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Parent thread: Orion Group take 2
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Shield Wolf
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Orion Group take 2 Cast of Characters

I would appreciate it greatly if people would not post here, I intend to use this thread for Characters in my upcoming Gestalt game. This will include not only the PCs but NPCs of great importance.

Current Status: Zau HP: 12/12
Khet HP: 14/14 (9 nonlethal damage)
Rath HP: 10/10
Kord HP: 21/21 (9 nonlethal damage)
Nef HP: 8/8

Posted on 2010-07-29 at 00:13:25.
Edited on 2011-02-18 at 04:57:55 by Shield Wolf

Shield Wolf
Alpha Beard
Karma: 49/2
1066 Posts


Varen Lethana: Current Leader of The Orion Group.
Varen is a human swordsman, not much is known about his past or where he learned his art, and few dare question it either. Something about his presence tends to make many people uneasy, though no one has ever managed to determine exactly what that is. Many rumors surround his past and his rise to power within the guild.

Leo Sighvat: High Ranking Handler
Leo has been your handler within the guild since you were recruited. Your orders come down through him and as far as anyone is concerned his word is law. You report back to him after each job for rewards and sometime further orders. He is a highly muscled bronzed giant of a man, standing a towering 6' 5", hailing from the deserts far to the East.

Kardrirr Ironhand: Smith-master
Master Ironhand is the head of the Smithy within the guild, and is renowned by many for the quality of his work. As a dwarf he can be pretty gruff and intimidating, but he is always happy to work for a guild mate and most orders for Metal-worked gear go through him before being assigned to one of his many apprentices.

Laidurna Talthaldar: Master Tanner and Silversmith
The Elven craftswoman, Laidurna, is your guild contact for most Leather or Light Metal work you may need. She is skilled in the crafting of armors ranging from simple Padded Armor up to surprisingly light weight chain mail.

Kosmo Fasketel: Alchemist Extraordinaire
The Gnomish Alchemist, Kosmo, will provide you with many amazing alchemical substances, at a price of course. Kosmo is capable of many things ranging from the almost mundane, poisons, and even a few magical potions and oils.

Koridel Megiltura: Well known Guild Member currently MIA
Koridel is a master swordsman, well known by all in the guild for his work and level of success on any mission he undertakes. Unfortunately he never returned from his last mission, in fact his entire group has gone missing recently. Koridel is a Sun Elf, and possess all the perfectionist and cocky traits of the sub race. It is also said he is the only person to ever come close to beating Master Lethana in a sparring match.

Posted on 2010-07-29 at 00:43:37.
Edited on 2010-07-30 at 02:29:25 by Shield Wolf

Shield Wolf
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1066 Posts


Name: Nefarion Murantheil
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Classes: Sorcerer/Cleric 1
Race: Drow

Experience: 3000

Ability Scores:
Str: 10(+0)
Con: 10(+0)
Dex: 14(+2)
Wis: 16(+3)
Int: 14(+2)
Cha: 20(+5)

Hit Points: 8

Fort Save: 2
Ref Save: 2
Will Save: 5 (+2 vs spells&spell-like abilities)

Base Attack Bonus: +0

Attack Options:
Melee( 0 (base) + 0 (Str) + 0 (size))
Range( 0 (base) + 2 (Dex) + 0 (size) + range penalty)
Short Sword - 1d6 19-20/x2 (pierce)
Hand-Crossbow - 1d4 19-20/x2 30' (pierce)

AC: 12 Touch: 12 Flat Footed: 10
Spell Resistance 14

Racial Abilities:
+2 Int +2 Cha +2 Dex -2 Con
Medium Size
30 movement
Immunity to magic sleep
+2 Racial bonus on Listen, Search, & Spot checks.
Automatic Search check if an Elf passes within 5 of a secret or concealed door
+2 Racial bonus to saves vs. Enchantments
Darkvision 120'
Light Blindness daylight blinds the drow for 1 round; then a 1 to Attack rolls, Spot checks, & Search checks in bright light
Automatic proficiency with Hand-Crossbows, Rapier, & Shortsword.
+2 Racial bonus on Will save vs. spells & spell-like abilities
Spell Resistance of (11 + Character level)
Cast the following spells 1/day at Character level:
Dancing Lights
Faerie Fire
Trance: Rather than sleep, drow enter a meditative state known as trance. You need to spend 4 hours in this state to gain the same benefits other races gain from taking a 6-hour extended rest. While in a trance, you are fully aware of your surroundings and notice approaching enemies and other events as normal.

Class Features:
Summon Familiar
Turn or rebuke (2d6 + level + 5(Cha)) of undead 8/day within 60'
Moon - Turn or destroy Lycanthropes 8/day
Travel - 1 time per level a day act as if under spell freedom of movement (automatic)

Spells Known (if applicable):
Sorcerer- 0 LvL: (5) / 1st LvL: (3+2) / 2nd LvL: (+1) / 3rd LvL: (+1) 4th LvL: (+1) 5th LvL: (+1)
Spells Known-
LvL 0- Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Ray of Frost
LvL 1- Arcane Bolt, Mage Armor

Cleric- 0 LvL: (3) / 1st LvL: (1+1+1) / 2nd LvL: (+1) / 3rd LvL: (+1)
Domain Spells-
LvL 1- Faerie Fire (Moon) Longstrider (Travel)
LvL 2- Moonbeam (Moon) Locate Object (Travel)
LvL 3- Moon Blade (Moon) Fly (Travel)

Drow- Dancing Lights, Darkness, Faerie Fire
LvL 0- (3) No Light, Styptic, Purify Food and Drink
LvL 1- (2+1) Faerie Fire, Longstrider - Ebon Eyes x 2
LvL 0- (5) 5
LvL 1- (5) 5

Concentration - 4 (+0 Con) = 4
Spellcraft - 4 (+2 int) = 6
Knowledge(arcana) - 4 (+2 Int) = 6
Knowledge(religion) - 1 (+2 Int) = 3
Heal - 1 (+3 Wis) = 4
Bluff - 1 (+5 Cha) = 6
Survival - 1 (+3 Wis) = 4

Drow Silent

Spell Penetration

Hand-Crossbow 1d3/1d4(S/M) 19-20/x2 30' (pierce)
Short Sword 1d4/1d6(S/M) 19-20/x2 (pierce)
Crossbow Bolts x 50

Clothes - Explorer's Outfit ((plenty of pockets (especially the cloak))
Sturdy boots
Leather breeches
Wide-brimmed hat(black)
Silver Holy Symbol

Belt Pouch
Spell Component Pouch
Water Skin
Steel & Flint
Fishhook x 2
20 Crossbow Bolts
Short Sword

Bag of Holding (Type I - 15 lb. carries 250 lb. 30 cu. ft.)-
30 Crossbow Bolts (wrapped in cloth)
Rations, trail x10
Soap 1lb

Total Weight- (including clothing) 32.5 lbs (Light Load)


Physical Description: 5'9" 160 lbs. Crimson eyes, white hair, and obsidian skinned. Still young by Drow standard, and considered quite handsome by his people, he generally wears common surface dweller traveling garb: sturdy boots, white shirt, leather breeches and jacket coupled with a black cloak and wide-brimmed black hat. While he bears no visible markings for a casual observer to see, under his shirt his back is in fact laced with scars from whippings he suffered at the hands of his elder sisters for youthful infractions against Drow nature.

Personality: His being a bit of a loner, due to never having felt like he fit in with his family or his people, was exasperated by the time he spent traveling the Underdark alone. As a youth he felt the urge to help those who could not help themselves however the years he spent amongst his people taught him the hard way that such selflessness is actually a weakness. It was by fighting those urges that he survived and that internal struggle has left him introverted and wary to say the least. While he still has a hard time trusting others, those he does trust find him to be an extremely loyal companion.

Posted on 2010-07-29 at 01:02:46.
Edited on 2010-08-26 at 06:16:13 by Shield Wolf

Shield Wolf
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1066 Posts


Name: Rath'Sharr Zilthane
Gender: Male
Alignment: True Neutral
Classes: Rogue/Fighter 1
Race: Drow Elf

Experience: 3000

Ability Scores:
Str: 14 +2
Con: 10 +0
Dex: 20 +5
Wis: 10 +0
Int: 16 +3
Cha: 14 +2

Hit Points: 10

Fort Save: +2
Ref Save: +7
Will Save: +0

Base Attack Bonus: +1

Attack Options:
Black Masterwork Dagger with a 100 gp Onyx in the pommel:
+4 melee or +7 ranged (1d4+2/19-20 x2)
4 Daggers:
+3 melee or +6 ranged (1d4+2/19-20 x2)
Light Mace:
+3 melee (1d6/x2)

AC: 19 (+4 armor, +5 Dex) Touch: 15; Flat Footed: 14

Racial Abilities:
Darkness 1/day
Faerie Fire 1/day
Dancing Lights 1/day
Darkvision: 120'
Spell Resistance: 14
Immune to sleep
+2 to Will saves vs. spells, spell-like abilities and Enchantment effects
+2 to Listen, Search and Spot checks
Automatic Search check if walking within 5' of a secret door
Light Blindness

Class Features:
Sneak Attack: +1d6
+2 Initiative (Fighter 1 Racial Substitution)
Add Dex modifier to damage against flat-footed opponents (Fighter 1 Racial Substitution)

Balance: +6 (1 rank, +5 Dex)
Bluff: +6 (4 ranks, +2 Cha)
Climb: +4 (2 ranks, +2 Str)
Craft (Poisonmaking): +5 (2 ranks, +3 Int)
Disable Device: +6 (3 ranks, +3 Int)
Hide: +9 (4 ranks, +5 Dex)
Intimidate: +4 (2 ranks, +2 Cha)
Knowledge (Local): +4 (1 rank, +3 Int)
Listen: +5 (3 ranks, +2 Racial)
Move Silently: +9 (4 ranks, +5 Dex)
Open Lock: +8 (3 ranks, +5 Dex)
Search: +7 (2 ranks, +2 Racial, +3 Int)
Sense Motive: +4 (4 ranks)
Sleight of Hand: +7 (2 ranks, +5 Dex)
Spot: +5 (3 ranks, +2 Racial)
Tumble: +9 (4 ranks, +5 Dex)

Languages: Common, Draconic, Drow Sign, Elvish, Goblin, Undercommon

At Home in the Deep
Combat Expertise

Mithril Chain Shirt (black)
Potion of Shield of Faith (+2)
2 Potions od Pass Without Trace
Healing Belt (Magic Item Compendium)
Belt Pouch
Flint & Steel
Masterwork Poisonmaking Kit
50' Silk Rope
Grappling Hook
Sundark Goggles (Races of the Dragon)
7 days Trail Rations
Travler's outfit (black and red)
4 doses of Drow Sleep Poison

pp: 2
gp: 0
sp: 35
cp: 50
Gems: 2 Pieces of jade (50 gp each)

Physical Description: Rath'Sharr is tall for his kind. He has a lean, muscular physique that tells most who see him that he is a practiced warrior. His eyes are almost perpetually covered by dark goggles to shade them from the sun. But when his eyes are revealed the general disdain for surface life and those that would choose it is clear. His eyes are crimson and his hair is white, shot through with streaks of gold. While adventuring he wears his mirthil armor beneath a black tunic trimmed in crimson threads. His breeches are also dark in color, and a two-sided hooded cloak covers his back and head. Most often he displays the black side, though at times he reverses the cloak, displaying the brown colored side when he wishes to blend in a bit.

Personality: Rath'Sharr is very independent and professional. When he is given a job he sees it through to the end, regardless of any roadblocks. He does not allow silly things like laws or moral dilemmas to slow his progress. When pursuing a contract he can be ruthless and calloused to the needs or desires of others, save his one drow companion.

Posted on 2010-07-29 at 02:51:48.
Edited on 2010-08-22 at 13:44:09 by Shield Wolf

Shield Wolf
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1066 Posts


Name: Khetarin (/kɛ 'tɑr ɪn/)
Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Classes: Ninja / Warlock
Race: Human

Experience: 3000

Ability Scores
Str: 10 (+0)
Dex: 18 (+4)
Con: 10 (+0)
Int: 14 (+2)
Wis: 13 (+1)
Cha: 15 (+2)

Hit Points: 14

Saves: Total = base + mod + misc + (conditional)
Fort Save: 1 (4; 5) = 1 + 0 + (5 vs poison; 2 vs good)
Ref Save: 7 (8 ) = 3 + 4 + (1 vs good)
Will Save: 4 (6; 7) = 3 + 1 + (2 when ki uses > 0; 1 vs good)

Base Attack Bonus: +2

Attack Options:
Eldritch Blast
To hit: +6 ranged touch
Dmg: 2d6 untyped (+2d6 sudden strike)
Crit: --x2
Range: 60'
Special: Sudden Strike damage applies if target is denied Dex. Allows SR (equivalent spell level = 1). Deals 1/2 dmg to objects.

AC: 15 (+4 dex, +1 wis) Touch: 15 Flat Footed: 11

Racial Abilities: None

Class Features & Special Abilities: AC Bonus(ex): as monk's ability, does not stack with monk's ability. Apply Wis bonus to AC, effective for touch and flat-footed defense, as long as ninja is not helpless.

Ki Power(su): 5/day; +2 bonus to will saves if # of uses remaining is > 0; use Ki power to activate ghost step, ki dodge, ghost strike, gr. ki dodge, ghost walk.

Sudden Strike(ex): +2d6 damage; similar to rogue's sneak attack but only when target is denied Dex mod to AC, not when flanked; applies to ranged targets up to 30' away; cannot deliver non-lethal damage; stacks with sneak attack if both would apply.

Trapfinding(ex): as the rogue ability

Ghost Step(su): expend 1 daily use of ki to become invisible for 1 round; swift action that does not provoke.

Poison Use(ex): ninja never risks accidental poisoning when applying poison to a weapon

Eldritch Blast(sp): 2d6 untyped damage. ranged touch ray with range 60' and allows SR. Equivalent spell level of 1st unless modified by blast or shape essence.

Detect Magic(sp): As the spell, at will.

DR 1/cold iron(su)

Fiendish Resistance(ex): Acid, Fire resistance 6

Invocations Caster Level: 3
Highest Grade Invocation Known: Least
Save DC = 13 + Spell level equivalent (10 + 2(cha) + 1 (fiendish power))

--See the Unseen(least)
Spell Equivalent: 2nd
Effect: As see invisibility spell
Duration: 10 min./level
Special: Also gain Darkvision 60' for 24 hours.

--Baleful Utterance(least)
Spell Equivalent: 2nd
Effect: As shatter spell
Special: If a creature is holding or wearing the target of the spell and the target is destroyed, the creature must make a Fort save or be dazed for 1 round and deafened for 1 minute.

Skills: total = ranks + mod + misc
Balance = 7 = 1 + 4 + 2
Climb = 6 = 6 + 0
Disable Device = 8 = 6 + 2
Hide = 10 = 6 + 4
Jump = 8 = 6 + 0 + 2
Knowledge(Arcana) = 7 = 5 + 2
Move Silently = 10 = 6 + 4
Search = 8 = 6 + 2
Use Magic Device = 8 = 6 + 2
Tumble = 12 = 6 + 4 + 2

Languages: Common

Feats: Fiendish Heritage(CompleteMage pg43): +4 Fort save vs poison; +1 saves vs good creatures

Fiendish Resistance(CM43): acid, fire resist equal to 3x number of feats w/ Fiendish Heritage as a prereq.

Fiendish Power(CM43): +1 CL and save DCs for invocations and evil spells

Equipment: Artificer's Monocle (M72)
Everlasting Rations (m160)
Replenishing skin (m173)
Monk's Outfit
Silk rope, 50'
MWK Thieves' Tools
Belt Pouch
Small steel mirror

Money: P-2

Physical Description: Khetarin stands two inches over six feet and will blend into a stone wall while wearing his grey-dyed Monk's Outfit or grey and charcoal cloak. The man keeps his sandy-colored hair pulled back in a pony-tail, though it's just barely long enough to do so and strands will often get loose and hang in his face. He has a boyish grin that some find very disarming, but for most it can't pull attention away from his unsettling grey eyes which, in the right light, have a slight crimson tint to them.

Personality: A very stoic man, Khetarin very rarely shows any emotion at all on his face. This combined with a tendency to observe a situation before acting (or contributing to a conversation) lead many to believe him an overly sour person. This is not the case, however. Khetarin derives great joy from relieving over-confident nobles of the prized valuables they once thought were beyond the reach of any thief. Even though he is capable of quickly ending the life of one of his marks, giving him time to thoroughly search a now unowned home, he prefers to avoid conflict and blood-shed whenever possible and leave his victims alive to spread word of his undetected visits.

Posted on 2010-08-06 at 15:52:57.
Edited on 2010-08-22 at 13:43:21 by Shield Wolf

Shield Wolf
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Name: Kordar Vorgrim
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Classes: Chaos Monk/Fighter
Race: Hobgoblin

Level 2 (+1 LA)
Experience: 3000

Ability Scores:
Str: 14(+2)
Con: 14(+2)
Dex: 18(+4)
Wis: 16(+3)
Int: 12(+1)
Cha: 10(+0)

Hit Points: 10(+2) +7(+2) = 21

Fort Save: 3(+2) = 5
Ref Save: 3(+4) = 7
Will Save: 3(+3) = 6

Base Attack Bonus: + 2

Attack Options:
Unarmed Strike = +7 (2(BAB) +4(Dex(WpnFns)) +1(WpnFcs))
Kama = +6 (2(BAB) +4(Dex(WpnFns)))
Shortbow = +6 (2(BAB) +4(Dex))

AC: 18, Touch: 18, Flat Footed: 14
Spell Resistance 0

Racial Abilities:
+2 Dex +2 Con
Medium Size
+30 movement speed
+4 Racial bonus on move silently checks.
Dark Vision 60 feet

Class Features:
CM1: Flailing Strike -2
CM1: Imp. Unarmed Strike
CM2: Evasion
Proficient with all simple and martial weapons
+ Proficient with all armor and shields

Balance: +8 (2 rank, +4 Dex, +2 Syn)
Climb: +4 (2 ranks, +2 Str)
Hide: +8 (3 ranks, +4 Dex)
Jump: +8 (4 ranks, +2 Str, +2 Syn)
Listen: +6 (3 ranks, +3 Wis)
Move Silently: +9 (1 ranks, +4 Dex, +4 racial)
Search: +6 (4 ranks, +1 Int)
Spot: +6 (2 ranks, +3 Wis)
Tumble: +9 (5 ranks, +4 Dex) +2syn bonus to Jump and Balance

Languages: Common, Goblin, Draconic

L1: Weapon Finesse
CM1: Power Attack
Ft1: Weapon Focus (Unarmed Attack)
CM2: Leaping Strike (+4AttBonus leap>6ft)
Ft2: Flying Kick (+1d12 dmg on charge with unarmed attack)

Kama - 1d6 x2 slashing
Siangham - 1d6 x2 piercing
shortbow - 1d6 x3 piercing
Quiver (20 arrows)
Bracers of armor +1

Monk's Outfit - black and dark red
Sandals - dark red
Loose breeches - dark red
Loose Shirt - dark red
Sashes black
Gloves - black

Belt Pouch
Water Skin
Steel & Flint
Bag of Boulders*
Kama -

Rations, trail x10
4 potions of Cure Light Wounds
1 potion of Jump (+10)

Total Weight - (including clothing) 35.50 lbs (Light Load)
Lift 58, 116, 175


* Magic Item Compendium, page 150, 3 pebbles per day, resets at dawn. Each stone can be hurtled up to 50feet and the wielder is proficient with the stones. Using a ranged attack roll to confirm target hit when attacking. Using the bag is a standard action. Damage done depends on number of pebbles thrown. 1 = 2d6, 2 = 3d6, 3 =4d6.

Physical Description: 6'4", 185
Kordar's hair is dark gray. He has dark orange skin. His eyes are a dark brown that can be mistaken for black, if not in direct sunlight. All of the hair on his head is pulled up into a topknot, a note of his monastery upbringing. He looks like any other monk but his presence alone gives off something that is just not right. His fighting style is sporadic but deadly. Few seem to understand this before it is too late.

Having lost the only place he knew as home, and not knowing where to go, Kordar cares only about a small amount of things. Those are: doing whatever it takes to survive, doing whatever makes him happy, and keeping those alive that are with him. This last thing goes back to the first one. Keeping those around him alive however much he might hate it, should help him survive longer. He holds few people in high regards and would rather fight then work things out. After losing his home of the monastery, he has often been seen intentionally starting fights out of boredom and/or drunkenness.

Posted on 2010-08-21 at 05:25:36.
Edited on 2010-08-22 at 13:38:13 by Shield Wolf

Shield Wolf
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1066 Posts


Name: Zauathin Zisal
Gender: male
Alignment: CN
Classes: warlock/cleric2
Race: tiefling

Experience: 3000

Ability Scores:
Str: 10(-)
Con: 10(-)
Dex: 18(+4)
Wis: 17(+3)
Int: 12(+1)
Cha: 15(+2)

Hit Points: 12

Fort Save: 3
Ref Save: 4
Will Save: 6

INI: 4

Base Attack Bonus: +1

Range: +5(1BAB+4Dex)

Attack Options: Eldritch Blast
To hit: +5 ranged touch
Dmg: 2d6
Crit: --x2
Range: 60'

Melee: +1(1BAB+0Str)
morningstar 1d8, x2 crit, 6lb, bludgeoning and piercing

AC: 14(4Dex)or{18(4Dex+4mage armor)} Touch: 14 or 18(mage armor) FlatFooted:10 or 14(mage armor)
If wearing Mithril Shirt +1
AC: 19(+1 magic enhancement+4Dex+4Armor) Touch: 14 Flatfooted: 15

Racial Abilities: Darkness 1/day (class level as caster level)
+2 bonus on Bluff and Hide
Darkvision: 60ft
Resistances: cold, electric, and fire 5
Medium Size
30 movement
+2 Dex,+2 Int,-2 Cha

Class Features: Eldritch Blast(sp) : 2d6 untyped damage. ranged touch ray with range 60' and allows SR. Equivalent spell level of 1st unless modified by blast or shape essence.
Detect Magic(sp): As the spell, at will.

caster level 2
highest invocation grade known: least
invocations known:2
1. Devil's Sight
2. Summon Swarm

Cleric domains
1. Celerity
Granted Power: Your land speed is faster than normal for your race by 10 feet. This benefit is lost if you are wearing medium or heavy armor or carrying a medium or heavy load.

2. Spell
Granted Power: You gain a +2 bonus on concentration checks and spellcraft checks

Spells prepared
Cleric- 0 LvL: (4) / 1st LvL: (2+1D+1B)
1. mage armor (or expeditious retreat if wearing Mithril Shirt)

0 level
1. create water
2. guidance
3. cure minor wounds
4. read magic

1st level
1. cure light wounds
2. bless

Rebuke undead: (2d6 + level + 4[Cha]) of undead 5/day within 60'
check:d20+2(Cha)+2(synergy,knowledge religion)

concentration=4(2Racial+2Domain granted bonus)
escape artist=4(dex)
gather information=2(cha)
move silently=4(dex)
sense motive=3(wis)
spellcraft=4(1Int+1Rank+2Domain granted bonus)
use magic device=3(2Cha+1Rank)
use rope=4(dex)


1st: Fiendish Heritage
You gain a +4 bonus on fortitude saving throws against poison. you also gain a +1 on saving throws against spells or other effects produced by good creatures.

spell component pouch
wooden holy symbols
travelers clothes
morningstar 1d8, x2 crit, 6lb, blugeoning and piercing
+1 mithril shirt, 10 lbs, no armor check penalty

Money: 0

Physical Description: 5'8", 150 lbs or so, with dusty brown,short,messy hair. He has red eyes and reddish black skin. He has two small horns jutting out to the side, slightly angled forward, from just above his temples.
His dirty and stained traveler's clothes are worn and frayed along the edges. His thick, brown eyebrows loom sinisterly above his sunken eyes. His mangy and unkempt beard and mustache looks like a perfect home for lice and other parasites. His hands end in long red fingernails that almost look like claws. Most people would dismiss such a pitiful sight as a lowly bum and not give him a second thought.

Personality: Usually silent unless spoken to or when feeling the need to comment on the situation. Drinks heavily when not on the job. Drinks the most expensive Brandy and wines he can afford. Likes to chase cats (He's kinda crazy like that). Zau sees his fiendish heritage as a Blessing, not as a "tainted" or cursed bloodline, he has been known to cast hateful glances at those who say otherwise. Been seen on occasion almost coming to blows over his physical condition when drinking at the local bars. Distrusts and hates nobility. (work in progress)

Posted on 2010-08-21 at 05:35:10.
Edited on 2010-08-25 at 12:14:26 by Shield Wolf

Shield Wolf
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Name: D'artanian DeSalles
Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Classes: Swordsage/Fighter 3
Race: Human

Experience: 3000

Ability Scores:
Str: 14 +2
Con: 10
Dex: 15 +2
Wis: 15 +2
Int: 16 +3
Cha: 10

Hit Points: 26

Fort Save: +3
Ref Save: +5
Will Save: +5

Base Attack Bonus: +3
Init: +3

Attack Options:
Melee +7 katana (1d10+3/19-20x2)
Melee +5 scimitar (1d6+2/18-20x2)
Range +5 dagger (1d4+2/19-20x2)

AC:17 Touch:14 Flat Footed:15

Racial Abilities:
extra skill points

Class Features:
Quick to Act +1
Discipline Focus (Diamond Mind) [weapon focus with Rapier, Shortspear, Katana, and Trident]
AC Bonus (wis to AC)

Stances Known:
Island of Blades
Hunters' Sense

Burning Blade*,
Sapphire Nightmare Blade*,
Mighty Throw,
Counter Charge*,
Moment of Perfect Mind*,
Shadow Blade technique*,
Charging Minotaur.
Sudden Leap

Martial Lore +8 (5rank +3mod)
Knowledge(local) +8 (5rank +3mod)
Tumble +8 (6rank +2mod)
Concentrate +6 (6 rank)
Knowledge(history) +8 (5rank +3mod)
Jump +7 (5rank +2mod)
Sense Motive +8 (6rank +2mod)
Hide +7 (5rank +2mod)
Move Silently +7 (5rank +2mod)
Balance +8 (6rank +2mod)
Speak Language(cc): (5 ranks)

Languages: Common, Undercommon, Dwarven, Elven, Orcish, Goblin, Draconic, Abyssal, Giant

Discipline Focus (Diamond Mind)
Adaptive Style
Desert Fire
Desert Wind Dodge
Evasive Reflexes

Katana (mwk bastard sword),
Studded Leather Armor,
Ration x5,
Dagger x3,
Potion of Cure Light Woundsx3,
Swordsman Outfit(tabard with loose pants and leather shoes)

Money: 0

Physical Description: 5'5", 155 lbs, green eyes, black hair, and tanned skin. Solid build with strong features and a large scar on his jaw. Wearing light armor and loose clothing to not interfere with his mobility.

Personality: A very curious individual, he seeks knowledge in every way he can to push himself closer to his goals using whatever means to acquire them. His biggest vice is his love of gambling which causes him to be continuously broke. He always looks to use mobility and technique over power and brute force. Always dreaming of one day becoming the master of the 10th discipline of the sublime way drives his motivation.

Posted on 2010-08-24 at 16:29:28.
Edited on 2010-08-25 at 03:56:00 by Shield Wolf

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