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Ody Fan
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Our favorite custom races!

So, we have all made a custom class at one time or another, yes? Then why not share it with the rest of the inn! I'm sure everyone can benefit from knowing what comes out of the dark recesses of their fellow innmates minds

My personal favorite custom class is problably a Bappi <3

Bappis: A humanoid, Bappis are set apart because of their animalistic and angelic qualities. Bappis have long wings that are directly connected to their spine between their shoulders blades, and are roughly seven feet from tip to tip when spread out. They can only use these wings to hover and glide, not fly; when not in use, the wings hang to the ankles. In addition, Bappis have claws instead of nails, and cannines a bit longer than humans do. Other than that, they have a humanoid appearance, and no other special skills.) The wings are pretty compact and light, usually pressed up close to the body. It's like wearing a flowy cape, basically, talking space-wise. If their wingsare injured, it would hurt as much as getting hit in the leg or so, but they would heal nicely unless they were completley ripped to shreds, in which case a Bappi would have to sever as much of their wings as possible. If you can treat the wings like you would someone's arm, you get a better idea. The claws and fangs are also pretty versatile, and very rarely get in the way of anything they do.

Posted on 2010-08-04 at 18:47:36.

Eol Fefalas
Keeper of the Kazari
RDI Staff
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I suppose one of the favorite "custom races" I've ever come up with would have been the Bhandaf... they sort of developed from a combination of a mutant mountain lion that I came up with for a Gamma World game, a dose of fantasy from taking that character out of the Gamma World setting and playing him in a "freeform" setting for a time, and, finally, a years long world building exercise in which I kind of fleshed out an entire planet, history, organizations, etc based on ideas that had grown out of the whole shebang...

In essence, the Bhandaf are cat-folk who "mutated/evolved" out of the "big cats" left on a post-apocalyptic Earth... I'll have to see if I can't find all of that stuff...

Trivial Edit: Just realized that this is my 3000th post! Yay us!!!

Posted on 2010-08-06 at 13:50:30.
Edited on 2010-08-06 at 13:53:13 by Eol Fefalas

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well i had found a way a while back to balance in a steamforged race and well the name is exactly how it sounds but i forgot how i did it >.<

Posted on 2010-09-01 at 21:47:53.

Regular Visitor
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Gem Babies And Zenks

Zenks: At first my idea was just a mere encounter, a similar look to Hook Horrors or whatever bipedal exoskeleton creature one can think of, Jill [my wife will eventually draw one up for me ] - but when my players became to accustomed to defeating my evil creatures, I had to developed a way to make them a better challenge, I always shock them, just when they thought they had it all figured out. I evolved my creatures, I made it that they mated with greater doppelgangers, so they gained the ability to change into other races, with a new purpose, to have control of my world. By corrupting any with a black egg type organism, called the Zhagannag [don't ask I can come up with weird names in a second] this egg consumed webs in the inside of your body, increasing certain abilities as needed. Once taken however, the Zenk that gave this to you slowly gains control of your life. In short, I have controlled many of my Players' characters, and they have spent many a game looking for revenge. Zenks slowly have been a bane to many of my Gamers, and I made it worse for them, when they became part of their own society.

Their [my] creation is forever evolving and my Players fear facing them.

Gem Babies: My own fairy type creature/being, they were originally called Zhornuggan [derived from sore nuggen], due to the fact that many of us used to great each other with a nuggie, ok just me. Since they are a nuisance, then I went with the name, they are fairy type beings with gem type flesh, and there are, Crystal, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire. They eventually became so popular, after I stopped making them a pest, they evolved more to be like a pseudo-familiar. The Crystal have a touch of healing properties, the Ruby have fire attack damage or can help with keeping warm, the Emeralds are your thieving type, and Sapphire are you warrior type. They seemed to turned out to be cute, for the voices I gave them, their adorability also rose since I gave them cat-like behaviors, as they purr when they are happy/hurt or otherwise, take a long time to find a resting spot during sleeping time. Their voices specially to the "warrior" Gem Babies seem to be enjoyed specially when they try to be serious, as I ended given them child-like pitch.

These two races, specially the Zenk are now in my current novel that is on the works.

Posted on 2010-09-04 at 15:58:51.

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4 Posts

custom race

mine would have to be a dwelf. half dwarf and half elf

Posted on 2011-07-23 at 20:00:27.

Gerald Defay
Occasional Visitor
Karma: 7/1
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just a weird one

half dwarf, half orc, or a dorc.

Posted on 2011-08-02 at 09:14:02.

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Well... (long post)

I'm not certain how 'valid' it is as a RACE, per se, but I have created, rather recently, a new 'state of being' per se. That is to say, in the same way as "Lichdom" COULD be a race, or being a Vampire...or even a God/Demigod, I suppose.

It's actually still in planning stages, and I'm cautious what I'll post...because it actually might be relevant in the game I'm currently DMing on this site. But essentially, though I have yet to finalize a name for the race, but essentially is a state of being that was unintentionally created after a God is killed. Originally those of this race were almost unheard of...a few surviving ones existed in all of the realms, but since an event known as the God Wars, they have appeared in enough of a number to be recorded and written of, and so certain scholars or mages may know enough about them to consider them a geniune race.

Essentially, a 4e race, not intended to be playable by any means, and something of a counterpart to a 4e Epic Tier Monster Race: The Forsaken.

In most cases, when a god dies, the near-infinite energy that composes most of its being, and also the spring of energy that can be channelled by certain followers (hence the existence of Invokers, Clerics, Paladins, etc, who use their 'divine spark' to collect and channel the energy that their god gives them), dissapates....though violently so, when a god is slain by violence. A rare occasion, to be fair.

The vast majority of a Gods devoted follower's with a Divine Spark are killed instantly in the aftermath, the backlash. Some get away with varying degrees of injury, sickness or mental scarring. Many lose connection to their divine spark, some consider theirs lost, destroyed with their god. Some remain either lucky or strong enough to devote themselves to another God, and still be able to use their Divine Spark to continue to channel energy if their new God grants them such power. Many simply go mad, often dangerously so.

However, a tiny portion suffer a different fate. Rather than a whole part of them being ripped away, or struck in a backlash, some of the most powerful mortal followers of a God, the 'closest' to their God (such as a High-Priest, perhaps, or some similar level) find themselves in some way taking some part of the explosion of energy. The circumstances are rare, and are varied in how they can come about or effect someone. An example may be a High Priest of an evil, treacherous god, and the priest himself seeks to steal some of his Gods power in his Gods last moments. Another may be a priest of a Good God, whom in a last-ditch attempt to save some shard of his deity will open himself subconsciously as a 'storage', a haven for his God's being, in a desperate attempt to protect his own deity.

Whatever the reason, the results are often not pretty. Imbued with an element of a God, their own personalities or even mind can be completely obliterated, or at least pushed aside. As with normal clerical or paladin followers of a god that dies in such a manner, some of these 'imbued' will lose their sanity. In fact, most will. Some will grow violent, some will be left mindless, a rare few will grow to embody some aspect of the vestige of their god that they carry, an even rarer few will be able to survive relatively sane and 'normal' even after an experience. Regardless of what happens to them, all of these 'imbued' carry one thing in common. A terrifying capability for destruction, or at least be capable of great feats of power.

Depending on the God, and the follower, and the circumstance, so many things can happen. I have much more detail about the race, such as the 'lifespan', the limitations to their power, and what their motives often are or can be. But even as much detail as I've gone into here, I won't go any further lest I give my players undue advantage in my game later on.

Posted on 2011-08-02 at 14:11:18.

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