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Players for this game: Admiral, Jozan1, Raven, Hammer, Takley, Lady Dark, Aleric Stevanson
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Traubon Gripped his Halberd tightly and watched his back and the others as well as they entered the woods. For the first half of the trip, he had been on edge, waiting for the beast to reveal itself from the woods and pounce upon them like wolves on a fawn.

After a while though, he had relaxed and ended up using his Halberd as a walking stick, easing his trip through the woods. If there was one place he had liked walking, it was through the woods. The canopy above gave him some false security, mocking the stone canopy of his old home. The open sky still gave him some sense of vertigo if he started into it for so long, and the sun irritated him on days that it shone very bright, so going through the dark cover of the forest canopy was ok with him.

Eventually, the group came to a small spot where their peace would be broken momentarily. The bushes shook and rattled, and tension grew as a rabbit came bursting from the grove and through their party. Shortly after the sounds of what seemed to be some horribly amazing beast crashing through the woods sounded all around them. Then, to everyone's sheer horror, the magnificent beast showed itself.

An animal jumped from the bushes and revealed itself, seeming to look like a goat sized mini wolf, but its flesh and skin seemed loose along its head, revealing part of its fleshy chin. It had a mane of a lion, and the spots of some sort of wild cat.

Traubon stood for a moment, in a questionable awe. In awe of the parody of nature that stood in front of them, but questioning how ferocious it could be. Surely it looked like something out of a fairy tale with its skin writhing upon its skull, but could something so small cause such a ruckus? Well, he was about to test his mettle against this mythical beast. Or so he thought.

In a few seconds Traubon felt he was ready to slay the beast, but as he gripped and readied a charge the beast had already been felled.

He looked around and went back into a relaxed position, and listened to everyone's conversation around him. He nodded in a slow movement of his head as the pieces came together slowly. Of course, it all made sense, just a pup ya see?

"Of course, just a pup. And ya know how a mother bear is to her cubs, well this thing is probably just as ferocious, and most certainly will be pissed right off!"

Traubon gripped his Halberd tightly, and did as Ryan, keeping an eye on the direction that his back was facing, hoping to keep an eye on the whole perimeter.

Posted on 2011-09-02 at 02:03:44.

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I am a beast killer!

Once around, twice around, need to get this just right, Alyannah gently tried to focus herself as she aimed and released her stone. The thought of hitting her companions was overshadowed by her desire to down this unnatural beast.

The stone hit with a prefect precision that even surprised the young druid. “I did it!” she blurted out, delighted with herself. “Did you see that, Aidan? Bop! Right between the eyes.” But even as she spoke, she suspected something wasn’t quite right.

The sigie, Ryan, said it first. “That was easy... perhaps too easy?”

Already, she could see some of her companions’ bodies tightening up, keeping a close eye on the woods around them. Aly went with Geron to take a closer look at the creature.

“That’s not the monster that attacked me.” Geron said, groaning as he shifted his body. “It looks the same, but it’s too small.”

“But… that has to be it!” Ryan said. “It attacked us and look at that thing… it is repulsive… it has to be the beast”

Aly knelt beside the beast, running her hands across its hide and checking its claws. Taking a deep breath, she pushed herself to pull aside the loose flaps of skin around creature’s mouth, examining the gum lines and teeth. She gasped, “This is just a pup.”

“What?” Ryan asked looking at the creature.. “so … there is probably a larger version out there somewhere?”

She looked up at Geron with wonder. “Full grown... it would be... much bigger.”

"Of course, just a pup,” piped in the Khord craftsman. “And ya know how a mother bear is to her cubs, well this thing is probably just as ferocious, and most certainly will be pissed right off!"

“So,” continued Ryan, “you think the other is around here? If it is… it probably heard this one screeching!”

“Others,” corrected Aly thoughtfully. “It’s quite possible that the beast had more than one pup in her litter. Though, whether the mother is nearby, I don’t know. This creature, while just a pup, may have already been left to make it on its own.” The thought of half a dozen of these creatures, in addition to at least one full grown beast, did not warm the young cidal’s heart.

Standing up, Aly continued, “I’m no tracker, but if the mother is nearby, I’d say let’s see if we can follow the trail this creature made back through those bushes.”

Posted on 2011-09-02 at 05:10:02.

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“I’m no tracker, but if the mother is nearby, I’d say let’s see if we can follow the trail this creature made back through those bushes.” Aly said

Ta'nil stood up after analyzing the tracks further

"Your right, that was only a pup, but the mother may be closer than you think, just for precaution, keep your weapons out. I'll scout ahead and see how far the tracks go. If I don't come back, well, you all know what that means."

*He walks forward into the bushes and keeps Orpano'rasro out*

Posted on 2011-09-02 at 23:48:42.

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The mother

The creature’s trail started off as quite obvious. Broken twigs where it had jumped through bushes, scratched moss where it had pounded its paws, upturned soil where it had first seen the rabbit and tried to pounce on it; these signs were very clear. They brought them a whole fifty yards further. Then the trail dropped dead, as Ta’nil was no experienced tracker. Aly took over and though she had claimed not to be a tracker, she could sift the details of the forest a bit finer than her Sylvari companion.

They retraced the steps of the monstrous cub as it zigzagged through the forest, seemingly at random, walking one behind the other, with Geron in the back.
The old adventurer was slowly falling behind, though he would refuse any help. He grunted an apology and fastened his pace once more.

It was late in the afternoon when they took a short break. They had lost the monster’s trail long ago, and were now trying to comb the forest as thoroughly and schematically as they could. As Geron sat down, they noted a large dark spot on the back of his shirt. Apparently the wound he had received when he was attacked by the creature, two days ago, had opened again, and was now steadily leaking blood.

(OOC: If any of you can heal him, he will be very kind and thankful. If none of you can, he’ll continue the journey regardless.)
When the sun was already lower in the sky, and the trees were casting large shadows on the forest ground, Glitch almost tripped over something that protruded from the low underbrush. It was Geron’s longsword. Sand and dry grass clung to the weapon on dried blood. But most of the blood was on the hilt, rather than on the blade.
Geron took his weapon and started cleaning it with an old rag from his backpack. He suddenly halted and peered intently beyond the bushes where they had found the sword. They followed his gaze.

Beyond the bushes lay a patch of bright green star-moss. It gleamed in the last rays of sunlight, but the sparkles were gone in a few spots. Several torn pieces of clothing lay there, and a large, smearing stain of blood was drawn northward, colouring the moss scarlet red. Somebody had died a horrible death, and his corpse had been hauled from this place wile the blood still flowed.
None of them needed any kind of tracking skills to follow this trail.

A minute later they could hear the creature. It was gnawing on something in the way a pig sounds when he’s emptying his through. It was a terrible sound in the woodland tranquillity, with bones splintering and low snarls of satisfaction.
They rounded a patch of bushes and saw the monster.

It had made a nest next to a fallen pine. It was not more than a hollow in the tree’s body of branches and needles, with old leaves and moss mixed with upturned earth as a base. The creature looked similar to the younger version they had encountered earlier that day, but it was a lot bigger. It lay there, curled into the hollow and was gnawing on a shinbone, with half the muscle of the calf hanging from the corner of its jaws. Around it lay the spoils of its victims; the items they carried which the creature hadn’t cared for.

Suddenly it stopped, and sniffed the air. Then it looked straight at the gaping group and got up with a threatening raspy growl.

(OOC: battle is up once more. State your intentions like the last battle, and we’ll see if you guys can take this one as quickly.)

Posted on 2011-09-04 at 14:47:02.

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The beast growled, as though it was trying to freak out the odd group of people standing in front of it. Ta'nil stood undeterred. As sylvari go, he was always the odd one in the group, never giving in to fear or running until he knew it was too late. But this beast he had something of one before, he did not know the name of it but he did know what it could do if it got the chance. He readied Orpano'rasro and prepared to sneak behind it, if that didn't work, he was more than prepared to stab the thing.

"May we fare well this day.Beware the fangs, these things can take a head off in a single bite, not to mention half of your upper torso as well."

Posted on 2011-09-07 at 14:04:53.
Edited on 2011-09-07 at 17:15:59 by Takley

Forever ♥
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Here's Mommy!!!

Ryan froze for a second… but not as long as last time… this creature was bigger than the last… but the last encounter had expelled some of his nervousness and besides the last one had went down rather quickly… while he doubted this one would fall as fast… he thought this many of them could surround and kill this beast…

The young fighter took a tighter grip on his Rapier and rushed forth… he moved to the side of the creature hoping it might be focused more on someone else so he could get to the side and have a better shot at a vital area… if he could get a flank attack he would lunge with his Rapier aiming for what might be any vital area he could reach…. If the creature decided that he was the target of choice… he would brace himself and when the creature attack he would lunge forward once again ducking low as he thrust his blade forth in a braced lunge hoping to impale the creature upon it…

The beasts didn’t seem to be intelligent and this form of attack worked against human opponents in the past during training… he figured it should work against something that was much shorter on brains and was mostly instinct…

Posted on 2011-09-08 at 01:05:31.

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My post, so far... so tired!

The creature’s trail started off as quite obvious. Broken twigs where it had jumped through bushes, scratched moss where it had pounded its paws, upturned soil where it had first seen the rabbit and tried to pounce on it; these signs were very clear. They brought them a whole fifty yards further. Then the trail dropped dead, as Ta’nil was no experienced tracker. Aly took over and though she had claimed not to be a tracker, she could sift the details of the forest a bit finer than her Sylvari companion.

As the Syl took up the role of scout, brazing ahead of the group in search of the beast, Aly was content to stay closer to the back. Her eyes made a careful search of the forest around them, noting the various flora as they passed by. In particular, she was looking to see if the beast’s pup seemed to be attracted to any kind of plant in particular.

[OOC:Aly will be continuing this check for as long as they have the pup’s trail, including when she is leading the group. Knowledge [Nature] +5, Survival +5, Spot +4, Search +0, Intelligence +0, Wisdom +3... not sure which checks will be appropriate.]

They hadn’t gone far, however, when the group came to a halt. Aly and Aidan moved to the front to see what they had discovered.

“Not much luck, Ta’nil?” asked the young druid, her question innocent and honest.

[OOC: Takley feel free to insert a response for Ta’nil. Aly truly is asking the question in all innocence. She is not looking to embarrass Ta’nil at all.]

Aly would not have been surprised if the Syl had lost the trail already. Nature’s own were often skilled at leaving little or no trail behind them... who could say what these beast’s were capable of?

Still, as Aly surveyed the scene, the young druid was able to notice the seemingly random zigzagging of the beast-pup. “Follow me,” she said humbly. “See how this branch on the bush is bent back? I think we still have the trail.” Aidan seemed to agree, as the dog moved further along, nose to the ground as he went.

Turning to Ta’nil, she spoke softly, “If you would, I’d like it if you’d stay close. I’d hate to come upon the beast alone.”

[OOC:Again, Takley, feel free to add a reply. Regardless... Aly continues on, with or without company.]

For a while, between the two of them, Aly and Aidan were able to find a claw mark here and a snapped twig there, but by the early part of the afternoon, even they had lost the creature’s trail. Taking a break, Aly noticed that her employer’s wounds had re-opened, and his injuries were showing signs of taking their toll on the man.

The druid approached Geron privately (well, with as much privacy as their present circumstances allowed), and cautiously addressed the matter. “Sir, I don’t mean to be rude,” Aly began. “But the wound on your back has opened again. Would you mind if I checked it for a moment?”

[OOC:Almerin, as per your post, I am assuming he will allow Aly to check... if not, please skip/delete this next section.]

Aly gently lifted the man’s shirt, carefully attempting not to rip away and scab that had already formed. She rebuked herself for not reciting the greater words of sacred healing this morning, all she had in her mind were the simple healing poem Helena had taught her to undo a little scrape or bruise. Use what you know, dearie, Helena’s voice chided her. “Alright..” Taking a smooth stone from her pocket, she began to recite the poem:

“Stone so round, you I found
Not much to ask, just a little task
Give life today, give it away.”

As she spoke the words of the poem, she moved the stone over the wound, the small rock gradually being consumed by the spell, some of magical dust produced entered into some of the wound, helping to mend the brokenness.

Addressing Geron, she said, “It’s not much, but all I have for the moment. If you give me some time, I may be able to find some herbs to help heal it further.”

[OOC:Almerin, if given permission, Aly will begin his search for some healing herbs and, if found, prepare them for Geron. If not, then that’s fine too..

Posted on 2011-09-09 at 04:14:36.
Edited on 2011-09-09 at 04:16:10 by Ayrn

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Ta'nil turned a slight red as he lost the trail and Aly took over.

“Not much luck, Ta’nil?”

"I've not practiced tracking for a while, as long as we work together, we won't get lost." He laughs a little and walks forward. Noticing some branches were bent over and broken for a while. He was about to comment on it when...

“Follow me,” Aly said humbly. “See how this branch on the bush is bent back? I think we still have the trail.”

She turned to Ta’nil, and spoke softly as to not let the others hear without much trouble, “If you would, I’d like it if you’d stay close. I’d hate to come upon the beast alone.”

"Returning the whisper he replied."They are strong, I will go along.We should return to them if we deem anything peculiar though."
((Ayrn, feel free to respond.))

Walking forward with eyes to the ground hoping to see something that Aly didn't see on her pass, he notices a separate trail leading to the west.

"There appears to be more than one path, the one forward and this one to the west." He sees a glint in the distance and stares for a bit. ignoring it, he moves closer to the group if not a pace behind ahead.

Stil wondering what in the world the glint was, he asks Geron and the group."Did any of you see the glint in the trees over there?"

Posted on 2011-09-09 at 18:37:45.
Edited on 2011-09-09 at 18:45:37 by Takley

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Attack post

[OOC: Moving forward... to attacking!]

The discovery of the desecrated patch of star-moss greatly troubled Aly. Sure, she had seen the blacksmith’s apprentice with his bad burns. And, there had been Harn’s close quarters’ battle with the bear. But the sight of all that blood, poured out and smeared across the earth’s floor, made the young druid squeamish.

Aidan sniffed the air and gave a low growl.

Aly called her companion to her side, allowing the others to pass her by, before taking up the rear. Even before she could hear the decadent slopping of the beast, Aly had Geron’s gift in her hand.

But, even though she had seen the beast-pup this very day, the sight of its mother still left her mouth dropped open in wonder. When the beast finally caught their scent, Aly moved back into action, slipping a stone into the sling, hoping to release it before all her companions joined the fray. Aidan returned the beast’s threat, growl for growl, though he stayed near Aly, guarding his charge until she commanded otherwise.

[OOC:Again, Aly will attempt to attack the beast with her ling while commanding Aidan to guard. Second round, if there is an opening for Aidan to move into melee range and Aly is not in any danger, she will command him to attack as well.]

Posted on 2011-09-10 at 02:33:39.

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After the battle with a pup, Traubon griped the entire time silently to himself about how he shouldn’t even be on this hunt.

Didn’t even hit it once, to slow to move while everyone else jumped into action. Justa’ slow Khord who only moves faster than the stone that he works…
Beating himself up silently he moved onwards with everyone else, he went through the motions of walking while his mind wandered off thinking about things he could of done and how everyone else was probably a better warrior than him, how these young human lads seemed to move with more skill than he could. They probably sparred and trained one on one, while all Traubon has done was read his father’s books and hit stumps with his halberd.

After a while of walking and tracking even Traubon noticed the sun started to set beyond the mountains of the west, bringing in the dark of night slowly after it. He hoped they would find this thing soon or they would most certainly be tracking back in the dark, or spending the night in the woods, and he didn’t bring his sleeping roll with him.

Luckily for Traubon, they ended up finding the mother beast sooner than later. A grizzly scene of blood and bone lay around the mother beast, resting in a nest with a large fallen pine behind it. Strands of meat and grizzle flowed from its mouth as it ate, and when the group suddenly interrupted its snack, it stopped and stood growling directly at them.

Well, ‘ere we go I guess, time to do somethin’ this time around…
Traubon gripped the leather hand holds on the haft of his halberd, and watched as other started to try and go out wide flanking it or getting behind it. He knew someone had to take up the attack in its front for anything like that to work, so breathing deep and exhaling through his nose, he charged in directly in front of it halberd set for its chest and throat, hoping to puncture deep and end this soon.

“Aye! ‘Ere we go lads, make this beast fall as hard as a granite slab!”

(Ok, so I'm charging head long to set up the flanks for everyone else, but i'm not using the "CHARGE" mechanic, don't want my ac any lower than it is :p)

Posted on 2011-09-11 at 15:26:19.
Edited on 2011-09-11 at 15:30:37 by Jozan1

I'm doing SCIENCE!
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The strange creature fell far too quickly. Musings of it being a child only, and then further musing of the mother being around stirred a bit of excitement in the little Brathun. This was a curious creature and something to study later. He quickly scavenged the body, taking a piece of hair here, a bit of saliva there, and a few nail clippings. He wasn't exactly sure what to do with it, but that was a question for a laboratory, not the wilds.

As some of the others were attempting to track the mother, Glitch couldn't help but run some calculations in his head. He would take a whiff of the beasty saliva, and then grab a few leaves and compare scents. What ran through the Brathun's head was something that would drive less scientifically-minded people to madness.

Unless of course, what ran through his head was simply madness.

When they stopped for a break, Glitch started grabbing handfuls of colorful looking herbs and flowers, often taking them to Aly for some information, but always thrusting them into one of the many pockets in his clothing.

Glitch's super detective skills finally paid off to the party, when he “located” Geron's lost longsword, half buried in the ground.

“If I may, I believe I can help make that better... at least return it to it's pre-lost state.”

(OOC: Assuming Geron agrees and let's him at it, he will examine to see if there are any critical breaks or failures, and if they can be easily repaired)

“When we get back to town, I shall offer you the temporary use of my great weapon-atom-reorganizer! It has the power to instantly purify any weapon and instantly remove the results of a past battle. I promise it will shine better than even the best polish!”

Not too long after the gruesome scene of blood and bone surrounded what was obviously the mother they had been hunting. Without much hesitation the battle began. Glitch led with his strange hand-cannon device aimed straight at the beast.

“Beasts shall no their strength no longer after meeting the business end of my automated-muscle-atrophy device! The tendons that connect muscle to bone shall wither away to nothing and the chemical mediators that allow the brain to respond to external threats shall be nullified! HIIIYYAAAAAA”

Glitch spun the gun around a few times, even throwing (and almost dropping) it during the ritual. He spoke a few more words in Brathnaii, and then put the cannon to his face, as if lining up a shot. A strange purple-blue mist began to eminate from the tip, and a small beam of light erupted from the end, directed right at the beast.

(Assuming this goes to Round 2)

“Time to get personal...”

Glitch lowered his goggles down in front of his eyes. A small image of a wooden archery target appeared over the left lens, and the entire set of goggles whirled in a mechanical way that doesn't seem possible for such a simple piece of equipment. He spoke a few more words in Brathnaii and closed in on the creature.

(Ray of Enfeeblement and True Strike in rounds 1 and 2, respectively. Sorry for the delay, the Inn was down during my only day off this week.)

Posted on 2011-09-11 at 22:46:11.

Typing Furiously
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mother knows best

The beast growled defiantly as the members of the hunters’ party made up their minds about the best course of action.

Ryan reacted before any of them, surprising even the beast with his swift determination. Moving to a tactical position on the creature’s right flank, he let his rapier flash toward it. His aim was unfocused though, as the heat of the combat took him.

As Ryan missed his target, the creature took a step out of harm’s way, and arched its back. Then it suddenly snapped its head forward and let out a terrifying screech that sent shivers down the group’s spines. But the nightmarish sound was nothing compared to what happened to the beast itself. As it opened its jaws to screech, the skin of its head drew back completely, revealing the muscles and bones underneath. Yellow eyes peered at them from hollow sockets, and the members of the group knew they were taking their final breaths now. (Fear effect)

Fear took them over. This was not what they had signed up for. They were supposed to hunt a shadow wolf, not some monster coming from a madman’s fantasies. Out of the whole group, only Traubon and Geron were able to withstand the fearful presence of the creature, and Traubon still felt a weakness had overcome him.

Alyannah, Jethrow and Ta’nil ran away into the woods as fast as they could. Glitch and Ryan just stood there, frozen with horror.

Geron had seen more battles before this one though, and he felt a lot better. He looked at the fleeing hunters for a second and grunted. But it was not out of pain this time. Aly had done her best to cure the bleeding of his wound and had dressed it later with herbs. At the moment, he didn’t feel any pain at all. He felt ready for a fight. With his longsword in hand once more, he felt ready for anything.
He approached the monster steadily, sword and dagger at a ready. He wasn’t fast, but determination compensated the lack of speed. The monster WAS fast however, and darted aside just as his blades swooped down.

Traubon knew what had to be done. He levelled his halberd and charged in. His feet pounded hard on the forest floor, and he gained momentum as he approached. Still, he was used to wooden tree-stumps, and those didn’t move. The creature instinctively tried to jump aside, and barely made it before the poled axe could penetrate its hide. The Khord cut off some pieces of fur, but otherwise did no damage.

Glitch had been staring in shock, but now realized he had legs. Turning, he decided to use them and ran as fast as possible into the opposite direction. Ryan caught the Brath’s movement and realized he was standing awfully close to the battle he didn’t want to be. He also ran.

The monster now had a target to pick, and decided on Traubon, who was trying to get his halberd around to face the creature again. As the Khord wrestled with his weapon, the beast pounced on him and sank its teeth in his shoulder. The jaws sank deep and hard, and the sensation of pain was instantaneous hell. Bones splintered underneath his old armor, and Traubon screamed.

Geron was the only one left to help him, as the rest of the group had all sprinted in fear. The old adventurer wasted no time and let his longsword come down on the monster with all his might. It slashed a bloody gash into the creature’s flank, and Geron yanked it loose as the monster howled in pain. Geron heaved for air, his old bones and muscles burning with the effort of wielding his sword. He was not yet healed fully, and he was feeling the strain of battle already.

Traubon clutched his halberd with both arms. The pain was terrible, blinding almost, but if he gave up now, all was lost. So, again, he targeted the monster, and let his weapon come down. The blade struck home this time, making the monster howl in pain some more.

Taking no more chances against these men with their biting weapons, the monster fled from its nest with full speed. Geron looked after it, too weary to go after it.

(OOC: In 1 to 3 rounds, everybody loses the fear effect and can return to the nest. The monster is gone, but is not yet defeated. Traubon took a critical hit, and lost half his HP. He will need some healing. Geron is catching his breath, but not more hurt than he was before the battle.)

Posted on 2011-09-12 at 14:57:49.

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Traubon trembled at the sight of the monsters flesh peeling back from its skull. He looked back and forth and saw his companions flee in terror, and it took every ounce of resolve to keep himself from fleeing in terror. But someone needed to hold the lines, and if his late father would see him flee from his great perch on the tallest mountain, then a stain would forever be on his soul. So Traubon held, and soon enough it was only him and Geron left.

Together, they attacked the beast in a two pronged fight that lasted only a few seconds, but to Traubon it felt like ages. Quickly he struck out to pierce the beasts hide, but he only trimmed fur and on a return attack, the animal sunk its fangs deep into his shoulder.

Pain shot through Traubons body as leather, flesh and bone were all crushed under the strength of powerful jaws. He felt like collapsing now and ending it, conceding the fight. But to do that would be to concede his life and his time was only just beginning. Images of the holds and halls of back home flashed through his mind and quickly he found the strength to regain control of his body, and find the leather grips of his weapon.

He would of surely died if it wasn't for Geron who slashed out at the beast and defended him, stopping the animal from tearing any more flesh. The older man seemed to tire out though as his age and wounds began to show.

Traubon knew this fight couldn't go on much longer, as one man with the skills of war but not the youth of years past, and himself with stumps being his only opponent before this. It needed to end now, and he hefted it high hoping gravity and weight would compensate for the lost force from the wound. His attack hit home and worked as the axe head bit deep and drew blood, seeming too much for the beast and panicking it away.

As it fled, Traubons vision tunnel visioned as he dropped to his knees and let his halberd fall to the ground. He grit his teeth as the pain took hold, the adrenaline fading.

"Ah, dah' damned beast didn't wanna' stick 'round for a proper end it seems... musta' know who was gonna win... 'eh Geron?"

He looked up to the older man and squeaked out a faint chuckle, and then laid down abruptly letting his body relax.
His first combat and he now lay half dead on the ground, but that only meant that in the end, he was alive and his enemy, bested.

Posted on 2011-09-19 at 04:47:31.

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The return of the scurvy dog

Wondering why he was still running, Ta'nil stopped and called out to Jethrow and Alyannah to halt their running.

He spoke to them
"Why are we still running, we should be back there to help them. Lets go."

As he was running he saw Glitch and Ryan running past him and tried to call out to them
"Glitch, Ryan, we need your help."
But they did not hear amidst their running

Ta'nil ran back only to find the beast was gone but Traubon and Geron were tired and hurt.
"Geron, Traubon, Im back, I'll try to heal you. Moreover, lets hope that at least another comes to help.

(attempts to heal Traubon first, then Geron.He then looks at the tracks to see which way it went.)

(whatever way the tracks went and after waiting if another comes back)

"It went this way"*Ta'nil points in the direction it went*" Geron, you don't have to come if you are too tired."

(to himself) C'mon Ta'nil, you can't be beat by something that can peel its face back. thats just silly. we can do this. We must do this.

"C'mon we finish this beast off today!!!"

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Finally up... sorry for the delay.

Even as Aly slipped and stone into her sling and began to take aim, she felt her stomach flutter. The beast was much, much larger than her cub. And likely more cunning with age, the druid thought.

What happened next, though, moved her from the heightened senses one experiences when meeting a predator to the sheer terror of coming face to face with Lady Sharlys herself. The sound of the beast’s screeching nearly stunned the young cidal, causing her heart to skip a beat. Aidan fared no better, the deafening noise causing the normally brave dog to whimper and whine

But neither could stand within the beast’s presence when they watched the creature unnaturally pull back all the skin around its head. The spectacle was too much, overloading Aly’s mind and causing her body to bolt. The sling fell from her hand as her legs turned her body around to flee, to hide, to get as far away from the presence of this thing of nightmare. She cared nothing for Aidan, or Geron, or any of her companions. She didn’t think once of her village, the people already dead by this creature, or anyone else for that matter.

She knew only that to stay here, in this place, with this thing for one moment longer meant death, and, as her mind was too slow to respond, her body took charge... and Aly ran. Thorns and brambles torn at her clothes, low hanging branches and needles nicked her face... she took no notice.

A tree root caught Aly’s foot and sent her flying. The force with which she hit the ground knocked the wind out of her body and forced her to stop for a moment to catch her breath. In those moments, her mind finally caught up to her body and she sobbed. Tears streamed down her flush cheeks and her chest heaved uncontrollably.

From behind a bush nearby, the druid heard a familiar faint whining. “Come – here – Ai – dan,” Aly cried out, each word punctuated by more chest-heaves and sniffles. “Come – here – boy.”

Her loyal companion came out from behind the bush, his body low to the ground and his tail between his legs... he was frightened and ashamed. “It’s – o – kay - boy,” she tried to soothe her companion, even as her eyes darted around to ensure the beast wasn’t near. “It’s – o – kay,” she said, trying to calm herself.

The two stayed there for a while, trying to console themselves, trying to shake off the fear... and then the shame of abandoning their companions. The cidal had no idea of the fate her friends had met, she shuddered at the thought, tried to push it out. I’ll just return to the village... perhaps some of them will have made for there too. And we’ll tell them, tell the people, it’ll just too horrible. And we’ll need to send for help. And maybe the beast won’t come into the village. And maybe... And here the fear of moments before turned almost to despair as Aly knew deep in her heart that this beast would never be satisfied, that soon its attention would turn to Stone’s Hollow, and how it would feast. Aly wept all the more bitterly at the thought.

At that moment, in her deepest despair, she heard her name being called. Who called her name, she did not know... perhaps the sigie Ryan, perhaps another. But the sound of her name drew Aly up, like one being pulled from a raging river. The cidal called back, “We’re here. We’re alright.” And she cautiously made her way towards the sound of her companions, eyes stinging yet darting to and fro, at first walking then running.

As she approached the spot of her companions, Aly realized they were still at the beast’s nest. She peered out from behind some bushes. “Is it gone? Is it dead?” she nearly whispered. When she could see no sign of the creature’s presence, Aly rushed to Geron and threw her arms around him. “Oh, Geron,” she sobbed again, relief and fright and shame mixed together in a spew of words, and tears, and heaves. “I’m so sorry, Geron. I should have never come. I didn’t know. I didn’t know. It was... I’m so sorry. It was too much for me. I’m so scared, Geron. I’m sorry. I should have never come. I didn’t know. I didn’t...” No more words, just broken sobs and hot tears.

[OOC: Almerin, feel free to insert Geron’s encouragement (or not) here. Other players, feel free to chime in as well.]

After a minute or so, Aly regained herself again. Her chest still heaved and she still sniffled some, but she was able to take in her surrounding again, to notice her other companions. The khord’s wounds caught her attention, and she went to him first, “Traubon, I’m so sorry... can I take a look at that?”

[OOC: Aly will examine the wound and attempt to use her skills in healing and herblore to clean it up and mend it as best she can. She’ll also look Geron over, and she if she can help patch him up some more]

The sylvarii scout was the first to urge the party to move. "It went this way," Ta'nil pointed off into the woods. "Geron, you don't have to come if you are too tired.”

To the others, Ta’nil rallied, "C'mon we finish this beast off today!!!"

Aly was in no mood for beast tracking or chasing or slaying though. She’d had her fill for the day. Beyond that, the healer in her warned that Traubon and Geron were deeply in need of rest and attention beyond her skill.

“I think we should head back for the night,” Aly suggested unabashedly. “Traubon needs to be attended by hands of greater skill than mine. And Geron, though you may not like it, you could use a night’s rest. And...” she paused, trembling a little. “And... I’m not sure I have the courage to face the beast again.”

[OOC: Almerin, and others, I am in no way trying to delay or hinder this game. While Aly has suggested that they return home, she could be persuaded otherwise by –
1) Geron, if he refuses to head back to town
2) Geron and others offering encouragement to Aly

I will say, as a player, we are empty on healing magic and Aly’s healing/herblore will only take us so far... so... yeah. A good night’s rest and maybe calling in a favour or two from either Helena (Aly’s mentor) or the town’s priests/healers might be helpful. I recognize that we might lose the trail and have to search all over again...

Almerin, moving back to town might also allow us to drop off some PCs who’s players have left, and pick up some new players. However, if possible, even if we do go back into town, I would love it if your update pretty much brought us back to searching/ finding the beast again, as I imagine that will be our plan in the end.

Regardless of whether we head back to town or continue tracking this beast, Aly will pick up her sling again as they leave the nest area.

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