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Parent thread: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
GM for this game: Alacrity
Players for this game: TannTalas, Vanadia, Bromern Sal, Eol Fefalas, MMV, Odyson, Grumpy Old Bear
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Catchin' up

Back Posting:

When the action went down in Serenity Valley, Willow only had time to be a doctor. As soon as it appeared that the fight had gone out of Virgil and his men, Willow had hiked her sari up to her knees and dashed to the containers holding the most recent indentures. Javelin helped her open the containers, but reviving people from suspended animation was tricky business and each of them had to be watched closely as they woke. She moved from person to person, monitoring vitals, gently restraining those who fought in half aware panic and applying careful doses of stimulants of those who still slept too deeply. She was determined to not lose any of them to cryo-shock.

So absorbed was she that she’d missed all of the interaction with Colonel Wu and it was only when she realized Javelin was no longer helping her that she looked up to see Wyatt and Dash embrace. Her heart contracted with a joy it was akin to pain and she had to look away, suppressing a gasp of pleasure/pain.

“You know you have the gratitude of the Guild,“ Javelin had told her,” and they like to square their debts. What can we do for you? What does your heart desire?”

Willow had considered the question before responding. “ The Guild is perhaps one of the most influential organizations in the Verse, but can they restore a father’s love for his daughter? Make brother and sister whole again? That would make the Guild mighty indeed,” she’d smiled sadly, old pain in her eyes.

“You can help make my new family whole again. Sung-san is working to have our pilot pardoned, but the Alliance claims they don’t know where he is. I think they may lie, but it may be true. If you can bring him home to me,” and she’d forced the words through a closed throat,” that would be my heart’s desire.”

Now, she could scarce draw breath as she’d not dared to hope Javelin would be successful, but there was her (their) Sam…in the proverbial flesh. She blinked away happy tears and waved at Sam, earning a sheepish grin back before she returned to her waking patients.

Present time:

Willow hunted around the colourful piles of clothes in her quarters, looking for trinkets and clothes she no longer wanted, but were likely to be reasonable trade items. Whitefall was pretty rugged, but folks liked a touch of luxury, and Willow had meds with looming expiry dates she’d need to replace. Jobs had been scarce, and funds were low. She’d just made a smaller pile of things she’d be willing to say goodbye to for her crew when Jade forwarded a message with a call on the comm: “ Hey Piao Liang, someone named Percival is trying to reach you, I am just sending the message to you now.”

Willow smiled distractedly but Jade’s voice always lightened her heart. “ Opening it now, mei-mei” , she responded as she sat at her terminal and looked at the sender: Percival Chao. She tapped her lower lip thoughtfully…Chao had been a client, a good and generous one, back on Sinhon. Most had known Chao as a gracious bachelor who’d ventured out in the ‘Verse for new opportunities, but Willow was one of the few who knew the real reason.

Chao had been a “fixer” with an extensive black market network. It had started off as a lark, being the one to source items that were hard to move or difficult to obtain legally, but as he built the secret reputation, he’d become entwined with the Sinhon Tong. He’d liked the dark thrill of illicit trading, but the deadly side of the Tong was not something he wanted to openly oppose. It was Willow who’d ultimately suggested starting a new life for himself – proclaiming it publicly so the Tong would have no hold on him.

“Willow Takahara,” Percival’s handsome face beamed at her assuredly,” I trust this message reaches you in health and prosperity. I’d heard the Rocinante had landed and thought of my dear friend. You are just in time for tomorrow’s shindig – I still do throw the best, no matter the planet – and I would love to have you join me. Not,” and he tilted his head respectfully,” as part of our former relationship, of course, but, I hope, as a friend from home. In fact, please bring an escort. I’m including coordinates and the time as part of this message, and I really do hope to see you.”

Willow brightened and swept her little pile of trinkets back into the bigger pile of treasures. “Let’s go find the captain, shall we,” she asked the smiling Buddha on her vanity, who wisely said nothing. “this shindig will be full of anyone who is anyone here…we are bound to find a job!”

Posted on 2017-06-26 at 21:32:02.
Edited on 2017-06-26 at 21:33:51 by Vanadia

The Tired
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Silver Screen II - Sterling

The door to the office read "Sterling Phoenix -Chief Custodial Engineer". Deep in the bowels of a Blue Sun Corporation megaplex, this wasn't the office of an ordinary janitor. If anyone were to walk in expecting such, they would soon be surprised by the luxurious furniture, the huge oak deck and the state of the art security feeds and cortex box. Many great crime lords had a base of operations. Niskai had his space station, Dwain had his floating plantation on Bellerophon, and Sterling had his office that few knew about.

It wasn't always the way of his life. Sterling had once been a Captain fighting on the independence side of the war - the losing side as it were. He lost a lot in the war, Friends, family, his arm, and eye on the left side. But the death of his parents and baby sister always hung on Sterling like a lead weight he carried around. Died in the firebombing of Athens by the "heroes" of the alliance, or so the media called them. There had been five young pilots smiling prettily after they burned his home and family beyond recognition. But that was the past, and today was the future. Using contacts he made during the war to "appropriate" supplies, Sterling had done well for himself. Quite well actually, starting with stolen goods and moving into drugs, smuggling and unsavory goods. It didn't bother him, let the spoiled kids of the stuck up alliance die of OD's or killing each other with illegal weapons. He made a profit, and money solved a lot of problems. His left eye and arm were replaced with the best that money could buy, making him better than he was before - better, stronger, faster - or so the doctors said. Then there was the four of the "hero" pilots that the news people lauded in their feeds and articles were now all dead. One by one, at the hands of Sterling, he killed them. One of them died in the war before he could get his hands on him, but the other four paid dearly.

Or so he thought.

Sterling stood behind the man called Snake as he viewed the screenshot on the security screen. Snake was a master tracker in the verse. He could find people with the smallest of clues and Sterling had used his skills before. He liked Snake because he was dependable, reliable and up front about what he'd do and not do. Sterling appreciated honesty.

"It is has been six months now, boss and I have not got a peep on them."

"I am ... very disappointed Snake." Sterling said quietly, "and you know I hate to be disappointed."

"Well I ain't never seen anything like this before. I tracked your Trent guy down to a firefly named Rocinante. But he rabbits before we can get him. He leaves the ship and the ship suddenly becomes famous for fighting mercs and stopping human trafficking. "

"Yes Snake. I know this. We took a heavy hit on both. A heavy hit financially, and yet you tell me he had nothing to do with it."

"Well, I have been snooping for his alliance file for awhile, it is buried deep so I have to wait for someone else to pull it up so they can’t track me. Well someone called it up and them - whamo!"

"Explain Whamo to me, Snake."

"Gone. Deleted. Like never existed deleted. Someone mad the file vanish like it was magic."

Slerling leaned back and swore a blue steak of chinese under his breath. He shook his head, "Damn that Blue Fairy Bitch!"

"Come again Boss?" Snake asked.

"Nevermind. So we know that Trent is gone from the cortex and now he is working under the name ‘Sam Dash’. So find him.

"Well there is a problem. Two actually. One is the Rocinantehasn't moved a cargo for six months or at least they have stayed of the satellite tracking feeds."

"They'll pop up. What's the second?"

"Umm. Sam Dash has a gold star beside his name on the Companion Guild Registry."

Sterling's real eye when wide, "What? That's impossible. How’d he’d even get on the companion registry?"

"No. Very possible and there it is. You touch him then you incur the wrath of the Guild and all its influence."

"How many people have gold stars by their names?"

"About a dozen total in all the verse. I wonder if he knows about it?"

Sterling paced back and forth, “Snake. I want this man. I want to kill him so many times that it defies recording. I want to draw DNA from his dead corpse, clone babies of him and then when each one is as old as my sister was when she died, I will kill them all the same way. Now you are telling me that we can’t find him? Can’t touch him? No! No no no! My will shall be done, Snake! Or it will be done upon you and every member of your …”

Suddenly the screen changed colour in one section the monitor.Snake hastily pressed a few buttons, "Boss! We got a hit. Rocinante entered atmo on Whitefall."

Sterling smiled a crooked smile, “Excellent. Get me Patience on a wave. Tightbeam comm. I am sure she'd like to do me a favour or two."

Posted on 2017-06-27 at 13:57:59.


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