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Parent thread: Photo Shopped Computer art by me
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Background story of Talibos Carver

Born in the first tenday of Kythorn, for the exact day was unknown, a human baby unknown to all for a short time, was orphaned roughly a day from his birth. There was no father present at the birth, for the mother was running from an draconian raid on their village south of Unther. The running caused her to collapse in labor.

He was a strong boy, and was suckling his mother almost immediately. It was not known how long before the boy was found that the mother had passed away, but a woodsman, tan and strong with strange brassy colored eyes, came to find the infant on the ground sucking the dew off of the blades of grass and crying as if knowing it wasn't enough to sustain him.
Talas Pyrestrider was the woodsman's name, and he had no use for children at such a young age. So, he placed an arcane mark on the babe and wrapped it in a wash towel from his pack.
Maybe one day he would see this child as an adolesent and train him one day, if he lives that long, which he won't unless he quickly gets the baby to some proper caregivers. So it was that the child was left on the doorstep of the Carvers. Talas knew them well enough to know that Elizabeth Carver was barren and wanted badly to have a child, and Ronald Carver was a cattle handler and a butcher also. Talas knew that the child would be well provided for and grow up strong and big from the cow's milk, and when older, from the meat that would no doubt be provided.
Talibos grew up happy and healthy in that small town, far north of where he was born, and traditionally learned his first trade apprenticing under his father as a butcher. Though it was never revealed to the Carvers who it was that had brought Talibos to their doorstep, Talas and Donald became good friends and went hunting regularly every year for deer. In Talibos' 10th year of age, he was allowed on the hunt for the first time and showed great aptitude for the hunt and bagged his first deer. As was the woodsman's tradition, Talas cut out the heart of the deer and gave it to Talibos to eat, raw. Amazingly enough, Talibos didn't even wretch, but ate it with relish. This was something that Donald found somewhat strange with the boy, but dismissed it as excitement for the boy's first kill. He was after all the son of a butcher. Or was he?
As the boy aged to adolesense, changes beyond the norm for humans began to take place. first came special abilities, energies that would expell from the teen in intense situations. He began to become an outcast amongst his peers. Donald tried to get the boy to control these abilities and not use them, but from time to time they would resurface, to the chagrin of his father. The worst was yet to come, however, for his nails began to lengthen, harden, and thicken into claws very quickly, and to hide this from his peers, he would use his father's grinding wheel to grind them down to normal size every morning. Talibos' skin began to tan even in the moonlight and became scaley, course, and callous. He began to exibit, clumsily, a new found strength he never had before. As time went on the village and eventually his mother and father began to alienate him as he grew closer and closer to Talas.
Talas had decided that it was time. He asked Donald if he might be allowed to take the boy from the village and train him in the ways of the wild. It was agreed that Talibos might be more suited to training with Talas outside of the town where it seemed Talibos seemed the happiest.
On the journey to a valley, on the other side of the forest that Talas protects, cultivates, and hunts in, he told Talibos a story of truth, history, and ancestory.
"An ancient brass dragon took human form to see how the masses lived. He found they had to work hard for what they had and the food they ate. He liked that way of life very much for it gave one a sense of purpose, and he went on to live out his days to the very end as a human. During his long life he married 3 times, and each of his wives bore him 3 children each."
It was at this point of the story tha t Talas stopped walking and grabbed Talibos by the shoulders and looked deep into his eyes. The brassy yellowness of Talas' eyes seemed to be gleeming more than they ever have.
"Each one of his 9 human children, and there children's children, were all decendants of that same dragon. I am also a decendant of him though in a different way, for I am not human as I appear to you now."
His eyes flashed once again as he backed away. His human form changed and a brass dragon stood now before Talibos.
Interestingly enough, Talibos was not afraid, in fact he never felt more akin to the man, dragon, friend than right at that moment. The only fear he had was: what do these feelings mean?
"I knew that when I found you 19 years ago, there was something special about you. It suprised me, the kinship I felt when I first held you in my arms. I knew I was holding a decendant of that great brass wyrm of aeons past. Yes, Talibos, we are distant brothers."
Talibos came to find that the valley they traveled to was a valley of dragons, specifically, brass dragons. There Talibos lived, trained, and helped to protect his new found family against the enemies of dragons.
On Talibos' 25 birthday, Talas took him aside and said,"Talibos, you have done well for us, but we've kept you too long for you are human and need to be with your own kind. Your race is far too short lived for us to ask anything more of you. I have pulled some strings with the owner of The School of Ledgerdomain for you to study there. What ever you do in life, do it well, and we will all be proud of you."
Talas gave Talibos a map showing him the way to Silverymoon where the school was located. With map in hand and a pack of supplies on his back he made his way to Silverymoon...............and the adventure continues.

Posted on 2011-04-21 at 04:57:59.

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