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Tus Lased
Veteran Visitor
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127 Posts

Journal Entries Of a Half Vampire

Love, What is it? To many of you humans it is something you seem to value at first then through away. Such stupid humans. When I found the love I have now the feeling was so intense. It was like a high off of a drug that you could never get off of even the most potent of the drugs that have been on the market since the dark ages. Why so many people throw it away I’ll never truly know. I just know that I wouldn’t give it up even if it cost me my life. Abigail means so much to me and as I’m sure you will find in this personal story of our lives that she feels the same way I do. This I believe is what true love is.

The friendship comes out of it, yes that is an important part of it as well. But even friendship doesn’t need to be the way you humans think it is. Friendship is something that comes naturally something that no matter how many times someone is stupid, you get angry cause you care. Then you move on to helping them.
I hope this story will help you see what I cherish so much and I hope it improves your relationship to your best friend and companion. And everyone else in your wonderful life.

~Werther Lee Marksdam~

Posted on 2010-01-03 at 12:01:12.

Tus Lased
Veteran Visitor
Karma: 16/15
127 Posts

The long and cold night

This is where it all began. a short man standing five foot three thinks to himself as he stares off a hill overseeing London. This was my home once upon a time ago. Amazing how man hasn’t changed much since I started my new life and had to be chased out of this god forsaken country.

The man waited as a beautiful young woman standing about his height came running up the hill.

“ The close is clear this town shouldn’t shun us other then a few looks of awe at my wonderful beauty the people seemed to mind there own business. Oh and I got you this.” The young woman says as she tosses the man a cereal bar.

It was about time that someone was open to outsiders Abigail and Werther had been on the run since the dark ages. For many didn’t like the fact that their live stock would come up missing and later found torn to sheds just as two new outsiders came into town. And since Abigail and Werther had no idea how to handle money they were usually thrown in jail until they could stand trail in which nothing could be proved and asked for their safety to leave the town and never return. In which Abigail and Werther would leave until man forgot about the incident(Which man always did) then they would come back.

But hopefully this time would be different. There were wolves in this country and though Werther hated to admit it where there were wolves there was bound to be werewolves.

Werther shuddered at that thought, Werewolves were his worse enemy especially before Abigail was beside him. Back when man feared vampires. Man had trained the wolves and werewolves to kill and destroy all that was left of the vampires. Nearly succeeding until one of the Werewolves named Sermon turned on his kind. Werther owed Sermon his life. For if it wasn’t for him then like his brothers and his maker Werther would have died.

Posted on 2010-01-03 at 12:44:35.
Edited on 2010-01-03 at 12:47:33 by Tus Lased

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Abigal watched as her lover thought. She had heard the howl of the wolves and like her lover knew what was bound to be there. Werther didn't talk much about the dark ages of the vampire race. But the books of mans past did. Just from reading the little bit of history that man had left over the ages she could only imagine why her lover was lost in thought.
"Love what are you thinking about?" She asks

Posted on 2010-02-21 at 10:09:32.

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