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Parent thread: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
GM for this game: Alacrity
Players for this game: TannTalas, Vanadia, Bromern Sal, MMV, Odyson
This game has fizzled.
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Bromern Sal
A Shadow
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Day 1, Mei Long’s Fine Dining, 7:20 PM PT

”Shuh Muh?” Asher’s timid question hangs in the air.

Slowly spinning his chopsticks a quarter deep in his noodles, Wyatt uses the methodical action to consider what the Colonel has revealed. He has no interest in getting involved in a local turf war—even less on this mudball. However, the thought of ruining a Purple Belly’s day is tickling his fancy. Of course, he can’t let her know that he’s even thinking along those lines, and he severely doubts that she’s going to just let off her interest in them even after their pleasantries. That means that he needs to play it ku. There’s just one problem with that. She mentioned ghosts.

Lifting a slightly too large ball of tangled noodles from his white, ceramic bowl Captain Sung shakes the broth from the dangling ends. Ghosts are bad luck no matter how you look at it. If you’re a little more inclined to the cynical, but still a bit twitchy—like Sam—the mention of ghosts means nothing more than some shady se duhng snatching the unwary for whatever nefarious purposes as holds their black little hearts. Sung, being less inclined to the cynical and more inclined to the superstitious, just plain doesn’t like the concept of ghosts of any kind.

“An’ what’s yer take on this kind o’ talk, Colonel?” Wyatt looks at her from beneath his raised brow and places the noodles in his mouth finishing the stragglers off with a quick slurp. The fact that his question momentarily diverts the conversation from the Alliance Officer’s request to keep her informed of Morningstar’s activities is nothing more than an added perk. Wyatt Sung really wants some clarification into whether or not there are undead spirits haunting Serenity Valley.

Posted on 2015-11-20 at 18:34:58.


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