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Parent thread: ~Shards of Cyre~ Q&A
GM for this game: Jozan1
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~Shards of Cyre~

It is the beginning of Autumn, with harvest season a mere week away and the sun was setting as the group of weary travelers neared New cyre. Plumes of smoke from many small camp fires can be seen rising into the reddish orange sky but the fires themselves are blocked by low rolling hills of grass and an occasional tree. Another twenty minutes of walking would bring you to the city limits, where most buildings here are tents of varying sizes. The city itself is surrounded by a large ring of hundreds upon hundreds of tents, all sheltering familiesof Cyran refugees. In the center of this tent ring is the actual city made of many buildings, almost all wooden and none more than two stories. It is easyto nagivate through the tents as there is a beaten path wide enough for ten people abreast on on each side of the city, one western road and one eastern road.

Farther moving into the city a guard post is spotted shortly ahead, a small wooden booth on the left side of the road with a larger one story shack opposite of iton the other side. A guardsmen can be seen walking from the shack to the small booth and as he gets close another guard can be seen walking from the boothto the shack. both men are wearing studded leather with small swords sheathed on their sides, and a few halberds can be spotted leaning up against the booth.

Eventually the group reaches the booth, and the man clears his throat.

" Hello and welcome to New Cyre. I'm going to have to get your name and reason for visitation, and if your a refugee..." He pauses in his mono toned droning and looks each of you up and down in one pass of his gaze. " Which you all look far from, your free to enter and stay. If your interested even Prince Oargev is giving a speech today about the upcoming festivals and the plans for this fall. but i'm going to have to ask you if your going to attend anything please, weapons at sides and sheathed and no violence within the city or even in the tent ring around it, these refugees are hard pressed enough for a days peace and 3 square meals they don't need anymore stress. Thank you for your cooperation."

With the guards warnings and ramblings over with, he gives each of you a sheet of parchment allowing rightful entry into the city without problems and theres even a list of establishments that might be relevant to your intersts.
the sheet reads:

-for a nights rest, check "The Knights rest" , & "Voruk's Beds"

-for a drink and a meal, check "Boards head tavern & "Meal n' Mead"

- Supplies, visit "Ghunvelish's Metals", "Johns goods", "Cyran Delight", " The Armoury"

With that, the group is free to explore the city as it is your rest stop for the night. many things are happening within this city of refugees and with no real schedule, just maybe adventure and money could be found within and around the city of New Cyre.

Posted on 2010-08-15 at 17:35:04.
Edited on 2012-03-31 at 18:50:10 by Jozan1

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Jym Enen

Jym hung back as the tall ones give their names to the guards. It had been evident since the night he had seen Illian and Grr’Nak in the Lonely Arms Inn that they were leaders and not to be trifled with. Lillie, the barmaid had told Jym that they had been telling their tales of their wanderings and that they were looking for some able souls seeking adventure. Lillie knew Jym wanted to leave the fort to find out who he was and she also knew he still feared traveling alone. Jym had approached their table to inquire if he might join their party. The Bugbear looked at him with disdain but the human had been polite. They listened to his request to join them when they left the fort. The Bugbear questioning him as to why they should consider him. How could they know he would be loyal to the group? Jym simply said he had no one else to be loyal to, so there would be no conflicts. They must have inquired about the fort about the Gnome know as Jym Enen because two days later Jym received a simple note stating he should join them at the gate at sunrise, they would be leaving the fort.

Jym packed his essentials and told the smith he was leaving. Jym thanked the smith for helping him recover his physical life and would always be indebted to him. Smith took this as a great honor thanking Jym and then presented Jym with a gift he had been preparing for this day. A finely crafted suit of leather studded armor. It had been tailored to be worn under his shirt and jacket for concealment. It was strong yet lightweight. A fine sword, axe and dagger which Jym had made along with the bow and a quiver of arrows were also among the item the smith gave him. The soldiers that had saved Jym ordered them made and had instructed the smith save them for Jym and present them to him when he finally gained his courage back to leave the fort.

When Jym finally gave his name to the guard the guard looked down at him saying “That’s a rather short name for a Gnome.”

“Well I’m a rather short fellow,” Jym replied.

Merimac chuckled because Jym was still taller than him and Glub just let out a grunt. They were still getting use to Jym’s quips.

“What’s your business in New Cyre, besides being a smart-aleck, which can get you tossed right out if’n you’re not careful.” The guard said roughly.

Pointing to the Human and the Bugbear, "I'm with them."

Stammering slightly the guard said, “Well they had better keep an eye on you.”

Grr’Nak turned and started walking into the city. "That's alright,I like the taste of gnome. Hopefully he will do something, and give me an excuse to satisfy by stomach."

Jym kept his mouth shut this time and followed behind the hairy Monk, he still wasn’t sure when the Monk was joking and the Monk liked keeping it that way.

Posted on 2010-08-17 at 02:02:41.
Edited on 2010-08-18 at 20:23:55 by Odyson

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"Tell me where to find this mead n' meat place." The bugbear says pointing to the notice. "I gotta find somewhere to fill my gut if the gnome decides to behave himself after all."

(assuming he gets directions)

"And don't worry about me. I got no weapons to threaten the poor little refugees." then he continues under his breath "though if they wee stronger, there would be no reason to flee now would there..."

(Once the party gets through the gate...)

"Behave yourself little gnome. I'd hate to have to make good on the threat so soon. I'm heading over to this Meat n' Mead place for a bite." He calls over his shoulders as he strides confidently into the city.

(OOC: He is looking along the route and in the tavern for street fights or more organized fighting events that he might be able to make a few quick coins at.)

Posted on 2010-08-20 at 14:50:29.

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Jym Enen

After the party had pasted the gates Jym felt a bit bolder, “Hmmm… Meat n’ mead that has to be better then what we’ve had for the last two weeks. I dare say much more tasty than Gnome, even the Gnolls could not make me tender enough to eat. Then over to Voruk's Beds , lord it will be nice to sleep indoors again.“

Gad, has it been two weeks already? Have I spent that much time with this group and still know so little about them? Well at least the tall ones seem confident, but that Monk is still such a mystery. He waits for no one, two week of keeping up with those strong legs that seem never to need rest. Then there’s Merimac, he nearly has to run to keep up, but never a word of complaint. The way he was eying Glub I wonder if he was thinking of hitching a ride. The half-orc might never even have noticed the extra weight.
“ I’d like to hear what the Prince has to say, from what I’ve learned from travelers to the fort this is a displaced people and the Prince still wishes to recover his land. There may be more to his speech then just the festival. There may clues here to my past too. The soldiers that saved me said the Gnolls were headed west with me, they may have come from this direction. ” Jym watched the faces of those they passed hoping to see something he recognized or perhaps sense that they recognized him.

Posted on 2010-08-23 at 02:50:07.
Edited on 2010-08-23 at 16:28:46 by Odyson

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