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GM for this game: Alacrity
Players for this game: TannTalas, SilentOne, Bromern Sal, Nomad D2, Odyson, Chessicfayth
This game has fizzled.
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    Messages in Destiny's Flight - A Serenity RPG
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Bromern Sal
A Shadow
RDI Staff
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4176 Posts

Demeter Day 3, 10:30 pm Ship Time (ST) â?? Time spent on Demeter: 2.5 hrs

“Sure thing Captain.” Ivy responds across the radio. “I am getting a heat signal in engineering. Otherwise not much has changed. Everything’s shiny Captain. Find anything yet?”

"Just a whole lot o' questions, Ivy-girl," Wyatt replies. "That life sign we detected ain't been identified yet. Seems t' be locked away in a suitcase. Doc and Pops 're working that li'l problem. Keep yer eye afield an' let me know the instant you see anything off."

The slow roll through the deck's rooms is tense. Wyatt doesn't really know what he is expecting but he sure as hell is expecting something. Accompanied by Alex and Fox, he approaches each room as though it is rigged to blow and there's a Big Damn Ugly Bad Thing in there waiting for them. 

Entering the workshop and a storage room, he observes the lathe, a 3d printer, and several other pieces of crafting equipment. What really catches his steel eyes are four EVA suits with eight full cylinders of air. One EVA suit is bulky enough so carrying these four along with them is out of the question but the captain feels a little less like this whole thing is a bust providing that they can take the suits with them. There's a li'l extra cash for our troubles, he thinks as the three make their way back out of the shop and to the next room.

The bathroom is of little interest. There's nothing even remotely interesting to the captain. Moving on to the crew quarters, he lets Alex and Fox know that they don't have time right now to dig through all of the lockers. The stuffed animal is curious. Wyatt can't see that being present unless there was a child on board and that just doesn't fit with what he knows of the Demeter. Unless, he muses, that's what's in the case. The rucksack is another anomaly. 

"Hard drugs, wooden stakes and a mallet," Wyatt states out loud even though Alex and Fox are both seeing what he is. "It's like I'm lookin' at props from some horror holovid. Any ideas why someone would want t' pack these around?"

(OOC: responses...)

The litterbox causes Wyatt to consider the possibility that the case contains a cat. But why go through all that trouble fer a cat?

"Wyatt..we seem to got this thingy stable for the moment. Gonna see if Doc wants to try jump a little power to anything else before we figure how to move this box out of here."

Keying his radio, Wyatt replies, "That's good news. There are four EVA suits in the shop at the bow o' the ship 'case ya need 'em. Doc, we've also found some Dreamdoze in the barracks. Keep us informed of yer progress."

Entering the Mess Hall, Wyatt takes in the appearance of the party with an unamused gaze. What'd they have t' celebrate? What happened t' end that celebration?

Skipping the generator room, Wyatt leads his team to Systems 2. Stepping inside, the familiar hum of electricity coursing through the ship interrupts the silence. 

"Wolf's having some success, I see," Sung declares, his eyes immediately going to the computers. "Seems we're in the right spot t' maybe get some answers to some questions. When Fenris gets life support back on, I imagine those bodies'll be a little less acceptable. Be ready fer that."

Keying his radio, Wyatt asks Wolf, "How long 'til we can rifle through the computer's logs?"

(OOC: response...)

"Good job down there," Sung ends their conversation and turns to Fox and Alex. "One deck cleared, time t' move t' another."

(OOC: I think that means moving back to the deck we first entered on, right?)

Posted on 2020-02-11 at 18:17:00.

Trilogy Master
RDI Staff
Karma: 178/118
6473 Posts

Hoo Boyy big gun!!

As Fenris moved from system to system giving the ship more life giving power he caught an energy dial he had not noticed before. Moving over to check it out he could tell right away it was the powering up of the Ion Cannon Alex had first spotted when making thier first pass of the Demeter.

The big mechanic moving to another console he found the naval weapons schismatics.

Run-tse duh FWO-tzoo*. if we could get this back to Destiny and installed we could better defend her..

Looking closer, almost drooling, Fenris saw it could be done but they’d have to get her to a shipyard with major tools, some docker workers and techs, and go from there. There was no way Fenris could remove it here and the more Fenris studied it the more he knew it was a pipe dream. The moment they showed up in this ship in any shipyard equipt to transfer the cannon from Demeter to Destiny and install it they would have all kinds of people, not just the Alliance, down on their heads.

"How long 'til we can rifle through the computer's logs?"

Wyatt’s voice in his ear broke him out of his thoughts of turning Destiny into a gunship and back to the present.

“Cap’n its gonna be around 30 minutes or so for full computers, Gravity will be back in 15, life support has already started, as I’m sure you all may have noticed. I’m still gonna need at least an hour before the ship warms up and the ship pressurizes. Cap’n one more thing, the ship's Ion cannon is powering up by itself and its taking a go tsao duh** amount of power from the rest of the ship. It’s hardwired into the system and it seems to take priority, except for life support and gravity, as far as what gets powered up first”

*Merciful buddha.
**Dog Humped

Posted on 2020-02-16 at 00:41:43.
Edited on 2020-02-18 at 10:20:50 by TannTalas

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