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Parent thread: Emerald & Jade
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Skari-dono's RPG Stuff-makin' Thread

Being the attention-craving lunatic that I am, I decided to start this thread.

If you read the parent thread, you'll notice I have a website where, among other things, I have character sheets and other helpful materials that I have made myself.

This thread will host direct links to all the stuff included on my website, but that is not the primary function of this thread.

The primary function of this thread is to host your requests. Want to start a campaign with special made sheets for your players? I can make them for you. Need a GM screen but don't have the funds to aqcuire such an item? I can help. Feeling lonely and need someone to talk to? I can listen.

There are few ground rules:
1) I need to know what game you want the material for (including what edition).
2) I need to know about any house-rule you want included, or optional rule. Also, is there an errata that you are using?
3) If I can legally do so, I will post the sheet on my website. If I am not legally allowed to do so, I won't.
4) I will receive payment in the form of praise. No other payment is accepted.
5) If you want specific artwork on the sheet/screen, please provide it for me.
6) Doing editable sheets (interactive pdf) is a lot of work, and I prefer not working on too many of those.

I better stop thinking up ground rules before the list gets any longer.

I will not necessarily work on the sheets in the order they are requested. If I can't get any inspiration, I may not work on it at all.

Feel free to post requests here.

Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition GM Screen Standard Character Sheet NPC Sheet Editable NPC Sheet Clan Character Sheet (first page replacements) Imperial Character Sheet (first page replacements) Naga Character Sheet Nezumi Character Sheet
Exalted Solar: 4 pages : 6 pages : NPC Dragon-Blooded (Realm): 4 pages : 6 pages : NPC Dragon-Blooded (Lookshy): 4 pages : 6 pages Lunar: 5 pages : 7 pages : NPC Sidereal: 5 pages : 7 pages : NPC Abyssal: 4 pages : 6 pages : NPC Infernal (Green Sun Princes): 4 pages : 6 pages : NPC Alchemical: 5 pages : 7 pages : NPC
Fair Folk: 5 pages : 7 pages : NPC Dragon Kings: 4 pages : 5 pages : NPC Mountain Folk: 4 pages : NPC
Mortal: Mortal : Heroic Mortal : NPC Ghost: Heroic Ghost : NPC Spirit: Spirit : Spirit NPC : Demon : NPC
Extras: NPC Summary : Combat Reference (w/ tick-tracker) : Editable Combat Reference (w/ tick-tracker)
World of Darkness (in space!)
Mortal Dark Hero*
Vampire Werewolf Mage Promethean Changeling Hunter Geist Alien*
Expanded traits *Dark Hero is a template from the WoD: Mirrors book; Alien is a template from the Infinite Macabre (a pdf extra for Mirrors)

Werewolf: the Apocalypse / Forsaken hybrid LARP sheet
Scion Standard Sheet "Printer's Bane" (editable)
Pesedjet Dodekatheon Aesir Atzlanti Amatsukami Loa
Tuatha Dé Dannan Celestial Bureaucracy Devas
Atlantean Yankee Allied
Geasa sheet Addon sheet Editable Combat Reference

Posted on 2011-07-14 at 14:35:32.
Edited on 2011-07-14 at 14:36:29 by Skari-dono

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