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GM for this game: Alacrity
Players for this game: TannTalas, Almerin, Keeper of Dragons, Nomad D2, Odyson, Astrid
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6221 Posts

Doc’s Watch!

It had taken a while for Jack to fall asleep; the daylight and heat had made it difficult even in the coolness of the barn.
Jack had found an empty gain sack and covered his head to shut out the light as he lay on the hay pile.
It seemed like no sooner had he slipped off and there was Romo kicking his boots to wake him to relieve McGuinness.

“Doc, you’re up.”

Jack stretched and dusted the hay off himself. He grabbed his rifle and climbed the ladder to the loft.
He quickly found McGuinness.

McGuinness told him about the north bound trucks.
With a quick warning not to screw up his scope he handed it to Jake and headed off down the ladder.

Doc nestled in where he could easily see the road and surrounding area.

About an hour into his watch Doc noticed a cloud of dust off in the distance to the north.
Using the scope he focused up the road in that direction and was able to see an open topped car rapidly cruising down that road that ran past the farm.

The driver was a hatless blond male.
He wore goggles to keep the wind and dust out his eyes and maybe a duster to keep his clothes clean.
Jack couldn’t tell if he was wearing a uniform.

The driver seemed to have a smirk on his face as if he was pretending to be a race car driver. Jack checked the passenger side and found out why the driver was showing off.

There sat an attractive female, a scarf covered her blond hair and dark glasses protect her eyes from the dust.
Even at this distance and trying to hold the scope steady Jack could tell she was a knockout.

She didn’t appear to be frightened by the speeding vehicle but she didn’t look impressed by the driver either.

As Doc was about to warn the group the car flew past the lane leading to the farm and rushed on south down the road.

The rest of the watch was uneventful.
The trucks never came back and everything seemed quiet enough.

It gave Jack time to think about the food left in the kitchen.
The more he thought about that smoked ham the more hungry he got.

Shoot we can cut that puppy up and each carry a hunk, and what the hell those rutabagas will last too. I’ll see if anyone wants any of those spuds.
When Brutal came to relieve him, Doc told him about the truck and car.
As Doc describes the passenger in the car Brutal got a sly look on his face.

Doc just shook his head and thought,

In your dreams baldy!
Handing Clements the scope Doc headed back down.
After reporting what he’d seen to Romo,

Geeze didn’t that guy ever sleep?,

he headed back to his hay pile.

It could be a long night so Jack lay down, covered his head and got some rest.
He’d remind the others to fill their canteens when he went to get the ham.

Posted on 2010-10-18 at 17:58:18.
Edited on 2010-10-18 at 18:05:18 by Odyson

Forever ♥
Karma: 86/11
1538 Posts

Some Backposting...

Backpost to the House
In searching the farmhouse… Brutal was glad when he saw the shotgun... lifting it off its place on the mantle he smiled at it as he hefted it and then checked to see if it was loaded… rummaging about he found the two boxes of shells … slinging the Thompson he turned to the Sgt with a grin.

“If you don’t mind Sarge,” he said to Romo, “I would like to hang on to this… I like close up work.” If necessary he would give up the Thompson in favor of the shotgun… he loved killing up close where he could see his opponent… one of the reasons he loved the long bladed knife he carried on his belt.

When the booze was found he snatched up the Vodka and opening it took a sniff and then a small sip… he smiled and nodded… “Not bad.” Without a word he stored the Vodka away for later use.

He chuckled as Doc took the Brandy… “Medicinal purposes… right Doc?” he said with a grin and winked at him.
Brutal would carry anything else that he was directed to carry, food, water, etc.

Later in the Barn-Backpost
When he relieved Doc for the watch he frowned slightly at the mention of the car that passed and with a Blonde woman in the back… he gave Doc a strange look, though it wasn’t exactly a sly one, he thought more that the guy had been in the brandy already.

Later after the sun was going down, Brutal gathered up his things and prepared to move out at ordered. It was wise to move at dark and hide out during the day… he preferred the night anyway … they had a better chance of getting where they were going this way.

Posted on 2010-10-20 at 11:46:34.

Karma: 155/25
6221 Posts

Rude Awakening

Opening his eyes Jack peered into the dark.

He could hear the sound of heavy machine guns roaring in the dark.
Explosions shook him and the feeling of falling gripped him in a fear like he had never experienced before.

The buzz of bullets zinging past his head was nothing like what he’d lived through up till now.

A scream pierces the night as those bullets rip though the soldier behind him.
Jack tries to turn to see who screamed.

Another explosion booms, Jack’s body jerks.

Looking up and sees his parachute open and the terrorizing fall is slowed.

He can now focus on what is happening around him.

Anti-aircraft fire is shredding the night and the parachutes of the men in his company as they descended. Jack sees chutes collapse from explosions and German fighter fire.

Men dropping through the night sky with no hope, some, perhaps the lucky, were already dead.

Now the terror starts.
They are sitting ducks until they reach the ground.

To Jack’s left he can hear the sound of an aircraft screaming out of the dark.
Spinning slightly he faced the plane and sees the flames erupting from the wing guns as the German pilot bares down on him.

With a violent thrust Jack jerks and sits up.
Sweating and breathing heavily he realizes he was dreaming.
More like a nightmare, the same one that has plagued him since his first combat jump.

Holding his head Jack looked over at Brutal watching him.
He thought he saw the question in Jakes eyes.

“Gela, Sicily” Doc said.

Brutal nodded as he went back to preparing his kit.
Doc guessed Brutal understood “Night Demons”.

Jack got up and brushed the hay off him.
Still shaken he walking out the back of the barn.

Standing by the wall he looked around, reached down and pulled the flask, unscrewed the top and took a swig.

Posted on 2010-10-21 at 02:26:35.
Edited on 2010-10-25 at 16:30:39 by Odyson

Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
Karma: 177/19
3012 Posts

No BS, just getting this show going

Night came. Whether you saw it as a residue of the sun’s attention, or as a sentient force claiming its domain; it came. Luke hadn’t always welcomed the darkness from dusk till dawn, but he sure did now. It wouldn’t remind him of days long gone, of loneliness and desperate wakefulness. It brought him purpose, and with his mind on their single task, he felt good.

“We’re heading South.” He stated, once he was told about the vehicles passing. “If this castle is so important to the German’s, that’s where to trucks came from, and that’s where Doc’s lady is going.”

If offered any of the extra guns, the Captain refuses. He wants to be light on his feet. The binoculars however he handed to Brutal. Brutal was sharp, ever perceptive, it seemed. McGuinness had his scope, and he wanted the Sarge to be occupied with other things.
“I’m sure you can do a lot of good things with these, Corporal Clements. Keep your eyes open.”

He turned so he could face all of them.

“What I worry about most now isn’t finding the castle. I’m sure the Nazis will lead us to it. The hard thing will be getting in without getting caught. It would be very useful if we can obtain one or more German uniforms somewhere. So if you must shoot somebody, try to keep their clothes intact. The head’s a more lethal target anyway.”

He then left it up to Sergeant Romo to get everyone on their way. What else did he need to add? They all knew what they had to.

Posted on 2010-10-21 at 18:24:04.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
Karma: 178/118
6478 Posts


With night having fallen and the five men having gained what sleep they could all were up and gathering their gear as the Captain spoke.

“We’re heading South. if this castle is so important to the German’s, that’s where to trucks came from, and that’s where Doc’s lady is going. I’m sure you can do a lot of good things with these, Corporal Clements. Keep your eyes open.”

The Captain said as he handed the binoculars to Clements.

“What I worry about most now isn’t finding the castle. I’m sure the Nazis will lead us to it. The hard thing will be getting in without getting caught. It would be very useful if we can obtain one or more German uniforms somewhere. So if you must shoot somebody, try to keep their clothes intact. The head’s a more lethal target anyway.”

With that said and everyone ready Romo assigned a marching order.

“Ok Clements your on scout duty I want you 50 yards in front with eyes and ears open. Next up myself, then Stewart, the Captain and finally you McGuinness with your scope. Keep as much of an eye behind us as you can. Ok whenever your ready Captain.”

With his orders given he awaited word from the Captain to move out.............

Posted on 2010-10-23 at 04:19:24.

Forever ♥
Karma: 86/11
1538 Posts

Moving out...

“I’m sure you can do a lot of good things with these, Corporal Clements. Keep your eyes open.” The Captain said as he handed the Binocs to Brutal… he looked surprised for a moment then nodded. “Can do Sir!”

The Captain’s gesture seemed perceptive to Brutal… it showed the man did think of somethings.. maybe he did have a head on his shoulders afterall… of course they would see once the s*** hit the fan if the man had any balls.

“Ok Clements your on scout duty I want you 50 yards in front with eyes and ears open. Next up myself, then Stewart, the Captain and finally you McGuinness with your scope. Keep as much of an eye behind us as you can. Ok whenever your ready Captain.” Romo ordered and Brutal nodded and slinging the binocs around his neck he started out in the direction indicated... taking point.

He would keep to the trees as much as possible. Stopping any time he had a clear field of view and using the binocs to do a scan before moving on. .. he kept and eye out for any sign of Nazis or their passing… anything that might tell them where this bloody castle might be.

Brutal thought again about their little group and their leadership… he still didn’t have much faith in the Captain’s unproven abilities to lead… he trusted Romo to do a good job... get them through this ... to lead them to victory (ooc: As long as he doesn’t get hit and fracture his collar bone ... he is quite fragile ) Only time would tell if his hunches were right!

Posted on 2010-10-26 at 11:07:29.

Karma: 155/25
6221 Posts

Heading Out...

Putting the flask away, Doc thought.

Better watch it, I don’t need to start relying on “Dutch Courage” get through this mission..

It was growing dark so Doc headed back to farmhouse; he’d had second thoughts on leaving some of the food behind.

In the kitchen he pulled the smoked ham from the cooler and cut it into chunks. He found some paper and re-wrapped the meat in portions, drinking the milk as he worked.

Grabbing the basket of potatoes and rutabagas Doc hauled the food back the barn.
He set the basket down, took a package of ham, a couple of rutabagas and couple potatoes.

As he packed his food he said,“ Take what you want, the ham’s in the paper and the rutabagas aren’t bad peeled and eaten raw.”

When he finished getting his gear ready he noticed the ham was gone, but it was hard to tell if they took any of the other food.

Doc got his pack on and waited.
When the Captain and Romo were finished talking he fell in and headed out.

He could have sworn that Brutal was smiling when the Captain was talking about killing the Germans with a head shot.
Brutal almost seemed eager.

I guess I’m glad he’s on our side.

Posted on 2010-10-26 at 17:00:30.
Edited on 2010-10-26 at 23:40:03 by Odyson

The Tired
RDI Staff
Karma: 291/33
6338 Posts

short but I don't want to run away with the characters

July 14th 1943, 8:30 pm to 2 am, Day Two of Mission
The team leaves the farm house rested and fed, but it still sticks in their minds about the oddness of the family disappearance. Why were they taken? And why the animals too? Who knew in this crazy mixed up war filled world anyway.

With Brutal at point, the team moved out back into the cover of the trees and forest, staying back from the roadway but close enough that they could follow it as well. It was risky, a set of headlights could easily illuminate them.

The terrain gets hilly and you are going up and down over hills and valleys. The light of the moon and stars are obscured by heavy clouds. Around midnight it begins to rain, around 1:00 you are very wet. You find a dirt roadway heading up to the east and not too far along the road is light. From that direction you can vaguely hear music playing.

And a woman's scream. A short scream, as if cut off by something.

Posted on 2010-10-27 at 00:47:01.

Regular Visitor
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Having slept well, all considered, Corban kept to himself as he readied his gear for the days journey. As was his habit he observed rather then interacted, so while the other soldiers talked he listened and drew his own conclusions on the matters at hand. His thoughts raced over the possibilities for what might lay ahead and yet he kept finding himself returning to pondering the lorries that had drawn his curiousity during his own watch the night before. Something about those vehicles didn't sit right with Corban but he couldn't put his finger on what. Other then their brief passing it had been a rather uneventful night after all, and from what Corban had overheard from the others it would seem their watches were rather similar.

Hearing the Captain issuing their marching orders Corban decided that all he could do was be extra cautious in lue of his gut reaction to the vehicles that had passed in the night. Despite his having already checked his equipment upon waking Corban soon found himself double checking the same gear once again. There was no doubt he would be on guard today, his gut having fueled his wariness, and with any luck that would be enough to keep them safe on this march.

Posted on 2010-10-27 at 22:00:38.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
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With everyone rested, fed, and night fully fallen, the 5 headed out in the general direction of the castle as located on the Captain’s map. With rain falling around 100am it was not long before all were soaked to the bone and cold

With Clements on point it was not long before he reported a light up ahead, and almost at the same moment a cut off scream feminine in nature. Romo did not hesitate.

“With your permission sir, Corporal Clements and I will check out what’s up ahead while you, McGuinness, and Reid wait three minutes then follow us slowly to give us back-up as needed.”

(If no objection from the Captain)
“Clements on me, lets move Corporal”

With Clements beside him, the Master Sgt headed at a quick yet cautious jog towards the light...........

(OCC: Ok once we are about 40-50 yards from the light depending on the terrain we will go to ground and slowly crawl towards a place where we can get a good view while staying within the shadows and using whatever cover is available to the two of us.)

Posted on 2010-10-29 at 23:48:34.
Edited on 2010-10-29 at 23:51:54 by TannTalas

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In To The Night...

Moving out between Romo and Captain, Doc kept pace as their small squad took to the trees to stay out of sight of the road.

As the night drew on the clouds shut out the moon light and turned to a cold rain, settling in and it made travel miserable.

The wet ground turns footing to just a series of hazards. The cold and tension from having to push through is straining Doc's nerves and fatigue is starting to overtake him.

After about four hours they come across a lane moving away from the road.
He clearly hears the lilt of music and sees a glow of light seeping through the trees.

Then he hears a female scream that seemed stifled.
A flash of a scene back of his sister backing away from his stepfather crosses through Jacks mind.

Doc is moving in the direction of the scream.

Romo stopped him as he was moving back to talk to the Captain.
Reluctantly Jack pulled up to listen to Romo’s orders.

Posted on 2010-10-30 at 01:11:00.
Edited on 2010-10-30 at 01:14:02 by Odyson

Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
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3012 Posts

I say they're just watching a horror movie :P

Luke never regretted his initiative to volunteer for the war, but there were things he could do without. Rain was one of them. Ploughing through the mud or flying bullets he could handle, but the cold stiffness he experienced made him chagrined.

He was cursing inwardly and trying to focus on the task at hand, when they noticed a light up ahead. His mind snapped back into military mode, which meant he shoved all other sentiments aside and thought of nothing more but the best way to survive and succeed. He had learned all too well to occupy his mind with other things instead of dealing with emotions.

The Sergeant beat him to the orders though. That man was as eager as a cat tip-toeing before an attack.

“Don’t count ME out, Sergeant.” The Captain replied. “McGuinness will follow right after you; taking position on the opposite side of the road. He’ll provide cover. Me and Doc will follow you in three.”

Posted on 2010-10-30 at 10:04:34.

The Tired
RDI Staff
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6338 Posts

moving in

Clements and the Sarge moved ahead quickly and as quietly as possible. As they approached they could see that there was a cabin up ahead, and the light came from an illuminated window to the left side of the entrance. It was a simple cabin, probably with a kitchen, one central room and a bedroom or two, with a shed on the side and supported above the ground on concrete blocks. The wood fire smell reached your nostrils.

McGuiness moving behind them looks for a place to best use his skills. A tree, a direct shot from the window present itself as the best opportunity. As the lead soldiers hit the ground and began to crawl, the captain and Doc moved forward. There had been no more noise from the cabin since the initial scream. The car was now visible and sure enough it looked like the car that Reid had described passing by before. It was parked a ways pass the house, but in the open air.

The silence was broken by the cruel and heartless laugh of a man. “*You may scream all you wish Fraulein. In fact I hope that you do, it will make the evening more interesting. But no one can hear you out here.”

OOC: Okay. Romo and Clements are 20 feet away from the front of the cabin. McGuiness is about 10 feet back and then Captain and Reid another 10 beyond that. I will do a rough map for you tomorrow for positioning.

Only Romo understand the male voice. Everyone else heard “waa waa waa Fraulein waa waa waa”

Posted on 2010-11-01 at 02:45:21.

Karma: 155/25
6221 Posts


The three minutes took way too long and Doc was edgy to move.

He had heard that kind of scream before and it pushed his usual calm demeanor aside.

When the Captain gave the sign Doc was up moving.
They stopped while still in cover and about forty feet from small country style cabin.

Scanning up and down the road Doc spotted the car he’d seen on his watch.
The vision of the blond passenger had stuck in his mind.

Then Doc heard the cruel male voice and laugh coming from the cabin. He drew his 45’s and chambered a round.

“That don’t sound like any g** d*** way to treat a lady.”

Doc was moving on Romo’s position.

Posted on 2010-11-01 at 19:58:46.
Edited on 2010-11-01 at 19:59:56 by Odyson

Forever ♥
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1538 Posts


Brutal dropped to his belly and crawled up closer to the cabin from where the voices were coming.. He didn’t speak the Kraut Crap… but he did understand that Fraulein meant female… and the scream they had heard was that of a woman… he assumed the scream had come from the woman that Doc had described in the car that had passed by during the nights… obviously the kraut patrol had intercepted the woman and had holed up here in this cabin to have a little ‘fun’ with their captive.

Brutal wasn’t a kind man… he had had his share of women and sometimes he had liked it rough… usually the women had liked it the same way… sometimes not… but that had no bearing on what was going on here… if he had been in charge Brutal would have passed by this cabin and left the ‘Fraulein’ to her fate… her description wasn’t that of a peasant or farmer… she was probably German herself… and in his mind worth no more thought than any other Kraut… he was about to voice his thought on that they shouldn’t risk any exposure here but one look at the Sarge and the Captain and he knew it would fall on deaf ears… he decided not to waste his breath here… it was no place to argue.

He slowly slide his legs up under him as he readied the shotgun in his hands… he looked over at Romo… waiting on the signal for them to charge the cabin.

“That don’t sound like any g** d*** way to treat a lady.”
Hearing the words from the Doc behind him and the cha-chink of 1911 slide.. Brutal turned his head and hissed slightly at Doc as he saw him starting to move.

“As you were Corporal.” Brutal whispered back just loud enough for him to hear… Brutal knew his rank was no greater than Doc’s but in a situation like this he wasn’t speaking Corp to Corp… it was combat experience talking. He gave Doc a look that said ‘be patient… we will handle it.”

He made sure Doc was going to behave and follow orders… then turned back to wait for Sarge to give the order for them to burst in there and he was ready to blast any male that was standing … he was sure the woman would be either seated or laying.. He would make sure to keep his aim to be high enough not to kill any hostages.

Posted on 2010-11-01 at 22:05:10.


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