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Alright... you've got a tentative yes from me.. But I make no promises! At least not until you get a full yes from me, and then no, I won't flake. I'm letting everyone know now though that I am as newbie as newbie gets to rule based RPG!

Posted on 2007-01-23 at 01:53:00.

RDI Staff
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Well....if you can comprehend the "don't die" part of should be fine.

Posted on 2007-01-23 at 01:55:04.

I'm doing SCIENCE!
RDI Staff
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Bob's in?

*shoots Grugg*

Grugg lost. We have an opening.

Posted on 2007-01-23 at 04:44:41.

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Charactor Sheets

Abilities These are the core of your player! Each ability in turn, effects everything else about your character, from save rolls to anything you attempt to do.
Strength-(STR) Obviously, how strong you are. How hard you can swing a weapon, how much force you can dish out
Dexterity-(DEX)How swift, agile, and coordinated you are.
Constitution-(CON)How tough you are. How much pain you can take, how much endurance you have.
Intelligence-(INT) How Booksmart you are. Intelligence is about knowledge you have aquired through what others have taught
Wisdom-(WIS)experience and intuition give you wisdom. This is common sense, and innate thinking
Charisma-(CHA)how charming you are. How well you use your looks to benefit you. How smooth tongued you are.

Ability Scores Place these wherever you like, but you must use one of each, and obviously, all of them.

18, 17, 15, 15, 13, 11

The Following are a list of skills that you can choose to put Skill Points into. Obviously, whenever you attempt to do something, I will look at either your ability modifier (which is determined by your ability score) or I will look at your Skill. So. You are to take these available skill points, and distribute them. HOWEVER, you may only distribute them into skills that you character has good reason to have. You don’t know first aid unless you took a class in it at some point. You can’t fly an airplane unless you were taught how at some point in life…ext. You get a total of 46 skill points to use, and you can put UP TO 7 POINTS PER SKILL!! You can spread of stack skills as much as you want. Only list the skills that you have added points to, and obviously, how many points.

Bluff(Cha)-your good at manipulating the situation to benefit you for a while longer (basically you can tell half truths and borderline lies well)
Climb(Dex) your very good at climbing things!
Computer Use(Int) you know the ins and outs of computers, from putting em together, to running em and even hacking
Craft(INT for all) (chemical)you know what chemical mixes create what, from poisons to acids and explosives.
Craft (Electronic) you can take apart or create electrical devices such as audio and video devices, so on and so forth
Craft (Mechanical) you can take apart or create mechanical devices such as engines, weapons, so on and so forth.
Craft (Pharmaceutical) You know how to create medicines
Craft (structural) Carpentry basically.
Craft (Visual Art) (painting, drawing, ext)
Craft (writing) Concentration(Con) During times of distress (such as in battle or other distractions) your able to pay attention to the task at hand without taking penalties
Decipher Script(int) -you can decipher coding or ancient languages and such
Demolitions(int) -you know where to place explosives effectively, and you know how to work premade explosives.
Diplomacy(cha) your very good at analizing situations and distinguishing how to work through intellectual conflicts
Handle Vehicle (land)(dex)(wis) You know how to run and are good at driving all land vehicles
Handle Vehicle (water) (Dex)(wis) You know how to run and are good at driving all water vehicles
Handle Vehicle (air)(dex)(wis) You know how to run and are good at flying air vehicles
Gamble(wis) you have a knack for gambling and such.
Gather Information(cha) youre very slick at finding ways of making people give the information you need, be it by buying a round of drinks, or other ways
Handle Animal(cha) your good at handling wild animals
Hide(dex) your just very good at going unseen
Intimidate(cha) you know how to use fear to get what you want
Jump(dex) your trained in the art of jumping higher and farther then normal people.
Knowledge(int) the following are separate skills, so you must pick between them. Arcane Lore: The occult, magic and the supernatural, astrology, numerology, and similar topics.
Art: Fine arts and graphic arts, including art history and artistic techniques. Antiques, modern art, photography, and performance art forms such as music and dance, among others.
Behavioral Sciences: Psychology, sociology, and criminology.
Business: Business procedures, investment strategies, and corporate structures. Bureaucratic procedures and how to navigate them.
Civics: Law, legislation, litigation, and legal rights and obligations. Political and governmental institutions and processes.
Current Events: Recent happenings in the news, sports, politics, entertainment, and foreign affairs.
Earth and Life Sciences: Biology, botany, genetics, geology, and paleontology. Medicine and forensics.
History: Events, personalities, and cultures of the past. Archaeology and antiquities.
Physical Sciences: Astronomy, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and engineering.
Popular Culture: Popular music and personalities, genre films and books, urban legends, comics, science fiction, and gaming, among others.
Streetwise: Street and urban culture, local underworld personalities and events.
Tactics: Techniques and strategies for disposing and maneuvering forces in combat.
Technology: Current developments in cutting-edge devices, as well as the background necessary to identify various technological devices.
Theology and Philosophy: Liberal arts, ethics, philosophical concepts, and the study of religious faith, practice, and experience.
Listen (wis) you know what to listen for, and can pick up on sounds others might not be able to
Move Silently(dex) sneaky sneaky
Navigate(wis) you have a good sense of direction
Perform(Cha) The following are separate skills and so you must pick and choose
Act: The character is a gifted actor, capable of performing drama, comedy, or action-oriented roles with some level of skill.
Dance: The character is a gifted dancer, capable of performing rhythmic and patterned bodily movements to music.
Keyboards: The character is a musician gifted with a talent for playing keyboard musical instruments, such as piano, organ, and synthesizer.
Percussion Instruments: The character is a musician gifted with a talent for playing percussion musical instruments, such as drums, cymbals, triangle, xylophone, and tambourine.
Sing: The character is a musician gifted with a talent for producing musical tones with your voice.
Stand-Up: The character is a gifted comedian, capable of performing a stand-up routine before an audience.
Stringed Instruments: The character is a musician gifted with a talent for playing stringed musical instruments, such as banjo, guitar, harp, lute, sitar, and violin.
Wind Instruments: The character is a musician gifted with a talent for playing wind musical instruments, such as flute, bugle, trumpet, tuba, bagpipes, and trombone.
Ride(dex) your better able to keep balance while riding an animal or such
Search(wis) you have a keen eye while searching an area
Sense Motive(wis) you have a knack for being able to tell the truth behind people ore things words and actions
Sleight of Hand (dex) swift fingers. Good for use in small tricks, as well as pick pocketing or placing objects unseen
Spot(wis) very sharp eyes. You can spot things better then others
Survival(wis) You know how to survive when you need to. From finding shelter, and food, to knowing how to trek terrain, track, and whatnot.
Swim(dex) you are skilled in the art of swimming better then others
First Aid (int) you know how to treat wounds and sickness. Your trained on it.

Accompanying these stats, you will need to give a few other details.
Character Physical Description
Character inventory (EVERYTHING that your character has on them at any random given time..including wallet contents, clothing, whatnot)
Character biography. The game takes place in modern times, well actually 10 years in the future. The game itself will begin in Upstate New York, but obviously, your character can have a history elsewhere. So give a biography, including careers, social life, all that good stuff . Have fun with it! Remember. Normal, everyday charactors. These people are not heros. They are you and I. Infact..if you want you can play yourself, but…be wary that you very well might die gruesomely.

Don't worry about what isn't listed. I've simpled down teh rule system to make it easier.

Posted on 2007-01-23 at 05:10:16.
Edited on 2007-01-23 at 05:24:05 by Valimar

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I'm in

Here goes nothing

Sawyer Aubrey

Strength-(STR) 15
Dexterity-(DEX) 18
Constitution-(CON) 15
Intelligence-(INT) 17
Charisma-(CHA) 13

Bluff(Cha) 2
Climb(Dex) 2
Computer Use(Int) 3
Craft(INT for all) (chemical)3
Craft (Mechanical) 3
Craft (structural) 1
Concentration(Con) 2
Demolitions(int) 4
Handle Vehicle (land)(dex)(wis) 3
Handle Animal(cha) 2
Hide(dex) 3
Physical Sciences: 3
Tactics: 2
Technology: 3
Move Silently(dex) 2
Search(wis) 2
Spot(wis) 2
Survival(wis) 2
First Aid (int) 2

Accompanying these stats, you will need to give a few other details.
Character Physical Description
150 pounds

Brown short cropped hair relatively skinny but very agile and relatively strong and tough.
Character inventory: Generally khaki pants, regular T-shirt holster with colt .45 1911 pistol in it, a khukri in car along with large heavy club made using lathe in father's shop, car if during a time for driving.
Character biography: Sawyer went to school in leesburg Virginia he graduated with a 3.15 Gpa and went to Christopher Newport to study chemistry and physics. He cotinued to be active and through time eventually became reasonably good with most guns, probably high amateur, was on a rifle team for a while, hunted quite a bit as well. Well versed in the use of a large knife such as a kukri or machete. Driving a car; medium level. Very good with computers and can memorize almost anything with nearly perfect recall. Can survive in the wild with my knowledge of edible wild plants and ability to hunt and trap. Decent ability to fight without weapons had two years martial arts training.

(Not finished I have to expand some more but here is a good outline.

Posted on 2007-01-24 at 02:09:26.
Edited on 2007-01-28 at 19:25:03 by Metalstorm

RDI Staff
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Bob! You shot me!

Whoa...that'd 70x as detailed as the original...I'll get to work.

Posted on 2007-01-24 at 02:16:57.

Karma: 57/15
900 Posts


A good start, Metal! A reminder that you'll need a first..or last name..(I only remember seeing one name). Also, keep in mind that when the game starts, depending on your job, you wont have the gun ON your person. But you can own it, and have it either in your car or your dwelling.

While you guys build your charactors, I'll start carving into the world, and setting the stage for ya .

Posted on 2007-01-24 at 05:33:48.

Regular Visitor
Karma: 7/1
63 Posts

I guess this means I've committed...

((First ever!))

Alora Varkhone
120-125 lbs.
Dark brown wavy hair, mid-back length, deep blue eyes, in shape, reasonably pretty though not exceptionally so, well balanced.

Strength-(STR) 15
Dexterity-(DEX) 18
Constitution-(CON) 17
Intelligence-(INT) 11
Wisdom-(WIS) 15
Charisma-(CHA) 13

Climb(Dex) 3
Concentration(Con) 3
Decipher Script(int) 3
First Aid (int) 2
Handle Vehicle (land)(dex)(wis) 2
Handle Vehicle (air)(dex)(wis) 2
Hide(dex) 3
Intimidate(cha) 2
Arcane Lore: 2
Behavioral Sciences: 1
Listen (wis) 5
Move Silently(dex) 5
Navigate(wis) 3
Search(wis) 3
Spot(wis) 5
Survival(wis) 2

Character Inventory:
Always Always at least two fighting/survival knives. $100 stuck in her boot. A set of two dogtags in her pocket along with the keys to her ’95 Isuzu Rodeo that had been surprisingly kept in good shape and even more surprisingly for a low price. Her trusty SUV was stocked with a well supplied first aid kit, another knife just in case, a flashlight, duct tape, a set of two-ways, a lighter, a blanket, and food and water (a basic emergency supply list). Her wallet was tucked in the back pocket of her favorite jeans and contained her driver’s license, ATM/Credit card, and $23.50. A full packet of plain M&Ms is also a vital possession.

Character Background:
Had a fairly normal family, though she didn’t spend much time with them. Plenty too many hours were spent in the company of Devin, a much older man than she, who seemed to know everything about anything “special forces worthy” and she never dared ask why. His influence over her life was great, having taught her the basics of knife fighting (only because she annoyingly never stopped asking him when he would show her how) along with standard military hand to hand combat. He left unexpectedly and disappeared when Alora was 16, leaving only his dogtags behind and a letter that read “forgive me.” She had never understood why. At the age of 17, she got her GED early and enlisted straight into the military on a 10-year contract in order to learn how to fly a helicopter--one of her earliest dreams that was only strengthened by Devin. She acquired an AS college degree while serving her time. Strangely, at the age of 22 she dropped out of the military only a short while after having finally just begun her true training in becoming a pilot. She cut off all contact with her friends and family and abruptly bought a place of her own in rural Upstate New York to disappear for a full year, swearing she would never tell a soul why her sudden change of heart. After finally emerging from her small shack of a cabin, she found a job and now makes a meager living off waiting tables at a nearby restaurant and generally doin a fine job of keeping to herself.

Posted on 2007-01-24 at 07:36:15.
Edited on 2007-01-24 at 07:41:39 by Drasia

RDI Staff
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I'll have one this weekend.

Posted on 2007-01-26 at 01:24:30.

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I still need a few peoples charactor sheets (bob, Grugg, Celery, Skari-ifyerstillinteersted). I will begin creating a Ragnarok forum, and a Q/A over the next day. DO NOT POST IN EITHER until i tell you. So, stick to this thread for now.

Posted on 2007-01-26 at 22:39:02.

RDI Staff
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I thinks

I am definately still in, and should have a sheet up shortly. I'm going to try to base one on me...yeah...

Posted on 2007-01-26 at 23:38:22.

RDI Fixture
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Watch who you're calling celery, mister... but here we go

Birgitta (Fine, i'll get a last name... uh...i's see... Trotwin)

Strength- 11

Height: 5'6
Age: 15 (or do i have to be older?)
Weight: 113 lbs
Gender: Female
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Dark Brown with copper highlights
Ethnicity: Scandinavian

Different from the other girls her age, Birgitta does not spend her time shopping for lip gloss or eye liner. She is instead devoting hours into the night hunting down hackers, breaking through their codes, and turning their once brilliant ideas into chaos playfully, always accompanied by some taunts on the side through GMail. This is the world in which shehas been absorbed, like acid through a sponge.

Birgitta, entranced in the many fantasy novels sitting around in bookstores, is entertained by their bloody battles, yet her own war is a completely different species, though no less risky. Rather than a sword and shield, Birgitta has her violin tucked under one arm, bow in the other hand. Juilliard is the one place she admires like a madman.

She has bitter feelings towards the law banning driving until 18, and is very good at hiding things... no one suspects her to be someone other than the girl who is thought insane at her refusal to oblige to the many others who wish for her to join their high social groups.
Birgitta doesn't think the popular ones are amazing and flattering- she sees them as who they are- flirtatious wenches who don't understand how to pronounce the word "issue."

Orphaned at a young age, Birgitta lives at her absent-minded uncle and aunt's house in the center of New York. All the attention goes to her twin cousins- Reginald and Vanessa. For Birgitta, with her guardians' attention diverted, it's time for a step in the real world. After all, there were little things she dreamed of more than meeting a mafioso.

Decipher Script- 5
Arcane Lore- 7
Stringed Instrument-7
Slight of Hand-7
Physical Sciences-5

Cellphone (very useful for games, calls, and such)
Pencil (Birgitta can do the pencil spinning thing really well)
Always wears a gray Juilliard sweatshirt with red lettering (if that counts as an item)


Posted on 2007-01-27 at 03:19:37.
Edited on 2007-01-27 at 22:56:05 by Celedwe

I'm doing SCIENCE!
RDI Staff
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My guy!

Does the skill usage system work similar to D&D? You said you'd look at either our ability or skill. So if have a good int for instance, does it benefit to still have a high rating in an int-based skill? I'm assuming a yes for creation, so let me know if i'm wrong.

Str: 11
Dex: 15
Con: 13
Int: 18
Wis: 15
Cha: 17

Bluff - 3
Computer Use - 2
Craft (Pharmaceutical) - 3
Concentration(Con) - 6
Diplomacy - 4
First Aid - 7
Gather Information - 3
Handle Vehicle (land) - 3
Knowledge: Earth and Life Sciences - 5
Sense Motive - 3
Survival - 7

Description: Lenny "Stich" Hackett
Brown hair, a bit long
Age: 24

Stich is incredibly forgettable looking, which he uses to his advantage. It makes him more approachable and down to earth with his patients. Stich is a paramedic with the city of FDNY. He got into the field when he lost his father, also with the department, in 9/11. Even though he was only eight at the time, it changed him forever. He earned his nickname from his coworkers when they noticed his uncanny ability to work under pressure, especially when working up open wounds from the back of an ambulance. He's an average driver but much prefers to be in the back with the patient. All of Stich's immediate family lives in New York for as many generations as he can trace.

Stich always has his cell phone, wallet (including cert cards, atm/cred cards and some cash), keys (which includes city ambulance keys and first aid keyring mask). It's not uncommon for him to carry his first aid sling bag, though it doesn't follow him everywhere.

Posted on 2007-01-27 at 05:05:00.

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It is still beneficial, because, like in DnD, ill stack the ability modifyer with the skill points you have in that given skill.

Posted on 2007-01-27 at 05:41:57.

RDI Staff
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Based 96% on me!

Name: Brian Whalen (couldn’t think of anything, so it’s me!)
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 225lbs
Hair: Brown, halfway down back, loose and probably messy.
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Caucasian
Nation of Origin: Canada

Str: 18
Dex: 13
Con: 15
Int: 17
Wis: 11
Cha: 15

Computer Use (int) 5 ranks
Craft (Mechanical) (int) 5 ranks
Handle Vehicle (Land) (dex and wis) 7 ranks
Intimidate (cha) 3 ranks
Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 2 ranks
Knowledge (Technology) (int) 3 ranks
Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) 2 ranks
Move Silently (dex) 2 ranks
Perform (Stringed) (cha) 3 ranks
Survival (wis) 7 ranks
Swim (str) 7 ranks

Wallet (Driver’s License, ID, Bank Card, Library Card, $50 cash), Keys (Car, Bike, Home, Mail), Cheap mp3 player and headphones, Clothes.

Brian is you average dude, walking around with nothing much to do. Raised in a small town an hour away from bigger cities, he developed a love of the wild exploring it with his boyhood friends. Later on he developed an interest in computers and technology, and spent some time learning a great deal about them.

Being raised outside of town meant a more relaxed atmosphere growing up. The lack of traffic allowed him to develop driving skills early, often driving around the neighborhood well before he got his license. As soon as he could he got his license as well as a motorbike, and spends most of his free time driving about.

Posted on 2007-01-27 at 18:54:49.
Edited on 2007-01-28 at 01:25:33 by Grugg


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