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17 Posts

Following The Signs

Guillotine walked through woods making mental notes of landmarks that shouldn't be changing anytime soon. He wanted to return to the basement in the future. He was lost in his own thoughts when the scene before him caught his eye or rather his horn. For days now he had been traveling through an old forest, but this section was young.

Gone were the tall trees, to be replaced by these younger trees. He had to watch himself under these trees as not to hook his horns on their limbs. They were way shorter than the earlier. Maybe the result of a fire a few years prior. The only other reason he could think of off hand was someone planted them. He stopped and crouched low into the under brush to conceal himself as he studied the woods in front of him. In just a few minutes he decided that someone was caring for this woods. The wilder underbrush was absent under these younger trees and the almost seemed equally spaced and in rows like a tree farm. This told him one thing up front to worried him, humans.

He started back tracking as to avoid the human contact. Before long his was back in the old woods and a little more at ease. Then a gentle breeze through the trees told him of a sign that put him back on edge. The smell of blood was in the air and lots of it. It wasn't longer before he found its source. A woodland rhino had been killed and butchered here. He started scanning the forest for any signs of life. If he smelled the blood, it wouldn't be long before the scavengers and predators would too. Once he was convinced it was't the bait for a trap and nothing else was around yet, he checked out the kill. This confused him some. Why would this hunting party, take on a beast like this if they were going to leave so much behind. He stared reading the tracks on the ground for his answer.

Now he thought he had answer, it looked like a couple of elves and their big cat were running thru the woods and were attacked by the beast. But that's where he lost the cat, it seemed to have vanished. It came into the fight but didn't leave and unless it was on the drag. He cut a large section of meat into bite sized pieces from what was left of the carcass. From the looks of their trail, one of the elves was wounded pretty good. Hopefully they did try to pack that drag very far cause it was digging a deep trench with the weight on it. One would be wounded and the other worn out leaving the somewhat defenseless compared to what a couple of elves in the woods could do to their victims should they chose to.

He would have to give admit, this elf drug their drag a lot farther than he thought it would, but the other one needed help. He could guess that much, just by the tracks it left behind. The tracks were there. No elf he knew of would left enough tracks in the woods to be followed very far at all. Unless they wanted someone to follow them. Once again, he was pondering if he were walking into a trap again today. Taking the last piece of meat into his mouth, he smelled it. Smoke, the smell of cooking on a campfire. Trap or not, he assumed these elves knew he was there being this close to an elven camp. They were good, he hadn't smelled them or seen them anywhere, but this were elves in their natural environment. What else could anyone expect?

He was on their turf now, might as well be polite. Maybe He would live through this. Rude, he was dead were he stood. Only two choices he had as he saw it. Taking a deep breath and in the best elven his thick accent would allow, " Merry meet in the camp, may a single traveler approach!"

Posted on 2010-02-02 at 19:26:18.

Occasional Visitor
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27 Posts

The Plot Turns

Jason Spun quickly startled by a shout from behind he didn’t hear what it had said he wasn’t focusing on it enough, the sound made startled him so much that as he span he drew his sword and completely forgot that something was watching them from the other side of the forest

In a clear voice “Step Forth And Make Your Self Known” Quickly giving a look over his shoulder to see if what he was looking at was still there. It wasn’t. It had moved. He didn’t know what to be more afraid of.... The shout he had just heard or the now unseen enemy there could be more Jason just doesn’t know.

Pointing the Sword he found towards where the sound had come from and his hunting knife pointing to where he had just seen something he waiting for a response rather than be attacked from one side whilst being distracted by the other.

“What have I gotten myself into know, And With Out A Bow....”

Posted on 2010-02-02 at 20:09:55.
Edited on 2010-02-02 at 20:10:12 by KingTwilliam

Occasional Visitor
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29 Posts


Mivara sat and enjoyed the meal that was prepared for the group.. It had been some time sense she had eaten a real meal. She mainly survived from her potions, she almost had forgotten how real food tasted. She was not shy about it either, she enjoyed a second and third helping as quickly as she could... As she finally finished eating Rethia approached her. ((Do you sense that presence or am I the only one on nerves tonight?" )) Mivara quickly scans the groups surroundings. Rethia was right, Something about this didn't seem right. The sun was slowly beginning to descend into the evening sky, Yet no creatures around seemed to stir. The birds chirping was replaced by an eerie silence, the cracking from their own campfire was the only sound that could be heard. Something was with them, something unhuman. She could feel the evil slowly pulsing through the woods. A voice from behind their camp startled her slightly. She turns around and approaches the area from where the voice came, she doesn't enter the woods. She gently places her hand on Jason's sword in as a sign to lower it... She leans in and speaks to him. “I would be more worried about whats on the other side of the woods, if I where you..” She steps forward before she speaks.. “You may approach traveler we mean you no harm, as I sense no evil from you I expect that you mean us no harm in return. Step forward so we may see you, as you are clearly not elven from your accent, an accent I have only heard once before..” Mivara stands still with her hands deep in the pockets of her robes as she waits for the traveler to approach the group... But she hasn't forgotten the danger that surrounds them, she keeps her senses keen..

Posted on 2010-02-03 at 01:12:44.
Edited on 2010-02-03 at 01:13:19 by Mivara

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17 Posts

First Impressions

As he waited for a response from the camp, Guillotine noticed the silence that had fallen over the woods. This caused an uneasy feeling to settle over him as he scanned to woods again for the source of the silence.

A man's voice called back to him, “Step Forth And Make Your Self Known.” Followed by a female's voice, “You may approach traveler we mean you no harm, as I sense no evil from you I expect that you mean us no harm in return. Step forward so we may see you, as you are clearly not elven from your accent, an accent I have only heard once before..” So, Guillotine approached the small camp. He stopped at the edge of their camp, as to allow the people within the camp to get a good look at their new visitor. And to give himself a moment to see who he was approaching as well.

He was way bigger than anyone else in this camp. His neck alone was near the size of most men's thighs. The mere size of his yellow and white robe seemed to brighten the camp. The image of the golden outstretched hand upon his chest was the symbol of Falloes to whom he now served. He had only two weapons to be seen. The huge iron bow slung across his back and an large ornamented wooden staff in his left hand. His seven foot staff barely reached the height of his shoulders. There was not very trees in this forest that would be able to hide the width of the one standing on the edge of their camp. This gentle giant standing before them was every bit of eight feet tall and 450 lbs of muscle covered in a rare brindle fur unique to the Demon's Gate Minotaur. Resting on his blood ivory horns was a golden full face helm built for him.

"I mean no harm to anyone here. My Lord Falloes has lead me this night as to do his will and assist those in need. I offer help in his service to the wounded hunter that I have followed to this place." stated the minotaur. Sniffing the air, he looked at the wounded huntress, only to have his attention immediately stolen from the wounded and given to Mivara.

Posted on 2010-02-04 at 04:09:48.

Occasional Visitor
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27 Posts

well then.

Jason lowers his sword but keeps his hunting knife pointing the other way. Something was there he saw it. Something was coming. Stunned would be an understatement as to what happened when Jason laid eyes upon This Huge Beast as he stepped unto the edged of the clearing.

Scared. Fearful. Confused. Jason new not what to say. The beast spoke. "I mean no harm to anyone here. My Lord Falloes has lead me this night as to do his will and assist those in need. I offer help in his service to the wounded hunter that I have followed to this place” Then he gave aloud sniff to the air and his eyes were drawn to mivara.

Stepping back Jason gave a quick look over his shoulders expecting an ambush of some kind to happen. “ I am Jason Ukiah of the star hunter clan Hunter clan And Mean No Harm To You as long as you mean no harm to us” Giving a short bow turned sideways to see both The beast and where the eyes were earlier he New something was there and maybe this beast new something of it...

Posted on 2010-02-04 at 07:25:16.

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218 Posts

restless sleep

Kel laid down nearby to Rethia. He knew Jason was acting strange, but the kid kind of unnerved him anyway. However he could feel a strange presence coming from the woods. He needed some sleep though. When and if, it became a threat he would know. He drifted off and had fitful dreams about his past.
Kel was startled by a shout. Something too near and present to be his dreams. He lay there still, his eyes peered open just enough to see, and assesed the situation. Mivara was near the edge of the woods calmly speaking. Someone, no more like something, else had arrived at their camp. Jason had blades drawn and looked frantic. Kel maintained that he was still asleep, although at this point he was wide awake and on alert. His hands slipped down to the daggers resting on his hips. He was going to be ready in case things took a turn for the worst, because he could swear he just saw a Minotaur walk into the camp.

Posted on 2010-02-04 at 13:14:26.
Edited on 2010-02-04 at 21:31:37 by Dakarta

Occasional Visitor
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29 Posts


Mivara looks up to the large Minotaur standing before her. She Smiles slightly as she introduces herself .. “You may call me Mivara, and what might I call you?”She stops to wait for a reply. Her skin slowly starts to grow cold, as again silence washes over her. Nothing, Nothing at all, she cant even hear the cracking from the fire anymore. No wind, no movement, no sound. She wastes no time drawing her large demonic sword from her back. “Excuse me traveler, introductions will have to wait. We are no longer alone....” She glances where she had seen Jason looking earlier. Right into the eyes of the best.. Her skin became colder as she looked into it's eyes. The shadow shifts in the woods she follows it's movement the best she can. It looks like a mist floating quickly through the woods....

Posted on 2010-02-04 at 23:04:18.

Sage of the Realms
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1024 Posts


The Watcher gives the minotaur a look of disgust, then walks over to a nearby tree and leans casually against it. After a few scratches in his book he looks up with a sly grin, his eyes blazing almost... excitedly though his entire demeanor remains calm and emotionless.

Posted on 2010-02-05 at 02:28:09.

Veteran Visitor
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112 Posts


Seloust (OOc is that right, i cant remember) got up from the floor where he was sitting. His vision was blurry and he was dissy. He looked around and as his vision cleared saw everyone was looking at a large beast emerging from the forest.

He drew his sword and hoped he would not be noticed. Should i make myself know or attack? I think i will make the first move.
prepare to die vile fiend he shouted as he ran at him, swod raised ready to strike...

(Ooc Im assuming you bat me away or i get stopped but im leaving it to you guys to finnish this.)

Posted on 2010-02-06 at 18:39:38.

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218 Posts

Spring into action

(OOC: This fits in right after the watcher leans agains the tree and before Seloust wakes up)

Kel is still feigning sleep when he hears the voice in his head warning him of danger. He has been observing and listening to what is going on in the camp. The minotaur was invited in and Mivara was speaking to him before she suddenly stopped and focused on something else. Her attention was drawn to the other side of the clearing in the woods. A form of something was out there and approaching quickly. It was almost mist like and Kel, as well as the others he assumed, could feel it's presence. It was evil. There was no doubt about that.

With a subtle movement Kel shifted his weight as he lay on the ground. Every muscle in his body colied and released as he sprang up to his feet and landed in a crouch facing toward the approaching threat. In a flourish of movement Kel twisted his torso to the left, kicked his left leg out and spun to the right on his right foot. His right hand went up to his shoulder and grabbed a throwing dagger. The leg he had kicked out swept wide and maintained his balance through the spin. As he came full circle he extended his arm and flicked his wrist using the full momentum of his spin to let the dagger fly. It flew true toward the mist form approaching the camp. Before the dagger closed half the distance to the creature Kel had drawn his swords and was in a crouched fighting stance, shadow seeping from his eyes.

The dagger closed the full distance to the creature and passed right through it to bury itself in a tree, with a resounding thud. The force of the throw would have killed and knocked any normal being off their feet.

Kel looked around at the others. Mivara and Jason were ready to fight. The Watcher was leaning against a tree with a knowing grin on his face. bah, he knows something about this The others were behind him and out of his sight. Kel's body was ready and on edge as the creature steadily approached closer. "Well, I was hoping that would have been more successful. Looks like it's going to ba an all out fight now." he said speaking to the entire group. He cocked his head toward Mivara, "Mivara, do you know what that thing is?"

Posted on 2010-02-07 at 18:50:06.

Tus Lased
Veteran Visitor
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127 Posts

Sense of Danger

Verlin was resting his wounds were finally starting to heal when he felt that his friend was in danger. He knew he shouldn't have left but he knew his master was right he needed to go home at least for a little while. Verlin quickly woke up and ran toward the light that was his friends world.
Rethia watched as the mist started coming into the camp she knew well what this creature was she had seen it in the underdark. Though what it was doing on the surface she wasn't sure.

"Safe your weapons." Rethia yells if this was the creature that she thought it was there was only one way of killing it and she was pretty sure if it was this creature the party didn't wan't to kill it cause they would turn into it themselves. "I believe this creature can only die by magical weapons and once you kill it, it comes back as you so I recommend we run."

Just then a mist on the other side appeared.
What now does it mutiply to Rethia thought to herself. But this mist was different it didn't feel evil and there was a light coming from it. It felt like Verlin though Rethia wasn't sure it was him. He had only shown up once before without her calling him. and that was when she was near death.

Posted on 2010-02-08 at 18:46:18.
Edited on 2010-02-08 at 20:12:58 by Tus Lased

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