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Recruitment - Shattered Dreams

Developer's note: This game is in development and likely won't start for a couple of weeks. I'm just looking at interest right now.

Benjamin Lacoord yawned, stretching his arms, absently clawing at the air above his head. Bringing his hands back down, he opened his eyes and stared at his laptop screen.

Bloody essays. He thought to himself, his eyes absently trailing over the typed document on the screen, before flicking over to the bottom right corner. 11:45PM. **** he thought, I'm going to have to wait till tomorrow to finish this thing.
Shutting his laptop down, he quickly wandered over to his bed, and promptly collapsed onto it. He was exhausted, and sleep found him quickly, aided by the lull of the falling rain outside.

Fog. Benjamin opened his eyes, and blinked again. He carefully got to his feet, and looked around. Dull fog as far as the eye could see, which wasn't far. He slipped his hands into his hoodie pocket, and pulled out a cigarette, before swearing when he realized his lighter was in his jacket pocket. What kind of messed up dream was this?

Shuffling his feet, he began to wander around, cigarette still in his mouth. Once the shock factor had worn off, he found himself quickly getting bored. It didn't seem like there was anything-


He staggered back, rubbing his head, swearing at the pain. Looking forward, he noticed he had run into a wall. Reaching his hand forward, he traced the wall with his hand, searching for detail. He eventually found a sign, and felt it.

Metrokiri West End Mall

Ben blinked. He lived in the East End district... so why was he all the way over at West End in this dream? And why was he dreaming about West End anyway? He shrugged. It was just a dream. He didn't care. Absently he wandered over and, by memory, found the rotating door entryway. Entering the mall, he wandered around. It was all quiet, with only his footsteps echoing on the tiled floor.

The fog was lighter inside, so he could vaguely see shapes. The various stores... Ben pondered a moment, wandering over to the staff only rooms.

"Stay back!" He heard someone yell from behind the door.

"Hey, I'm not going to hurt anyone, or don't think I will anyway... some messed up dream this is." He replied with a chuckle.

He noticed that the door was ajar, so he leaned forward and tried to take a look inside.


This time, he felt something crack in his neck as the door was slammed open into him. He felt himself almost cracking as he hit the floor. As he felt himself fading, he absently wondered if he would just wake up.

He didn't.

Game Description:

This will be a free-form horror type game, not too different in a way from Silent Hill I suppose.

The setting is modern/semi post-modern, and takes place in Metrokiri, a hypothetical port town situated between a mountain range and the ocean. Not necessarily earth, but roughly the level of earth's current technology. The ocean and this mountain range are rather close, with Metrokiri spanning the width between them. The highway that connects Metrokiri to the rest of the country goes through the nearby mountain, an underground highway. Metrokiri's ports and the city itself are raised a bit to accommodate for the consistent and sometimes heavy rainfall, and usually prevents flooding.

Metrokiri's districts and transit and other details to be worked out.

Weather: Metrokiri, due to its location, is usually cloudy or raining. It can get foggy after the rain.

Character Death: It's a topic that can't be avoided, particularly in Horror-genre games, but I am considering a mechanic by which, although a player will need to begin with a different character, they may be able to obtain memories and experiences of their previous one. This does not mean in any way shape or form that the two characters *have* to be related. More information to come as I develop it.

Just checking for interest right now. Character creation is not required, and actually isn't advised right now...

Pending interest, more information will be posted as I develop it.

Posted on 2010-10-22 at 20:32:52.

Karma: 20/12
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a hit

Come on peeps, let's just give some interest to the lady. I'll consider it doll, but wont be able to post on regular basis til I hit back in Japan sometime in mid December.

Posted on 2010-11-03 at 14:08:35.

RDI Staff
Karma: 177/13
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Ohh... another Rer game...

We love the dust bunny!

Unfortunatly I'm going to have this baby sometime in the next five weeks so I just cannot commit myself to anything new right now. Have a feeling I'll be a bit busy and distracted when you actually get it rolling.

But... other people should join! Rer is a great GM!


Posted on 2010-11-03 at 14:24:39.

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