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The monk watched forward down the empty tunnel as the others discussed their current dilemma. Mostly it was Teros and Elandor, however, and the small one had mentioned the other group of travelers who had offered to travel with them. However, the monk had not been present during the offer and the rest of the party had taken a disliking to them. It seemed slightly odd how they had welcomed the Scourge into their midst and yet when someone else of such...visage had approached them, they shrunk away in fear and prejudice.

Perhaps they were well grounded in their decision, perhaps not. It was a thing decided in the past, and now the consequences would be dealt with in the future.

"Do you forget our purpose of being here, young one? We, too, come to gather a treasure of the ancient past. Our intentions, as best known to ourselves, are noble in thought, but their intent..." Vilyamar said without turning.

"Their intent may never be known to us. Please, do not be so quick to judge others. You can never know all that has passed before them," he said solemnly, looking out into the hallway.

"Also, after what happened in our last instance in battle together, I suggest that we do not split ourselves into single pieces. I will travel behind you, within sight, so that you may signal back to me when things are alright. Not only will you have my aid should something arise you could not deal with on your own, but I am quick enough to gather the others without your needing to yell," the monk said, turning and kneeling to become at eye level with the kender. "Besides, you just said yourself, the other party may be around. Why would we wish to alert them of our presence here so they could come and take the one treasure we need?"

((Vil will follow behind Elandor at a distance, within sight range, so that he can signal back to him. Vil will run back and grab the party every hundred feet or so. He also hashes out hand signals with Elandor before going into the tunnel ))

Posted on 2006-09-17 at 09:28:33.

Queen Hugglepounce
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EDIT DONE this 19th day of September 2006 : p

Marie smiled and blushed slightly, “Mya.” She repeated in a belated attempt to correct her mistake. She listened as Teros explained that Mya had agreed to marry him. Marie happily congratulated Teros on his engagement.

“Well, I’m glad you have returned to the group, Teros. And though I’m relatively sure we would have somehow found a way through that disaster…” said with no conviction whatsoever, and quite a lot of playful sarcasm, “…future situations such as that one, just might prove a little easier with the 'tid-bit' of extra fighting skill around.” Marie grinned and glanced sideways at Teros to see any reaction he may have to her teasing jab.

Marie merely smiled her big smile when Teros said she had too many questions. She turned her head to look at him as they walked along, laughter in her eyes, “Yes, well, what can I say? I’m the inquisitive sort. And I’m very thankful to your Goddess Lavuria for her timely aid.” Her face grew a bit more serious as she said, “Please thank her for me.”

Marie had been very excited about the possible solution to the riddle. However, when she heard Vilyamar’s words her smile faded away and she thought about what he had to say on the matter. She nodded thoughtfully, and concluded that he was right. She could have kicked herself for being over-enthusiastic about the whole situation. She reminded herself of what had nearly happened to the group, and mentally scolded herself for having reacted so carelessly. She resolved that, though the thought of the mystery of the riddle being solved was rather exciting to her, it was still a very dangerous mission and must be taken with the utmost care and caution.

With Vilyamar standing near her now, she heard his whispered words,

“ The burden would be too great to bear...”
She momentarily wondered at this before she said in somewhat of a repentant tone, “Please forgive my outburst of excitement. I meant no disrespect. Nor did I intend to imply the decisions, and paths we take are all on your shoulders. I got overly excited at the possibility of the riddle being solved, and for a few moments that over shadowed everything else. I do apologize, and will remember your words in the future.”
Somewhat embarrassed by her little outburst her cheeks reddened a shade or two as she peered into the tunnel once more. As she did this, the words uttered by Elandor sank in. She looked back at him in slight alarm, “Do you truly think it is possible that band of miscreants are here already? How could they have gotten in? We had to pass by the Sphinx and the only reason we did that is, because .. well, we are the chosen group and had the right information and that dagger. What could they possibly have? Surely they would not have been able to enter as well?” Marie said with conviction…then after a moment, with slightly less confidence in her voice, “Right?”
She smiled and chuckled slightly at the light jest regarding Elendor tripping the trap without everyone else present, then laughed lightly at the kender’s antics.

Marie’s eyes darted from Elandor to Vilyamar as he spoke once more. She agreed sticking together was a good idea, and seeing that Elandor already had a companion for the task of scouting the tunnel's safety, she remained next to Scorge, and waited for the signal that all was well.

Posted on 2006-09-18 at 20:27:19.
Edited on 2006-09-22 at 11:22:16 by DarkAutumn

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Room of the Sun

September 6th/Saturday Central Ralnaria
Hajin Ra

To the little kender, the stone passage was like the gaping throat of an ancient dragon. Fire lined the walls ever 40 paces or so, but their light was pale and cold. The brilliant light that shone from the cloaked giant’s scythe lit the room, and most of the walls of what made up the pit they had descended with light as bright as day, but the tunnel crept into darkness.

Vilyamar, stepped beside him. His pale, silvery hair hung over bare, shapely shoulders. Neither were dressed very darkly, but in the light of the torches, dark clothing wouldn’t help as much as silence.

The kender had played a pivotal role in their previous encounter, with….not only his collecting of the shield, but with his ascension up the statue of Vunalis, and his throw to Teros, who had arrived only just in time. But perhaps the kender had more to prove to the group. He was more than an inquisitive tag-along.

Without a second glance at the party, that now stood near the stone statue of the knight, and the unmoving figure of Scourge; the kender started down the tunnel. His steps were light as a mouse, and before long, only his bobbing topknot gave the on looking group a point to focus on.

The half elf was quick to follow, though he moved slower, steadier, allowing the smaller figure a good 40 feet or so. Soon enough, both figures disappeared around a right hand curve in the tunnel. The group was left to wait….

Elandor had come to an interesting scene. Perhaps twenty feet away, stood a doorway, similar to the one they had already encountered. It was a burnished, red metal, in the light of the two, pale torches on either of it’s sides. It’s arched double doors lifted much higher than the kender deemed necessary. After all, how many creatures were over ten feet tall? What made this scene unusual, however, was the hole in the right hand wall, 5 feet from him. Until now, the place had been flawless. Too perfect even. Elandor hadn’t even noticed any dust on the ancient ground!

This broken stone and rubble lay, sprawled across the tunnel, as if the hole had been punched in from outside. The kender heard nothing, however, and peering into the darkness, he saw nothing. A cave in perhaps? But why was this single hole the only part of the tunnel that seemed to be effected?

The kender signaled Vilyamar, who crouched, 40 paces away, in the shadow between two torches. The half elf came forward and studied the hole with him. Neither of them could hear a thing, or find any sign of life. It was rather dark, however….But there seemed to be a vast expanse of darkness beyond the hole. Nomatter. The door was in site, and they would need to pass this hole if they wished to get into the door. It would be wise if the group were with them. The two decided to leave the hole and the darkness beyond, and return to the group together.

(Roleplay gathering the group and returning)
Doorway The group stood nearby as Elandor inspected the doorway. He wasn’t the most adept at detecting magic, but if the other doorway hadn’t been magically warded, this probably wasn’t either. He was correct. The door was also, possibly to a kenders disappointment, not locked. Infact, there was no way for it to lock. The door simply need to be pushed open…By something stronger than a kender.

With help, the group got to door open, and peered into the room beyond. If the last room had been intimidating, this was just as puzzling. It was much smaller than the last, which had been the size of a coliseum! This was perhaps 50 feet, and squared, with a 50 foot ceiling. The walls on either side of the room were lined entirely with circular mirrors, perfectly polished. On the far side of the room, the ceiling lowered, perhaps 20 feet, leaving a 30 foot “cubby”. Beneath this ledge, stood a the statue of a woman of unworldly beauty, despite the fact that she had four arms. Her build was of elven delicacy, and two of her arms, though poised in fluid grace, gripped long headed spears. (Lavuria’s chosen weapon) The other two held before her, a wide, shallow bowl.. A flowing gown spilled over her body, and pooled across the floor at her feet. Her hair hung over her shoulder’s in two, thick braids, but her face….Her face was..nonexistant. Every other inch of the statue was of perfect, lifelike detail. But where her face would be, the statue was flattened, smooth. The head was tilted, as if the goddess was gazing at something above her….

A beam of sunlight spilled like liquid gold from a perfect, circular hole in the room, to puddle in the center of the room.

(the group will need to enter the room and inspect it to get more details. Also, if you wish to inspect the hole, say so. With Scourges light, it appears a cave lies beyond. Also, for the record. This IS a statue of Lavuria. And it is not customary for her face to be missing. I just don’t want anyone thinking that a missing face is religious. Her face is usually present.)

Posted on 2006-09-18 at 20:59:25.

Typing Furiously
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quick post

To the kender, this was real adventure. To go ahead of the group, get all the confidense from his fellow heroes, and melt into the shadows.... he wouldn't want anything else.

The asocially large door was more than the kender could handle on his own, so he signalled to Vilyamar to get the rest. While the monk went to collect the group, Elandor took another peak at the black hole. It intrigued him, but he forgot about it when the doors were pushed open.

Another puzzle lay beyond, and this one seemed more difficult to fathom. The kender's first imagination-wave existed of the mirrors needing to reflect the light onto the face the goddess's statue. Or maybe to reflect the light from the hole in the ceiling to reflect through the tunnel and onto the shield, held by the statue. Both images needed the shields to be loose from the walls, and Elandor started inspecting the room.

(OOC: The kender will search the entire area, most of all the mirrors and the statue. He will take 20 on this check so his total should be at 37)

Posted on 2006-09-20 at 07:27:41.

Queen Hugglepounce
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Suspense of what comes next...O.o

Marie Tanner watched as Vilyamar’s back disappeared down the tunnel. She sighed slightly and looked around, not liking having to wait while someone else did all the exploring. “Well, I guess now all we can do is wait.” With that she began idly strolling around the immediate area, taking in any sites and sounds there may be.

As she looked around she saw Teros, and smiled. She walked over to him and said quietly, “So, Mya,” said carefully, making sure she said it correctly, a smile slowly spreading across her lips, “said yes, did she? How did that come about, if I may be so bold as to ask?”
Marie was talking with Teros about his love and what had transpired the two days he had been away from the group, when she saw Vilyamar emerge. She held her tongue, and kept from asking any questions before allowing him to say his peace.


Marie was the first to follow Vilyamar into the tunnel. As he lead them to where Elander waited, she looked around trying to see as much as she could with the light provided. Once at the door, she smiled a cautious greeting to the kender. She scanned the room carefully, a delicate brow arching slightly as she took notice of the hole in the wall. She made a mental note to check it out if they got out of this next room alive, as she didn’t know what lay just beyond the door. The hole temporarily forgotten, she moved to the door, and made an attempt to push it open, with the aid of her team-mates.


Once inside the room, Marie marveled at the site of all the oh-so-perfect mirrors covering every inch of the walls around them. To her imperfect eye, the room seemed almost perfect in it’s dimensions, save for the “cubby” in one of the walls. She found said cubby strange, “But then, what about the room isn’t strange?”, she asked herself. She looked up at the source from which the ray of light streamed into the room, touching down to the floor, almost gracefully. She always paused in awe at the site of light streaming through the clouds, or any form of darkness. No matter what stood in it’s way, somehow the light always seemed to manage to break through it’s barriers and bring light to this world. Marie smiled slightly to herself at this thought. The smile did not last long, however, when her eyes fell on the non-existent face of the otherwise elegantly perfect statue. She turned to Teros and looked at him questioningly. As she had never seen a statue of this goddess before, she asked, her voice almost a whisper, mixed with awe and concern, “Why does your goddess not have a face?” The question was one of ignorance, as she knew nothing of this goddess and her traditions and ways.

Posted on 2006-09-22 at 10:47:14.
Edited on 2006-09-22 at 11:30:22 by DarkAutumn

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Room of the Sun

September 6th/Saturday Central Ralnaria
Hajin Ra

Upon further, thorough investigation….

This was perhaps 50 feet, and squared, with a 50 foot ceiling. The walls on either side of the room were lined entirely with circular mirrors, perfectly polished. On the far side of the room, the ceiling lowered, perhaps 20 feet, leaving a 30 foot “cubby”. Beneath this ledge, stood a silver statue of a woman of unworldly beauty, despite the fact that she had four arms. Her build was of elven delicacy, and two of her arms, though poised in fluid grace, gripped long headed spears. (Lavuria’s chosen weapon) The other two held before her, a wide, shallow bowl.. A flowing gown spilled over her body, and pooled across the floor at her feet. Her hair hung over her shoulder’s in two, thick braids, but her face….Her face was..nonexistant. Every other inch of the statue was of perfect, lifelike detail. But where her face would be, the statue was flattened, smooth. The head was tilted, as if the goddess was gazing at something above her….

A beam of sunlight spilled like liquid gold from a perfect, circular hole in the room, to puddle in the center of the room.

The room is squared,(50square feet) with smooth, featureless walls. The ceiling is as flat as the floor, and featureless also, save two details. The first is a small, circular hole, perhaps a foot wide. Golden sunlight pours through this, spilling into a circle in the center of the room. The second detail is what looks like a five foot, hook, shaped like those that stand beside the doorway in every tavern; waiting patiently to hold the cloaks and hats of weary travelers. This one hung 45 feet above their heads.

Though the walls are not marred or decorated, they are lined almost entirely with what the group could now verify were silver round shields! Despite obvious ages in this “tomb”, no hint of tarnish marred their perfect, reflective surfaces; and stepping into the room, the group felt that it was bigger than it seemed, and filled with countless clones of themselves. The shields each sported ornamental hand grips on their backsides, with which they sat over hooks on the walls.

Though the room was squared, the wall on the far end had a slight “step” effect. Descending from the ceiling, perhaps 20 feet, the wall then cut horizontally back, perhaps 10 feet, before descending the last 30 feet to the ground. This left a “hollow” or a cubby in which stood the glimmering, silver statue of Lavuria. Her silver dress appeared to flow like water in the moonlight, spilling around slender legs. Two of her arms held a wide, shallow bowl before her, as if she was prepared to catch something in it. The other two arms held spears at her side. Her featureless, silver face gazed upward and out of the cubby, in the direction of….either the sun lit hole in the ceiling, or the hook that hung before it, facing the wall above her.

Indeed the far wall had more details still to be had. Perhaps ten feet from the ceiling, and five feet below the hook that hung, 10 feet from it, was what seemed to be a 2 by 2 foot, circular hole. This would mean there was a room directly above the statue. Infact, there was, and this was proven when Elandor, who appeared to be the most interested in digging up every detail this room had to offer, stood under the cubby, beside the statue and looked up. The ceiling of the cubby was beautiful, and appeared to be carved from clear crystal or….ice! The ceiling was so clear, that the kender could see, though distorted, that a pedestal stood within the room above. The pedestal seemed to be made of ice….or crystal also! Surely…something must sit upon the pedestal, directly above the bowl that the goddess held.

Side view Diagram

Posted on 2006-09-24 at 09:26:01.

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Val + Art = ROFL

Marie congratulated Teros on his engagement and then pressed on with more talk. Perhaps now that he was claimed he was far more interesting, but regardless of the reason she was being quite friendly with him. She even insulted his fighting abilities, but he was fairly certain it was nothing more than a playful jab.

"Mmhm." he said with a raised eyebrow and a grin on his face. "Better to be a "tid-bit" useful than useless. You make a great meat shield though, perhaps I should abandon this shield and just carry you around."


After the Kender dismissed his worries and went scouting with Vilyamar, Teros was left with the rest of the group. Marie started walking around and Scourge held his place at the door, acting as a sort of torch. The rest of the group, which was really just the Gnome, Bard, and himself sort of stood around and waited for the Kender to return and give them the go ahead.

At first his eyes scanned the surrounding area, but it didn't take long for him to get bored with that. Instead he started rocking back and forth on his heels and casually glancing around while thinking of such mundane things as what kinda dress Mya would be wearing when he returned.

However it didn't take long for Marie to wander over to him and begin talking to him. Apparently this was a good time to strike up a conversation, and who was he to disagree? Its not like he didn't enjoy the conversation or he had something better to do.

She questioned him about his fiancee and how it all came about. For a second his face flashed to show how unsure he was about this subject, but he quickly covered that with words instead.

"Well, usually, when you see yourself attatched to a person of the opposite gender, you ask them to become your spouse and present them with a ring. Then you spend the rest of your lives together in a thing called marriage." The last word was said slowly, as if he was speaking to a child. Meanwhile he had the biggest grin on his face and his eyes were alight with mischief.

He gave a slight chuckle and then shook his head. "Mya and I met when were both young. She took care of me." His grin fell so that it was barely there, and he idly rubbed the scar that ran across his cheek. "And..."

At that moment Vilyamar showed up and told them the coast was clear. Teros, to be honest, was more than a little happy. Remembeing was good, but he didn't want to think on it right now.

"Another time then, eh?" he nodded at Marie and followed the group down the hall.


The first thing Teros noticed was the cubby. It was strangely out of place in the amazingly well perserved ruins. He was almost certain that it would play a part to this puzzle, but no part of him was eager to capitalize on it. The Kender would end up sticking his hand in it or crawling in it. For all his teasing, though, he really did like the little guy. Who could hate him?

Past the door was an interesting scene. Mirror like objects lined either wall, and against the far wall was a lowered ceiling, creating a protective cubby.

But by far was the object that stood at the base of this cubby. The statue was beautiful, and for a second he felt a ping of joy and pride as he gazed upon it. Even in rock form, her beauty radiated. But as he gazed upon her face he felt a sinking feeling. She had no face, and it was the strangest thing.

Marie was the first to point out the elephant in the room and Teros frowned as he thought. Eventually he shrugged. "Though my Mother was one, I am no Cleric or Scholar of Lavuria. Usually she has a face...I don't understand what this means."

Regardless of what it ment, he didn't like it. He gazed upon the statue, thinking, and almost oblivious of what was happening around him.

Posted on 2006-09-25 at 11:57:45.

Queen Hugglepounce
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Mirrors? No Shields! ... huh?

Marie gasped in mock horror at his playful insult, then she laughed, “I somehow don’t think your woman would take too kindly to you carrying another female around with you. So I’ll pass on that, thank you very much! I don’t need to spend all my time and effort living through this mission of ours just to be killed by a jealous fiancé when we are through!”

Not one to miss the minor details, Marie noticed the uncertain look that flashed across Teros’ face. She raised a brow at this, but wisely said nothing. Her look of concern quickly changed to that of humor at his jab.

She punched him lightly on the shoulder and laughed. “Oh come now. You know what I meant!” Her laughter faded when Teros rubbed the scar on his cheek. Her curiosity threatening to make her crazy, she held her tongue and let him speak. Of course he didn’t get far by the time Vyliamar came back and lead them through the tunnel. She smiled briefly at Teros. “Another time indeed, my friend.”

Marie frowned at Teros’ words, looking at him and pointing in confusion at the statue, “You mean to say that she is supposed to have a face?” She says this with no expectation of a response, just out of shear disbelief. She looked at the statue in confusion and her frown deepened.

With a chill racing down her spine, Marie looked carefully about the room again. She moved closer to the mirrors on the walls, walking right through the beam of light. The temporary warmth as she walked beneath the light flowing into the room, however fleeting, felt good in the otherwise chilling room. She examined the mirrors on the wall, and in doing so realized the mirrors weren’t mirrors at all. “These mirrors are shields!” she said with a hint of an almost awed wonder to her voice. She reached out to remove a shield from the wall, then stopped mid-reach. She dropped her arms immediately and looked around. I’m not pullin’ an Elandor! Not this chic! U-uh!” she thought to herself. She turned toward the rest of the group. “What do you suppose is the meaning of all this display? Mirror-like shields covering the walls, the faceless statue, the light coming through the ceiling…? What could it all mean?”

Posted on 2006-09-28 at 00:26:40.

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A Divine Gift

September 6th/Saturday Central Ralnaria
Hajin Ra

Without haste, the group set about solving the puzzle that this room held. The idea was to tie a lasso ending to a rope, produced by Marie. This rope would be flung by Teros, to catch onto the hook that hung from the ceiling. Removing his choice of shield from the wall, Elandor would climb the rope and strap the shield to the hook. Once he was safely down, Teros would step into the circle of sunlight, and focus it onto the face of his goddess, with the hopes that the light would bounce onto the shield suspended from the hook, and into the hole in the wall above her. If their suspicions were correct, the clear substance should melt, allowing whatever it held, to fall into the bowl that the Goddess held before her.

The plan was set into action. Setting her pack onto the stone floor and withdrawing her rope, Marie set about lassoing it, while the kender selected his shield from the wall. Every one of them seemed identical, so the kender didn’t have much difficulty deciding. When they were ready, Teros set his own shield against his pack on the ground and tossed the rope. It missed the first 3 times, but on the fourth shot, the rope caught. Giving it a tug, Teros watched as the knot tightened around the hook. Stepping back, he allowed the kender to scurry up it like a rat would a dungeon chain.

Once the kender landed safely upon the ground once more, Teros stepped into the light, took a deep breath, and held up his shield. As soon as the mithril hit the sunlight, it gleamed like brilliant fire, the shields that lined the wall caught the light, and glowed with their own fire. The room was encased in a sharp glare. A condensed beam, however, shot from the face of the shield like a beacon. Focusing the light on his goddess, Teros was amazed by how suddenly the chain reaction took place. What’s more, the artistic beauty that the image created was beyond wonder. To the group, it appeared the figure, made of silver, had become a living deity. Her face glowed with an intensity that forced them to avert their gazes, and above her, the shelf ceiling, made of clear crystalline glimmered and glowed, causing her entire body to shimmer with light. Water began to fall around her, though the air burned with light. The bowl she held before her filled and overflowed, and a myriad of color hovered like a phantom before the goddess (a rainbow).

The sight in it’s own, was worth the struggle. It was holy. It was celestial. It was beyond the work of mortals. A small splash rang over the sound of falling water, and in the light that surrounded it, the bowl began to glow.

A diamond, the shape and size of the hole in Teros’ shield.

Posted on 2006-10-07 at 19:21:11.

Queen Hugglepounce
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Woot! And so the story continues....:D

Once the plan had been voiced, Marie immediately pulled the rope from her pack and tied it into a lasso. She then handed the lasso to Teros and grinned, “Let’s just hope you can lasso that hook better than you can fight.” with that she winked and stepped aside to allow him plenty of room. Marie’s grin only grew bigger each time Teros missed the hook. “Strike one…..Strike two…..Strike three! Give me a g…” Before she finished the sentence Teros had finally achieved the goal.

Marie soon forgot her teasing as the light hit the statue’s face. She stood transfixed as the room suddenly glowed with fiery light. With an upraised arm, she was shielding her eyes from the glare of the brilliant light as she watched the surreal scene before her. The statue came to life before her eyes, or so it had seemed, and Marie fell to her knees. Tears streamed down her face as she stared in wonder at the site so beautiful and perfect, so pure, she could not help but be touched to the very core of her imperfect soul.

The sudden splash broke through the “spell” that had enslaved her mind. Her eyes now focused on the glowing light from the bowl. She stood and, wiping the tears from her face, made her way to the bowl. She peered inside it, and then looked at Teros. You did it!” Then, without a second thought, she grabbed the beautiful diamond from the water-filled bowl and took it to Teros. She was practically bouncing with excitement as she handed the star to him. “Your shield! Look at this! It will surely fit your shield perfectly!”

Posted on 2006-10-10 at 05:51:03.
Edited on 2006-10-10 at 05:55:40 by DarkAutumn

Typing Furiously
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The Diamond of Spring! Oops… wrong forum.

Climbing down the rope the small kender regretted setting his feet on the stone ground again. The view from up there was magnificent. No wonder statues of gods were always that big. High up on the rope, adjusting the shield, Elandor felt godly. His perspective was normally one from the low side of things. Not to say that’s a bad thing. From down low things can only go up, right? At least, that’s what the kender always told himself.

After descending to his own height, Elandor soon forgot his issues with altitude. Teros’ trick with the shield worked a second time, only this time not to stop a dark army. The beauty it created was mind-stiffening. It was breath-stopping. No, Elandor thought, this beauty should be named jaw-breaking. For it made you want to look at it with your mouth hanging open as far as possible, so far that you’d have to break your jaw in order to reach the amount of dropping that would equal the beauty of this… hey a gem!

The distraction saved him from attempts at prying his mouth open. When Marie held up the star-shaped diamond and held it before Teros’ shield Elandor jumped up and down, reaching for the gem.

“Wow! Let me see, let me see! Can I hold it? Just until we’ve reached the statue? Besides… it’s not really HIS shield. He can only borrow it until we’re down the hall. Then it’s the statue’s shield. And we will all be sorry if we don’t give the statue the shield, you know. That’s like giving up our quest. Hey, what was with that black hole, anyway?”

Elandor leaves the others in the room to check out the black hole in the hallway. It looked like it wasn’t supposed to be there, so it was surely interesting.
(OOC: He’s going to check out the hole. Look at it, listen for a while, and then search it. If need be, he’ll even try to crawl in it to see what it’s all about.)

Posted on 2006-10-10 at 09:53:43.

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Are you happy now?

As Teros stood, trying to comprehend the statue, a plan was set in motion which apparently involved him. With a slight reluctance he nodded to the plan and tried to prepare for throwing a rope to catch a hook. Although he was sure he could do it he hadn't done anything else like this before, and so it made him slightly nervous. Marie seemed to sense his slight apprehension and devoured it like some giggly pre-teen girl.

"Well lets just hope you tie a laso better than you flirt." he said with a serious face, trying his hardest to not smile or laugh as he took the rope. Turning to face the hook he began to gauge the throw and then tossed the rope. It took him two throws to get the hang of what he was doing, and the third one almost made it but fell back to the ground. After each failure Marie would remark on the failure, calling them strikes. Just after the rope was back in his hand after the third failure she started to say something, but Teros flung the rope up and caught the hook. She stopped what she about to say, and recieved a grin and a look from Teros that screamed "What you're not gonna say it now?" before Teros turned back to the rope and made sure it was secure.

The Kender quickly scaled the rope and secured the shield, and Teros took his place in the light and started the chain reaction. Almost as soon as the light met the shield the entire room changed. The Goddess seemed to come alive, and she glowed so fiercely that he could not hold his gaze upon her. For a few moments he was dazed, but then he remembered his place and fell on his knees and began to say a prayer of sorts in Ralnarian.

Teros was vaguely aware of someone passing him, and standing in front of him. Marie said something about his shield and something fitting inside of it perfectly. But he didn't move, his prayer wasn't done. And soon he heard another, higher pitched, voice bouncing around him with a strange sort of joy that seemed to fit the scene. However it sooned hurried off without anyone being able to respond.

After a full minute or two he stopped his prayer and stood up. Marie was standing in front of him holding a diamond of sorts, and after a bit he understood that she wanted the diamond to be placed into the shield. It crossed his mind that it seemed sort of wrong that she had surely approached the statue, but he shrugged if off and accepted the token without a word.

However he didn't immediatly place it in the shield. Instead he studied it for a short time and then turned to the rest of the group, eyeing each one of them. It seemed slightly unfair that so many Ralnarians would not be blessed by such a sight their entire, devout, lives, but these people would. It seemed to him that those jealous feelings were wrong, and he did feel guilty for having them. That was until he saw the pale figure of Damien.

Almost as soon as his eyes landed upon the man his face controted to one of anger and rage, and he strode forward to the Bard. The words he had spoken the first day they had met, in the Tavern, were not forgotten. Nor was his outburst at the Elven City. The rest of these noble souls may be worthy to stand before the Goddess, but he was not.

"Blasphemer!" he shouted in Ralnarian. "You have no place here! Free yourself from the Gods do you? Think it better to surrender to the dark forces do you?" he paused, certain the man couldn't understand a word, but waited a few moments for a reply anyways. "Look!" he pointed at the statue, half turning to give him a view. "Do you see?" he turned back, blocking the view. "Go!" he pointed out of the doors, "You have no place here!" he would of spit on the mans feet but he didn't want to desecrate such holy ground as this. Instead he gave the bard a defiant look, turned his back to him, and then set the diamond in his shield.

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The Shield


The warrior shouted in Ralnarian.

"Haat'lo ryn sata! Etin Haazala un Qasls re Haat? El'e kulu ta'rit negtu remido qui?"

he paused,


pointed at the statue, half turning to give the bard a view.

"Es Haat'ne?"

he turned back, blocking the view.


he pointed out of the doors,

"Haat're seb ka!"

Casting the bard a defiant look, Teros turned his back to him, and then set the diamond in his shield....and from outside his spot beside the hole in the wall, out in the hallway, Elandor was instantly aware of the white light that flooded from the open doorway his companions stood beyond....

Instantly the shield lit up, causing him to fumble, and nearly drop it. The light was white, and penetrating. The Ralnarian squeezed his eyes shut, but the light penetrated. It was like staring directly into the sun, only in this case the light was much closer. The room was blindingly bright, and dazzled each member of the party to the point that they could see only white, and scattered shadows. (its like this because its reflecting off all the shields on teh wall. Just hold the shield facing the ground )

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Blinded By the Light ! ! !

Marie laughed softly as Elandor displayed, yet again, his child like personality in asking so excitedly for the gem. Before she could respond he was off to explore the mysteries of the black hole in the wall just outside the room.

Looking back at Teros as he took the gem from her hand, she got the distinct impression that he was thinking of himself as above the others of the group. Then suddenly he practically charged Damien and began yelling at the bard in a language she did not understand. Marie looked on in stunned silence as he gestured with his hands, and then, after a brief pause in his ranting, he pointed toward the door and yelled some more. She could only assume he wanted the man out of the room for some reason or another. She had no idea what that was all about.

Her attention again focused on the shield and star as Teros turned and moved to position the gem in it's place on the shield. Suddenly her eyes felt as though they were on fire. She closed them instantly and shielded them with her arms. But she was too late. The light had practically blinded her, and the pain of the sudden, and overly bright light immediately enveloped her head. Ears ringing painfully, she stumbled from the room as quickly as possible, one arm over her eyes, and the other extended before her in an attempt to feel her way out of the room.

Once out of the room, her ears ringing painfully, she pressed her back up against the nearest wall and placed both hands over her aching eyes. She could see millions of bursts of light flashing behind her closed eyelids in speedy succession. Never had the back of her eyelids been so bright! She blinked her eyes several times and continued to rub and hold them with her hands, desperate to make sure she could still see.

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the light! it burns!!

Rinrin was in a flurry of thoughts. Awe of this magnificent room and it's many mirror-shields lining the walls; confusion at the statue's lack of a face; amazement at the fantastic result of their solution to the puzzle the room presented. Out of respect for Lavuria, the small cleric bowed her head as the beautiful face took shape and water fell from above like glowing rain.

The scene before them was so far beyond words, Rinrin could not surpress a small laugh of excitement. A small splash later, and even the Goddess' bowl was glowing radiantly! The gnome hugged Conjori to her. That must be what they needed to finish the riddle from the other room! Marie hurried forward to grab the magnifent diamond, revealing it to indeed be the proper shape to fit into the shield. Not a moment later, Elandor was going on about the diamond, only to go off in exploration of the black hole they had passed before entering the room. Lucky for him, too, Rinrin thought, as he missed what happened next.

She wasn't sure what was said, or why. She was still a new addition to the group, as it was. All she knew was that Teros had given Marie a scary look earlier, and now he was shouting something at Damien. While all of it probably had good reason, Rinrin felt the smile fade from her face out of concern for her friends. She felt Conjori tense up at Teros' outburst as well, but there was no time to reflect on it, as the room was suddenly thrown into dazzling white light the instant Teros had turned his back to Damien and placed the diamond in its proper place.

A cry of surprise escaped her lips as the light blinded her before she could shut her eyes. She heard a yelp issue from Conjori in the same moment and felt him bring his head to the ground in an attempt to cover his face with his huge paws. Worry coursed through Rinrin. Keeping her eyes shut, she knelt down next to her companion, hugging his face to her body so his eyes would be in greater darkness than his lids alone could offer. Concern for her dog at the top of her mind, followed closely by alarm at the harsh-sounding Ralnarian words moments earlier, the normally jubilant gnome shouted angrily at Teros.

"What are you thinking?!? Point it down, take the diamond back out, something! The statue's riddle asked for the light to drive away his enemy, not to blind those solving it!"

Surprised at her own outburst, Rinrin took a deep breath and buried her face in Conjori's neck, waiting until it was dark enough to look up again.

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