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Trilogy in need, indeed :)

Ok once again I’m looking for one player, female, to join my 2nd Edition AD&D game the Trilogy War to take over an open character.

Now I know we have a lot of new people here looking to get into a game so please if you love a good long lasting high LvL AD&D adventure, over 7+ years and counting, with good role playing, a good story line, and don’t mind taking over an existing character then the Trilogy War is the place for you. The game is run using as I said above 2nd Edition rules but as I do most of the rolls, being very knowledgeable of said rules is not required. If you have a least a rudimentary grasp of any edition AD&D rules then that should help you play in my game. All I ask is for at least 1 post per week or a good reason why you were unable to post and we should get along fine. Now of course during the week your welcome to post as many times as you want to in the course of character role play & interaction, as I try to stress both storyline and party interaction over everything else.

Ok then below is the open character so take a look and post any interest and a sample of your writing style below.

Sirène Talà Melete PLAYER: OPEN RACE: Elf
GENDER: Female
HOMELAND: E’Loth Lo’Rian
WORLD: Trilogy
AGE: 186 years
HAIR: Black, Long and Loosely curled, worn down
EYES: Incandescent Aquamarine
HEIGHT: 5' 2"
WEIGHT: 96 lbs
LEVEL: 12/12
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good
XP: 1,100,000/ 500,000
NEXT LEVEL: 1,125,000/ 750,000

STR:11 MXP:115 lbs WGT: 40 lbs BB/LG: 2% OPDRS: 6
DEX: 16 React Adj:+1 Missile Adj:+1 Defensive Adj: -2
CON: 13 HP Adj:0 System Shock: 85% Resurrection Survival: 90%
INT: 18 #Lang:7 Spell Lvl:9th Lrn Spell:85% Max#:18.
WIS: 17 Magical Def Adj:+3 Bonus Spells: 1st,1st, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd
CHA: 16 Max Henchmen:8 Loyalty Base:+4 Reaction Adj:+5

Para/Death Magic: 3
Petrifaction/Polymorph: 6
Rod/Wand/Staff: 4
Breath Weapon: 8
Spells: 5

Melee: 12 (+2 Sword/+2 Dagger)
Missile: 10 (+3 sling bullets)

Ring of Protection + 2
Robe of Arch magi This normal-appearing garment can be white (45%—good alignment), gray (30%—neutral, but neither good nor evil, alignment), or black (25%—evil alignment). Its wearer gains the following powers:
1. It serves as armor equal to AC 5.
2. The robe confers a 5% magic resistance.
3. It adds a +1 bonus to saving throw scores.
4. The robe reduces the victim's magic resistance and saving throws by 20%/-4 when the wearer casts any of the following spells: charm monster, charm person, friends, hold monster, hold person, polymorph other, suggestion.

Riding, Land-based

WEAPONS +2 Scimitar: 1d8+2 / LG: 1d8+2
+2 Dagger Sm/Med: 1d4+2 / LG: 1d3+2
Sling /With 40 +3 bullets SM/Med:1d4+4 / LG:1d6+4

Woolen Breeches (Indigo) x 2
Fine Woolen Riding Dress, Divided Skirts (Indigo)
Fine Bleached Linen Dress
Fine Silk Dress (Indigo)
Linen Tunic x 2
Dry Rations (Elven) 2 wks
Candles x 3
Flint and Steel
Scroll case x 2
Silver Mirror
Oil Flask x 2
Papyrus x 6
50 ft Silk Rope
Soap (1 lb)
Sealing Wax (1 lb)
Personal Seal
Writing Ink (per vial) x 2
Quill Pen x 2
Woolen Winter Blanket
First Aid Kit
Assorted Herbs
Spell Components
Spell Book
Potions of Extra Healing x 4
ITEMS WORN Holy Symbol
Wood, Stone, and Ceramic Beaded Jewelry
Linen Tunic
Woolen Breeches (Indigo)
Riding Boots (Dark Grey)
Woolen Cloak (Indigo)
Girdle of Many Pouches
Ring of Protection + 2
Ring of Wizardry - Doubles 1st - 3rd lvl spells
Robe of the Archmagi - Good Aligned: AC 5, 5% Magic Resistance, + 1 Saving Throw, reduces victim's magic resistance and saving throws by 20%/-4 when the wearer casts any of the following spells - charm monster, charm person, friends, hold person, hold monster, polymorph other, suggestion
ITEMS CARRIED Scimitar + 2 w/ scabbard (at side)
Dagger + 2 w/ scabbard (at side)
Sling + Bullets (at side)

SPENDING MONEY Gold Piecies: 3,000
Platinum Pieces: 0
Silver Pieces: 40


RACIAL ABILITIES Infravision 60 feet.
90% Resistance to sleep or charm related spells.
+1 To hit with Bows.
+1 to hit with Long and Shortswords.
+4 to surprise if alone or a party of all Elves or Halflings or 90 feet away from party.
+2 to surprise if opening a door or screen.
Find secret door in 10 foot area on a 1 or 2 on d6.
Passing 10 feet by hidden door a 1 on a d6.
Find concealed door in 10 foot area on a 1,2,or 3 on a d6.

Memorize one additional enchantment/charm spell per spell level
+ 1 saving throws vs enchantment/charm spells
Victims suffer - 1 saving throw penalty vs enchantment charm spells
+ 15% to learn enchantment/charm spells

+2 to all saving throws vs fire and electrical attacks.
Bonus Language: Druidic
Identify Plants, Animals, and Pure Water.
Immune to charm spells cast by woodland creatures.
Shape-change into a Reptile, Bird or Mammal 3 times a day but each form only once that day. Assuming new form heals 1d6x10% of all damage and gains all the abilities of said form AC,#ATKS, movement etc. but retains her own hit point levels. Only normal animals allowed. Clothing and one item in each hand become part of the change but can not be used while changed.
Spheres of Influence -
Major: All, Animal, Elemental, Healing, Plant, Weather
Minor: Divination

MAGE SPELLS ALLOWED PER LvL 1st LvL: 5[10] / 2nd LvL: 5[10] / 3rd LvL: 5[10] / 4th LvL: 5 / 5th LvL: 5 / 6th LvL: 2
DRUID SPELLS ALLOWED PER LvL 1st LvL: 8 / 2nd LvL: 7 / 3rd LvL: 6 / 4th LvL: 3 / 5th LvL: 2 / 6th LvL: 2

SPELLBOOK Lvl 1: Burning Hands / Cantrip / Charm Person / Comprehend Languages / Detect Magic / Find Familiar / Gaze Reflection / Grease / Hypnotism / Identify / Light / Magic Missile / Mending / Message / Protection from Evil / Read Magic / Sleep / Shield / Spook / Wall of Fog / Wizard Mark
Lvl 2: Alter Self / Blindness / Blur / Continual Light / Darkness 15' Radius / Deafness / Detect Evil / Detect Invisibility / ESP / Forget / Hypnotic Pattern / Invisibility / Knock / Melf's Acid Arrow / Mirror Image / Misdirection / Protection from Cantrips / Ray of Enfeeblement / Summon Swarm / Spectral Hand / Stinking Cloud / Whispering Wind / Wizard Lock
Lvl 3: Clairvoyance / Dispel Magic / Flame Arrow / Fly / Fireball / Haste / Hold Person / Lighting Bolt / Melf's Minute Meteors / Protection From Evil 10' Radis / Spectral Force / Slow / Suggestion / Tongues / Vampiric Touch / Water Breathing / Wraithform
Lvl 4: Charm Monster / Confusion / Dig / Dimension Door / Emotion / Enchanted Weapon / Evard's Black Tentacles / Fear / Fire Charm / Fire Sheild / Ice Storm / Improved Invisibility / Leomund's Secure Shelter / Magic Mirror / Phantasmal Killer / Plant Growth / Rainbow Pattern / Remove Curse / Solid Fog / Stoneskin / Wizard Eye
Lvl 5: Advanced Illusion / Bigby's Interposing Hand / Chaos / Cloudkill / Conjure Elemental / Demishadow Monsters / Dismissal / Domination / Dream / Feeblemind / Hold Monster / Leomund's Secret Chest / Seeming / Sending / Shadowmagic / Summon Shadow / Wall of Force
Lvl 6: Bigby's Forcefull Hand / Chain Lighting / Conjure Animals / Control Weather / Death Fog / Demishadow Magic / Disintegrate / Enchant an Item / Eyebite / Geas / Guard and Wards / Legend Lore / Mass Suggestion / Mirage Arcana / Mislead / Permanent Illusion / Programed Illusion / Project Image / Repulsion / Shades / True Seeing / Transmute Water to Dust / Veil

MAGE SPELLS MEMORIZED Level 1: Burning Hands / Cantrip / Charm Person x 2 / Light / Detect Magic x 2 / Mending / Protection From Evil / Read Magic
Level 2: ESP / Forget x 2 / Invisibility / Melf's Acid Arrow x 3 / Mirror Image x2 / Summon Swarm
Level 3: Clairvoyance/ Dispel Magic x 2 / Fly / Hold Person/ Melf's Minute Meteors x 3 / Suggestion/ Wraithform
Level 4: Charm Monster / Emotion / Improved Invisibility / Leomund's Secure Shelter / Stoneskin
Level 5: Chaos x2 / Cone of Cold / Dismissal / Feeblemind
Level 6: Disintegrate / True Seeing

DRUID SPELLS MEMORIZED Level 1: Create Water / Cure Light Wounds x2 / Detect Evil / Detect Poison/ Detect Snares and Pits / Entangle x 2
Level 2: Augury / Find Traps / Flame Blade x 2 / Heat Metal / Obscurement / Speak With Animals
Level 3: Cure Moderate Wounds x 4 / Meld Into Stone/ Stone Shape
Level 4: Cure Serious Wounds x3 /
Level 5: Cure Critical Wounds / Wall of Fire
Level 6: Heal / Wall of Thorns

BACKGROUND The only child of Selene Melete and Eldare Candarae, Sirène was born deep within the ancient forests of the elven lands. The old faerie blood flowed strongly within her parents, and so was it passed on to her. Sirène spent the earliest years of her childhood carefree and unaware of the legacy of her ancient lineage - an unbroken line of the old faerie blood. It was when she was only 10 that the sight first came to her - flashes of the future, shadows and visions that only she could see. Her mother, Selene, quickly took notice and it was not long before mother and daughter traveled into the deepest recesses of the ancient forest. It was there that she first came before her own grandmother, Mnemosyne, the voice of the Queen of Heaven - The Great Goddess. Sirène was brought into the sisterhood of the Queen of Heaven and it was among them that she began to see that the Goddess was all and all was of the Goddess. As the she elf learned the mysteries of the Old Ways so did she acquire power. Through the sight she harnessed the power of the unseen world. After nearly a century Sirène, like her mother and mother's mothers before her, was wholly initiated into the sisterhood. As she swore to serve the will of the Great Goddess, Mnemosyne herself etched the mark of the Queen of Heaven onto her skin.

Sirène remained among the sacred groves for many decades. She danced underneath the stars and walked softly on the earth. With occasional exception Sirène abstained from flesh food and hard spirits, for both could dampen the sight. Rarely did she leave her sylvan home, and then only to see that the will of the Goddess was done. Away from the lands of the sisterhood many thought her a witch, fearing her primal ways and her power to wield energies both divine and arcane. Sirène let them believe what they wished - for so long as the Old Ways remained, even if only in the remote wild places, then the will of the Queen of Heaven would be done. She sat with noble and peasant alike, pulling strings to ensure that the sanctity of the wild places and the Old Ways remained in the world.

And so things were and remained.

Change came as she approached the end of her second century. Dark visions haunted her reverie, at times waking her violently from the restful meditation. Not since the earliest years of her childhood had the sight come to her unbidden - and yet the visions could be naught but the sight. Though she could not yet make sense of these visions Sirène knew she could not remain idle. And so, letting the voice of the Great Goddess guide her, Sirène Talà Melete left the sacred groves without a thought of when she would return.

APPEARANCE Exoticly beautiful, even for an elf, Sirène is darker than most elves. Her skin is smooth and of a coppery hue. Long black hair falls freely to the small of her back in a thick mane of loose spiral curls. Her dark hair frames an ageless face with finely sculpted elven features. Her almond shaped eyes are a brilliant, incandescent aquamarine. An iridescent line tattooed in blue runs vertically up the center of her forehead. The phases of the moon tattooed in the same blue ink run down the center of her back She is slender and stands at an average elven height.

Sirène moves with grace and maintains a near impenetrable aura of serenity. Within the sacred groves of her homeland she wears simple flowing gowns made from finely woven linens, silks, or wools. She adorns herself with stone, wooden, and ceramic beads strung into bracelets and necklaces. When traveling she wears a white robe of the archmagi, the robe is of layered gossamer and splits at both sides of her hips falling just below her knees. A thin tunic of unbleached lined and indigo dyed woolen leggings tucked into dark grey boots are worn underneath. She often wears a hooded cloak woven of wools dyed in different hues of indigo.

Posted on 2011-01-24 at 07:57:31.
Edited on 2011-11-13 at 15:04:39 by TannTalas

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