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The underdark, a vast subterranean network of interconnected caverns and tunnels is home to many different races from the Svirfneblin to the Illithids. The races of the underdark are perceived as being naught but evil to the core, due to the belief that the Spider Queen rules all races in the Underworld. The Drow are the most feared inhabitants of the underdark, due to their evil alignment and their constant scheming.

Lady Dilynrae thara'Jhaeloyss of the House Aleanmtor crouched behind a stalagmite of the underdark the infravision enabling her to see the outline of heat surrounding the hook horror. The creature was a hideous creature that minded its own business, and yet had stumbled into the wrong cavern at the worst moment. The vulture-humanoid was going about its business when suddenly it was surrounded in complete darkness. Panic crept within the monster of the underdark as it knew that a Drow was lurking nearby due to the globe of impenetrable darkness that now surrounded it. Bony hooks snapping in all directions as the creature stumbles out of the globe of darkness only to face the Drow face to face. The sapphire eyes burning deep into the memory of the creature as he now faced an armed dark elf. Females generally were more efficient at hand to hand combat, and a drow should never be underestimated. Dirk in left hand, and scimitar in the right, the blades flashed rapidly before the female drow as she prepared herself for battle.

The Hook Horror snapped his right pincer high, aiming for the enemies left shoulder, while his left pincer snapped towards her right thigh. The Lady of House Aleanmtor seemed disappointed that the hook horror had chosen to attempt a full blown double attack and moved in to counter always remaining perfectly balanced. Blades flashed through the underdark as they easily deflect the meagre attacks from the Hook Horror. Dilynrae moved gracefully, maintaining perfect balance with every step her feet beneath her as she dirk countered the attack then followed through the enemies defences and sliced into the soft flesh of the creature’s belly. The creature staggered back a couple steps and continued to retreat without leaving himself exposed to the dangerous drow. Blood dripped from his minor wound, and he knew that the female was just having fun in attacking him, and yet he knew he could not escape from her clutches. The Hook Horror knew that he was defeated, and yet he snapped idly at her stomach just to keep her at arm’s length.

An arrow whistled by the Drow’s ear and buried itself deep into the walls of the cavern behind the Hook Horror. It was all the distraction the monster needed; he turned on his heels and raced off into the network of the underdark. Dilynrae cast a globe of darkness over herself and allowed her infravision to locate the stranger amongst the darkness of the underdark. The Drow had spotted the creature to disrupt her hunting, and the evil flared even deeper than before. It was one of her surface dwelling cousins; it would do wonders for the House Aleanmtor if she could capture this creature to sacrifice to Lloth.

The silver haired elf stood tall beside a stalagmite his ocean blue eyes studying the Drow with curiosity. The fur pants the elf wore were a hint to his true heritage and the dark elf knew that Lloth would greatly enjoy the sacrifice she intended to provide to her this night. The matron mother of Aleanmtor would be greatly pleased by her actions this night, and would bring much favour to their house. Stepping out from behind the globe of darkness a grin upon her luscious lips, she walked towards the intruder. The Lythari could tell the evil thoughts the Drow was thinking by the determination in her steps and the fire in her eyes. Closing his eyes the Lythari elf’s body was surrounded by a silver mist the shadow of the creature changing into a beautiful silver wolf. The creature stood as tall as a pony, his stance showing ease as his intelligent eyes flashed momentarily towards the Drow. Suddenly the wolf dashed away into the nearest tunnel padding soundlessly along its route randomly choosing paths in the network of the Underdark.

Dilynrae could not allow the Lythari to escape and she quickly followed the wolf through the networks keeping him in her sights. Matias Bane was gaining a nice gap between him and his pursuer and decided he should use this time to gain access back to the surface. The Drow would be angry at him for interrupting her hunt, and would seek him out, but he doubted that she would risk the surface due to her upbringing. The Lythari elf knew that he would have an advantage as soon as he broke the surface, and he could smell the fresh breeze of the oceans water in the air. The scent of the salty breeze teasing his senses and giving him the powerful boost he needed to escape from the pursuer. A dim light down a southern corridor caught his ocean eyes as the Silver Shadow raced down the corridor padded paws allowing for a silent escape.

Suddenly a figure appeared between him and his chosen exit, blocking his retreat. Somehow the Drow had managed to get ahead of him through all the twists and turns and now he could either turn back, or try to outsmart her.

((OOC: I have not finished it yet, but would like some feedback about what you think so far.))

Posted on 2011-05-25 at 03:20:56.
Edited on 2011-05-25 at 04:14:32 by cdnflirt

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Not bad, not too bad

I must say I liked it so far Flirt it kept me interested I hope you finish it

Posted on 2011-05-25 at 20:15:02.

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