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GM for this game: Alacrity
Players for this game: TannTalas, Almerin, Keeper of Dragons, Nomad D2, Odyson, Astrid
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Kill em all ... let God sort em out!

Brutal heard two loud shots that sounded like McGuiness’s Ought Three; he hoped they were keeping the guy that might be around the next corner busy. He reached the corner and his finger checked to make sure the selector switch was on ‘Full’ and taking a breath he burst around the corner and saw the Nazi he was looking for down in the mud struggling to get up; obviously he had dived to avoid fire from the car.

He let loose with the Thompson and with a short burst ending the guard’s struggles for good. He approached the corner to the road and peeked around and spoke up when he seen all the Nazi’s down.

“HOLD YOUR FIRE!” he said, not wanting the trigger-happy sniper to take him out.

He moved to the door and looked into the small guard shack swiping it with his Thompson; seeing it empty he turned back to the car.


"DOC, Tend to the Sarge!" He yelled seeing the medic crouching behind the car. He secured his gun and then began to search the guards bodied, starting with the one he had just gunned down, taking any useful ammo, grenades, cigarettes, etc.

Posted on 2011-03-26 at 23:50:53.

Typing Furiously
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the aftermath

A few seconds, that was all that had passed. But lives had been lost and the mission was in danger yet again. Just when Luke thought they had picked up the right trail again, things went down hill.

Romo was hit.

The car was damaged.

And Brutal yelled 'Clear'.
Clear was the last word Luke would use for the situation they found themselves in. He needed to get things in order again quickly.

"Doc, help me get the sarge out of the car."

He turned to Brutal and McGuinness.
"McGuinness, you and Brutal move those Germans from the road and out of sight."

He wanted to get moving, then realized there was one more person in their team.

"Mrs Hoffstetter, keep your eye out for approaching enemies. If anybody comes near, we act as guards, and shoot them Before anybody gets the chance to speak."

(OOC: we need to get Romo out of the car so Doc can properly attend to him. Then Luke is going to see how damaged the car is (he is supposed to be a specialist). If the car is beyond saving, we should move it out of sight (down the waterfall?) )

Posted on 2011-03-27 at 10:38:27.

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The old strip and dump...

"McGuinness, you and Brutal move those Germans from the road and out of sight."
Brutal looked up from where he was already started doing just that and smirked and nodded his head to McGuinness towards the two downed guards nearest the car.

“You get those two and I get these,” he said as he turned to stripping them of anything useful, especially weapons, “make sure you take anything we can use later.”

Having stripped off anything he found, he hoisted up the body and carried it over to the bridge and tossed it over the edge and watched as it tumbled down into the water below… he watched in fascination as it disappeared over the falls below…. He returned and quickly did the same to the other body.

Once this was done he gathered up what he had found and then intercepted McGuinness as he finished with his last body.

“Good Job back there,” he said with a nod… it was simple statement but it showed that he was impressed with the snipers shooting… it was probably the best anyone would get from Brutal in the manner of a compliment.

Heading into the guardhouse he would check it out and frown at the ruined radio.. not that they would have used it but they might have caught some chatter from the castle… he would search the guardhouse while he was there.. anything he found he would take with the rest back to the car where the others were tending to the Sarge.

He worried a little at the Sarge being hit… he hoped it wasn’t serious.. he would hate to have the Captain in charge… the man had yet to prove himself in Brutal’s eyes… thus far he had been less impressive… it had been his plan to ride up here and try and bluff their way inside… that had worked out well hadn’t it?...

Posted on 2011-03-29 at 10:57:02.

Nomad D2
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Time to clean up

"McGuinness, you and Brutal move those Germans from the road and out of sight."

Corban nodded and got to work. It needed to be done. While doing so he kept a close eye out in case anything seemed to be coming from the castle or the town. He usually left the bodies where they dropped, but sometimes that was dangerous. So he carefully searched the two bodies for anything valuable and began hauling them to the bridge. Before dumping the first body over he tried to get a look at where the water would take the remains. He'd hate to be sending the wrong people a message wrapped in a corpse. He made sure that no blood or any other sign was left on the bridge or elsewhere to indicate what had happened to the missing men.

Before hauling the second body to the bridge he stopped briefly to speak with Doc as he worked on Sarge. "I'm glad your here Doc. We have a couple of more uniforms here, do you want to get out of the Red Cross outfit?"

(If Doc doesn't want the uniform) he will continue to haul it towards the bridge where Brutal intercepts him and relieves him of the burden. He appreciated the compliment on his shooting, but couldn't get past the incredible arrogance of the man. The guy was good to have in a pinch, but from the point of view of a guy used to working quitely and secretly, he was a bit like a bull in a china shop. His only response to Brutal was a silent nod.

Moving past Brutal, McGuiness took up a position sheltered by the guardhouse where he could watch the road in both directions. With the others focusing on the Sarge, the car or the radio, standing guard seemed to be his task. And it was something he was good at. He used his scope to try and spot any action towards the castle. (Can he actually see the castle?)

Moving towards the guard house also allowed him to drop a small playing card in the area of the guardhe had shot. It fell into some bushes a bit and he didn't bother to pull it out. He'd leave his calling card, but it wouldn't bother him any if nobody saw it until he was a long ways away.

Corban leaned back into the shelter of the building and watched.

Posted on 2011-03-30 at 02:29:43.

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Somebody call a plumber?

The prone guard tried to shift himself backward for more cover, firing twice but hitting nothing but the already very damaged radiator of the car. Luke and Doc aimed and fired back. The Nazi cried out once and twitched violently and then moved no more as blood pooled around his body.

Seeing blood pooling around the dead Nazi Doc breathing a sigh of relief. He didn’t care if it was his shot or the Captain’s that ended the threat to Sarge. Quickly holstering his 45’s, Jack bent down and grabbed the medic bag lying on the back seat. Scrambling out of the back seat Doc rushed Romo’s side. As he started to check Sarge for shock and where the wound was located he heard Brutal’s whinny yell, "DOC, Tend to the Sarge!". Without taking his attention off Romo, Jack tossed back, “Gee let’s promote you to Captain Obvious.”

The color in Romo’s face was good and even though his breathing was labored Doc could tell the Sarge was handling the pain well. Sitting in the car Sarge was holding his left side just above his belt. “Sit still while I get a look at this”, Doc told Romo as he pulled his hand away from the wound. Opening the jacket he saw blood was soaked in the shirt in front and on the jacket in back. “Well that could be good, looks like the bullet when through, won’t have to go in after it.”

Unbuttoning the shirt exposed an angry looking hole just below Romo’s ribs and about two inches in from his side. Jack carefully ran his hand around Romo’s side and felt the wet fleshly spot where the bullet has exited. Blood was just oozing out of both wounds. “Good, the hole looks clean and you only have a slow leak.”

Doc pulled his canteen from his belt, opened the top and gave it to Romo, “Here take a little water.” It was really more to just Romo something to do while Jack opened the kit. Working with practice efficiency he learned in the field hospital Jack pulled a compress triangle bandage, two gauze compresses, Sulfanilamide, a packet of Acetylsalicylic Acid tablets and the bundle of Medical Tags. “Ok, let me have that water.” taking the water he handed Sarge the Medical Tags. Romo looked at the tags and then back a Doc with a puzzled looked on his face.

“Oh those if you don’t think I know what I’m doing just go ahead and fill out your toe tag now.”

Wetting the bandage and smoothly whipping blood away Doc carefully cleaned the wound before sprinkling the Sulfanilamide in the holes left by the random slug. Pressing the a compress over each wound Doc secured them with several wraps of gauze. Tying off the gauze Jack checked to see if the bleeding had slowed, it looked good.

As Doc tended to Sarge, Corbin stop by to ask, "I'm glad your here Doc. We have a couple of more uniforms here, do you want to get out of the Red Cross outfit?" Jack looked up and shrugged, “Thanks but I may as well just keep what I’ve got, those are pretty bloody. “

Turning back to Romo Jack handed him the packet of tables and the water, “ Take four or five these to take the edge off the pain, then two or three every four or five hours. If the pain really gets unbearable I can give you a shot of Morphine, but it may take the edge off you too. Doc wiped his hands with the wet cloth and packed up his kit. “Now rest for a bit while we figure out how to get to the Castle. “

Posted on 2011-03-31 at 02:58:55.
Edited on 2011-04-08 at 23:43:25 by Odyson

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Sorry, work ate me

When the gunfire finally stopped, Greta waited several heartbeats before lifting her head to look around. She realized her caution was unnecessary when the big soldier yelled "Clear", so she got to her feet, brushing off dead leaves and dirt mindlessly as she took in the scene.
The Americans had been successful in stopping the guards, and were now looting the bodies. When the big soldier picked up one of the bodies and tossed it over the bridge, Greta bit her lip and looked away, fighting tears. She'd decided to fight Hitler and all he stood for, but to gun down her own people? Farmboys before the war, from the looks of them. She blinked a few times, taking a deep breath, and resolutely turned her back, catching Luke's eye as she did so.

"Mrs Hoffstetter, keep your eye out for approaching enemies. If anybody comes near, we act as guards, and shoot them Before anybody gets the chance to speak."

She nodded abruptly, not trusting her voice just yet, and strode up the road a bit to be better able to concentrate on sounds away from the killing ground.

You are doing this for Andi, and your friends who disappeared without a trace. You are doing this for the country you love, not the madman who runs it. Be strong, Greta, strong and hard.

Posted on 2011-04-16 at 02:46:39.

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My long Delayed Post

As Romo moved quickly to stop the flow of blood he did not see Clements finish off the guard and jump out of the car on his way to engage the rest. His main concern was stopping the blood flow from the wound in his side till the medic Cpl Reid could help him out.

In what seemed like hours, but in truth was only minutes, the pain in his side hard to ignore, Romo looked up to find the Cpl by his side in the car.

“Sit still while I get a look at this” A quick inspection the Doc once again commented to Romo as he continued to work.

“Sure thing Doc no argument from me" Romo replied fighting the pain.

“Well that could be good, looks like the bullet when through, won’t have to go in after it.”
Unbuttoning Romo’s shirt, Reid exposed an angry looking hole just below the Sgt’s ribs and about two inches in from his side. Romo could feel even through the pain as the medic carefully ran his hand around the side

“Good, the hole looks clean and you only have a slow leak.”
“Whatever you say Cpl, you’re the expert here, just get me bandaged and mobile so we can get to better ground.”
Pulling his canteen from his belt,Reid opened the top and gave it to Romo,

“Here take a little water.” Though not really thirsty Romo took a drink to make the Cpl happy, handing the canteen back at the same time it was asked for.

“Ok, let me have that water.” taking the water he handed Sarge the Medical Tags. Romo not quite knowing what Reid had in mind looked at the tags and then back a Doc with a puzzled looked on his face.

“Ahh med tags, Reid what ya think I’m done gonna die on ya?”
“Oh those if you don’t think I know what I’m doing just go ahead and fill out your toe tag now.”
“Look Cpl” Romo’s voice taking on the hard note of command “If I thought you did not know what you were doing, do you really think you’d be working on me now?”
Without waiting for a reply the Sgt handed the toe tags back to Reid, laid his head back and closed his eyes......

Posted on 2011-04-16 at 03:55:16.
Edited on 2011-04-16 at 03:56:38 by TannTalas

The Tired
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I'm back

July 14th 1943, 4:30 - 5:00 am, Day Two of Mission

The dead soldier are disposed of over the bridge as the team gather up any belongs that may be of value.

Three G41 rifles with six 10 rounds clips, two of the clips have 6 rounds left
A Schmeisser with two 32 rd mags (one missing three)
2 packs of swiss made cigarettes (two were ruined by blood and mud)
Three bayonets with metal belt holsters

In the guardhouse, you find:
One pot of coffee (very Strong)
A metal box with half a loaf of bread, a small knife, and a half wheel of very stinky cheese
A tool kit with various tools (Hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, hacksaw)
Two bottles of booze labeled "weinbrand", one full and one half gone
Three "Torches" (heavy flashlights - all working)
A logbook of shifts and observation, written in german

Luke works on the car while the others do what they have to do. He pops up the hood and checks the damage. The radiator is not as bad as he expected, one bullet hole and a connector hose. He fixed the hose easily by cutting it off at the hole and reconnecting, luckily it had enough slack. The bullet hole would prove harder to fix though and even if he could, it wouldn't last long.

Romo was tended to by the doc and once he was bandaged with medication taking effect, he feel much better. The doc was pretty good and the field dressing was good and tight with restricting. (down to -2 W)

Greta keeps watch and ponders her life as a resistance fighter in her own country. She knew that she would be called upon to make hard decisions and it looked like the time was now.

Someone (Corbin perhaps) brings the tools to the captain as he goes to work on the engine. The torches help him work and eventual he manages to bend and twist enough of the metal to stop the loss of fluid and make the car functional.

Romo looks at the logbook (I assume). It is a whole lot of nothing much except supply trucks but something does jump out at the Sarge - this crew was two hours overdue to their relief and they had radioed the castle and received no response.

The captain closed the hood and pronounced it fit to go. The team gathers up their stuff and gets ready to continue the mission.

(In order to move the game along, I will keep going and let you backpost the division of equipment and any discussion. If offered, Greta will take a rifle as she has experience with them.)

The car starts and continues along although with a distinct rattle. brutal takes you around the winding roads and twisting turns with ease and after awhile you can see the castle in the distance before you. Two twin guardhouse of turreted stone, broken from years of use and exposure stand about 200 feet away. Beyond those a bridge spans a 50 foot wide chasm across the cliffs to the walls of Castle Rautenberg. There are three towers of various heights surround by a huge wall all around it. There are no lights in the gatehouses, no signs of guards. The castle itself is illuminated by lights inside the walls, and there are lights in some of the few windows.

OOC: Drive up to the gate or approach on foot? You are about 200-300 feet away and about to turn a corner that will reveal you if there are any guards in the dark gatehouses. There are visual aids in the Q&A. Daylight will break in about an hour.

Posted on 2011-04-16 at 17:51:53.
Edited on 2011-04-16 at 18:00:02 by Alacrity

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Let's roll....

Brutal brought what he found on the dead guards over to the car… he snatched up the Schmeisser for himself and the two mags… he took one of the bayonets…and one of the torches… and a pack of the cigarettes… he lit one up and sucked in the harsh smoke and gritted his teeth as if in pain and then let out the smoke in a long sigh… his own cigs he had left on the plane when they had to bail… he tucked the pack into his shirt pocket and continued to smoke it up.. keeping watch while the rest took what they wanted from the loot that had been collected.

Once all was ready… and the car running for now.. it looked like it would be a miracle if it lasted to get them to the castle… he got behind the wheel and started her up…. Once everyone was in he headed up the road across the bridge and up the winding path to the castle.

Rounding a bending and spotting the guard shacks and castle he stopped the car … he raised a brow at what he saw… it looked… spooky.. like something out of a dime bijou … the lack of lights in the guard houses lead him to believe they were empty.

“Well?” he said waiting on orders… “looks like the guardhouses are empty… they couldn’t be expecting us and since the log book said they didn’t show up below for relief… I think something is wrong here.. I don’t think anyone is alive in those guardhouses.”

He just had a feeling when he looked at this scene.. something was wrong… almost… evil … it didn’t scare him really… he wasn’t afraid of dying.. not that he wanted to hasten it either… but … something wasn’t right.

(Assuming he is given the go ahead) He stepped on the gas and slowly rolled the car up to the guardhouses… there he stopped just this side of them and taking the car out of gear and applying the handbrake he stepped out .. and hefting the Schmeisser he slowly approached the nearest guardhouse to check it out.

Posted on 2011-04-21 at 11:15:41.

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Ok backposting a bit then forward to catch up

His bandages tight and somewhat uncomfortable Romo knew there was nothing he could do about it except soldier on though getting shot this early in the mission had him thinking to himself on the odds of survival. As he looked through the guardhouse log book his mind was thinking what the hell the five of them were doing? The mission they had started on with a full planeload of troopers was doable but now there were only the five of them and a women, what kind of chance was that against a castle full of German elite SS troopers.

Looking to the mountains before them where their target was hidden the Master Sgt knew the time to back out had come and gone and he was not the kind to shirk his duty scared or not. However he knew that driving up to the castle was no longer a good option. Moving towards the LT he spoke.

“LT I think we need to move on foot to a place where we can recon the castle, get a feel for its defenses and move in at night. Driving this car into the mountains will create a lot of noise that will be amplified by the mountain themselves.”
The Master Sgt waited for a reply however in the end it was decided to continue by car to at least within sight of the castle itself. With Clements back behind the wheel they made good time spotting the guardhouses first.

“Well?" Clements spoke “looks like the guardhouses are empty... they couldn’t be expecting us and since the log book said they didn’t show up below for relief… I think something is wrong here... I don’t think anyone is alive in those guardhouses.”
“I think you maybe right however to be safe back us up a ways so we can get out of the car under some cover, spread out, and we’ll move in on foot, with your permission of course LT.”

(OOC: Ok I’m gonna stop here and allow for Almerin to give a yay or nay on moving up on foot, or as YeOlde posted by car.)

Posted on 2011-04-27 at 04:05:19.
Edited on 2011-04-27 at 04:09:12 by TannTalas

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fog... it's so... foggy

As the car approached the castle grounds, Luke peered through the window, gun ready, looking for any sign of movement. All seemed a bit too quiet, for his liking and he feared that they had been discovered anyway. Perhaps the sound of gunfire had travelled farther than he had anticipated?

He ordered Brutal to stop the car, to let McGuinness out. The sniper would cover them as they approached the guard houses up ahead. They seemed to be deserted, but one could never know.

“Guns in hands, folks.” His breath fogged the window as he eyed the surroundings. “This time we shoot first and ask questions later.”

“Well?" Brutal spoke “looks like the guardhouses are empty... they couldn’t be expecting us and since the log book said they didn’t show up below for relief… I think something is wrong here... I don’t think anyone is alive in those guardhouses.”

“I think you maybe right.” Romo added.” However, to be safe back us up a ways so we can get out of the car under some cover, spread out, and we’ll move in on foot, with your permission of course LT.”

Luke eyed the Sarge for a moment. He would’ve tapped the symbol on his uniform declaring him to be Captain, if he had been wearing his own clothes. Now he figured it was best to let the matter sit. It must’ve been a slip of the tongue, and besides, they didn’t need any distractions.

“I agree, Sergeant Romo. We need the car out of sight, so that we’ll have something to escape with. Can you park it someplace where it won’t be spotted so easily, Brutal?”

He got out of the car, gun first, and took a long look around. The place was creepy, to say the least. Again he felt alienated form the war. Trenches and endless marches were no part of this assignment. He had thrived in those, relying on a brute survival instinct to keep himself and his men alive. This was different. It felt lonely, slow and more dreadful. Time passed like a train when bullets whir over your head, their velocity dragging you along. The fog and crumbling buildings of old only seemed to imprint a damp permanency on him.

When nothing happens, and they exit the vehicle safely, he signals for McGuinness to join them. They will move to the castle on foot.

Posted on 2011-04-27 at 16:02:36.

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Jack knew the sergeant wouldn’t sit still for long, men like him just seem to have to keep moving. So as Doc made his way toward the guardhouse he wasn’t surprised to hear the crunch of gravel behind him as the sarge following him.

Surveying the room Jack spotted the food and made his way over to the table. A quick check showed the bread was fine and the cheese, though smelly, was also fit. Grabbing one of German knives he made quick work of dividing it into portions for each of team, including Miss H. Sarge was checking the radio and log book. Jack found a cup, poured Sarge a cup of coffee and took him a portion of of the food. “ Here this will do you some good, try to not move too quick if you must keep on your feet. I don’t want you pulling at that wound and get it bleeding again. Sit and read if you can, let that hole heal as much as you can before we really have to test it. Like I said, if the pain really gets tough I’ll give you a shot, though you’ll feel less pain it may also slow your thinking and reactions. I’m gonna take some of this to men.” Doc grabbed up the food and headed toward the door, he spotted the open bottle, picked it up and set it next to Sarge. “ A little of this may go well with coffee.” Turning to door Jack walked back out to the car.

The Captain had found the tool box and was elbows deep under the hood of that shot up sedan. He really seemed to be in his element, you tell when a person knows what they’re doing or if they are just guessing. Setting some bread and cheese on the bumper Doc said, “Grab a bit when you can, there’s coffee in the building.” Corbin and Brutal were at the bridge so Jack took some food the Miss Hofstetter.

He could see the sad distant look in her eyes, she was troubled by the shootout. Jack handed her a portion with a silent nod. As he turned he paused then said, “ There’s some coffee in the building, probably some water too.” Jack strode toward the bridge as Brutal and the sniper were returning. Handing them some food, “Keep your strength up, it ain’t much but its food. There‘s coffee over there too,” nodding toward the building. “There’s some guns in there too, that machine gun might be good for the Captain, give him more chances to hit something. I hate to see good weapons go unused.”

When the Captain had the car running again they piled in and headed toward the castle. There was no turning back and no thinking of after the mission, there was just the mission.

Posted on 2011-04-28 at 02:15:22.

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Moving on up.... to the Dark Side....

Brutal frowned a little at his suggestion being ignored but he nodded to the Sarge and put the car in reverse and backed them up to around the bend out of sight.. Once all had disembarked he pulled the car over to the side as much out of sight as he could.. Of course the narrow winding road made little in the way of hiding places for a car… hefting the Schmeisser he joined the rest.

He noticed the Sarge seemed to be moving about well for someone recently shot… he nodded and looked at the Doc as he moved up next to them.

“Well… you did good on the Sarge there Doc,“ he said with a smirk, “seems you are worth something afterall..“

He continued on past and as usual he took the point … he nodded to McGuiness seeing the sniper had him covered as he moved up ahead using what cover he could find… leap froging towards the guard houses signaling when he was at the next cover and it seemed clear for the next person to move up.

If he spots any movement he will raise a clenched fist in a halt signal and train his weapon on that spot waiting to see if anyone … or thing.. Appears to be shot. If they encountered nothing he would move up to the wall of the nearest guardhouse and listen at the window… if he heard nothing he would peer inside… if he heard any noise … voices.. Etc… he would listen and signal that he heard someone inside the shack.

As always… his gun was ready… cocked and the safety off… finger just outside the trigger guard ready to shoot at a moments notice … if danger presented itself… if someone shot at him he would instantly return fire… but if he could…he would use his large knife as a weapon of silent killing.

Posted on 2011-04-30 at 01:41:47.

Nomad D2
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Scoping things out

McGuiness jumped out of the car as soon as he got the chance. He immediately found a spot where he could find cover and yet see the guard houses. He used the scope on his sniper rifle to "scope out" the scene. If anything showed, of course, he would let the others know. While Brutal parked the car he also took the opportunity to scope out the castle a little. There were a few lights on . . .perhaps someone would show themselves in one of the windows?

He was beginning to like the captain. Corban could see that the others were testing the captain. Subtly, but it was there. You don't just forget about rank in the army. But the captain was in charge - but didn't pick fights over the little things. It would have worried Corban more if the captain had felt he needed to prove himself. This trip would need someone with real confidence, not just a puffed up chest. Somehow that thought brought an image of Brutal . . . Still, although the group was a lot smalled than expected, they did have a some core skills. The Sarge was a man of action, and could speak the language. Doc, well he was a Doc. And seemed pretty steady. Brutal, for all that he was indeed a bit brutal, provided some muscle. And Corban himself? Well, he could shoot. He brought his own set of skills.

These thoughts wandered through the snipers mind as hecovered the group as they moved towards the guard houses.

***Corban will claim one of the torches (as well as a stinky cheese sandwhich.) He also suggest that any extra guns and ammo at least be put in the trunk of the car for future use, if not being carried. He will also claim a bayonet if those of higher rank do not do so.

Posted on 2011-05-01 at 00:55:27.

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going in

Greta takes one of the G41 rifles and a sidearm as Luke works on the engine. If she is to watch for the "enemy" she might as well be prepared for it. She shakes her head at the enormity of her situation. She laughs ruefully and says to no one in particular, "Well, Intrepid did say I'd get caught up in field work. Not sure if this is what he meant." She smiles at the young American medic who brings her food and nod when he suggest coffee. She wouldn't need the coffee to stay alert tonight.

When the reach the gatehouse before the bridge, great knows something is wrong. "This should be manned at all times and the guards would not leave their posts lightly unless ordered to - be wary, it could be a trap" she whispers.

The darkness of the mountains is foreboding and the silent seems to hang over everything. There is no sounds beyond the wind and branches - even birds and insects seem to avoid this place.

The team takes their places with Brutal on point as usual. Ms. Hofstetter, stays at the back of the party as does McGuiness to cover at distance. She seems to be well versed with the rifle, holding with a porfessional poise and detachment.

Just before the gatehouse, Brutal (at point) spots something on the roadway - it is another schmeisser, but on the ground discarded. He raises his fist to call halt and reaches down - the weapon is very warm, the muzzle is bent as if hit or twisted by force. Pulling off the mag he sees it is empty. There is no sign of anything fight here, no shell casings in the area.

Posted on 2011-05-01 at 17:49:45.


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