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RDI Fixture
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Politely refusing the offer of food, Assal frowned as Oswald deliberately baited Moonbeam. He could sense that something was probably going to go wrong before their adventure was over.

He ordered a drink from a passing waiter, and sighed as he took a swig of his newly-arrived goat's milk, willing the night to end and tomorrow to arrive.

Posted on 2012-09-16 at 13:45:05.

RDI Fixture
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Preparing for later

Aquascales nodded to Moonbeam. Perhaps he could learn about traps and such. But that would have to come later.He had to get some sleep for the adventure. He quietly ate hisar tries, after which he paid for a room. He told Moonbeam," I am heading to bed for the tonight. If anyone need me just tell them to knock." Aquascales got up, and climbed the stairs. When he arrived at the room, he found it unlocked easily. With a smooth click, the door opened slowly. He strolled inside. Before he did anything else, he made sure he locked the door. He had had far to many anti-kobolds try and deal with him. He took off his plate armour, but left the chainmail on. He knew he wouldn't be amazingly comfy, but that was better than being dead. He layed down on his bed, and was ready for adventure the next day.

Posted on 2012-09-18 at 01:03:46.

Teller of Aryn
RDI Fixture
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Leaving the lute!

“Have a good night Aquascales,” Moonbeam replied to him as he headed up to his room. She finished her pastry and her wine. She had to say to herself that Aqua was the most polite Kobold she had ever met.

Laying a gold coin on the counter, she burped and giggled, “Excuse me!”

“I will take that room now,” she said taking the key offered by the barkeep and hopping down off the stool.
She looked around seeing that most of the people, especially the townsfolk, had retired for the night, she thought she should too. She looked forward to a good night’s rest in a real bed; it had been weeks since her last time.

Sauntering up the stairs she found her room at the end of the hall, opening the door she stepped in and checked out the room. It seemed small yet adequate. Locking the door, she shucked off her gear and armor down to her undies. She slipped into the bed with a sigh at its softness; she had lain in softer yet not in a long time. It was far superior to the cold ground.

In no time she was out fast, she snored slightly as she dreamed.

In the morning she rose, washed in the basin provided along with a pitcher of water. Dressing, she strapped on her gear and bounded down the steps to the first floor where the place was just starting to come alive.

Hopping up onto the barstool she ordered whatever they had for breakfast and some milk throwing a couple coins on the bar. After finishing she went outside, stretching she enjoyed watching as the sun crested the horizon.

“Looks like a good day for an adventure,” she said to no one.

She walked over to a tree that rested next to stables, stretched out beneath it on the cool damp grass and waited for the others. She imagined what adventures lie before them, she hoped they were fun and profitable.

(Ok, my last post in the Lute. My next will be in the adventure thread once everyone else if ready to go.)

Posted on 2012-09-18 at 10:51:45.

Salvator Navaar
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Playing my current character ;)

The sun was settling towards mid-day when Salvator pushed through the tavern door. The grime of the road still clung to his otherwise reasonably nice clothes.
He was not a handsome man, nor was he ugly, but had a 'likeable' face. 'Forgetable' seemed to cover it. His features remarkably plain. His face was clean shaven, and hair undetectable beneath his large, black hat.
The Black hat supported a thin steel band, and a large feather. His loose white shirt stood out beneath the Red cloak he wore, hood down, and slung over a single shoulder.
He also wore thick, dark pants and leather boots.
At his side hung a Saber, and an unloaded cross-bow. No Quarrels, or any other sort of weapons visible.

Bothering only a brief glance about the toor, he made his way to the bar. Taking a seat, he removed his hat and placed it on the counter top beside him. His hair was very short, and held a dark brown hue.
Placing a gloved hand on the bar, he dropped a few silver pieces.
"Whatever two silver will buy me. Keep the third for yourself." He told the server, and finally casting his eyes bout the establishment, and it's patrons....

Posted on 2012-09-20 at 13:57:20.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 36/8
869 Posts


As the conversations tapered down to a background hum of pleasantries, Assal yawned, and began the inexorable climb towards a bed - in the correct room, this time.

He was asleep in no time at all.

Posted on 2012-09-21 at 06:47:06.

Occasional Visitor
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New Comer To The Inn

(I thought i would start my Character again. i just hope this is ok)

A young Elven girl who looks to be in her early 20's arrives at the Inn late that night. She opens the door to the inn and stands there. The hood to her cloak is up hiding her features and her cloak is wrapped tightly around her as to hide something. She walks calmly to the bar she asks quietly but loud enough that her voice is carried over the music. "may I have a Small glass of wine please? then walks slowly to a empty table. As she is waiting for her Drink.. she looks around the inn and notices all different people in there. as she listen's to the music playing she closes her eyes to the music. there is something strange about the girl.. she is very quiet and does not talk very much.. liking to be on her own. so she can do some thinking.

Posted on 2012-10-01 at 21:23:32.

Salvator Navaar
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Salvator, having a few drinks in him by this time of night, watched the hooded figure enter, moving to a solitary table. Judgeing by the slender form, Salvator could only assume it was a female.
Her ordering a small glass of wine confirmed this theory. And what was more? She appeared to have no companion.
"This is what I live for." Salvator mumbled to himself, finishing off his current mug and sliding from his barstool.
For the ammount he had consumed, he moved rather well, as if he had practiced appearing sober quite often.

Stepping over to her table, he gave a slight bow, large hat in hand.
"Hello. I am sorry to bother you, but I couldn't help but notice you sitting here alone. Would you care for some company?" He asked in a smooth voice, flashing a small smile.

Posted on 2012-10-01 at 23:08:24.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 36/8
869 Posts

The Next Day

Today’s Menu
  • Spicy Steak Casserole
  • Root Vegetable Stew
  • A selection of early season greens
  • Stewed plums with custard
Beverage of the Day: Acacia Honey Mead

It is early summer. This day is promising rain, clouds slowly accumulating into a grey mass of darkness above the Inn. The local farmers are hoping it will pass, as the crops have had a lot of rain recently, and sunshine is what they'll need. Too much more rain and they'll spoil.

The stage stands unoccupied.

Three tables have patrons seated around them.

A table in the middle of the room has five patrons seated at it: a tall female half-orc clerk wearing stained clothing with dark hair and a wrinkled face, an elderly human male wearing drab robes with pure white hair and a worried face, a male half-orc hawker wearing adventurer's garb with dark brown hair and an apprehensive look, a youthful female human merchant wearing recently-cleaned clothing with brown hair and a deeply shadowed face, and a small male gnome scholar wearing non-descript clothing with matted hair and a hard face. They are busy waking up over a bowl of porridge and discussing a nearby dungeon very loudly.

A table to the side has a hooded white-cloaked figure, who doesn't appear to move, save to take swigs from a flagon of honeyed milk. The figure appears to be waiting for someone.

The last table has a heavily bandaged human wearing cleaned yet still bloodstained clothing. She has obviously dyed black hair. She is waiting impatiently, often looking around the room, looking bored.

A seat near the unlit fireplace is occupied by an old halfling with a pipe, gently puffing smoke out into the room. She smiles occasionally, seeming to reminisce of times long past.

Posted on 2012-10-07 at 16:23:00.
Edited on 2012-10-07 at 18:00:18 by Darren

Occasional Visitor
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35 Posts

Smiles a little smile to the stranger

She looks up and smiles to the stranger who spoke to her "hello sir. you are welcome to sit at this table with me. my name is Arwen. may i know your name." she says quietly as she pulls her cloak more around her making sure he can not see what she is hiding. she pulls down her hood of her cloak to reveal her face and her very long golden hair that is braided. "shhh everythin is going to be ok" she whispers quietly to herself that he can not hear while looking down to her stomache. she right hand is upon her stomache.

Posted on 2012-10-23 at 22:12:54.
Edited on 2012-10-23 at 23:36:54 by Arwen

Salvator Navaar
Karma: 6/0
333 Posts


Salvator smiled slightly, sliding fluidly into a chair across from her. He then places his large hat on the chair to his right, and says, "Beautiful name fitting a beautiful woman. I am Salvator Navaar, An adventurer of small fame around Cormyr." He adds this last part with a slight cocky smirk.
"And where are you from, If I may ask? Surely not from around here?"

(Yes, I went so far as to roll perception, with a minus. Didn't notice the hand on the stomache)

Posted on 2012-10-24 at 01:00:19.

Occasional Visitor
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35 Posts


"nice to meet you Salvator Navaar,
No. i'm not from here. i live erm" not sure if she should say to much to him. could she trust him?.
feeling like she could and only by saying where she is from couldn't hurt "sorry about the pause. i live in a place called Ardeth," she takes a drink from her glass.

"pardon me for a minute. i'm going to get a another drink" walks to the bar "excuse me please may i have a glass of water this time" "thank you" has she goes to walk back to the table. The Inn door opens and a slight breeze she does not notices it much as it blows around her cloak and opens it a bit. she notices Salvator looking at her with a weird look an his face "what is wrong Salvator?

((I got that place name from a very good book i'm reading))

Posted on 2012-10-24 at 19:54:44.
Edited on 2012-10-24 at 22:03:50 by Arwen

Salvator Navaar
Karma: 6/0
333 Posts

Goin with it.

Salvator smiled, nodding as if he knew the place, though in fact, he had never heard of it.

"what is wrong Salvator?" She asked suddenly, throwing him off a bit.
"What could be wrong when talking to one such as yourself, my dear?" He responded, sipping his own drink as his eyes looked her up and down.
She seemed to be hiding something... but then, so was everyone. A person could never be too careful of their secrets. And Salvator wasn't after secrets.
Taking a more serious look, he asks,
"So, what brings you to these lands, If I may ask?"

(Cormyr is actually a land I am currently in a campaign in... with this character, no less. lol)

Posted on 2012-10-25 at 00:08:01.
Edited on 2012-10-25 at 00:08:52 by Salvator Navaar

Occasional Visitor
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35 Posts

Answers Him

She sipps her drink in thought, she lowers her glass and reply's "i am just traveling. I stumbled upon this place and i thought i could settle here for a while" not knowing what else to say

"So, what brings you to these lands, If I may ask?" she turns his own question onto him

Posted on 2012-10-27 at 18:44:10.

Salvator Navaar
Karma: 6/0
333 Posts

Well, since you ask.....

Salvator smiled. That was an easy answer.
"New horizons, dear girl. I find I am incapable of remaining in one place even for as long as it takes me to get familier with it." He replied, sipping his own drink.

"I fear I will never see the whole world before my time comes... But can't hurt to try, right?" He added with a laugh.
'Not to mention all sorts of new loot.' He thought, but didn't add.

Reverting back to what she was saying, He went on to say,
"So you mean to settle? The road has lost it's appeal to you then? Do you not crave adventure?"

The question was forward, and a bit blunt, But Salvator never cared much for the game of words that so many of the nobler classes played... Though he could if it was needed.

Posted on 2012-10-30 at 00:39:14.

Occasional Visitor
Karma: 4/6
35 Posts

Not going to settle

"No.. i don't think i'll be settling here. just staying around for a few days to a week or so.. maybe" she says with a small smile. she starts to get a little warm from sitting near the fire and removes her cloak and puts it beside her.

"how long will you be here for?" forgetting all about what she was hiding from the other that were in the inn.
thankful no-one else noticed. not that she cared if anyone did
"Salvator?. you seem to have that distance look again" she looks down to where he was staring at. he was looking at her stomache and all she could say is

"Oh right"

Posted on 2012-11-01 at 21:09:47.


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