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When the Dragon Eel seemed to start laughing, Teros thought it was over. That the story was too fantastic and was nothing more then ravings of a desperate man who didn't want to die as someone's meal. But when he spoke, he showed caution, asking him to prove the quest. For a second it crossed his mind just how amazing that was. This beast was powerful, and awe inspiring, and yet even he tread the path of caution unless he spark the wrath of the Gods. It inspired a little spark of confidence in Teros to know that this Dragon Eel had masters over him too.

The thoughts only lasted a second, because he was still afraid. But he was also confident he could provide sufficient proof as to their quest. Without turning his back to the Dragon Eel Teros shouted back to The Kender and Vilyamar, his voice slightly less afraid and desperate. "Show him the hilt and the plate that gives the vision." Teros now addressed his words to the Dragon Eel. "The hilt is called the Hilt of Light, and it will become a weapon that will save this world. While the plate, I do not know its name, but it shows us where we must go next. This is all the evidence I can think to provide, unless you can gaze at the night sky and see several new stars that were created when we took leaves from a tree in an Elven village."
Teros waited for the Dragon Eel to pass judgement.

Posted on 2006-12-27 at 11:16:50.

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gynourmous dragon-eel, eh?

Rinrin was relieved that, at least when they first got to the edge of the water, they seemed to be in the clear of most danger. The plan to get away from Ihsan and his gang seemed to be working thus far. Besides, there was no other choice for them but to take the only boat, so if they were followed it wouldn't be that far.

Once they were on their way, and after a worryingly close encounter with a waterfall that left them soaked and cold, they felt the thirst and exhaustion sink in. Rinrin gave Conjori's damp head a pat. She could only hope their trouble for that day was over with - she was so exhausted that she could barely find the energy to crane her head up and marvel at the giant glowing mushrooms and slick cave walls. She poured a bit of water from her waterskin into her hand for her companion, who was quick to lap it up and plant a nice, wet kiss on the small gnome's face in thanks. Laughing, she took a quick swallow herself before putting it away to tide her over for the time being. Sure, they were surrounded by water - but Rinrin didn't really trust it. They could vaguely make out a shoreline in the distance - complete with a gate and two structures that appeared to be guard towers. Rinrin prayed to Inenhalla, if she could hear them from this underground passage, that the group would make it there, and out, safely.

Moments later, the group encountered even more of a reason to find the water untrustworthy than its dark, unknown depths as something suddenly caused the boat to shake and wobble. Conjori barked nervously, then quickly froze in terror. His teeth were bared, but he was silent, his tail dutifully tucked between his legs. Rinrin also froze, one hand on her dog and one on the boat, eyes wide at the creature that was before them.

It was a good thing she held on tightly to both her companion and the boat, too, because a moment later the serpentine body that had appeared had submerged itself, only to come back up and fling the front end of their small boat into the air, tossing Vilyamar behind them. He was halfway returned to the boat when thing - looking like some odd cross between an eel and a dragon - spoke!

"Ye shalt feed mine gullet before thou shalt pass. I shalt claim wich of ye dies to provide thous gift."

The next second Rinrin found herself half-submerged, the nose of the boat ruined and the rest of it slowly sinking. Conjori kept himself supported by the boat as long as possible. Unable to stay in one place and tread water, he would be forced to either do circles around Rinrin or swim towards shore once it fell from under him. Rinrin was a good enough swimmer that she could help him for a little while, but she was small and already quite tired. Even with the beast before them, all her brain could focus on was reaching the shore safely.

Before waiting for a response, too, it seemed that the intelligent beast was about to take Teros as its chosen gift. Mind frozen, all she could do was watch. Thankfully, Teros managed to speak for them, calling the shining monster a Dragon Eel, and cause it to pause in its attack. Rearing back to a great height, it spoke again.

"Servants of the Gods? I have partaken of few of them in mine day. Yet ye art the first to declare thyself on ‘holy quest’. If thou lies to me, I shall devour all of thee. Prove thy quest."

Teros replied again, telling the dragon eel of the Hilt of Light and the Talisman of Deliverance, asking Elandor and Vilyamar to show them to the beast. Rinrin prayed to Inenhalla that it would be cautious of the gods and accept those items as proof of their holy quest.

Posted on 2006-12-28 at 18:10:17.

RDI Staff
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Oh lovely, we'll be eaten

The flight down the underground path had been farily uneventful. With the exception of tripping and sliding down a great portion of it, Scourge had no reaons to feel at ease, until they reached the boat.

What was a boat doing down here unattended? Especially in a passage that wasn't opn until an hour ago. Scourge thought, his raven not speaking his thoughts at his silent command.

Nevertheless, their's was not to be choosy, and trusting the will of the gods Scourge boarded the flimsy boat. Soon they were headed down the river, having fought both the fierce current and the desire to drink the water. Water like this could possibly be fresh, but the possibility for contamination was there, and Scourge had no means to refresh it at this point.

No sooner was Scourge feeling comfortable on the water did it all go to hell. The mighty Dragon Eel smashed their boat and left Vilyamar soaked and a span away from the boat. Before he had a chance to think Teros had approached the beast, asking it to cease its assault for the sake of the land. Now the ball was in the eel's court, and Scourge prayed to the gods that it would allow them passage.

(OOC: well this is definately not my best but I'm sick and here it is.)

Posted on 2006-12-29 at 13:51:00.

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Of Gods and Dragons

September 6th/Saturday/Evening Central Ralnaria
Underground River

"Show him the hilt and the plate that gives the vision."

Teros would not look away from the monstrous head that loomed, only inches from his face.

"The hilt is called the Hilt of Light, and it will become a weapon that will save this world. While the plate, I do not know its name, but it shows us where we must go next. This is all the evidence I can think to provide, unless you can gaze at the night sky and see several new stars that were created when we took leaves from a tree in an Elven village."

The boat, by nature of it’s substance, would never truly sink. It was wood, after all, and under the weight of the party, it floated a good two feet beneath the water. Vilyamar had only just gotten back into it, for at least inside the boat, he wouldn’t have to swim, and he wouldn’t have to worry about what might lurk beneath his dangling legs. The baggy, crème colored pants and vest he had replaced his forest colored robes, now clung to his skin, and the cloth headpiece that he had been wearing now floated in the water behind him. His silver/gray hair clung to his shoulders. Unslinging the leather pouch from over his shoulder, he began to search for the dagger hilt. Elandor also, had taken off his backpack and was withdrawing the Talisman of Deliverance.

The others waited, nervously. The monsters serpentine body, they could see, had loosely coiled around the boat. Not that they stood any chance of out swimming it, even if they tried.


Vilyamar splashed his way to the front of the submerged boat, remaining still behind Teros. He held up a rod, perhaps the length of a womans forarm. It was white, glittered with a frosting of diamonds. It could be the hilt to just about any weapon.

“This is the hilt that was bestowed upon us when we set on our journey. We are to use this with the Diamond of light as a weapon against the Dark Lord.”

Elandor too, had withdrawn the talisman, but the reaction of the monster to Vilyamar’s words were enough to freeze him, and the rest of the group. It’s head had snapped back with such speed and force, that it’s neck had sent a wave washing over Teros and Vilyamar, dousing them further. Teros’ own cloth headpiece now floated in the water. To judge the actions of a dragon, or a dragon eel Is difficult, but it would seem the reaction was that of surprise.

“Dark Lord thou sayeth? Then the creator has risen….”

The party waited for ages.

“Foolish children of air. Dost thou know nothing of dragonkind? Daresay I that thou dost not, or ye would not have spoken of thy quest. Created was my kind during the first great war, and fought we against the light hordes.”

A moan of despair crawled over the group. It came from Damien, who looked the color of a fishes belly. The monsters head lowered again, like a manikin on invisible strings, and this time it glared down at the bard.

“Dost thou fear the might of Gerugoth? Perhaps thou fear the darkness that shall engulf thy light ridden lands? Perhaps thou art just cowardly and fear to fight.”

The monsters head lifted, and it spoke to the party now.

“No, I nolonger care of the will of the creator. Nor care I for the will of the allied Dieties, or for men. Nomatter the fate Alhanna, whether light or dark, the seas remain, and I will remain. I will not impend thy journey any more for it. But I will still feed.”
“I have had my talk with ye, little man. Now I shall claim one of thine own for my gullet, as was arranged already.”

Without hesitation, the monsters beaked head plunged down like a bolt from a ballista, straight for Damien, who kicked off the boat, just in time. The beast hit the water (in the center of the group) in an explosion of water and shattered wood. The group was flung through the water and scattered, to tread helplessly like bobbing apples. The monster was submerged now, and the water was like a dark mirror, revealing only fragmented blue/green light from the mushrooms above.

It was at this point, that a piercing, shrill sound. Some sort of Horn Blast, rather, rang over the water. From the strip of land, and the two watchtowers, came a boat, or what seemed to be a boat. It was rather large, and very heavily armored with what looked like spiked bone, or shell. It was circular, and more like a spinning top then a boat. Infact even as it approached, it rotated slowly. Ringing it were several of what looked like a strange blend between catapult and ballista. Perhaps more closely described as scorpion tails formed from crude wood. Massive spikes were poised in a manner that any of the group could tell were clearly for thrusting downward, like deadly harpoons. The figures that moved between the plates of armor, and the harpoons of the boat were very clearly…reptilian.

An eruption of water near where Rinrin clung to a frantically paddling Conjori revealed the monstrous Dragon Eel once more. Damien dangled from it’s beak. His thigh caught in a vice grip…

Posted on 2006-12-31 at 12:10:46.

Jumpin' Jack Smash
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Au Revoir

The pain was unbearable, white fire lashing through his body. Damien grit his teeth so hard he thought they might shatter beneath the force of his jaws, but even that was a dull recognition in the back of his mind. He was now suspended above the water, caught by the leg in the teeth of the eel.

While his main talent came from words, negotiations with the thing had yielded no mercy, and if he chose to sever his own leg, he would most certainly die in the water, whether it be from bleeding out or from his lack of mobility. Drowning would likely be preferable to being devoured by the monster, but even that did not appeal to him. Besides, he lacked any real means of cutting though the bone before he was snapped up and eaten.

Damien knew he was not going to be getting out of this situation unless the others came to assist him, and what reason would they have for doing so? He smiled bitterly, knowing he was on his own here. Demise was inevitable, but perhaps he could at least help them, for once. He knew but one trick that might be enough to buy a bit of time, and then a slight amount more while he was being devoured. Still, it was all he could do.

Thanking his years as an acrobat, he curled taut abdominals, and lifted his torso towards the eel’s hideous face, groaning from the pain in his leg. He thrust forth a hand, and called upon the darkness within that allowed him to spin forth his magics. From his throat he produced a low hum, rising to a short melody. Light began to sparkle around his hand before he cast it off, aimed for the eyes of the monster. From his fingertips, a shower of glittering sparks rained upon the beast, and with his spell sent off, Damien’s conscience lifted, however slightly, as he relaxed and awaited his demise.

(OOC: Its clear this was meant to kill me, so I may as well offer some assistance to the group’s escape, and may as well post, anyway. Glitterdust, attempting to at least piss off the eel enough to eat Damien rather than try to chase down the others right away. Have fun, you guys. See you around.)

Posted on 2007-01-01 at 13:41:30.

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damnable water...

It didn't take long before the monster proclaimed its disdain for the gods. Rinrin tried to keep her mind sharp, difficult but not impossible even as the monster's head plunged back into the sea; even as the remains of the boat were shattered and the group flung into the water.

A horn sounded from the distant shore, and the small gnome, clinging to her dear Conjori, glanced over to see a boat-like object heading towards them. It was very clearly armed, and the creatures on the boat appeared to be reptilian in nature. Rinrin allowed herself to hope they were friendly, calling out a prayer to Inenhalla in her head.

Her prayer was cut short. The Dragon Eel had resurface, quite close to Rinrin, too! It took her a moment to realize, but Damien was caught in its beak, unable to escape. Thinking quickly, she tried to think of what to do. There was no way of knowing if the reptilian beings coming towards them were friendly, and they more or less blocked the way to the shore. Regardless, Damien was in danger whether they swam that way or not, and the boat was heading towards them as fast as it seemed to be able. They had to fight it.

She took a deep breath and concentrated all her willpower to thoughts of her goddess and the magic she was about to perform. A sea cat ((Nature's Ally IV)) was what they needed. Persistent and perilous, the creature would be a great help in diverting the beast's attention away from the group.

With that done ((whether it worked or not)), Rinrin quickly pulled a leather thong out, kicking frantically with her legs to stay afloat as she tied it onto her wrist ((material component)). With that done, she turned her head to face the monster, and Damien. Hopefully things would turn out alright.

((Rinrin's going to cast Freedom of Movement - on Damien, if she can reach enough to touch him, or on Scourge (as he seems the best choice to Rinrin, being big as he is and probably the best help in the current situation with the huge monster before them..) after that's done, or at least tried..damn water...she'll try to find out if the reptilian creatures (as I assume they will be closer) are friendly or not by making an attempt at speaking with them (diplomacy + charisma ftw??? *hope*). If the situation somehow develops to the point where casting 'searing light' is called for, she will do so.))

Posted on 2007-01-12 at 15:51:06.

Typing Furiously
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kill this beast

Things were suddenly moving fast. Elandor had hoped the creature was reasonable and anciently wise. But the darkness of its habitat had probably projected a permanent hate of light in the eel’s brain. How could a creature think that conceited. The pure hatred and superior attitude was something Elandor did not even try to understand. Teros’ words had been beautiful and sincere. The kender had been really touched when his glorious quest was revealed to him fair and square once again. The dragon eel was not impressed, and even made fun of the desert man for stating their business openly. It should’ve been impressed!

There was no time to linger on how events should’ve turned out. But one thing was certain: if they couldn’t beat this creature, they would not stand the tests that lay before them either.

The dragon eel went down, only to reappear with a sudden burst of the waters. Damien was sticking from its mouth like a worm in a bird’s beak. But the worm proved to have some tricks, and it was definitely not the only worm in the area. His counterpart in emotional unbalance, embodied in Elandor Underhood, was there and ready to strike. From the darkness of the water he protruded his hoopak. Kicking his legs rhythmically he tried to float on his back, his feet towards the monster and the bard. Aiming his forked walking stick over his belly he drew back a rock and let it fly at the eel’s jaw. He hoped that by applying some pain to the mouth part, the creature’s reaction would be to pop it open en drop the bard.

Posted on 2007-01-12 at 19:58:05.

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Between the rock and the hard place

The despair that washed over Teros as the Dragon mocked him and proclaimed that his master was once the Dark Lord, and that regradless he would eat them, was immense. He stood there, half swimming, stunned and ashamed. It didn't cross his mind how lucky he was that the Dragon hadn't picked him to eat, but rather Damien.

It wasn't until a piercing, shrill, sound short forth did Teros seem to snap back into reality. His eyes shot from the Dragon to the shore, and he saw a small boat like thing with what appeared to be heavy weaponry on it. Inbetween the weapons and the armor were what appeared to be Lizard men, possibly Kelzonians. But what was most strange to him was the weaponry on the ship, and it made him question if they were friend or foe. However the situation was dire, and even though the Kelzonians were usually not friends with his people, there was certainly no way they could beat the beast, especially not in the water.

Glancing back at Damien, possibly for the last time, Teros drew his sword and muttered the word to activate it, causing the water around it to heat up and steam just a bit. Though he was a poor swimmer, he made his way to the boat.

((When Teros gets within 10 feet of the boat he'll call out to them in first Ralnarian and then Common, asking their intention. If he gets no reply, or a hostile one, he'll try to go around them, ducking under water to avoid spears or arrows, and make his way to shore. If its friendly he'll get on board (if they offer a hand or something), or swim out of the way and see what they do, offering a hand to his other allies if they require it.))

Posted on 2007-01-13 at 19:10:11.

RDI Staff
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Sorry 'bout the delay

As soon as the Dragon Eel smashed their small craft to pieces, Scourge had the feeling that it would not be listening to their plea. As the hit threw him into the water, Orion gave a shrill cry and left his shoulder, hovering above him as he kicked his way back to the surface.

Doing a quick survey of his comrades, Scourge quickly noticed that the godless one had not surfaced yet. His fears were quickly realized as the Eel once more surfaced, Damien trapped in its beak, most likely about to be eaten. Despite the gods apparent will that this one lose his life somehow, Scourge would intervene this day. Perhaps centuries in the darkness had weakened this beast's eyes? Struggling to lift his scythe from the water, he pointed it at the beast's head, directing the full force of it's Daylight into the beast's eyes.

Whether Damien survived now was the will of the gods, and Scourge silently hoped that the gods would allow him to save this man's life again.

(OOC: I didn't mention it in the post but if that doesn't work on the Eel I'll stay trying to figure something else out to help Damien, otherwise I'm making my way to that boat.)

Posted on 2007-01-14 at 13:07:12.

Glorious Emperor
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LAst minute

((sorry had to work twice as long last night as I expected. The women's team won, making a story, also making me stay.))

Vilyamar's eyes shut tight for a second time as the dragon eel dove through the old wooden planks that comprised their simple craft. Wood splintered and cracked, pieces littering the surface of the water along with most of the party.

The monk used most of his concentration on two things. First of all it was to hold onto the Hilt given to him many months ago. Second he had tried to step back and at least get a hand onto his small backpack. It was secondary unless he managed to hold onto it as well as the hilt. Now would be the time to place the hilt into the pack that awaited it. Third was to stay within reach of the surface.

There was little he could do, for his skill in swimming was not at par with the difficulty of attempting to do battle with a dragon eel in its own domain. He was loathe to abandon his companions to this sultry fate, but there was little choice.

The closest route to shore lay across the path of an incomming ship. The half-elf spotted this as well, but could not, or perhaps chose not to, determine its occupants.

"I make for shore, there is little I can do here!" he called back to the others. With the hilt Vilyamar began to make his way as best he could towards the nearest shore and the approaching vessel.

((sorry its crappy. But its something. If they offer to pick me up, I will take it.))

Posted on 2007-01-14 at 17:48:50.
Edited on 2007-01-14 at 18:06:49 by Vilyamar

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From Dragon to Clan

September 6th/Saturday/Evening Central Ralnaria
Underground River

An explosion of water and wood roared in the monsters response to Teros' pleas. The beast did not care. As each of the stranded members struggled to stay afloat, and grip at their backpacks, the Dragon Eel resurfaced. A pillar of silver scales towered over them, and in it's beaked maw dangled Damien. A cascade of red water poured from him and into the glossy, blackened water.

A horn had sounded, and had gathered their attention. Noone spoke however. Whether the approaching boat was friend or foe, none knew, but some would take their chances with it. After what must have only been a split second, but seemed an eternity, an eruption of spells lit the water, like the arcane fire that dots a battlefield. A flash of burning fire seared through Teros' sword. A cloud of mist began to rise. Damien, though dangling and seemingly helpless, surprised them all when he suddenly lunged his arm towards the monsters face, and a stream of some sort of glittering cloud enshrouded its beak. Nearly simultaneously, the entire underground lake lit up as if they were suddenly outside and in the desert. Scourge had activated his scythe. For a moment, everyone was blinded, but when sight returned, the monster was thrashing in a furious frenzy. Its face was coated and glittering a brilliant gold. In its surprised rage, it let go of Damien, who flew more like a childs rag doll then a living, full grown man. He splashed hard into the water, near the oncoming ship, and Teros.

The sound of snapping leather was not heard over the roars of the monster, and the pebble that struck it from Elandors Hoopak didnt seem to effect it. It dove beneath the water, and a wave of red and gold water washed over the group. The light that shone from Scourges scythe was like a sun, and it penetrated the water like a pool in midday. Looking down, they could see...

The water was not so deep. They could see the smooth, rock floor, perhaps 30 feet down. (I wish I knew metric..curse America's measuring system) The monster was at the bottom, rolling furiously against the stone floor. Without a word, they all made a break for the armored boat. First however. Rinrin cast a spell from the back of her paddling dog. The water beside her churned and boiled, and a large creature surfaced beside her and gave a roar. Its face looked very much like a lions, save it was greenish, and scaled beneath a main that looked like damp seaweed. Its body looked very much like a seals. Perhaps a bit larger, however. The beast didn't need any coaxing from Rinrin. In an instant it was beneath the waves, and after the leviathan below.


When at last he neared the ship, Teros could nolonger hear the roars of the monster, and he knew it must be beneath them. Instinctively, chills that were not from the cold ran up his spine. It could grab any of them at any moment. He was about to shout up to them, when a rope landed across his shoulder. He looked at it for only a second in surprise, before deactivating and resheathing his blade, grabbing it and pulling himself aboard desperately.

When at last hey lay, on his stomach in a puddle of water on deck, he brought himself to look up. A reptilian creature stood over him on two, slender, clawed legs. Over its chest was a vest of small, interlaced bone and leather, and a loincloth of leather and dangling bone hung from its waist. Spiked, bony spauldrons clung to its shoulders, and it wore a helm that Teros swore was the actual skull of something. Its unblinking, yellow eyes peered through the eye sockets. In its hand was a spear.

He tore his eyes away to watch 3 other lizard men pull Damien like a fish, onto the deck. The water that pooled around him was red. Pushing himself to his feet, Teros attempted to bow gratefully, but it looked more like an awkward nod.

"Please! We must help my friends."


It was a race, and they knew that. The group splashed and paddled as quickly as they could, and without wait or regard for the others. Primal instinct, and dread pushed them now. The boat was now very near, and they could see Teros standing beside one of the Lizard creatures.

Ropes were tossed to them, and they accepted. It seemed forever before they were all on board. Marie was the last to climb, and she was halfway up the rope when the water exploded again. The Eel held the sea cat in its jaws, and was shaking it like a dog would to a toy. Blood and water splattered aboard, and when the monster let loose of the sea cat, it struck against the far wall with a sickening smack, before floating lifelessly in reddened water.

Marie had froze in terror, but the lizardman who stood beside Teros grabbed her rope and hauled her up. They were short, perhaps the size of a medium sized woman, but they were strong.

The Dragon Eel now froze, glaring at them with eyes that were like pools of death. The Lizardmen, whom the group counted to be ten of, pushed by them and bowed at the edge of the ship. They bowed not as servants eager to please, but rather, as men showing respect only because they must. One of them spoke in a strange, series of hisses and clicks that sounded much more like the noises of an animal then an actual language.

The dragon responded with a roar so loud, that a glop of white landed on Scourges shoulder. Orion fluttered and squawked in terror. Conjori also, was in such fear that the dog was tumbling and panting, laying on it's side in submission.

"Thou wilt honor thy saviors. Double their offerings they hath done, on thous behalf. Thous debt, they shall pay. Farewell."

And the monster slipped back beneath the waves, leaving barely a ripple in its wake.

An uneasy silence set in, and the group turned to face the lizard folk. The only noise was a small, muffled grunt of pain, from Damien, who still lay on the ground, gripping his thigh. Two of which stood on opposite sides of the circular craft, and they each were busy turning a strange wheel, that was shaped similarly to the wheel of a human ship. Though, it seemed that these wheels actually gave the ship movement. The rest studied the group.

(After any of the group thanks them.)

One of the lizardfolk spoke. It was impossible to tell him from the others. They all were between gray and brown, and wearing similar armor. His voice was more a hissing rasp then an actually voice. Perhaps these creatures didn't have vocal chords? Even so, his accent was thick and very hard to understand.

"een our water yew bee. Hawyy? Shood note be een Kelzonian lands."

Posted on 2007-01-14 at 18:24:03.
Edited on 2007-01-14 at 18:44:01 by Valimar

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Teros breathed a sigh of relief as the Dragon informed them that they would not be eaten this day. He looked up at the Kelzonians and nodded, still not fully sure how he should deal with them. Eventually the Kelzonian spoke in a very thick accent, which was incredibly hard to decipher, but not impossible. His past encounters had shown that they could speak Ralnarian with ease, so before any of the others could speak Teros spoke out.

"Ralnarian?" he asked, clearly asking if they could speak the language. (If they can't, he'll talk in Common)

"My name is Teros Razorsun, trust me when I say its a pleasure to meet you. We ment no disrespect in trespassing, sir. We fled from a group of defilers in Hajin Ra, and once we got on the water there was only way to go." Teros paused. "I cannot speak for the party, but I appreciate what you have done. And I am sorry if we put some burden upon you. I consider myself in your debt, and I would be eager to repay it so long as it does not interfer with my current obligations. If you wish, we will leave as soon as our injured are taken care of.""

Teros gave a very slight bow to put emphasis to his words.

Posted on 2007-01-16 at 04:33:15.
Edited on 2007-01-16 at 04:37:05 by Jalem

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well...I can't speak Ralnarian, so diplomatic lady-gnome, away!

The dragon eel had let them live! Rinrin's relief was so great that she nearly burst out in laughter before she realised just who the lizard-like people were: Kelzonians.

Conjori, however, was blatantly unaware of their current position; simply overjoyed to be out of the water. He made it known to the small gnome by planting his large wet tongue straight on her cheek. Rinrin couldn't help but chuckle, though she quickly stopped herself, patting the dog on the head and whispering words of caution to him.

Looking around at them with wet hair still hanging over bits of her face, which was plastered with a huge grin, Rinrin took it upon herself to thank them, "Thank you very much, Sirs!", the instant she was able. She couldn't help it - cheating death once was more than enough to make her happy, let alone twice in a short period of time. She could have hugged them, if it wasn't for their serious-looking expressions.

One of the Kelzonians spoke, though she knew not which.

"een our water yew bee. Hawyy? Shood note be een Kelzonian lands."

It took her a moment to make out what had been said, but Teros had already taken the initiative in speaking with them by asking if they spoke Ralnarian. At the nod in response, he continued in his unfamiliar language. While the gnome knew he probably had his own reasons for doing so, Rinrin did not appreciate it. The Kelzonians could clearly speak Common...and it would have been far better for the group, given her little knowlege of the beings, if they had remained speaking with it, understanding and otherwise.

She stepped up so that she was standing next to Teros, feet squelching a bit at each step, and bowed respectfully to them. She knew very well that they owed the Kelzonians their life.

"Pardon me," she interruped after Teros bowed at the end of his words. She made sure she spoke carefully, in a respectful manner, so that she could be sure to be understood. "I don't know what he just said to you, but I am honoured to meet you. My name is Rinrin Seneavar. I'm sure we are all sorry to be intruding upon your lands, though we had no choice but to come this way in order to flee a band of dishonourable men...I'm not sure how to even begin to repay you, though if it is possible, our duty requires that we do not remain here long."

Rinrin gestured towards Damien and his injured, bleeding leg, before continuing, "Might I be allowed to tend to my friend?"

((If yes, Rinrin walks over to Damien, casting whichever healing spell will be sufficient, as I havn't used any of them yet, after she finishes speaking.))(((Also, a "thankyou-very-much" here, with a quick bow, if they say I can go heal Damien)))

"Please, tell us what we might do, if anything, to repay your kindness, and for whatever hardship might have been placed upon you by our intrusion. Our group simply wishes to pass through; we meant the dragon eel no undue harm, and we are in your debt for your most generous intervention."

Posted on 2007-01-17 at 02:36:03.

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The Payment

September 6th/Saturday/Evening Central Ralnaria
Underground River

Teros spoke to the creatures in his native language, and the party listened to the thick, rolling words obliviously. They could understand nothing, but by his tone and confidence, he was attempting to thank them, and make an explanation for their business in what must be the lizardmens territory. He finished and for a moment the creatures said nothing. It was impossibly by their posture and reptilian features, just what they were thinking. When the apparent leader spoke again, his hissing words were foreign. Teros seemed to understand, however.

“Sshrel’a Novle se ra Senlorq, reh Shrel’a uin sse Ruy’ve Quyle. Noc ak sstarue Sshrel’a is av derna, ala trelve Golgah Sskrik’lik te berv’raka negyu natch tassi.”

Now a soggy Rinrin had stepped beside Teros, and offered her own thanks, and an explanation that equaled Teros’. The Kelzonians now studied her, impassive, and without feeling. She finished with a request to heal Teros, and the lead Kelzonian nodded. Rinrin rushed to Damien, who lay, pale, in a spreading pool of his own blood. She continued to speak as she studied the wound.

"Please, tell us what we might do, if anything, to repay your kindness, and for whatever hardship might have been placed upon you by our intrusion. Our group simply wishes to pass through; we meant the dragon eel no undue harm, and we are in your debt for your most generous intervention."

The Kelzonians response was immediate.

“Hwe have traided deeth ov yur freend for socrifice to mighty river guardian. He alloo us to fish gud skekska fish, and he is protector ov our cove. We mast make sacrifice tonate. Yeu mast help. Then yeu show reason for trust, and may stay tonate as guests. But yeu mast help tonite as payment for saving.”

As he finished, the boat jarred, as it hit the sand of the beach, and skidded to a halt. Two of the lizard men grabbed ahold of a segment of the armored railing of the boat, and unhinged it, forming a ramp. However, the lizard men remained watching the party, spears in hand, awaiting a response. The silence and the pause were only slightly interrupted by the pale, blue glow that clung to Rinrins tiny hand, and seeped into the torn pants and flesh of Damiens leg.

(used Cure Light Wounds. Damien is now at 38 of 40. His right pant leg hangs by a thread over the thigh, and a scabbed, slash is all that remains.)

Posted on 2007-01-17 at 03:35:32.
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Typing Furiously
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helping yes, understanding no

Elandor hadn’t even seen the reptilian humanoids until they started helping his friends into their boat. With the wyrm crawling on the bottom of the river, he swam quickly to join his companions. Not that he was afraid of being eaten by the monster. That would probably be another experience worth going through. As long as he would be eaten alive and in one piece. There’s no fun in getting chewed in half, he reasoned. Although the possibilities were not necessarily bad, Elandor realized that the being swallowed part might be hard to undergo consciously.
Better to just join his friends in the boat, and see what the lizardfolk were up to.

It appeared they were up to some kind of party in the honor of the dragon eel. And they asked them to help out with the preparations! That sounded like a lot of fun!

“Yes, we would love to help you guys out with your party! That’s great, not only do we make new friends, we learn of their habits right away. How do you see this sacrifice? You’re not going to offer one of your own, are you? I say we catch a bunch of fish, put some good seasoning over them and prepare them to the eel’s liking, but if you think that’s not really the thing to do, then just let us know and we’ll come up with something else more suitable for your mighty guardian who makes sure you get food in safety so that you can live long and happily with a sacrifice every now and then.”

Elandor gasped for air after the long burst of words. He saw the dumbfound expression on the lizardman’s face and realized that the creature probably hadn’t caught a single word of what he had said.

“We –pointing at himself- will – help – you – pointing at the lizardman.”
He repeated with a big grin.

Posted on 2007-01-20 at 12:21:47.


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