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GM for this game: Dakarta
Players for this game: PrincessAli, Steelight, Shikaku, Accalia, sunow4
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Your interview with Captain Taggart went well. In your mind it did at least. He said if you were accepted you would receive notification and documents by courier, after all the interviews were concluded. Several days passed before a courier had you sign for a small package. The package was a manilla office envelope, the kind with the bubble wrap on the inside. The only thing on the outside of the package was your name written in calligraphy on the front. Inside the package there were several items. Upon dumping it out you discover a key card with a smart chip and a thumb print scanner. A small glass and metal tube on a lanyard. A typed up contract detailing your duties and expectations. A small filament transmitter screen. Finally, you find a hand written letter.

I am happy to inform you that your interview went well, and you have been accepted to join the crew of the Solstice. Captain Taggart has a few last minute details to work out before the ship is ready to leave on its first mission. However, I need to verify all the crew has accepted their commission before then. You have three days to fully read your contract and respond via the filament screen enclosed. Responding and accepting or declining your commission will move you on the the next step in the process. Thank you for your time and may your journeys aboard the Solstice be fruitful.
The bottom of the letter is signed simply with a capital letter D.

As you read through your contract it outlines many of the points the captain had gone over with you in your interview. However the contract goes into much more excruciating detail. After reading over it twice to make sure you didn't miss anything you pick up the filament screen and turn it on. The screen flickers as a loading icon comes into view.

As the loading icon clears a message appears Before we begin ensure that the access chip and key card are close by for activation purposes. You grab the last of the items that were in the package and press the next button in the lower corner of the screen.

Do you accept or decline the offer for commission aboard the Solstice? Please place your thumb over one of the choices below At the bottom of the screen you see the two boxes and place your thumb over the one labeled accept.

Thumb scan and acceptance confirmed. Solstice access key activated. This key allows access to teh ship, is a homing locator, and a distress beacon. Please keep the access key on your person when entering the ship to avoid being challenged by the onboard security protocalls. You notice the glass and metal tube now has a light glowing from inside it. You place the lanyard over your head and press the next button on the screen.

Please place thumb on keycard reader to verify identity.... You place your thumb on the reader of the keycard and the screen continues. Identity confirmed. Account with Centauron Prime Credit established. 5,000 credits deposited. The screen begins to scroll as more information is delivered. This initial advance is for whatever you wish to use it for but we hope you get some essential supplies. The key card holds your credit balance, medical history, contract information, and all the credentials you need as a member of the crew. This can be accessed at any computer for review. The keycard can only be activated or accessed by your thumbprint. You are to report to the Solstice on Lunar Date 418 at 1700 hours. Your key card will allow you access into Ralthion Shipyard, once inside proceed to dock 18E. May the universe be your guide... The screen stops scrolling and you write down the location and time you need to report, before the screen turns off.

Posted on 2010-08-26 at 07:12:53.
Edited on 2010-08-26 at 07:14:55 by Dakarta

Karma: 16/4
218 Posts


You arrive at the gates to Ralthion Shipyard. The most prestigious shipyard in the known universe. You make your way to the security checkpoint and scan your key card as you pass through. The atmopshere is so chaotic you wonder how things can get done around here. There are people, droids, cranes, cargo haulers, and other equipment rushing around everywhere. You notice a tram station and decide to take the safe way to the dock you need to get to. The tram arrives and you hop on telling the driver you need to get to dock 18E. "Next to last stop. Gonna take about 45 minutes. Enjoy the ride."

The seat is comfortable and you spend the ride gazing out the window at some of the other ships being built. Most of the ships are fairly small to medium size. You can see the skyhook that takes equipment to the orbital array to build the large class ships like the supercarriers. It all seems so interesting. As you pass by ships you can identify some of the classes, but then it hits don't even know the class of the ship you will be on. Now the anticipation mounts and you hope it isn't something small like an outrunner. Gradually the commotion around you slows. The last few docks have been empty and there aren't many workers or equipment around. "Next stop Dock 18E, The Solstice"

As the tram comes to a stop you can see the ship stretching the lenght of the dock. You think it is a bit odd that it is the only ship out here. The last stop past this is the skyhook. You step out of the tram, thank the driver, driver and turn around to get as better view of the ship. Your jaw drops as you realize the ship before you is a Scion class multi-platform frigate. This thing was only suppose to exist as a model. They hadn't even laid a keel for a prototype yet.

The ship itself is a gunmetal gray with highlights of emerald green and cobalt. Clean, crisp edges give it an almost stealth like appearance. You can see several droids working on the hull in several places, sparks flying from the welders they are using. Some humans are looking over some drawings near the mid part of the ship. The most prominent feature of the ship is displayed here. A turret defense cannon rises from the mid section of the ship to point skyward. Wasn't there supposed to be one on the underside as well? Come to think of it this ship wasn't sitting on the ground like the ships you had seen on the way here. It seemed to be down below the dock. As you approach the edge of the dock to look down you realize the ship is floating in water. Isn't this a starship, not a sea going vessel. The questions are quickly piling up.

Looking over you notice a gangway leading to the open dual cargo bay of the ship........

Posted on 2010-08-26 at 07:15:46.

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10 Posts

First arrival

Castien sat in the seat of the tram with the few other passengers still remaining. Even sitting he made an imposing figure. He was wearing black leather pants with what looked to be built in armor. His boots were sturdy and almost looked military issue. He was wearing a simple black tank top which exposed his dark tan, muscled figure. A few tattoos could be seen on his arms. His gray eyes and silverish hair were a bit off setting. Slightly pointed ears could be seen peeking out of the shoulder lenght hair. Two large bags were on the floor below his seat and a long black armored trench coat was laying in the seat next to him.

He thought the tram driver was going to take them all to the middle of nowhere and try to murder them. Good thing that didn't happen. As he got off the tram and saw the ship for the first time he was amazed. He looked at it much like a teenager looked at a beautiful woman. He was her mechanic and technician and she would be his baby.

What got to him the most though was the fact that this ship wasn't even supposed to exist. He was pretty sure he had died and gone to heaven.

Castien walked across the gangplank and onto the ship. He figured that the crew would be gathering in the cargo bay. When he arrived all he saw were a few droids and shipyard workers moving things around. There were spots for three small shuttle craft but one was not present.

Castien sat down his bags near the doors to the bay and started to walk around looking for other crew members. "Hello! Ship's mechanic reporting for duty," no response, "I suppose I'll just have to wait here for now."

Posted on 2010-09-03 at 11:55:29.
Edited on 2010-09-06 at 01:30:57 by Shikaku

Veteran Visitor
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Whoa!... uh, hey!

Lassvenha gazed out the window enjoying the landscape. He started to dose off about halfway through the ride when hew was suddenly jerked into conciousness.

"Whoa!"he exclaimed quietly and looked around him. He'd thought they had crashed. He unbuckled himself and walked down the narrows aisle of seats to the door near the front the tram. He waited for the rest of the recruits to shuffle out of the door until it was finally his turn. He stepped out of the small door into the open and gasped. It was amazing.

The size of the ship had to be as big as a small town or bigger. He looked around for his fellow crewmembers he was supposed to be working with. In a short time he identified a man saying that he was the ships mechanic.

He approached the man and said,"Hey, I'm Lassvenha, the medic for the Solstice. I heard you saying you were the mechanic? Good to meet you, what;s your name?"

Posted on 2010-09-04 at 22:35:22.

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10 Posts

saying hello

Castien was investigating a door at the forward bulkhead of the cargo bay. Despite his best efforts though he was unable to get it open. As he was about to move on to investigate more of the ship, an elf approached him. "Hey, I'm Lassvenha, the medic for the Solstice. I heard you saying you were the mechanic? Good to meet you, what's your name?"
"Nice to meet you Lassvenha. My given name is Catien Mithtail. Most people just call me Gears though. It's good to know who will be patching me up when I get in a scrape."

Castien stopped to think for a moment and as he did his hair turned to a pale blue color. "I'm trying to get to know the lady here. Seems she won't let me any further than this though. I'm gonna keep exploring the bay though. You're welcome to tag along."

Castien started walking away from the door toward another part of the bay. He was in honesty looking for his tools which should have arrived earlier in the week. He wanted to make sure they arrived and were still in good condition.

Posted on 2010-09-06 at 01:20:08.
Edited on 2010-09-06 at 01:32:44 by Shikaku

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218 Posts

An unexpected visitor

A small personal craft landed at the base of the dock. A woman climbed out and made her way toward the cargo bay.

As she made her way past the new arrivals toward the forward bulkhead, everyone got a look at her. This was no ordinary woman. She wore a deep purple halter dress. The dress itself could barely be called such. What cloth did exist was sheer and revealing. It was a halter style with a very low back and a very high slit. It was form fitting to her voluptuous and toned body and left little to the imagination. She wore no shoes. Her skin was a pale blue and covered in white markings. Her head had purple striped horns and four purple striped tendrils hanging down.

As she passed the others some stopped what they were doing and watched others tried to look away feeling embarassed.

The mechanic caught sight of her as she arrived at the door he was just working to oopen. She made a pass with an access key similar to what all the other crew had received.

As if she knew Castien was watching her, she turned her head and smiled at him. The light glinting off of her purple eyes. She stepped through the doorway and it closed tight behind her.

Posted on 2010-09-06 at 01:57:06.

Karma: 16/4
218 Posts

the captain is summoned...

The workers and droids around the ship are busy as bees. Some are loading supplies, others are finishing last minute work. The final touches are being completed and the ship would soon be ready for it's first flight.

Out of the drone of the workers, a loud Bong was heard followed by a computerized female voice. "Captain Taggart, there is a visitor in your command room."

A few moments later a rather well dressed gentleman could be seen striding purposefully across the catwalks in the cargo bay heading toward the forward end of the ship. A rather unimposing man dressed in a low cost business suit carrying a clipboard and papers was following him. "Captain, we aren't done with the walkdown. Where are you going?" Behind him followed a stout dwarf with a long gray braided beard. He was dressed in a construction uniform and had the look of a seasoned worker.

The captain was easily outpacing both of the others. He quickly disappeared through the bulkhead door. The paperpusher looked frustrated and tried his best to keep up with the him. The dwarf was calm and kept his pace while glancing at a filiment screen.

Posted on 2010-09-13 at 08:25:28.
Edited on 2010-09-13 at 08:32:20 by Dakarta

Veteran Visitor
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Where to go?

Lassvenha looked upp towards where he had heard the voice come from. He saw a 4 way speaker setup and a 2 way moniter hanging from the ceiling. On the moniter it showed old TV advertisements about the Solstice. He looked around thinking of where he should go. He walked toward one of the cargo ships, searching for a medical bay somewhere, as that was where he was probably meant to be.

'There are just too many doors,' Lassvenha thought,'I'll never find the medical bay.'

Lassvenha spotted an officer about 10 yards away from him, scanning a clipboard which he held close to him. Lassvenha figured he might know where he was supposed to be so he approached the man.

"Excuse me, uh, I'm one of the field medics for the
Solstice and I was wondering where I was supposed to go. Can you help me?"

Posted on 2010-09-17 at 01:17:54.

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Ah there you are my pretties

Castien watched as the gorgeous woman made her way through the cargo bay. She moved with a purpose and seemed to hold herself much like royalty. To say he was awe struck was an understatement. His thoughts shifted from finding his tools to something a bit more playful. As she slipped through the door leading further into the ship, Castien swore she smiled at him. "Did she notice me? I wasn't staring that hard. Was I? No, must have just been a coincidence."

Castien continued to look for his tools. Perhaps there was a chance they were already moved to the engineering spaces. He was hoping not.

There was an announcement for the captain over the shipboard communication system. Soon, Castien heard footsteps above him and noticed the captain and two other men moving in the cat walks above. As he was looking up hehadn't stopped moving and tripped over some cargo crates. The crates read
Property of Castien Mithtail
Handle with Extreme Care

As smile grew across Castien's face as he pried open the top crate. "Now I feel a bit more comfortable. At least I have something to do for now." Then he started checking the crates to make sure everything was there and properly in order.

Posted on 2010-09-18 at 18:13:05.

Karma: 16/4
218 Posts

not quite what you expected

Talo was holding a clip board and standing near a few shut down droids. "Looks like everything is in ...Oh no. Not again. Every time. Now where do that psycho hunk of tin get off to now?" He headed off to find a foreman. Halfway across the cargo bay he stopped to inspect the inventory sheet again. He had to make sure it wasn't checked out this time. He didn't want to be embarrassed like that time he was working on that asteroid trawler. He'd never live that down. He was about to start moving again when someone spoke to him.

"Excuse me, uh, I'm one of the field medics for the
Solstice and I was wondering where I was supposed to go. Can you help me?"

Talo kind of stared at the guy for a minute. "Well, I'm kind of in a hurry. I have to find a missing droid." Talo took a quick scan around the bay. "That door over there leads to the forward part of the ship. Med bay is up on the right." Talo turned slightly and started to walk away. "You can't get through that door without being cleared by security though"

Talo walked away from the medic looking in between and behind crates as he headed toward the foreman.

The forward door Castien tried to get into and the one the strange woman went through is the door being refered too. It and the door above it on the catwalks are the only two doors leading into the rest of the ship. Any other doors in the cargo bay lead to small storage areas.

Posted on 2010-09-18 at 18:37:43.

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Attempt to rekindle...

What an odd conversation... Oh well. Not that I'm done with her I should probably go greet my new crew. Though from the monitor, it seems as if only a few of them have made it so far. Hmm... the others were promising from their interviews, but they are definitely not starting out well.
The Captain waits for a few moments for his unexpected guest to vacate the area outside his door, then leaves his office himself, heading for the cargo hold.

At first he looks down from the balcony, not intending to be seen by his crew. It may be interesting to watch them for a bit, and see how they interact. This is the first time they've ever met each other after all...

Posted on 2010-10-26 at 13:00:20.

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