overly negative response from the man she figured what could it hurt to reveal more to him. The truth was always the way to solve problems.

“Please… he speaks the truth. We… are wanted… accused unjustly of practicing magics… but… sir you must believe me it is untrue. We… we are headed… oh…” she faltered, details were not her strong point. “Well we have to find something… please this really isn’t where we should be talking about things like this, out on the road. Anyone could come by… it will grow dark soon…” she stopped and stared at the man standing by the wolf, letting her bright blue eyes search his.

Lady… may we trust him? Guide me… please my lady…
“We need a place to rest for the night… if you know a place perhaps you could guide us there and we could talk further?” She suggested, her voice calming a little bit from before as she eased into the idea that the man meant them no direct harm.

Posted on 2010-02-02 at 21:14:12.

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Oh my..

“Lower your shield Rose. We’ve fled Vyrrmas with a price on our heads, we seek a place to hide.”

Rose turned her head back in a smooth motion, giving Eofara a stern look before shaking her head slowly and turning back to the stranger and his companion before them.

She took a step towards the lone man before them, holding her arms wide showing no weapons in hand, though she had not shouldered her shield.

“I’m not one to discourse through shouts and cries. Come hither, so you may quit your dishonesty, and tell me your tale. You need shelter and something more, methinks.”

The wolf guarding the most direct route to the forest, the solitary wanderer ready to answer the lupine call. It was all too structured, to organized to be coincidence, and by his own response, it was evident to Rose that this stranger knew more about them than he had yet shared.

“Please… he speaks the truth. We… are wanted… accused unjustly of practicing magics… but… sir you must believe me it is untrue. We… we are headed… oh…” she faltered, details were not her strong point. “Well we have to find something… please this really isn’t where we should be talking about things like this, out on the road. Anyone could come by… it will grow dark soon…” she stopped and stared at the man standing by the wolf, letting her bright blue eyes search his.

“We need a place to rest for the night… if you know a place perhaps you could guide us there and we could talk further?”

Rose shook her head again, but she couldn't find blame to place upon the terrified youth. She took another step forward, fishing a piece of jerked meat from her pack, and tossing it gently towards the wolf, before extending her free arm towards the Kirvass in customary introduction.

[Detect Evil, Sense Motive, and Diplomacy being used]

"Greetings stanger, it would seem you have us at a bit of a disadvantage, for my name has been given, and our plight made clear yet we know nothing of you. I am Rose Briar, and these are my companions of fate it would seem. You and Darm's child seem to have chanced upon us with.. impeccable, or perhaps premeditated timing. You bode us come hither, allow me to be the first to place faith in your nature and accept your invitation. Perhaps behind the veil of trees and out of the open road we may discuss further the nature of our charge, and mayhaps even learn more of why you have been delivered to us in our hour of need."

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Joseph was impressed by the fortitude of the leading female, Rose, it seemed her name was, who was confidant in her decision. Despite the Mith’Ganni’s appearance which belied some traveling experience, the woman understood the ways of the wild better, it was not offensive to be merely prepared, aggression would be the only way to invite offense. Joseph appreciated both the courage and clear-headedness of the same warrior woman who took another step spreading her arms. A signal of some sort of welcome Joseph thought.

After he spoke, Joseph stood waiting for them to approach. It struck him as simply common sense to discuss in a tighter group, perhaps sighting down in a clearing in the woods after a short jaunt. The afternoon was waning and standing in the middle of a road shouting about bounties was simply ridiculous. He had been dragged into human business after escaping it for five years. Instead of immediate action however, the only movement he saw was the young girl with red locks pulled away from the ranger. Another strange action, Joseph thought, but this group was not normal and it came as no surprise.

More evidence, of a lack of cohesion and experience together came with the young girl speaking. They have no uniformed leader obviously Joseph noted. Everyone was opting for the job, jumping forward with their comment for him. But it took bravery and Joseph realized that, despite being frightened, the girl had some wisdom.

Though her comment came across as a plea it, at least, rang of sincerity and an honest appeal for conversation. Her explanation of the Mith’Ganni’s earlier comment cleared it up sufficiently, he had not been lying then, he just had been too brief in his explanation and, Joseph admitted to himself, he had leapt to conclusions. They were seeking something, indeed, that sounded more accurate. A group of strangers thrust together for a mission. Yes, that sounded familiar, Joseph thought.

At least she was bright, Joseph noted, it was approaching evening and they were discussing confidential matters out in the open. Though he was not one to be concerned with the social norms, he had no intention of endangering any of the group. She understood something of Joseph, she saw that he knew the forest. More importantly though, she obviously needed to rest.

Before Joseph could reply Rose took another step towards Joseph and Tristessa. She reached within her pack and dug out a piece of jerky meat and threw it between herself and Joseph’s wolf. The corner of Joseph’s lips twitched with a smile and he and Tristessa, though both equally motionless, glanced at the meat for a second. He would not be won over with food of course, but she was trying to establish contact at least.

Soon after, she spoke up with eloquence, appealing to him. Though it was thick with the diplomatic customs of society that disgusted Joseph he understood there were genuine intentions behind her and one could not help the world they were raised within.

Also interestingly she was insightful, Joseph considered. She saw that there must be some sort of reason that he had been waiting upon the path with his only friend. She also understood that coincidence was a rare commodity in the world and this couldn’t be chalked up to something so pithy.

Rose agreed to trust in the man she had “chanced” upon it seemed, or at least discover what she could from him and find some guidance through the woods. She had a thirst for knowledge which appealed to Joseph and also a sensibility. Yes they needed to move and find a place to discourse further.

Joseph again raised his voice in response, “I hold nothing over your head Rose Briar. You are at no disadvantage with me, I am simply not one to call out my stories in the open. Join me and we will sit as equals to discuss the road that has led us to each other.” Joseph still stood frozen but now simply awaited them to walk to him so they might venture into the woods for Joseph to lead them to a clearing he had in mind.


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Oh god my head is imploding

Agrin begrudgingly met the group just before daylight as had been the agreement. Though he could feel his hatred welling up inside him, he knew well that Hamar had provided this task to prove his devotion, and would survive this ordeal until he could safely return to his people wiser and equipped to take his place at the head of the community. A priest of the Earthern Father was nothing if not resilient. He would endure as the stone does, the mongrelkin he was forced to accompany could not change this.

The others wasted no time in introducing themselves, an indulgence Agrin refused to partake in. Barring his fellow dwarf Igni, there were none present of sufficient breed or devotion to deserve to be called the names their inbred parents had felt fit to hiss at them. He introduced himself gruffly to the Duskarn, being sure to remain out of earshot of the louder woman. She had already proven she had some training in mimicking the noble language of his people, though hearing her tongue flap in such blasphemous ways offended his very being. Perhaps she was trained a spy by her owner, meant to corrupt his kind away from their true devotion to the earth and its chosen people, whore that she was. He resolved to watch her movements carefully, lest she poison his food while his back was turned.

They headed out across the plains, Agrin cursing every step as the incessant sounds of human idleness filled the air. Agrin was quite sure he would rather place his ears against a millwheel than listen to her attempt at melody, Hamar fill her mouth with earth so that she may fall silent. It was not until they stopped briefly to eat that she was silenced, though the sounds of their chewing caused him to rest behind a knoll lest he find himself inclined to shatter their jaw and teach them anew how to properly eat.

”Not that it can be expected of these whore children to be taught proper manners.”, he thought to himself. ”It is a perhaps a miracle they can walk…”
The day continued on, and had the forest not finally come into sight on the horizon Agrin perhaps would have retraced his steps and condemned himself to hang rather than spend another waking moment in the company of the humans and the aggravatingly clingy woodfolk. After what seemed an eternity of piercing whistling they reached the entrance, and were confronted by yet another strange sight. The wolf was sitting idly, as if it had been waiting for them for days. Before anything could be done, it released a solitary howl, echoing into the distance. Agrin had no desire to die at the muzzle of this creature and its kin and was reaching for his shield when the shrill woman’s voice pierced his thoughts once more.

"Does anyone else find it strange that this pack creature sits in solitude, almost as a sentry? Perhaps this is a boon, a sign we near our destination; or perhaps a burden, should many more respond to the call."
Why she found reason to speak whenever air filled her lungs was beyond Agrin, he could only fathom it was used to draw attention to her, perhaps to draw in potential suitors to give her coin and bed for the night. Were she one of his kind Agrin would explain to her the error of her ways, but incestuous human as she was he would sooner explain scriptures to a feral minotaur. Hamar shield him in an earthern embrace that he not suffer her words any longer.

The Krosan had just brought his shield to bear when another appeared. The human looked much like the stories of his people told, dishevelled and filthy. He seemed apart from human society however, a trait Agrin could admire if the man were not himself one of their horrid breed. His presence here was unexpected however, and Agrin cringed as his “companions” instantly went into panic mode.

“Lower your shield Rose. We’ve fled Vyrrmas with a price on our heads, we seek a place to hide.”
Agrin shook his head in disbelief. The naiveté of the twig-ear should not have surprised him as much as it did. Were it not enough to reveal the bounty the human would reap were he to reveal their location, the fool had offered themselves at his mercy for shelter. Were his greed as great as humanity’s he would accept the foolish elf’s offer only to sell him out while he slept. So much for the perceived wisdom of the Mith’ganni.
The group’s banter went largely unheeded by Agrin, he had no interest in spending any longer than necessary in the topsiders’ company. If the wildman was not hostile to them then this encounter would need not last more than this brief exchange.

”Join me and we will sit as equals to discuss the road that has led us to each other.”
The sentence caused Agrin’s brow to furrow. Surely the fool elf or the sheepish woman would leap at the chance. He felt the need to object, to urge the group forward so he may complete this task before him, but he would remain silent this time. They had proved resistant to reason in almost all regards, and his unfortunate Duskarn companion would be dragged along with them, and Agrin had no desire to carry on alone, often as that thought crossed him mind.

His people and faith needed him alive, and heading out alone would surely be thoughtless. No, better to indulge the simpletons once, perhaps they would turn complacent and learn their place for the remainder of this endeavour when shown this once concession.

Agrin sincerely doubted that.

Posted on 2010-02-03 at 00:43:45.

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In to the woods

He was glad that he was supported by Thea, and the support seamed enough to convince the man that he was telling the truth. Although he would not have revealed that they were hunting something as that rises more questions then it answers. Rose on the other hand had been stern, it was certain that she was vying for power and control of the group. Why didn’t she go back to the city where she belonged, oh yes, there was a price on their heads. Before she was able to say or do anything more he made mention of some ‘3 iron laws’.

(In Alcanese) ”Three iron laws in the wilderness Rose, you’d do very well to know what they are.”
He of cause meant the following:
There is only truth; nothing wild has the capacity to lie and those who live in the wild have no reason to.
There is only brutality; the apparent beauty of the world is a mask disguising an endless losing struggle for survival and the greater good is the only good.
Trust is the only way to survive; you should trust your horse to carry your weight, trust a hunter to hunt and trust that those who live in the wild.

Rose’s words to the man were sickening, laced with unnecessary and overly polite, she was truly a creature that didn’t belong in the wild. She accepted an offer of a place to rest before anything had been offered, the man had no reason to accept them, food was scarce in the wilds and you took only what you needed for yourself. If taking someone in means you don’t have enough winter supplies then you don’t take them in. The man had however decided that Rose was not any danger, probably due to her innocence to the wild world, and invited them to join him in the woods. Éofara would accept this offer, it was not pleasant to should at each other across such a distance. The dwarf was living up to his expectations while Igni, although a dwarf still, had not done anything as of yet.

He turned to face Thea, who had let got of his shirt soon after he had spoken to the man and the wolf.
(In Alcanese) ”Thank you. Will you trust him and follow him into the woods?”
He offers her his hand to indicate that not only she should enter the wood with the man but that he will be following the man himself. Let Rose act leader of the group if she wanted to, and it was obvious she did, it would be him that would light the fires and prepare the food, hunt fresh meat when the dwarfs grew tired of bread and biscuits. And if she didn’t take the role on as a leader should, not a leader of an army or mercenary group, then the amount of game meat he would be able to catch could be limited. Fact was, he knew how to survive when they didn’t, maybe this man from the woods would help Rose but he doubted it.

He walked down the hill towards the man and his wolf, it was a good sign, and wolves do not tend to be trained by city folk.

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