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Typing Furiously
RDI Staff
Karma: 176/19
3011 Posts

It's been fun

Hey guys,

I think I know a lost cause when I see one. It's been almost 3 weeks since our last regular posted, and even the two new players couldn't get any activity out of people. It's time to end this game.

I'm going to take my time here to thank you all for participating, and concluding as much as two adventures with me, even though they were small ones. I don't think I've ever experienced an adventure actually ending on this website (or at least in games I'm involved in). And I understand how life outside the inn is always taking its troll, eh toll.

In the past I would've dragged this out and stretched things thin. Now, let's quit while we had fun.

My apologies to Raven and Aleric for getting you into this game and then quiting on you. I can only tell you that I had hoped that your input would've given things the push to keep on going. Too bad it didn't. I have to give this away though: the guy you were chasing was in fact a Doppleganger who had inpersonated the Sylvari nobel for quite a while (the body in the coffin was the original Soramin). At the beginning of this adventure he had already found Geron and was now laying in his bed introducing you to the party. What his schemes were from that point I'll leave up to your imagination.

Other than that I can only offer you a spot in my next game, but I don't know when that will start. Should be soon, though.

Thanks again, everybody.

Posted on 2012-02-26 at 11:17:52.

Aleric Stevanson
Regular Visitor
Karma: 10/0
68 Posts

Hax and Shenanagins!

Well, crud, looks like I'm outta work. Sorry I couldntbe of much help, and that invitation is greatly appreciated. I think, when the time comes, I'll take you up on that.

Posted on 2012-02-26 at 11:50:04.

Extreme Exclaimator!
Karma: 90/24
4114 Posts

Thanks for the ...

..... short run which was quite enjoyable!

My apologies for not doing my part to keep things going!

Posted on 2012-02-26 at 14:38:58.

RDI Fixture
Karma: 25/34
607 Posts

Is sad now..

Thanks for the fun, I may be able to find time to play another game later on, with the harder courses(at least one) coming up next week. I may take up the offer as well.

Posted on 2012-02-26 at 20:17:17.
Edited on 2012-02-26 at 20:24:34 by Takley

RDI Fixture +1
Karma: 65/14
1539 Posts

I'm sorry...

This game was amazing and I had a lot of fun, but right now college is beating the crap out of me and I have no time do anything like this, I'm sorry to the new players and to Almerin, but I think it was good that we got through two complete story arcs from start to finish. I must say I really did love your zombie priestess crazy priest story, it was great!

Also Traubon is not lost I definitely want to use him again, whether online here or in PnP :p

Posted on 2012-02-26 at 21:48:57.
Edited on 2012-02-27 at 04:04:06 by Jozan1

I'm doing SCIENCE!
RDI Staff
Karma: 163/50
1835 Posts


Inn games typically only have a lifespan of a few months, and it was refreshing to actually complete two adventures, even if they were small.

Posted on 2012-02-27 at 18:32:23.

Resident Finn
RDI Staff
Karma: 69/3
998 Posts


The game was good read indeed and I was happy to be part of it even if for just one post. But like you guys already said, not all games manage to do the same as this one did with two finished chapters.

But I'll be holding you to that promise Almerin. When your next game is on the way, do alert me too and I'll hop on the train. Wouldn't mind seeing the rest of the crew on board too.

Posted on 2012-02-27 at 19:56:22.
Edited on 2012-02-27 at 19:57:09 by Raven

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