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Related thread: Save the Princess Q and A
GM for this game: Alacrity
Players for this game: Raven, Vanadia, Nomad D2, Merideth, Dragonblood
This game has fizzled.
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The Tired
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Save The Princess, Save The Wyrm

It had started well.

All of you had been in Tharbad, a city of Drannon, for reasons of your own. But circumstances brought you together as a team. Goblins had a deep lair in the foothills nearby and were ravaging the trade caravans on route to Drefast. Normally, the legendary Mark of Amnell would deal with this problem but the Sendria border has seen many skirmishes of late and the Warlord Anton Garcia was focused on that immediate threat rather than some goblins. So the city elders offered a modest reward for any mercenary, sellswords, hedge wizards or adventurers who would take on this challenge.

You came together as strangers seeking employment and returned to the city as friends. The quest was successful, the goblins were vanquished and there was much rejoicing. As with all things in Drannon, they made a big deal of your victory. You were guests of honour at big banquets, had numerous drinks bought for you at the local inns and celebrations were lengthy, not to mention boisterous. Bards told many stories of your valourous deeds and sang songs of your adventures. The reward was split among the members of the party and you were feeling quite grand. But somewhere in the back of your mind, the pull of adventure and thrill of quest was calling you.

Then things changed in Tharbad, for people are always a fickle bunch. Drinks were no longer free and bills were handed over to you with several new taxes (3 gold for a beer! What the hell is a PITA tax?). The songs of your adventures now had you all dying tragically at the end or killing each other over the greed for goblin treasure. The people started muttering around you terms such as 'freeloaders' and 'good for nothing *&%$'.

So it was time to leave Tharbad behind. All of you enjoyed the camaraderie and friendship that your party had developed so you left as a group to seek your fortune on the road. Drefast was the place to be! Many rumours of opportunities and the Emperor was known for his generousity.

After a couple of days on the road, you travelled for the length of the day and were thinking of setting up camp when a passing merchant told you of a village close by the name of Argent. The thought of a proper bed, warm food and ale were too good to pass up so you pushed on for a few more miles. It was nearly nightfall by the time you reached the village, quaintly signed as “The Kingdom of Argentia” (Drannese!). You move through the empty streets to find the “Red Dog Inn” and enter the establishment.

Inside is a modest fire and a mostly empty common room. The bartender looks up from his counter, clearly surprised to see anyone here. He attends to you most graciously, and you soon have beverage and warm meals before you as more wood is added to the fire to take away the chill of the autumn evening. When one of you asks about the lack of patrons, he pours himself a glass of ale and explains.

“King” Argentia is actually a vassal lord of Warlord Heratio Marcos Alterius Bassanino, of the Dawn Castle. He is considered a good man by his people whom he treats fairly and is well admired- so much so that they refer to him as their king and his daughter as the princess. This evening, there was a big party at the castle for Princess Argentia’s coming of age Birthday party. Anyone who was anyone would be in attendance and more than a few who wished they were someone. Even the Khords of the nearby clans had sent a dignitary to the event and word had it that he brought a valuable gift for the young lady. The party would last for several days and nights.

You finish your meals and have a couple more drinks with the innkeeper. Tired and worn out from the long journey, you make you way to your rooms for the evening, thankful for the chance to sleep under warm covers and not have to set watches.

You are woken up in the early morning by the sound of a loud noise and the earth shaking. You quickly grab your gear and head downstairs to look outside. In the light of the early dawn you see a red glow to the east, and the wisps of black smoke in the distance. People are in the streets running towards the glow, some in their night clothing. The innkeeper comes out and tells you that the glow is from the castle, and the sound you heard was from that direction too – there is trouble at Castle Argentia!

You ride out to the scene of the misfortune and soon realize that this is trouble with a capital T. The castle (which is actually a large manor house) is completely enclosed in a reddish sphere of force, encapsulating the entire building and the gardens around it. People are running around in panic and there is much crying and concern over the Princess. There are no guards, town elders or authority figures around and the locals seem to be overwhelmed with the situation. You remember what the innkeeper said, and it dawns on you that probably everyone who is normally in charge is trapped in the building. A very young man in the robes of a mage seems to be trying to talk to or direct people, but few are listening to him. There is a group of men at the very edge, throwing rocks at the red sphere or attacking it with spears, but all just glace off the force wall.

As you ride up, people stop what they are doing to stare at you, as if you might be here to answer their prayers. You hear people whispering to each other as you approach

(Look! Heroes! Nice Hat! We’re saved! Rescue the princess! Who are they? How’d they find out so fast?)

OOC: The Adventure begins.

Posted on 2009-12-21 at 17:15:17.
Edited on 2009-12-21 at 17:22:05 by Alacrity

Keeper of Dragons
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Noctus saw the gathered throng ahead and gave his horse a light squeeze with his knees. Given permission, the horse gladly broke into a gallop and closed the distance quickly. When the gap was little more than a hundred feet, Noctus reined in and dismounted before the dust settled. With a flourish he removed his hat sweeping it downward and behind him as he bowed low. "Take heart good people and fear naught for I have arrived. What sort of trouble doest place terror into you hearts of the sort a mouse would know when a cat lurks nearby?" Placing his hat once more upon his head and placing one hand upon his rapier and the other cocked with hand on hip he awaited a response.

Posted on 2009-12-23 at 15:11:18.

Nomad D2
RDI Fixture
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Let the games begin

Desiderius Obro-vakt (“Derry” to his friends) rode up to the crowd gathering around the manor house eager to figure out what the problem might be. When he saw the sphere of force surrounding the place he paused and swore silently under his breath. He loved magic, but it was always easier when the magic was working FOR YOU, not AGAINST. He didn’t know the spell he was seeing (An assumption that this is not a first level spell??) but it obviously was a spell. And almost certainly beyond anything he was capable of doing. But that didn’t mean you didn’t try. Good warlords were hard enough to find without letting them get trapped by nasty spells.

As Noctus charged up to the crowd and did his usual swashbuckler/hero sort of intro Derry instead rode over to the supposed spell caster in the crowd. He was also prepared to cast some sort of spell to get everyones attention – this chaos would simply not do. Perhaps a burning hands spell cast straight up so as not to hurt anyone? It would be an eye catcher. And like Noctus, he did like attention grabbers. But for now he let Noctus have the stage and instead moved towards the spell caster.

“Mage! Yes, you – what is going on here? Can you tell me what has happened? What is this magic? You seem to be trying to organize people – to do what? “

Posted on 2009-12-29 at 01:03:14.

Resident Finn
RDI Staff
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Tireh, oh so tired

It had begun like a good night's sleep would, but sure didn't end like one. Not one to sleep late on a usual day, Brandr had been looking forward to spending the night in a proper bed from the moment they'd heard of Argent from the merchant. The big, blonde man didn't exactly love riding. Sure, horses were nice, but he preferred them on his plate - roasted and with some salt, thank you very much. No. Brandr Bjornsson wasn't a rider, he was a runner. But even he had to admit being on horseback got him further and with less sweat. Not that sweating mattered. He was a warrior, not a dandy.

But now morning had come too early with the trembling of the ground and the noise. Before he had time to think, Brandr had jumped on the floor stark naked and with Kaeltflamm in his hand only to hit his head hard on a roof beam. Mouthing ancient Vidarak curses he looked out through the window, but finding no imminent threat decided to dress up before heading outside.

Brandr wasn't the first of their little group to arrive, but neither was he the last. With a quiet nod of greeting to his comrades, he's attention was quickly drawn by the red glow and the smoke in the east. The huge barbarian had gotten out on the inn's front yard just in time to catch the last words of the keeper: "… that's the King's castle!" Though the small man was quite serious and obviously very anxious about the current situation, Brandr still found the words funny. They were in the mighty (at least according to the locals) empire of Drannon, which was ruled by the powerful and wise Emperor. And yet the local lord was calling himself the King.

During his short stay in the country, the Vidar had learned that the Drannese were quite unlike his own people in many other ways than just their outlook. Although boasting about one's prowess in combat or hunting skills was not unheard of in the Vidarak culture either, the people of Drannon had turned exaggeration into an art. The whole kingdom thing of Argentia was a fine example of the delusions of grandeur some Drann seemed to have. Back home such a person flying high in the sky of his illusions would quickly be shot down by his fellow Vidarak.

Yet, here they were, visitors in the town of the Argentian king, no matter if the man had the Emperor's blessing or not. And more than mere visitors, Brandr and his companions were a group of people looking for adventure. And sure enough, the morning had brought the scent of an adventure in its wake. Theirs was a strange lot, especially so for the tall ranger. He'd never met as many Sylvari in his life as there now were at his side. There was also a healer quite unlike the ones he'd come to know in his youth - the man was clad in full metal body armor and liked charging into melee like a warrior. In addition there was a maegi, whom Brandr had difficulties trusting, fortunately he was a human like himself. Last, and perhaps least in the way of combat was a singer, whom the Vidar held in esteem for other purposes than his ability to cut down goblins. The man reminded him of the singers of his own people, who were the keepers of Vidar history and lore.

Still donning his armor, Brandr Bjornsson watched two of his companions rush to the stables and ride out towards the red glow. Shaking his ponytailed head with a smile, the powerfully muscular man threw his sword belt over his head, grabbed his sack and headed towards the stable. The sleep completely gone now, he was ready for anything that might be waiting for them at the "castle".

… Anything but the thing that was waiting. There was a crimson dome covering the largest building in the town. There was no apparent entry to the castle through the shimmering, transparent wall - it seemed very much impenetrable. Noctus and Derry had already arrived at the scene and the Syl was addressing the crowd while the magic-user was chatting with a lad wearing robes.

Brandr dismounted slowly all the while observing the situation and decided to wait and see what the Syl and the maegi managed to find out.

Posted on 2009-12-30 at 22:36:46.
Edited on 2009-12-30 at 22:37:32 by Raven

RDI Staff
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3127 Posts

leaping in...

Crash! Rumble! Shake!
Ela falls out of her bed, hitting the floor with a resolute thud. Rubbing at her bruised hip she rises and peeks out the window of her room trying to determine what the sudden shift in the floor and sound around her could be from. The window only provides her with a glance at panic stricken peasants running about.

Sighing she quickly dons her apparel, making certain that the veil covering the lower half of her face is properly in place. As she grabs for her bow she double checks to make certain that the Visiting Citizen Coin is in her pocket. Confirming its place she heads out.

As is common more often than naught Crow has paralleled her movements and soon is at her side. The two wander toward the commotion.

Noctus and Derry have already moved into the middle of things, she notes with little surprise. In typical Drannon fashion they are fluttering about and using larger words than are certainly necessary. Over her veil her eyes roll slightly and she turns to look at Crow.

“If it wasn’t for that large red bubble over yonder I would go back to bed right now... Shall we let the drama hordes handle this or do we need to step in do you think?” her voice simply dripping with elven snobbery and annoyance.

Castien… please remind me… how did I ever wind up in such a place?

Posted on 2009-12-31 at 17:55:26.

Trilogy Master
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The first post is always the hardest LOL

With the coming of dawn Crow once more found himself awake before the others in the Red Dog Inn and having never unpacked he made his way down to an empty common room. Placing himself in the shadows close to the door while awaiting the arrival of the rest he sat quietly in thought. It had been a strange road for the young Syl up till this point, from the Circus, to Ela, then still a stranger, saving his life, to the business in Tharbad this past month.

With his whole family now dead the only ‘family’ he had left was Ela, and though they had traveled together for a good bit now, she in some ways was still a stranger as quiet as she could be at times. And then there were his feelings for this beautiful Syl, did he love her or was it just a crush. Had he possibly just unknowingly transplanted his love for his now dead parents onto her instead? Yes she was at least 30 years older then him yet in their time together she had never shown anything other the friendship. Shaking his head to clear them of those thoughts he gazed out the inn’s large corner window.

Then suddenly he was surprised by a large sounding noise coming from the East and the glow of what seemed to be a large fire. Looking to the stairs he awaited the rest of the party to appear and was not surprised as both Noctus then Desiderius were the first down the stairs and out the door. As he waited for Ela to join him and the others the next to arrive downstairs was Brandr, the gruff fighter looking none to happy to be awake. Finally as the Innkeeper told of the glow coming from the Castle the party was once more all together and as Noctus and Derry were the first mounted and away he followed Ela and the others to the stable. Once the rest were all mounted he took his place near Ela as normal and headed towards the glow.

As they arrived Crow could tell that as was his nature Noctus had made his way, followed by Derry, into the midst of the crowd, while the swashbuckler flamboyantly introduced himself, Brandr and Ela had for the moment lingered behind. Not willing to venture an opinion of what the red bubble could be he was still entranced by its nature as it seemed to cover the entire castle with no way in. His attention was drawn away from that sight by the one member of this 7 person party he trusted the most, the Lady Ela his fellow Syl, as she addressed him

“If it wasn’t for that large red bubble over yonder I would go back to bed right now... Shall we let the drama hordes handle this or do we need to step in do you think?” her voice simply dripping with Sylvan snobbery and annoyance

“No need for us to get directly involved I think, as both our Mage and the flamboyant Noctus have it well in hand” Crow replied with a knowing smile. Then turning to the rest of the party most now dismounted he posed the same question to them.

“So any thoughts on the red bubble anyone?”.......

Posted on 2009-12-31 at 22:51:57.
Edited on 2010-01-04 at 17:51:18 by TannTalas

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Noctus turned his head towards Crow. "I think yon vermillion cloud is of a nature not compatible with the future happiness of the fine people of this fair kingdom and as such it is our duty to see it dissipated and normalcy restored."

Posted on 2010-01-04 at 16:48:56.

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A Short reply LOl

As Crow watched the happenings before the manor incased, from his perch upon his horse, it was not long before Noctus posed a question to all, but his gaze was on that of Crow, as if the comment was directed at the thief.

"I think yon vermillion cloud is of a nature not compatible with the future happiness of the fine people of this fair kingdom and as such it is our duty to see it dissipated and normalcy restored."

"As you say Noctus you could be right, yet I ask you, what's in it for us?" Crow replied first as Noctus was looking at him as if he awaited Crow's answer most of all.........

Posted on 2010-01-06 at 07:35:41.
Edited on 2010-01-06 at 11:31:46 by Alacrity

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you asked

"Well Crow, you asked what I made of yon cloud not what the potential for personal advancement lay within its embrace. But since you have now inquired in that regard I should point out that our standing in the eyes of the populace has recently taken a marked turn in a direction I do not enjoy. Were we to find a way to dissipate the aforementioned meteorological annomoly then platitudes and the accompanying presentation of gifts of goodwill would surely return to a more acceptable level. Plus the young maidens are oft atwitter and eager to pay visits of a nature most welcome to those who have risked their very lives; or at least are seen to have done so."

Posted on 2010-01-06 at 13:59:01.

Trilogy Master
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For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge

"Well Crow, you asked what I made of yon cloud not what the potential for personal advancement lay within its embrace. But since you have now inquired in that regard I should point out that our standing in the eyes of the populace has recently taken a marked turn in a direction I do not enjoy. Were we to find a way to dissipate the aforementioned meteorological anomaly then platitudes and the accompanying presentation of gifts of goodwill would surely return to a more acceptable level. Plus the young maidens are oft atwitter and eager to pay visits of a nature most welcome to those who have risked their very lives; or at least are seen to have done so."

Crow could not help but laugh at the end of Noctus’s statement Plus the young maidens are oft atwitter and eager to pay visits of a nature most welcome to those who have risked their very lives; or at least are seen to have done so.
“Noctus my friend that was Tharbad, not here, and as for helping them, including the ladies, I ask again, what’s in it for us other then you gaining carnal knowledge of some of them.”

Posted on 2010-01-06 at 15:25:43.
Edited on 2010-01-06 at 15:26:08 by TannTalas

RDI Staff
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A shadow of a grimace behind the veil that she wore while she listened to Noctus. It flipped and a light laugh puffed the veil away from her lips for a brief moment as she heard Crow speak of ‘carnal knowledge’ beside her.

“He has a point Noctus. Not all of us would benefit from getting intimate with the local ladies. Although…” she turned her aqua eyes back to Crow, “it is without doubt that if we were succeed at dissipating the forementioned cloud it would be beneficial to us in the long run.” She blinked and sighed as she found herself getting caught up in the overly dramatic language that Noctus was spilling forth from his lips.

“At any rate. I was getting bored, we should investigate further.”

Posted on 2010-01-06 at 17:04:07.

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Noctus smiled, "Ahh Crow, my eloqution may have made comprehension unattainable for you. Let me try to make it a bit plainer for you." Dropping his voice to a whisper to avoid being overheard he added, "Crow do good; people feed Crow and give Crow shiney things for free."

OOC: OK to clear this up. The dropping of voice was to keep it between Crow and Noctus so as not to shame him by others hearing it. I posted no mention of "dripping with sarcasm" but had truely intended it have been a friendly jesting banter. The thought to self was a play on character name, bird name and supposed intelligence of the bird. I appologize if it was out of line. Game on!!

Posted on 2010-01-06 at 18:07:28.
Edited on 2010-01-07 at 15:10:58 by Keeper of Dragons

The Tired
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getting the story, hoping for glory

"Take heart good people and fear naught for I have arrived. What sort of trouble doest place terror into you hearts of the sort a mouse would know when a cat lurks nearby?" Noctus called out to the people and they began to gather around. There was some confusion as people were all talking at once.

“What did he say?”

“They’re not heroes! They don’t have armour!”

“Please save the princess!”

“Are you married, kind sir?”

“Please help us!”

“There was a big boom and then this….”

“ We panicked and ran….”

“Someone spiked the …”

“Where you from?”

“Are you a Syl? Daddy says you shouldn’t stand still near a Sy because they will ….”

“You call that a sword? That’s a fire skewer!”

“Someone stole my boots.”

“The Princess is in there, you save her.”

“You will be rewarded!”

“Some of you may die.”

“Look at the muscles on that one!”

“Are you a priest? Do you do weddings?”

“Big bada boom.”

“People running everywhere.”

“Monsters in the corridors.”

“Save the King and the Princess!”

“Ugly green things…”

It takes some time before you can all start to piece together the story of what has happened here. It seems that the party for the princess’s coming of age was going splendidly and since the King had declared a public holiday for the event, it was going strong until the early morning. That was when disaster struck. There was an explosion upstairs that shook the very foundation of the building. People panicked and ran every which way but just after the explosion, the red sphere appeared out of nowhere capturing everyone inside. A few of the servants who were working outside and near the edge of the sphere escaped but the others found the sphere was a solid as a wall. Then, as those that escaped watched, some sort of cloud or maybe a dust spread throughout the interior of the magic and then when it dissipated, no one could be seen within.

A total of seven servants are accounted for, and of them, one claimed to have been inside during the explosion and saw monsters coming down the stairs. Green skinned monsters with armour and swords. He also tells of seeing the Princess, the King and another man heading upstairs just before the explosion. The Princess looked like she’d been crying, and the King looked scared. He did not recognize the other man by described him as a dark man, with black hair, a black moustache, wearing black chain armour, a black surcoat, black boots and carrying a sword in a black scabbard. You are not sure whether to believe him or not because it is obvious from several paces away that the man was drinking while on duty.

Missing, and believed within this sphere are:

King Boris
The Princess Argentia
All five of the Town Elders with families
Mage Sanders - King’s Magician
Captain Travis – Captain of the Guard
Commander Tarn – Second in Command
A number of servants (about 12)
Reginald Green - A visiting Priest of Solaris
Aliegha - The Priest’s Bodyguard
Flak Stonewall - The Khordaldrum Emissary
Val (something something something)– The Sylvari Emissary (no one remembers name)
Viscount Tralen of Dawn Castle
Prince Germaine of Rahl
Jeeves -The Butler
Gaston - Head Chef
4 other cooks
Rachel - The Head of Servant Staff
Approximately 30 Knights and 60 soldiers

Desiderius focused his attention on the young man dressed in a mage’s robe. “Mage! Yes, you – what is going on here? Can you tell me what has happened? What is this magic? You seem to be trying to organize people – to do what? “

The young man turns to Derry and he is much younger than expected, no more than 15 summers at the most. His voice cracks as he speaks, “What!? I’m not a mage. I mean I’m not a mage yet. I’m an apprentice to Sanders, Mage to the King Boris.” He is obviously flustered and somewhat out of breath but he goes on, “I don’t know what magic this is, but I don’t think it’s my master. I was sleeping at home and heard the explosion so I grabbed the master’s emergency kit and came running.”” He points to the shoulder bag at his side, “When I got here, this was here and I have been trying to get answers ever since, but everyone is too freaked out.”

He looks around to both sides and draws Derry to the side where no one is about, “Listen. I’m not much of an apprentice either. Sanders lets me stay mostly because he feels sorry for me and I have no family. I can’t even cast cantrips, well, I did kill a rat once with a cantrip but it was an old rat. I think there is a scroll in here that can make magic go away. Would that help? If you can save the Princess and my master I am sure you will be well rewarded.”

(assuming you will ask to look)

In the pack are a number of jars with ground and dried herbs, several rolls of bandages, and a clay pot that smells medicinal. There are three potions, two with the symbol of Lysora (Goddess of healing) and one with the symbol of Garghas (god of disease) with a red X across it. There is a scroll written in the runes of magic, and a quick view of it reveals that the apprentice was right – it is for a dispel magic spell.

As a group you confer together and share your discoveries to put together the events as they have happened and a plan for action. With that many people of power and royalty in the sphere, the reward for saving them could be great. The crowd looks on and talks lively amongst themselves about all of you, which of you would be a good catch for marriage, your choices in armour, clothing and personal hygiene. Drannon – there really is no place like it.

Posted on 2010-01-07 at 02:48:37.
Edited on 2010-01-07 at 02:52:18 by Alacrity

Facelick Squeegee
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Peter the Great

The morning came cruelly and for a moment Peter had to wonder if he had drank enough the previous night to deserve the head ache that met him like lightning. Rapidly his mind pieced together the reason for his aching head: he had fallen out of bed in his sleep. He rose groggily from the floor, the hardness of which he had just learnt. The sunshine trickled through the windows and met his handsome features with a brightness that indicated a warmth much exaggerated.

Peter rubbed a hand, bearing long, delicate fingers, across his muscular chest. His skin, tanned a brazen gold from long, lazy afternoons drinking up the sun, pricked up with gooseflesh, creeping across his defined torso and over his bulging biceps. A shiver breezed through his bones as he stared aimlessly across the room.

He now stood fully, 6’1” of naked Peter Eliot. His muscled legs leading down like supple tree trunks to his huge feet with long crawling toes that reached out more like fingers and wore thick mats of hair, each. As his hand scratched gently across body, thoughtlessly, and the cold skin pricked up eagerly, the young man’s big, chestnut eyes stared blankly across the room. Thoughts passed slowly and slothfully through the handsome head that stood upon the broad, knotted shoulders. His mouth hung upon barely, large as it was with full, red lips that frequently gave way to his straight teeth in his charming smile. His long, auburn locks hung tiredly about his chiseled jaw that stood forth with a firmness that implied something both regal and rugged. For long moments, Peter stood in the room silently, with meaningless ideas dancing through his mind and the darkness of a day filled with bad omens crept up on him. Still as he realized the reason he was woke long before his tendency, he stood frozen: Peter Eliot was not a morning person.

It was only when the clamour of activity outside his room indicated movement on the part of his friends that Peter broke the spell of stillness. He sauntered over to the window to witness the group gathering beneath the awnings of the Red Dog Inn and preparing to investigate the origins of an early, ominous morning. Sighing Peter realized this would be his duty as well so he began to dress himself, taking care particularly with donning his armour. He was quite aware that his slow speed denied the rapidity demanded outside but still took a few moments to examine how his hair was hanging and to be sure that his splint mail shone like the sun. These little vanities of his were secrets he held with some embarrassment. Though he expected that his party members outside knew very well of these indulgences into his narcissism, he still pretended that he spent his time hurriedly on other things than his appearances. Finally he burst forth from the doorway of the Inn only to see everyone else saddling off and hurrying towards some great glowing red orb.

The scene slowly fell into Peter’s comprehension, as he was shaking the last shackles of sleep from his mind and limbs. It seemed a party had come to an unintended end with an assault of small green beasts (goblins perhaps? Peter thought to himself darkly) and the encapsulating of the mansion with some magical wall of crimson energy. Crow and Noctus sparred briefly, sharing words about whether or not to assist the town in the turmoil they had found themselves wrapped up in. As Peter half-listened to their words he skimmed the crowds, lighting on the women and examining them shortly before moving on, his friendly, eager eyes searching for the next girl. He shot a grin and a wink to one particularly pretty young lady before turning to catch Noctus’ sharp remark, coated in sarcasm: "Crow do good; people feed Crow and give Crow shiney things for free."

Peter slipped between the two men and slung his arms around their shoulders. “Boys! No need to bicker about, I’ve not seen worse since I was sneaking into private girl’s schools. Now I figure that doing a good deed, being a group of adventurers who’ve come together over just that, hasn’t harmed us yet. Not to mention, it could be good fun. I’m all for it!” Peter grinned broadly and winked at Crow while he slapped him lightly on the buttocks and moved past the two. Brandr, in his strong, silent way was surveying the situation and Peter couldn’t help but feel some respect for the tall warrior.

“Derry my man!” Peter called his eloquent voice ringing brightly in the morning air, “Why don’t you come show us what you’ve got there?” The spell caster who had joined the recently formed party for their last adventure seemed to be spilling his eyes over some equipment that perhaps could be useful. Peter’s giant smile that could not help but appeal to others shone towards the mage. Peter, the last dregs of sleep gone, was now eager for action and called the group, spread through the crowd, together so they might discuss a plan of rescue, if it had in fact been decided that they were to go.


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To dispel or not to dispel?

Derry took the bag from the young apprentice and looked through it, spying several things that might be of use. He looked at the young man and said, "if you don't mind I will borrow this for a moment and go talk with my friends. Perhaps we can figure out what to do about this glowing dome. Don't worry, I shall return before we use any of the things inside."

Getting a shaky nod from the worried apprentice Derry turned back towards his friends to share his discovery.

"Well, the young apprentice didn't know much. But he did offer me a scroll with "dispel magic" on it. I assume we are going to aid these people, for that is what adventurous types do - they save damsels and kings in distress - and we seem to have both of those here. Because it is the right thing to do." He smirked a bit at the crass nature of a few of his companions. Not that he was against a good, honest, well deserved reward.

"So here's my question - can this spell dispel the dome? I have my doubts, as that spell appears to be quite powerful. Beyond my skills anyway. But it might. Do we have any other more likely ways of getting into the dome or finding out what is going on?"

"I know I'm supposed to be the magic expert here, but I would be happy to hear any other suggestions you might have." Derry looked inquiringly at the rest of the group.

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