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Parent thread: Voyages of the Rocinante - Firefly RPG QnA
GM for this game: Alacrity
Players for this game: Tann'Talas, Vanadia, Bromern Sal, MMV, Odyson
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Meet Jade Storm

Jade hummed a soft tune to herself as she walked. Her eyes never stayed too long in one place as she looked around; admiring all that was around her. If she had more time, she would go exploring but she had some where to be and the shinnies would have to wait. Assuming that she ever came back…no, stay on target, you have a potential job, don’t ruin your chances by going off to explore…but there was so much to look at…no, no, focus! Trying to get her mind of looking around, she speed up and tried to remember what Sam had told her about his previous crew mates.

“Tell ya about the crew? Yeah, I reckon I c’n do that,” Dash grinned at Jade from behind his glass of whiskey, “Ain’t like ya got nothin’ to worry ‘bout from none of ‘em, get me?” He took a slug of the liquor and the grin evaporated as his eyes skimmed the bar before returning to the woman across the table from him. “Folk like you an’ me can’t afford ta walk inta nothin’ blind, though, can we?”

Just as she was about to worry that she had gotten the wrong direction, Jade spotted the meeting place and smiled in relief. Now the only question was to figure out whom Mr. Sung and Ms. Takahara was and give them Mr. Dash’s letter, as there were still some of the other pilot candidates standing around. Hmmm…Start with Mr. Sung, how had Mr. Dash described him?

The pilot’s jaw tightened as he stared into his glass and chewed on his thoughts for a minute and, when he looked up, again, the grin had returned, this time with a rather nostalgic turn to it. “Wyatt,” he said, then, “Good ol’ Wyungsung… heh… he’ll be Rocinante’s cap’n… an’ most like th’ best friend as I ever had in th’ Verse. I’d be the jia huo as tends ta run off at th’ mouth where Cap’n Sung’d be more like ta stare a hole through yer gorram brainpan as waste a word er two. That ain’t ta say he don’t talk, get me? He jus’ don’ tend ta suck as much atmo when he does talk as might a more verbose fella. That’d be Wyatt all ‘round… Quiet… Dead calm… Kinda like th’ deep Black, y’know? Intense-like. Talks like that… walks like that… Hell, th’ man even ruttin’ flies like that. Just like th’ Black, though, tha’ quiet an’ calm c’n turn inta a storm o’ goh suh real gorram quick.”

Jade translate that in her head to Mr. Sung was the serious and quiet type…though that would described a couple of different men in the room. Okay, new strategy, Mr. Dash had described Ms. Takahara as incredible beautiful and the one who did all the talking, so let’s assume that the two were standing near each other…Aha! Jade spotted a serious man with an very pretty woman talking to each other, looking somewhat frustrated. Jade eagerly approached them; mentally hoping she wasn’t budding in line, but hey no one else was talking to them so she was going to make her move.

“Excuse me, would you two happen to be Captain Sung and Ms. Takahara?”

(OOC: Assuming they give her a confirmation)

“Howdy! My name is Jade Storm, it’s a pleasure to meet’cha” she said with a smile and offered her hand to shake. (If someone takes her hand, Jade will happily shake their hand. If they both ignore her, she will put her hand down without seeming fazed)

“I heard you were looking for a pilot so I was hoping to apply! I have my resume right here so you can see it,” she said carefully pulling her resume out of her messenger bag and handing it over. She waited a few minutes for them to read, before carefully whispering, “I also have something else for you, but you will want to read it somewhere private. Can we go somewhere else?”

Once they were out of ear range and in a separate room, Jade handed over the letter that Mr. Dash had given her and waited. Once they were done reading, Jade dug out a lighter and offered it to them with a simple explanation of “Ya might want this.”

Posted on 2014-10-17 at 01:28:42.
Edited on 2014-10-17 at 01:29:13 by MMV

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Good Care..........

When Asher woke Jenette had already gone, only the smell of her perfume lingered on the pillow. When he looked at the chronometer it was past noon, no wonder the marshal was gone. Rolling out of the bed the kid saw a light flashing by the video comm. Pressing the buttom a picture of an attractive young lady dressed in white appeared on the screen. In a professional tone and meter she spoke into the screen, “ Mr. Talhone, I am Nurse Ratchet, Nancy Ratchet, I am on staff here at the hotel. To ensure your comfort I would like to check your wounds and perhaps redo your bandages. If you simply press the button again I will up shortly.” Ash smiled and pressed the button. The picture winked out and he stretched. He made his way to the shower, the hot water felt really comforting and the stream eased his soreness.

Asher shut off the water, the glass walls were frosted over. The kid stepped out on to the marble floor, a warm, soft plush towel was handed to him.

Posted on 2014-10-20 at 01:37:39.
Edited on 2014-10-20 at 16:16:50 by Odyson


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