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Cassius Stormwrought

The Stormwroughts, there was nothing notably special about the family except for the historical fact that goes back 25 generations that every male of the Stormwrought family was born during the most hellacious Lightning and thunder storms recorded. When a storm would brew all members of the village would gather at the pub and tell stories of past storms. Whether it was true or not, during the worst storms, always at least one at the pub would start their storm story with, "A Stormwrought is being born tonight!"

Until one night, late in the summer, there was nothing special about a male Stormwrought being born during a Thunder storm. Cassius was born late in that summer when the worst of coastal flooding and storms were due according to the seasons. Unlike the others in his family before him, though, he was born slightly deformed, at least by human standards, with a very prominent brow, orange hued skin, and what appeared to be reptile-like scales, and unlike the majority of babies, he was born with a full set of teeth. At least then, they looked like normal human teeth. Cassius' mother was ill for the full last trimester of the pregnacy, and died after giving birth, the truth of a love affair with another man, dying with her, and she herself would never know the true nature of that "man".

Cassius grew up as normal as one with his "affliction" could. For the longest time people were wary of Cassius and his father, because people are often afraid of what they don't understand. Cassius, however, had the gift of a disarming disposition that seemed to lay many of the townsfolk's fears to rest. In fact by his 10th year of age, he became the village's shepherd for goats and sheep. He became strong and well known, for he never lost not a sheep or goat and had fought off many a predatory beast vying to make a meal of one of the herded animals.

Midnight, late summer, in fact, a week from Cassius' 15th birthday, a raid on the village took the life of his father. He did not know who lead the raid, but the rumor mill of the town say it was the bear like creatures, the Oites, while others say it was Lycanthropes of some sort. No one really knew, it was too dark to tell. During the raid, Cassius ran in fear to hide where he could find cover. As he ran, he found a downed man, sword still in hand. Hoping he would not have to use it, Cassius took the sword just in case he didn't make it to cover in time.

Once the battle ceased and the smoke and dust cleared, and the sun began to rise, then and only then did Cassius come out from his hiding spot and still carrying the sword that he took from the dead man. He never did take notice that before the man died, his sword found purchase on one of the raiders for black fur and blood were stuck to the blade. The village public did take notice of that stain, and coupled with Cassius' reputation against wild animals and the fact he survived the raid, sword still in hand stained as it was, he was dubbed a town hero, when in reality, he knew in his heart he was afraid and ran as the rest of the town folk did. He felt lowly for allowing the people to believe him a hero, and too afraid to tell the truth. Vowing to set things right and justify the peoples' belief in him as a hero, he rode on the coat tails of his celebrity allowing it to sustain him, for his father was dead and he was now an orphan.

Weeks later, his vow was about to be fulfilled, with the help of a man named Sir Kelvin Philpot. He hailed from a far away land and fate just happened to lead him here. In the pub, he had heard of a certain young man that just turned the age of 15 years that fought to protect the people of the village during a recent raid. The Knight understandably wanted to meet this boy.

The two met, man and boy, as if pushed together by destiny, and over the days that followed they had many meals, drinks, but most of all talks. The knight told Cassius,"You have a noble heart, but know this, forget the fact that you do not look normal, but because you were not born of noble blood you can never be a knight. However, if you were to be my squire, you would be making a living at my side, and when you have satisfied your commitment to me, you will have learned a trade as an employable fighter, self sufficient and earning a living protecting the weak and defenseless from raids and monstrous attacks."

Cassius agreed, for this assignment would take him away from the guilt he felt in this town, the guilt of accepting the title of town hero, when he wasn't even heroic enough to save his father. Sir Kelvin and Cassius went on many adventures, accomplished numerous royally endorsed protection and rescue missions, and even ran communiques back and forth through hostile territories during wartime.

During said wartime, intelligence was intercepted by Sir Kelvin Philpot, that the Kingdom of Thorns has bribed a Great Wyrm red dragon by the name of Phyrelixusull, for the exchange of tribute for 50 generations if she lends her offspring to their cause in ending the conflict once and for all with their enemies in the Kingdom of Law. Assuming this agreement was concerning wyrmlings, Sir Kelvin went in search of the lair and waited for the mother to leave in search of food. He then entered the lair to find not wyrmlings but nine adolescent red dragons. He and his squire where surrounded. They were able to bring down two of the nine but when Phyrlixusull returned, she was understandably furious by the intrusion and killed the Knight butally and expeditiously. Cassuis thought this was it, the end, and try as he might to put up the most brave and fearless front he could, he appeared as a frightened rabbit to the great mother. In a rare show of mercy she said, "You were only a follower of this filth, therefore I offer a choice, play the part of a hero and die attempting to take vengeance, or leave now and hope we NEVER meet again."

Again trying to show some semblance of courage, Cassius replied,"Fine I'll leave you to your young ones, but may I request that I remove the body of this Knight that I might give him a proper burial?"

"You may, but take this as well as a taste of what will be if we ever meet again!" And with that she belched flame in his direction, setting fire to the knight's beard and charring and clearing the stubble and hair off of Cassius' head and causing 2nd degree burns in some places on his body. It served as incentive to get himself and the dead knight out of the lair as fast as possible.

When Cassius felt he was far enough away from the red dragon, he collapsed underneath the weight of the Knight he carried in exhaustion. "Damn that dragon for killing Kelvin's horse". He had thought that the meal she had brought to her offspring looked familiar.
Once Cassius had rested, he dug a shallow grave and placed Sir Kelvin in the pit. Cassius still had the sword he had garnered from the dead man years ago, as he looked down into the pit and saw the sword of excellent craftsmanship the Knight held. He then decided the Knight's sword was too good to bury in the dirt so he switched out the swords. He then said his final farewells to his mentor and teacher and covered the grave with slate and small boulders.

He traveled by foot for a day and half to the nearest city he could find, to have his wounds seen to and to find a pub to dull his pain, physical and emotional, in drink......

Posted on 2011-05-28 at 23:41:29.

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