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Meet Jade Storm

Jade hummed a soft tune to herself as she walked. Her eyes never stayed too long in one place as she looked around; admiring all that was around her. If she had more time, she would go exploring but she had some where to be and the shinnies would have to wait. Assuming that she ever came backno, stay on target, you have a potential job, dont ruin your chances by going off to explorebut there was so much to look atno, no, focus! Trying to get her mind of looking around, she speed up and tried to remember what Sam had told her about his previous crew mates.

Tell ya about the crew? Yeah, I reckon I cn do that, Dash grinned at Jade from behind his glass of whiskey, Aint like ya got nothin to worry bout from none of em, get me? He took a slug of the liquor and the grin evaporated as his eyes skimmed the bar before returning to the woman across the table from him. Folk like you an me cant afford ta walk inta nothin blind, though, can we?

Just as she was about to worry that she had gotten the wrong direction, Jade spotted the meeting place and smiled in relief. Now the only question was to figure out whom Mr. Sung and Ms. Takahara was and give them Mr. Dashs letter, as there were still some of the other pilot candidates standing around. HmmmStart with Mr. Sung, how had Mr. Dash described him?

The pilots jaw tightened as he stared into his glass and chewed on his thoughts for a minute and, when he looked up, again, the grin had returned, this time with a rather nostalgic turn to it. Wyatt, he said, then, Good ol Wyungsung heh hell be Rocinantes capn an most like th best friend as I ever had in th Verse. Id be the jia huo as tends ta run off at th mouth where Capn Sungd be more like ta stare a hole through yer gorram brainpan as waste a word er two. That aint ta say he dont talk, get me? He jus don tend ta suck as much atmo when he does talk as might a more verbose fella. Thatd be Wyatt all round Quiet Dead calm Kinda like th deep Black, yknow? Intense-like. Talks like that walks like that Hell, th man even ruttin flies like that. Just like th Black, though, tha quiet an calm cn turn inta a storm o goh suh real gorram quick.

Jade translate that in her head to Mr. Sung was the serious and quiet typethough that would described a couple of different men in the room. Okay, new strategy, Mr. Dash had described Ms. Takahara as incredible beautiful and the one who did all the talking, so lets assume that the two were standing near each otherAha! Jade spotted a serious man with an very pretty woman talking to each other, looking somewhat frustrated. Jade eagerly approached them; mentally hoping she wasnt budding in line, but hey no one else was talking to them so she was going to make her move.

Excuse me, would you two happen to be Captain Sung and Ms. Takahara?

(OOC: Assuming they give her a confirmation)

Howdy! My name is Jade Storm, its a pleasure to meetcha she said with a smile and offered her hand to shake. (If someone takes her hand, Jade will happily shake their hand. If they both ignore her, she will put her hand down without seeming fazed)

I heard you were looking for a pilot so I was hoping to apply! I have my resume right here so you can see it, she said carefully pulling her resume out of her messenger bag and handing it over. She waited a few minutes for them to read, before carefully whispering, I also have something else for you, but you will want to read it somewhere private. Can we go somewhere else?

Once they were out of ear range and in a separate room, Jade handed over the letter that Mr. Dash had given her and waited. Once they were done reading, Jade dug out a lighter and offered it to them with a simple explanation of Ya might want this.

Posted on 2014-10-17 at 01:28:42.
Edited on 2014-10-17 at 01:29:13 by MMV

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Good Care..........

When Asher woke Jenette had already gone, only the smell of her perfume lingered on the pillow. When he looked at the chronometer it was past noon, no wonder the marshal was gone. Rolling out of the bed the kid saw a light flashing by the video comm. Pressing the buttom a picture of an attractive young lady dressed in white appeared on the screen. In a professional tone and meter she spoke into the screen, Mr. Talhone, I am Nurse Ratchet, Nancy Ratchet, I am on staff here at the hotel. To ensure your comfort I would like to check your wounds and perhaps redo your bandages. If you simply press the button again I will up shortly. Ash smiled and pressed the button. The picture winked out and he stretched. He made his way to the shower, the hot water felt really comforting and the stream eased his soreness.

Asher shut off the water, the glass walls were frosted over. The kid stepped out on to the marble floor, a warm, soft plush towel was handed to him.

Posted on 2014-10-20 at 01:37:39.
Edited on 2014-10-20 at 16:16:50 by Odyson

Bromern Sal
A Shadow
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Excuse me, would you two happen to be Captain Sung and Ms. Takahara?

Exhaustion usually wasn't something someone staying in a luxury hotel could claim to feel, but all of the social gatherings, the pleasantries, the need to be around all of those high-society types; that wasn't Captain Sung's cup of tea. Rather than feeling relaxed and refreshed he felt haggard and worn. The conversation that the young woman interrupted was essentially Willow trying to help Wyatt spread that patience a little further in the whole process of playing at Party Favor while they tried to fill the pilot's seat.

Turning his gaze from his trusted companion's worried expression and quickly assessed the woman standing before them. Short, slightly tousled black hair, an infectious smile, with Indian blood...

"Yup," Captain Sung acknowledges rather simply. He is so very tired of playing this game of meet n' greet only to have even more disappointment.

Howdy! My name is Jade Storm, its a pleasure to meetcha she says with a smile and offers her hand to shake.

Wyatt extends his hand half-heartedly and takes Ms. Storm's in a firm, but gentle grip.

I heard you were looking for a pilot so I was hoping to apply! I have my resume right here so you can see it, she carefully pulls her resume out of her messenger bag and hands it over.

Her resume is impressive and she seems clean except for a need of an inhaler once in awhile due to a lung infection. Once Wyatt finishes reading the list of accomplishments over he hands the paper to Willow and quietly resumes a study of the applicant while the Doc reads through the bullet points.

As Willow finishes, and before either the beautiful doctor, or the solemn captain, can say anything; Jade carefully whispers, I also have something else for you, but you will want to read it somewhere private. Can we go somewhere else?

Once they were out of ear range and in a separate room, Jade hands over the letter that Mr. Dash had given her and waits.

Heya, Wyung-sung! is written on the envelope and it is Sam Dash's handwriting.

Wyatt's stomach decides to perform a triple backflip and to stick it with flare. Sam... Wo Bu Shin Wo Dah Yan Jing! The twitchy Huen Dahn's still alive! True to form, Wyatt remained unchanged on the exterior despite the craziness and sudden outpouring of emotion that was roiling about inside. Snails would have been clocked at a faster speed that it takes Sung to withdraw the letter inside the envelope. Part of him was terrified that the letter was a death notice, Sam Dash's Last Will & Testament, or some other macabre attempt from Sam as a letter of release, or notification, that he was no longer among them.

Long time, no see, puhn yoh! Idve shot ya a wave but, things bein as they are with all them hidden eyeballs on me an such, I conjured scrawlin a note on a piece of paperd be a damn-sight safer, get me? Im hopin that this here dispatch finds its way to ya without too ruttin many complications.

AnyhooJust cuz I aint seen ya in a spell dont mean I aint been payin attention, though. Fact o the matter is, a lil fairy told me as you an Rocre in the way of needin a new driver which brings us to why, exactly, yer gettin this note passed to ya by this whip of a woman (and, Wyatt, if anyone but a good lookin gal with dark hair and darker twinklin eyes aint the party passin ya this note, shoot em down, now, an burn atmo! On tother hand, if shes what Im sayin, keep readin.) The bao bei standin front of yas Jade Storm an, aside from my own ruttin self, I cotton shes one of the best pilots in the Verse Dont tell her as I said that, though, as shes like ta get all wheezy on ya as her head gets ta swellin and youll need ta make sure she gets a knock on that puffer of hers Like I says, puhn yoh, girls a jing chai pilot an aint to shabby on the technical side, neither. Just like a bunch of us, though, shes got her hitches but, given what Ive come ta know bout her (an I could fill ya in, but I figure shed be best to do that), I reckon shed be right ta home amongst you folks. Id consider it a kindness if youd take her in and give her a shot, brother I dont reckon shes like to let ya down, none.

Gotta fly, Wyatt. Atmo heres gettin a might thick an them gorram houndsre still nippin my heels Just figured Id send a wheel-wizard yer way and drop ya a line as ta let ya know that ol Sams still out here and still suckin air. Give the crew my regards (yknow kiss Ma on the cheek and give Miss Wil a smack on th keester, fer me) an, Good fuzzy Lord willin, well cross paths again fore too much of a spell.

Keep a keen peelin on yer six and stay frosty, puhn yoh,

P.S. Get rid of this once yer done, get me? Burn it, eat it, everwhat ya gotta do. S

Belly dancers would have been jealous of the action going on in Wyatt's stomach as he read the missive from his best friend. The news isn't dire, the request adds a whole different level of credence to Jade Storm's credentials, but the fact that Sam is still MIA is like a sinkstone on Sung's heart as he hands the letter to Willow.

As the good doctor reads Dash's only communication in--How long has it been?--Wyatt contemplates the meaning behind his friend's disappearance once more. He wanted to drop everything and pursue Sam. He wanted to beat the obstinance out of Sam for bailing on them instead of relying on them for help. Then, once Willow was through with him in the infirmary, he'd do it again for good measure just to make certain Sam didn't get it in his thick head to duck out a second time. Buddha save me, but I miss that Ai Chr jze Se Duh Fohn Diang Gho.

Jade dug out a lighter and offered it to them with a simple explanation of Ya might want this," drawing Wyatt from his thoughts and making him realize that Willow had finished. He wants to lean forward and intently begin grilling Jade on Sam's whereabouts, but at the same time, he knows he needs to respect his friend's privacy. Eden's voice in his head keeps whispering that Sam will find them when he can. It's not as comforting as it usually is.

"When can you be ready to fly?" is all Wyatt says as he accepts the lighter and takes the letter from Willow, setting it ablaze at the bottom left corner.

Posted on 2014-10-25 at 04:59:53.

Den Mother
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With Wolf freed and re-united with the crew, Willow began meeting with Wyatt to begin the unwelcome task of finding a new pilot. Remembering the ordeal of last time, Willow steeled her nerves as best she could and ordered black tea to chase away fatigue from the night's activities. (The invitations from the cruise ship's passengers had abated as they returned to their lives, but the hotel was full of lonely people. Willow's evenings and nights were rarely unoccupied)

Alas, the hotel's lush surroundings (and extensive security) served to discourage the more criminally minded or fringe candidates, but those that persisted to meet with Wyatt and Willow were still a sorry lot. They met more commercial pilots this time than they'd before, but if a pilot was willing to consider switching to a little Firefly class ship, there was often a less than appealing reason. Willow had just finished saying as much quietly to Wyatt when a young woman approached them with an energy that fairly crackled the air.

Howdy! My name is Jade Storm, its a pleasure to meetcha she said with a smile and offered her hand to shake. Wyatt did so, his expression neutral as always, so Willow smiled warmly enough for both of them as she shook hands with the young woman. Palm dry, skin neither too hot nor cold, no drug tremor and skin looks hydrated....a good start.

I heard you were looking for a pilot so I was hoping to apply! I have my resume right here so you can see it, Jade continued, handing it to Wyatt.

Willow put a gentle hand on Wyatt's shoulder and leaned in close to read the document as he did, though she was pretty certain they each looked for different things. Wyatt finished reading more quickly and handed it to her to finish on her own. Jade waited politely, confidently, and when the eyes of Captain and doctor raised together to return to her, she whispers, I also have something else for you, but you will want to read it somewhere private. Can we go somewhere else?

Willow had noted a small alcove with a wave terminal and padded bench off to the side of the hotel lobby, and she led Wyatt and Jade there, seating herself on the bench and patting the spot beside her for someone to join her on the bench. Jade was focussed on handing over another letter, and Willow let Wyatt read this one on his own.

It took a trained observer like Willow to notice the ripple of tension across his shoulders as he read the envelope, and even then, Willow may have missed it if she hadn't known her Captain so well. She fought the urge to rip the paper from his hands, and waited with all seeming patience as he took forever to open the envelope and read the letter within. Eyes hooded, Wyatt finished his perusal and handed the letter to Willow, who, to her credit, did not snatch it from him. She looked down at it almost fearfully and felt her heart slam painfully into her throat as she read the first words.

The hand not holding the letter rose to cover her mouth, slender fingers stilling the trembling of her lips. As she continued to read, the same hand returned to the letter to stroke it softly, as if she could touch Sam himself. She smiled a bit at the idea of Wyatt smacking her bottom for Sam, but soon enough, the letter was done and there was still no hint of whether Sam would ever come home. She blinked away tears as Wyatt took the letter from her and lit it with the lighter proffered by Jade.

"When can you be ready to fly?" Wyatt asked quietly, and Willow looked up at the hint of roughness in his voice. He hurts, too. Perhaps more than you do.

"Well, I guess that's settled, then," Willow smiled, standing up and opening her arms to invite Jade into a hug. "Welcome aboard, dear."

Posted on 2014-11-01 at 18:00:35.

The Tired
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the end

So in the days waiting for the ship to be repaired, Tess leaves you to go back to her Destiny and the Captain picks a young lady named Jade Storm to be the new pilot. She is a cheerful sort, with a winning smile and a willingness to do work.

Baron Winter invites Wolf, Asher and Jade to be part of the repairs to the ship. He is doing more than just replacing parts, he is putting in a whole new engine system - the one that is going into the new series 4 Firefly. A bit smaller, with more power, Wolf, Asher and Jade are able to learn about the engines and the new controls. The baron replaced the 2 Blue Sun 6V4-178-B31 Trace Compression Block with 36 RCS thrusters along with the Standard radion/accelerator core Drive (4 Cruise and 4 hard Burn) with 4 Blue Sun EVT29-4000-A90 pulse-feedback generators with 48 RCS thrusters and an Enhanced graviton accelerator core Drive (5 cruise and 7 hard Burn). He also installed more backup systems at critical sections. Two brand new shuttles have been added as well. Best of all, a new fuel system that will give you 800 hours of flight on the 60 ton fuel tank. (Game terms Willpower is now d4, Asset: Fuel Efficient)

The days pass in the luxury of the hotel and the social scene but the "celebration" is slowly ending and the people you rescued have moved back into their own routines. Once you are told that Rocinante is ready, you are eager to get out of this high class world and back to your world. Not that some of you didn't keep a few towels and bathrobe though, they were free right?

You move back into the ship and into your rooms. Jade takes the bunk that Tess had vacated. You take Rocinante out for a quick shake down flight. Jade handles the ship like a pro and soon come the time that you move to hard burn. Some of you wondering if the quirk of the ship will be gone now due to the new engines. But sure as the sun rising, as you push the engines, the sound of a lone horse galloping at full speed comes back and moves from stern to bow.

But time for more somber issues. Wyatt receives a communication from Sanders that the body of Havelock awaits at the Lu'Weng spaceport and you are confirmed to land. Time to take the old captain back to Hera.

You land and drop the cargo bay. You are a bit surprised to see Sanders, Hicks, Hudson and Vasques are there in full dress uniforms to carry to the casket onto your ship. As well, there is a young lady, small and dressed in black with a veil across her face standing by the casket. She has a wooden box under her arm and a rolled piece of cloth.

The Marshalls help you place the casket in the cargo bay and secure it firmly. Sanders shakes Wyatt hand and hands over a keycard, "This is the authorization you need to have Captain Havelock buried with his men. you will need to go to Serenity View and see a man named Virgil Morningstar. He ain't the mayor and there is no sheriff but he owns most of the town so he is the closest thing to a mayor they got. I have sent him a wave to let him know you are coming."

(assuming some response, maybe a question or two)

The lady in black approaches Wyatt as he finishes with Sanders. "Excuse me sir, Are you Captain Wyatt Sung?"

(Assuming a yes)

"I'm Lily, and Captain Havelock was my Grandfather." She pulls back the veil and you see she is a young lady, a lot younger than you expected. "My momma wasn't interested in coming but I wanted to pay respects to my Granddad. He drank a lot and told a lot of stories and well, I don't see why either would make me love him less. I hear a lot of things on the news, that my Granddad was a hero and he saved alot of people - is that true? Captain would you tell me how my Granddad meet his end? Honest now, I may be young but I don't cotton to lies and I am made of stronger stuff than you suppose."

(Assuming you tell her. Even trying to give it to her gently, there is something about her eyes that draw the truth from you. Her eyes are much older than she is and they are Havelock's.)

Once the story is told, Lily nods appreciatively. "Thank you sir. It is a kindness to know that he found his redemption. I would thank you for being there for him and the part you played in letting him find his way. To know he died sober and as a soldier, well, it means a world to me. I know that this burial are his last wishes and i abide by them but I think my granddad would want you to have this." She hands the wooden box to Wyatt, "It ain't much good to me and my momma doesn't want it in the house."

Inside the box is an Independence Service revolver in a felt lined holder. It is well care for but has nicks and scuffs that speak of being a weapon used in to war, not a commemorative piece.

"I have to get back to the farm. Momma can;t kept the books straight and the farm hands will walk all over her if I ain't there." Lily says, "Good luck Captain and godspeed on your journey."

Posted on 2014-11-08 at 19:39:52.

The Tired
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Ending part II

Once the Casket was secure, Vasquez and Hudson disappeared and then came back with a foot locker marked ‘Secured Evidence’ between them. They brought it to Asher and Wolf, Hudson beaming a mischievous grin. “We gotcha a present. We figured that no one would notice if it went missing.”

Vasques opened the locker up to show you inside are the weapons that were confiscated from you during the arrest. They were stripped down and roughly tossed inside but all the guns that Asher and Wolf were using during the battle were there. “We tried to get you the Gauss but the family insisted they were heirloom or something. But I figure better than having to restock again.”

Sanders walked by and looked at what you were doing and quickly turned around, “I did not see anything people. Let’s keep it that way.”

(This brings you back to where you were on guns before the battle. Your ammo is somewhat depleted and you are down a lot of grenades but you won’t be able to restock on a core planet)

Somewhere in the Verse

Black Bart sat in a chair with his hands cuffed behind his back and a black bag over his head – but he wasn’t worried. With all the contacts he had and the knowledge he possessed, the military was going to treat him real right. Of course they had to pretend to take him as a prisoner, but soon he would be up to his hips in credits and XXX so they could use his knowledge. Once he gave them some tidbits, he’d leverage some payback against the crew of that ship that interfered with his business. Oh yeah. They were dead and if they had family they were dead and if they had pets they were dead too.

Suddenly, the bag was taken off his head and he blinked at the sudden onrush of light. He was in storage room of some sort and there was a oriental man standing over him. “Where the hell am I?’ He looked around to see a table with a number of implements on it and a gas fed brazier alit with blue flames.

“The question is not so much where you are Good sir but what you are, and what you are is a man with very little options.”

“Really?” Bart laughed, “If you want what I know, then you better give me options.”

“Oh, I do not want to know anything about you/” the man said and he went over to the table and picked up a iron pole about 3 feet long up and showed the end to Bart, “Do you know this emblem?”

“No. Should I?”

“It is the family crest of the Borgia-Chan. You may have heard of them.” He said and put the crest end of the rod into the brazier of fire.

“Yay. Some rich family. Why do I care?” Bart answered nervously watching the fire.

“Yes. Well they had two sons that were killed by a man under your command on LV-426.”

Bart started to worry, “Yeah.Okay. So why aren’t you talking to that guy?”

“Unfortunately, he was slain in battle. However, it is important to note that he was acting on your orders. The Borgia-Chans wish to make sure that everyone knows what happens when you hurt a member of their family.”

“But I...”

“Please. Do not plead. It makes me lose my concentration.” The man said firmly as he picked up the handle of the iron rod and placed the hot end on Bart’s chest. The mercenary screamed in pain for the full minute that the hot metal was on the skin. “There now, screaming I can handle. Feel free to scream as much as you want. I have been asked to make sure you live for three days before you can be killed outright, and I never break a promise.”


Mark brought his ship into a landing outside the atmo processor on LV-426 that was sending the signal. After the dustup on this rock between the Feds and them criminals, Mark wasn’t surprised the company wanted him to check it out but when the maintenance alarms went off days after everyone cleared out, they asked Mark to check it out.

He opened the door to the AP and turned on his flashlight. To his surprise, there was a young lady lying on the floor near the doorway. He rushed over to her and felt her arm for a pulse. Yep, she was alive by barely. How did she get here? Did they miss a passenger? Mark wasn’t sure how that was possible but he picked her up and carried her to his ship. Since he was often on his own, Mark had installed an auto-doc in his medbay. He put her on the infirmary bed and activated the scan function.

She was suffering mostly from borderline mal-nutrition. Poor girl must have been out her on her own for awhile. She also had a genetic defect as well – no larynx. The girl was mute. Would explain how she got missed, she couldn’t call for help.

Mark grabbed some food packs form his stores and instructed the auto-doc to give her a mild stimulant. Her eyes fluttered open and he smiled at her and said, “Hey there. My name is Mark. I found you here. You need to eat so I brought you some food.”

The girl smiled back and accepted the food quickly. She pointed to her throat and shook her head. “Yeah, I got that from the auto-doc. You can’t talk. I will get you some paper to write on.” He turned around and started to look around for paper and pen. He finally found them and handed them to her. “So why don’t start with your name?”

She took the paper and pen and smiled. Then she drove the tip of the pen into Marks neck as hard as she could. He was caught completely by surprise and died quickly as the pen cut through his jugular.

Miko wiped the blood off her hands with the bottom of the dead man’s shirt. She now had food and a ship. Time to start making a plan.

Posted on 2014-11-11 at 15:07:47.
Edited on 2014-11-11 at 15:08:21 by Alacrity

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Vacation's Over.....

Ever since Nora had given in and started to show Asher more about the ship he had a thirst to learn more. He knew he would never be an engineer but it was fascinating and maybe someday it would save his friends. So when the Baron invited him to be part of the crew to repair Roc he jumped at it. Although he wasn’t sure what it all meant when the Baron tell them ,“I’ve replaced the 2 Blue Sun 6V4-178-B31 Trace Compression Block with 36 RCS thrusters along with the Standard radion/accelerator core Drive, 4 Cruise and 4 hard Burn, with 4 Blue Sun EVT29-4000-A90 pulse-feedback generators with 48 RCS thrusters and an Enhanced graviton accelerator core Drive.” The kid thought that it just sounded so good.


While he was on board Ash check his gun vaults, he was glad he’d left them open, from the way they had been tossed the Feds they would have torched them open. The empty flash bangs cases and other item were inside so he felt that the Barons men must found them out near the shuttle doors and the cargo bay. Too bad the Baron hadn’t been able to refill them. Well maybe Wyatt would need to stop over for something before they reached Hera, with his share of the reward money he might be able to get’em filled hisself.


Time went quickly and before long the Roc was ready and even a new pilot had been hired. She seemed nice enough and there was something about the way Wyatt and Willow treated her that…. Well there was something more ….


The day came when it was time to return Havelock to Serenity Valley. While Wyatt took care of receiving the old warrior’s body the kid saw Lt. Vasquez and Hudson show up carrying a footlocker. Jenette motioned to Asher and Wolf. Hudson beaming a mischievous grin, “We gotcha a present. We figured that no one would notice if it went missing.”

Asher heart lept as Vasques opened the locker up. Inside were the weapons that were confiscated during the arrest. They were stripped down and roughly tossed inside but all the guns that they were using during the battle were in there. “We tried to get you the Gauss but the family insisted they were heirloom or something. But I figure better than having to restock again.”

The kid had to chuckle as Col. Sanders walked by and looked at what his people were doing. He quickly turned around, “I did not see anything people. Let’s keep it that way.”

Asher and Wolf extend hands and shook Hudson and Vasques ‘s hands in thanks. When the kid bent over to pick up the footlocker and felt a firm pinch on his bottom. He smiled broadly as he heard Vasques laugh followed by the sounds of her boots clicking down the cargo ramp.

The following days found Asher spending hours in his cabin cleaning, polishing and reassembling the content of the footlocker. Anyone walking by could hear him talking softly and lovingly, only the new pilot would have thought he had a girl in there.

Posted on 2014-11-23 at 22:26:21.


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