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Mivara's Delirium

(0oc: Ok i havent run a free forum game in some time, but i'm ready to do it again. So i hope you enjoy and dont be afraid to jump right in...)((Also sense there is some confusion there is no recruitment thread for this game, just jump right in and post...))

Red eyes peer from darkened corners of the forest. Howls of distant creatures fill the air. The world surges together as one. Color dissipates into night, The blood red moon the only light to guide a lost soul. The sky is void of stars, just a black abyss of suffering. She walks alone, hood pulled closely around her. She walks the paths of the forest like she knows where she is going. Her silver eyes piercing the darkness, Her crimson robes fluttering around her like a velvet Spirit. Her shadow can be seen quickly weaving threw the entangled trees of the forgotten forest. She is searching for a long forgotten inn. A place in a child's memories, long ago, almost a dream.

She carefully approaches the location of the collapsed inn. The building has been overrun by the wildlife. Vines cover the building, making it blend nicely with its surroundings, for someone not paying attention this place doesn't even exist. She approaches where the door used to be, now nothing but wild plant life. She removes the rapier from her hip and slowly removes the debris from in front of the door. The rotten wooden door falls from it's hinges as the last of the plants holding it in place are removed. She slowly enters and looks around. The wooden floor under her feet trembles as she walks, obviously not used to the strain of her weight. She makes her way to where the bar used to be. The large fireplace from her memories stands, untouched by the hands of time. It's stone work, and detail still intact. She approaches and places her hand gently on the mantle, dust swirls in the air. As she continues to look around she notices something quite not right. A set of footprints in the dust upon the floor, and they appear to be fresh. She follows them to the stairs too the second floor. The stairs are broken, but she finds her way up regardless.

A dim light can be seen coming from the last room on the right, the door is cracked, and chanting can be heard. Can this be who she has been searching for, or is it simply coincidence? She makes her way to the room and slowly opens the door and enters. Only to find the room dark, and uninhabited. She sighs loudly and looks around for anything that might give her a clue as to who was here. After much searching she leaves the room empty handed. When she reenters the hall, she can see candle light illuminating yet another room, she quickly enters, only to find the same thing as last time. Dark, dead, and untouched.

She takes a seat at the end of the hall and watches as each room lights up, then dissipates as quickly as it appeared. She sits to ponder her next move.....

Posted on 2010-01-11 at 01:49:26.
Edited on 2010-01-11 at 02:26:36 by Mivara

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Enter Seloust

(OOC: THis is my first free-form so bare with me!)

Strange beasts and unnatural beings stared from the fog at the man walking through the undergrowth, with only the light from a dark red moon lighting his path. The only noises that could be heard were the howls of far off beasts and the crunch of leaves beneath heavy feet. THe wind slowly whipping his cloak to and fro. The trees swayed side to side producing noices that sounded like they were communicating and small animals scurried underneath the leaf litter. The sounds and the lighting came together creating a deathly atmosphere.

The quiet of the forest was unnerveing and sent shivers down ones spine and the hair on the back of his neck to stand on end. The fog that hung in the air made his clothings sodden. But then, tonight was no normal night. Tonight was the night he returned to his place of birth.

He walked through the forest with seemingly no direction of destination. Nothing seemed to guide him to this particular spot, his cloack wrapped around him proving him with warmth on this cold night. But, as he stood there looking at the ruins of an old inn he smiled and there was a slight twinkle in his eye. This was the place he was looking for. The place that he had spent years to find, It was there, infront of him, ready to be explored. He longed to find out about his birth and this was the place to start.

What he didn't account for was somebody else being there, somebody else who knew this place existed, but as he approched he could hear the quiet mutterings of somebody nearby and candle light in the remaining windows of the building. He notised that the entrance had been disterbed and so entered carefully.

Apon entering the room he saw a young woman in a dark cloak, much like his own, sitting at one of the rotting tables at the opposite end of the room. She was seeming lost in thought but he approched her and asked
'Excuse me Ma'am, But may i be so bold as to ask what your doing here, and was it you who was lighting the candles in the rooms upstairs or are there others i should be aware of?'

Posted on 2010-01-11 at 02:41:16.
Edited on 2010-01-11 at 02:57:16 by Mr.Conquest

Occasional Visitor
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She sat lost deep in thought, she can hear the floor boards creak as someone enters the building, she cares little at this moment for company, but decides against any hostility towards the newcomer. She simply sits, her back turned and allows him to approach her. She smiles at his questions and ponders a moment before she speaks to him. Her voice is soft and calm, but a heavy unknown accent drips from her voice.. “ Should I be as bold as to ask you the same question. I'm here simply because I know this place. As for the lights upstairs, I'm glad i'm not the only one seeing them. I have been upstairs and there is no one else around, that I can seem to find. Each time I enter a lit room, the light disappears and i'm standing alone in a dark, empty room.” She turns and tries to look him in the eyes. Her silver eyes studying him up and down. He wares dark robes, much like her own. Perhaps it was destiny that has sent her this unexpected companion. She decides she had better befriend him, perhaps he could be of some use. She stands and removes her hood. Her long black hair floats from underneath her hood and frames her face gently. She has light olive colored skin, that offsets her silver eyes nicely. She extends a slender hand. “ Mivara Silvershadow. Might I ask as to your name, stranger?”

Posted on 2010-01-11 at 03:19:23.

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Destiny eh?

Mivara Silvershadow. Might i ask your name, stranger? She speaks in a calm, soft manner as she reveals her face. She has flawless olive skin that compliments her siver eyes nicely. She holds out a slender hand with which Seloust takes onto his own and shakes.
'My names is Seloust.' he says in a calm manner, sencing no imediate danger in this new person before him.

He takes off his own hood reveling his eyes, an deep green colour and his pale skin. His hair is dark brown and it is unkept and it falls to just below the top of his ears. He is rather tall and thin built with a sharp face which appears weatherworn.
'It is a pleasure to meet you Mivara, i wonder, Has anybody else passed this way?'
He pulls a slightly damaged chair and takes a seat next to her, leaning against the table slightly, and taking in every detail of the woman before him.

Posted on 2010-01-11 at 03:34:03.
Edited on 2010-01-11 at 03:36:40 by Mr.Conquest

Occasional Visitor
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"No one that i can find. There is a set of footprints in the dust upon the floor, that lead upstairs, but i can't find anyone." She looks away and listens. She can hear footsteps above them, dust falls from the ceiling and floats down around them. She takes no immediate action, she simply looks to Seloust as she draws her rapier from her side. She can this time feel the presence of another. She waits to see if he two notices the footsteps, or if it her mind playing tricks on her again...

Posted on 2010-01-11 at 03:40:35.

Veteran Visitor
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She looks at him and replies No one that i can find. There is a set of footprints in the dust upon the floor, that lead upstairs, but i can't find anyone
'I guess we should both get our buisness done and...'

At this Seloust hears footsteps from above and dust falls from the ceiling. He looks at Mivara and it appears she too can hear the sounds. He draws his long sword and starts to move toward the staircase, signaling to his companion to follow.

' I guess were not alone at all, Lets see who has decided to pay us a visit.' He says with a sly smile on his face.

Posted on 2010-01-11 at 04:04:29.

Occasional Visitor
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Rapier drawn, she climbs her way onto the second floor and slowly makes her way down the hall, Following close behind Seloust. The room at the end of the hallway is again illuminated, but this time the door is wide open and shadows can be seen from within. The scuffling of feet can be heard coming from the room. A small shadow dashes across the room, the candle upon the table falls and the light disappears. Mivara quickly dashes into the room and looks around, upon seeing the face of a small girl she sets her sword aside.

The small elven girl is sitting on the floor in one of the corners. She is holding a small stuffed animal, She is using it to hide her face, as she quivers in fright. Mivara carefully approaches the girl, she squats down to the little girls level and slowly reaches a hand towards her. She places her hand on the girls shoulder only to have her hand touch nothing but air, The girls image floats around her fingers like smoke. Mivara glances behind her to see if Seloust is with her. She returns her eyes to the girl before her. She slowly starts to disappear, Mivara tries one last time to grab the girl, unsuccessfully. The Girl is gone, but the stuffed rabbit she was holding is now on the floor. Mivara picks it up and looks it over, then hands it to Seloust to inspect also. She doesn't see anything unusual about the stuffed animal, so she continues to search the room for any other signs that may have been left behind......

Posted on 2010-01-11 at 21:54:30.

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Seloust climbed the stairway to the first floor with Mivara close behind him. They both had their weapons drawn expecting the worst. The room at the end of the hallway was illuminated, the door is wide open and shadows can be seen from within. The scuffling of feet could be heard coming from the room. A small shadow dashed across the room, the candle upon the table falls and the light disappears.

Mivara dashes past Seloust and enters the room. Seloust reaches the doorway and has a catches a glimps of a girl. Mivara looks as if she is attemping to grab the girl but to no avail. Seloust decides that he should wait and see what happens instead of interfere, Who knows what could happen if he made the wrong move?

Eventually there is nothing left of the girl but a stuffed toy is where the girl was. Who was that girl? What was the significance of her apperance in this place at this time? His thoughts are cut short by Mivara handing him the toy. At close inspection there seems to be nothing abnormal about it other than it seems old.
'What do you make of this Mivara?' He asked quietly, continueing to examine the toy.
'And what do you propose we do now?'

Posted on 2010-01-11 at 22:12:35.

Occasional Visitor
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29 Posts

ohhh great

The night continues on, The blood red moon is high in the midnight sky. Mivara can feel the forces of fate pulling on her soul.

Mivara finishes searching the room. She makes one last sweep of the room before returning to Seloust's side. She takes the doll from his hands and places it into one of the many hidden pockets in her robes. She stands motionless for some time, lost deep in her memories. The little girl, she has seen her somewhere before. The young girls face has haunted her dreams for as long as she can remember.

Her voice swirls around them, almost like a beautiful melody.
“I suggest we search the basement, it's the only place I haven't looked.” She makes her way back down the broken stairs and heads to the basement door. The door is slightly cracked, so she slowly opens it and peers down into the darkness. She removes a small gem from her robes and speaks a small incantation and the gem begins to glow. She slowly makes her way down the stairs holding the gem out in front of her so she can see. The basement is empty except for the skilled painting on the walls and ceiling. She uses the gem to look at the paintings more closely.

The painting appear to tell a story, but she cant quite make out what they are saying. She slowly moves her way down the walls and inspects the story. As she nears the third wall she drops her gem in surprise. The little girls image is perfectly painted on the wall. It is the only image that is not worn, from years of not being attended to. She picks her gem back up and runs her hand gently across the image, The young girls face is torn in pain and death. As she looks closer at the paintings, they appear to be alive, they move gently across the walls, changing positions, but the girls portrait stays the same. The ground begins to shake, and the inn above them begins to crumble. Mivara tries to run to the stairs to get out before a collapse, but to no avail. The door has been jammed shut by something on the other side. The tremors increase, making her lose her balance and fall from the stairs, she lands on her back on the dirt floor, The gem in her hand goes flying across the room and the light slowly dissipates. “Crap!” She quickly finds her footing and heads over to where she thinks the gem should be, she searches unsuccessfully as the inn around her begins to collapse.

As quickly as the tremors started, the stop. The companions are left in darkness, stuck in the basement.
The painting of the young girl begins to glow, it appears the young girl is trying to say something, she is reaching out and screaming, her faces wrapped in torment. Then the image disappears.

Mivara picks up her gem and it quickly begins to glow again. “Great now what do we do?”

Posted on 2010-01-12 at 20:27:02.

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Mivara has one last search of the room beore returning to Seloust's side. She takes the doll from him and puts it in her robes. He watches her as she stands beside him, motionless, lost in thought. He couldn't help but admire her, how mysterious she seemed. Then she speaks.
I suggest we search the basement, it's the only place I haven't looked.
She then walks away and down the stairs. Looks as if i'm going to have to see this through now. I mean, maybe this has something to do with what i wish to know. He follows her down stairs and to the basement door. She opens the door slowly and peers into the darkness. He decides that he should leave her to go alone, besides, he didn't want to get in the way.

She removed a gem from her robes and mutters to herself. The gem starts to glow and she proceeds down into the basement. He watches her desend into the darkness and pulls up a chair. He calls down to her Ill stay here and see if the girl appears again. At this the glow from the gem dissapears into the darkness and he pulls his hood up.

But then the whole inn began to shake and he hears a noice from the basement. The sound of stone on stone. He walks down the stairs to see what happens before slipping in the chaos and landing at the bottom with an almighy bang. When he picks himself up he realises that the inn has stopped shaking and Mivara is looking at a painting of the girl he saw earlier. It glows with an unatural light and the girls face is twisted in an expression of pain.

Then, Mivara reactivates her gem and the room is illuminated. This is when he notices the other paintings on the wall. They appear to move and change position. Great, now what do we do? Mivara says to him.
I don't know, i think we should stay here for the night, we need to rest and the girl may come back. Please, go up without me, i want to look at these pictures to see if i can find anything to do with this inn and the girl. This truly is a grand mystery!

Posted on 2010-01-12 at 21:00:51.
Edited on 2010-01-12 at 21:15:40 by Mr.Conquest

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dreams of the lost

She hadn't thought about rest in days, but the suggestion makes her realize how truly fatigued she is. She decides to try one last time to leave the basement. She keeps pushing on the door, but it seems useless. “It seems we are staying the night down here.” She makes herself comfy in one of the corners. She takes a small blue velvet bag from her robes and opens it. She sticks her hand in and rummages around for a while. She begins pulling a bedroll from the small bag. She puts it behind her for comfort. She reaches in again and pulls out a complicated looking box, and a candle. She lights the candle and sets it next to her for the light. She places the box in front of her and starts to open it's different compartments. She removes two small viles, one a light blue and the other yellow. She mixes the two together and drinks the mixture. She takes a couple small bites from a bread roll. Then she sets her box aside and leans back and looks at the painting on the ceiling.

The entire ceiling appears to be a map, of unknown origins. Nothing looks familiar to her, and she knows this world well. She has traveled it for centuries, and never seen anything like that in front of her. She quickly pulls out a small book and jots down the map from the ceiling. She finishes and places the book back into her robes. She closes her eyes and tries to rest. Time passes slowly, visions invade her mind as she rests.

The vision of the young girl in torment haunts her dreams all threw the night. She tosses all night, She dreams.......

~~ Darkness, Glints of light from unknown sources. A haunting voice, screaming, crying and laughing. Floating in darkness, feeling nothing. A lost soul on an unknown plane. A blinding light followed by the image of the little girl floating in front of me. She is reaching out, I reach for her hands, but can't reach. I keep running towards her only for her to get farther away from me. A heart beating, clammy hands reaching out for the lost girl. Explosion, Falling, lost, alone. Landing in deep blue water, swirling around me. The small stuffed animal is floating before me, I grab it and pull it closer, it appears to be stuck on something, I pull harder. The animal rips in half, a Large green gem flies from the stuffing and sinks.. I dive after it, and dive, and dive. Deep into darkness. No sound, No sight, no emotion, No breath.. ~~
She jerks awake, covered in sweat, Screaming..

Posted on 2010-01-12 at 22:09:33.

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How interesting...

Mivara attempts to open the basement door but is unable. Even with seloust heloing her they could not budge it.
It seems we are staying the night down here. Seloust nods and starts to examine the pictures. He can hear Mivara behind him, setting up an area to sleep no doubt, but he didn't allow himself to get distracted. There pictures must be able to help him learn of his past.

He hears the tinkle of glass meeting glass and he looks around. Mivara is mixing some form of potion. He doesn't take much notice. what she does is none of your buisness he thinks to himself. He finds himself drawn to the picture of the girl though. As if she is the key to all of this.

He could hear Mivaras slow breathing. She was asleep. He couldn't help but notice how calm and peaceful she looked. He sat down for a while, unable to sleep. He couldn't stop thinking about the girl. Who is she? Why is she here? And This Mivara. She never told me what she was doing here herself. In fact, she hardly speaks at all.
He was lost deep in his thoughts when he heard a scream from Mivara. He looked over at her and she was awake, Sat bolt upright, sweating and screaming. MIVARA, are you alright. He ran over to her and sat by her putting an arm on her shoulder. What happend? He asked, with obvious concern in his voice.

Posted on 2010-01-12 at 22:43:38.

Tus Lased
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The dark cold night

The night was dark, just the way the dark Elvin ranger liked it, the sun tended to hurt her eyes though she was starting to get used to the sting. She still preferred her night vision. She held her mammoth skinned cloak close to her as she walked slowly to a place that she thought she could call home, a place that very few remembered: An old tavern that had shut down ages ago. When she approached the door she noticed that the vines that hid the tavern so well had been cut down.

The place was haunted even Rethia knew that, but she wasn’t stupid enough to believe that the unholy spirits that clamed this place would make the place so well known.
Rethia quickly examined the cuts on the vines. This is no spirit. she thought to herself. Someone had cut this intently. Rethia grabbed her twin axes and slowly and silently moved inside. Someone had moved the chairs in the corner of the room and there were two sets of new foot prints.

Rethia followed the tracks to the basement and pulled off the long log that she guessed that one of the ghosts had put up and opened the door.
The room was dark but Rethia noticed two heat patterns one that looked like a man and a women.

Rethia slowly slipped into the shadows when she heard a female voice scream so hard that it made Rethia’s ears hurt and she dropped her weapons with a large clang as she covered her ears.

Posted on 2010-01-13 at 00:07:14.
Edited on 2010-01-13 at 00:08:28 by Tus Lased

Sage of the Realms
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Watching... waiting...

A scream shattered the silence of the night. Nearby a man was on a journey. His teacher had told him to come this way, through the forest. He said his future awaited him here. Confused and utterly lost he walked through the forest.

The scream brought his senses to their most alert. After only a moment of trying to determine the direction of the sound he bolted off through the underbrush. When he saw the ruins of an old building he stopped, and slowed his approach. He moved up to what remained of the door and peared in.

"A dark elf!" he thought, and immediately he considered his options. Her kind were known for their cruelty. It is even possible the she herself was the cause of the scream... yet she seemed to be removing a large log that was blocking a door. Perhaps a bit more observation may reveal what I have yet to see.

Without a word he crouched in the doorway unnoticed as the elf focused on what she was doing. Knowing, though, that elves could detect the heat of one's body, Shrace fell into his inner focus. He had learned this long ago. Slowly he reduced his body temperature, to make him invisible to the heat senseing eyes of the dark elf. He could only hope he reached a point close enought to the forest around him to succeed before she finished with the log. While Shrace could maintain his body temperature like this for hours, getting it there took some time to complete.

As he willed himself colder, he watched... and listened... letting the scene unfold before him.

Posted on 2010-01-13 at 02:21:10.

Tus Lased
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Rethia could hear the sound of other footsteps behind her. she quickly picked back up her twin battle axes and swirled around. To her heat sensing eyes she couldn't be sure but she thought she could see a heat pattern slightly hotter then the environment around her but before she could identify it to be sure it was gone.
Rethia listened closely her ranger senses told her that someone or something was there. She could hear three patterns of breathing one rapid: one a little more steady: and the last was really slow like as if someone was mediating.

Rethia slowly took steps back until she reached the sound of the breathing then in a flash to quick for the person to react she pulled out a dagger and held it where she felt it's neck.
"If I we're you I wouldn't move." She whispered in a velvet soft voice. " I have no intention on killing you but I don't like people sneaking up on me and I definitely don't like that mediation trick you pulled. Now if you promise me that you have no intention of harming me I'll release you. But if you dont....."
Rethia pressed the dagger harder into the person's throat intill she could see the heat signature of a drop of blood.

Posted on 2010-01-13 at 14:52:33.
Edited on 2010-01-13 at 14:54:08 by Tus Lased

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